220 Best Boy Names That Start with “RIO”

Looking for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “Rio”.

This charming and uncommon name has roots in Spanish and Portuguese, and is often associated with the famous city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

The name “Rio” brings to mind images of beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and a lively atmosphere, making it a perfect inspiration for a baby name.

In this article, we will explore some of the most fascinating and stylish boy names that start with “Rio”.

Whether you are drawn to the exotic allure of Rio or simply appreciate names that stand out, there is sure to be a name on this list that captures your imagination.

From traditional to modern, and everything in between, these names offer a range of options for parents seeking a meaningful and distinctive name for their little one.

So, let’s dive in and discover the charming world of boy names that start with “Rio”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “RIO”

Rion – “Kingly” (English)

Riordan – “Royal poet” (English)

Riomar – “Sea river” (Spanish)

Riolan – “Lion river” (Spanish)

Rios – “Rivers” (Spanish)

Riondo – “Round” (Spanish)

Riodán – “River man” (Spanish)

Riojas – “Fertile land” (Spanish)

Rioberto – “Bright fame” (Spanish)

Riobhan – “Little king” (English)

Riofrio – “Cold river” (Spanish)

Rioghan – “Royal birth” (English)

Rionach – “Queenly” (English)

Riolano – “Lion-like” (Spanish)

Rionel – “Lion of God” (Spanish)

Riomarino – “Sea warrior” (Italian)

Rionhart – “Strong ruler” (English)

Riosito – “Little rivers” (Spanish)

Rioseco – “Dry river” (Spanish)

Rionero – “Black river” (Italian)

Riolano – “Lion river” (Spanish)

Riobaldo – “Bold river” (Spanish)

Rionach – “Queenly” (Irish)

Riosmith – “River smith” (English)

Riosalvaje – “Wild river” (Spanish)

Rionysios – “River god” (Greek)

Riodorus – “Gift of the river” (Greek)

Riokritos – “Judged by the river” (Greek)

Riomachos – “Battle of the river” (Greek)

Rionaxios – “River protector” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "RIO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “RIO”

Rionico – “Charming river” (Spanish)

Riordanos – “Royal gift” (Greek)

Rioson – “Son of rivers” (English)

Riovento – “Wind from the river” (Spanish)

Riolis – “Lively river” (Greek)

Riomero – “Pilgrim of the river” (Spanish)

Rionisio – “River enthusiast” (Greek)

Riojaso – “Big river” (Spanish)

Riolykos – “Wolf of the river” (Greek)

Riomano – “River-loving” (Spanish)

Riosanto – “Holy river” (Spanish)

Rionisios – “River healer” (Greek)

Riodoro – “Gift from the river” (Spanish)

Riokrisos – “Golden river” (Greek)

Riomir – “Peaceful river” (Spanish)

Rionyx – “River night” (English)

Riosolis – “Sunlit river” (Spanish)

Riogrecos – “Greek river” (Greek)

Rioflor – “Flower of the river” (Spanish)

Rionimbus – “Clouds over the river” (English)

Rioplas – “Playful river” (Spanish)

Rionyxos – “Night river” (Greek)

Riofuego – “Fire by the river” (Spanish)

Rionyxios – “River night” (Greek)

Riosombra – “Shadow of the river” (Spanish)

Riokoros – “Swift river” (Greek)

Riomundo – “Worldly river” (Spanish)

Rionexo – “New river” (Spanish)

Riothos – “God of the river” (Greek)

Rionova – “New river” (English)

Unique “RIO” Names for Boys

Rionix – “Innovative river” (English)

Riomaze – “Mystical river” (English)

Riosurge – “Rising river” (English)

Riowind – “Wind by the river” (English)

Riomystos – “Mysterious river” (Greek)

Rioshade – “Shaded river” (English)

Rionyxon – “Son of the night river” (English)

Riobolt – “Bold river” (English)

Riomirage – “Mirage of the river” (English)

Riosolus – “Sunlit river” (Latin)

Rionecto – “Connected to the river” (Spanish)

Riolume – “Light of the river” (Spanish)

Rionauta – “Explorer of rivers” (Spanish)

Riogleam – “Gleam of the river” (English)

Riodrift – “Drifting river” (English)

Riolynx – “Lynx of the river” (English)

Rioswift – “Swift river” (English)

Riopalma – “Palm by the river” (Spanish)

Rionimbus – “Cloud over the river” (English)

Rioshadow – “Shadowy river” (English)

Riomarvo – “Marvelous river” (Spanish)

Riobane – “Blessed river” (Spanish)

Riolynkos – “Wolf of the river” (Greek)

Riodream – “Dreamy river” (English)

Riothorn – “Thorny riverbank” (English)

Rionixos – “Night river” (Greek)

Rioseren – “Serene river” (Spanish)

Riomirio – “Miraculous river” (Spanish)

Riolyric – “Poetic river” (English)

Riowise – “Wise river” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “RIO”

Riordan – “Royal poet” (Irish)

Riomarco – “Famous river” (Spanish)

Riobravo – “Brave river” (Spanish)

Rionoble – “Noble river” (English)

Riosanto – “Holy river” (Spanish)

Riolykos – “Wolf of the river” (Greek)

Riothos – “God of the river” (Greek)

Riosage – “Wise river” (English)

Riomagnus – “Great river” (Latin)

Rionéstor – “Victorious river” (Spanish)

Riolargo – “Long river” (Spanish)

Riodreamer – “Dreamer by the river” (English)

Riothunder – “Thunderous river” (English)

Rionimbus – “Cloud over the river” (English)

Riomiracle – “Miracle of the river” (English)

Riogentle – “Gentle river” (English)

Rioshine – “Shining river” (English)

Rionestor – “Noble river” (Spanish)

Riomarvel – “Marvelous river” (English)

Rioseraph – “Seraphic river” (English)

Rionestos – “River of victory” (Greek)

Riomight – “Mighty river” (English)

Rioelios – “Sun-like river” (Greek)

Riospirit – “Spiritual river” (English)

Riobless – “Blessed river” (English)

Rioloyal – “Loyal river” (English)

Rioshadow – “Shadowy river” (English)

Rionobleza – “Noble river” (Spanish)

Riovalor – “Valorous river” (Spanish)

Riomystic – “Mystical river” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “RIO”

Riomarquez – “Marked by the river” (Portuguese)

Rioshiro – “Fourth son” (Japanese)

Riokai – “Ocean of the river” (Japanese)

Riomirza – “Prince of the river” (Persian)

Rioaziz – “Beloved river” (Arabic)

Rionaji – “Wise river” (Swahili)

Riodante – “Enduring river” (Italian)

Riojun – “Pure river” (Korean)

Riosanto – “Saintly river” (Italian)

Riobranco – “White river” (Portuguese)

Rioden – “From the valley of the river” (French)

Riobashi – “Bridge over the river” (Japanese)

Riomirko – “Peaceful river” (Slavic)

Rioraiz – “Rooted in the river” (Spanish)

Rionatsume – “Summer river” (Japanese)

Riokhan – “Leader of the river” (Persian)

Riodov – “Gift of the river” (Russian)

Rioalain – “Little rock by the river” (Irish)

Rionaji – “Second son of the river” (Hindi)

Riomaroc – “Warrior of the river” (Arabic)

Rioluca – “Light of the river” (Italian)

Riomael – “Chief of the river” (Irish)

Rioshin – “Deep river” (Japanese)

Riolavi – “Lion of the river” (Sanskrit)

Riokuma – “Bear of the river” (Japanese)

Rionube – “Cloud over the river” (Spanish)

Riosaku – “Prosperous river” (Japanese)

Riomiko – “Beautiful river child” (Japanese)

Riobon – “Good river” (Japanese)

Rionakoa – “Noble river” (Hawaiian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “RIO”

Riocean – “Ocean-like river” (English)

Riobell – “Beautiful river” (English)

Rioshine – “Shining river” (English)

Riovent – “Wind by the river” (English)

Riomist – “Misty river” (English)

Riolume – “Luminous river” (Spanish)

Riodel – “Delicate river” (Spanish)

Riowisp – “Whispering river” (English)

Rionova – “New river” (English)

Riosol – “Sunlit river” (Spanish)

Rioblue – “Blue river” (English)

Rioglow – “Glowing river” (English)

Rioluxe – “Luxurious river” (English)

Riomariposa – “Butterfly of the river” (Spanish)

Riopal – “Palatial river” (Spanish)

Rioleaf – “Leafy river” (English)

Riomoon – “Moonlit river” (English)

Riomeadow – “Meadow by the river” (English)

Rionoble – “Noble river” (English)

Rioshadow – “Shadowy river” (English)

Riogrove – “Grove by the river” (English)

Riosymphony – “Harmony of the river” (English)

Riodelight – “Delightful river” (English)

Rioskies – “Skies reflected in the river” (English)

Riocloud – “Cloudy river” (English)

Riosong – “Melodic river” (English)

Riowave – “Wavelike river” (English)

Riolink – “Connected river” (English)

Rioelix – “Elixir of the river” (Greek)

Riodyn – “Of divine descent” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “RIO”

Riosolomon – “Peaceful river” (Hebrew)

Riogabriel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Riomichael – “Who is like God?” (Hebrew)

Rioraphael – “God has healed” (Hebrew)

Riogideon – “Mighty warrior of God” (Hebrew)

Rioelijah – “The Lord is my God” (Hebrew)

Riodavid – “Beloved by God” (Hebrew)

Rionathanael – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Riosamuel – “Heard by God” (Hebrew)

Riogabriel – “God’s hero” (Spanish)

Riosalvador – “Savior of the river” (Spanish)

Riodios – “Of God” (Spanish)

Rioserafin – “Burning one, seraphim” (Spanish)

Riouriel – “God is my light” (Spanish)

Riosanto – “Holy river” (Spanish)

Riodivino – “Divine river” (Spanish)

Riocelestial – “Heavenly river” (Spanish)

Riomiguel – “Who is like God?” (Spanish)

Riogracias – “Thanks be to God” (Spanish)

Riosagrado – “Sacred river” (Spanish)

Rioteofilo – “Friend of God” (Spanish)

Riosanctus – “Holy river” (Latin)

Riodimitris – “Devoted to Demeter” (Greek)

Riosotirios – “Savior of the river” (Greek)

Riokyrillos – “Lordly river” (Greek)

Riopetros – “Rock of the river” (Greek)

Riopneuma – “Breath of the river” (Greek)

Riosymeon – “Hearing, listening river” (Greek)

Riologos – “Word of the river” (Greek)

Riosophos – “Wisdom of the river” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “RIO”

Rio Ferdinand

Former English footballer, known for his successful career with Manchester United and leadership in defense. Renowned sports pundit post-retirement.

Riordan Dervish

Bestselling Irish author, famous for the “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” series, captivating readers with his modern take on Greek mythology.

Rio de Janeiro

While not a person, this Brazilian city is iconic and globally recognized, renowned for its vibrant Carnival, stunning beaches, and iconic landmarks like Christ the Redeemer.

Rio Mangini

American actor and musician, recognized for his roles in various TV shows and movies, showcasing his talent and versatility in the entertainment industry.

Rios Montt

Guatemalan military officer and politician, controversially served as the country’s president; faced legal challenges for human rights abuses during his rule.

Riot Games

Not an individual, but a renowned American video game developer, famous for creating popular games like League of Legends, impacting the gaming industry.

Rio Haryanto

Indonesian racing driver, competed in Formula 1, becoming the first Indonesian to participate in the prestigious racing series.

Rio Reiser

German rock musician and actor, prominent figure in the music scene, known for his work with the band Ton Steine Scherben.

Rio Ichijo

Japanese actor, recognized for his roles in various films and TV dramas, contributing to the entertainment industry in Japan.

Rios Caledonia Beckham

Son of David and Victoria Beckham, part of the famous Beckham family, often in the public eye due to his celebrity parents.

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