Boy Names That Start with “REMI”

When it comes to picking the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, you might find yourself drawn to names that have a unique flair.

If you’re considering names beginning with “Remi,” you’re in for a treat!

While it might not be the most common starting letter for boy names, “Remi” offers a wonderful array of options that exude charm and individuality.

From timeless classics like Remington, meaning “from the raven estate,” to more modern choices like Remiel, each name carries its own distinct personality and meaning.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the finest boy names that begin with “Remi” and unravel the stories behind their origins.

So, whether you’re searching for a name with a rich history or something fresh and contemporary, there’s a “Remi” name waiting to capture your heart.

Join us on this delightful journey as we uncover the enchantment of boy names that start with “Remi.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “REMI”

Remington – “From the raven farm” (English)

Remi – “Oarsman” (French)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Remigio – “Oarsman” (Italian)

Remiel – “Mercy of God” (Hebrew)

Remus – “One who suckled milk from a wolf” (Latin)

Remedy – “Cure” (English)

Remus – “Swift” (Romanian)

Remo – “Rower” (Italian)

Remus – “Conqueror” (Romanian)

Remedy – “Cure” (English)

Remus – “Unknown meaning” (Ancient Roman)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Remo – “From the raven farm” (Italian)

Remiel – “God is compassionate” (Hebrew)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Remedy – “Cure” (English)

Remi – “Oarsman” (French)

Remus – “One who suckled milk from a wolf” (Latin)

Remigio – “Oarsman” (Italian)

Remiel – “Mercy of God” (Hebrew)

Remus – “Swift” (Romanian)

Remo – “Rower” (Italian)

Remus – “Conqueror” (Romanian)

Remedy – “Cure” (English)

Remus – “Unknown meaning” (Ancient Roman)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Remo – “From the raven farm” (Italian)

Remiel – “God is compassionate” (Hebrew)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “REMI”

Remuson – “Son of Remus” (English)

Remar – “Greatness” (English)

Remlin – “Lake town” (English)

Remward – “Guardian” (English)

Remiro – “Famous counselor” (Spanish)

Remin – “Beloved” (Korean)

Remlee – “From the raven farm clearing” (English)

Remont – “Mountain of strength” (French)

Remart – “Renowned in battle” (English)

Remeson – “Son of Remi” (English)

Remz – “Resolute protector” (English)

Remero – “Famous” (Spanish)

Remaro – “Famous” (Spanish)

Remberto – “Renowned” (Spanish)

Remarz – “Warrior” (English)

Remlow – “Brave” (English)

Remilo – “Industrious” (Spanish)

Remart – “Famous and strong” (English)

Remrian – “Strong ruler” (English)

Remmond – “Protector of peace” (English)

Remhard – “Brave counsel” (English)

Remex – “King of kings” (English)

Remkin – “Royal child” (English)

Remhild – “Mighty in battle” (English)

Remenn – “Strong defender” (English)

Remes – “Resolute” (English)

Remarz – “Fierce and bold” (English)

Remney – “From the raven farm island” (English)

Remie – “Strong-willed” (English)

Unique “REMI” Names for Boys

Remiel – “Merciful God” (Hebrew)

Emery – “Industrious Ruler” (German)

Malachi – “Messenger of God” (Hebrew)

Renzo – “Laurel wreath” (Italian)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Remy – “Oarsman” (French)

Emerson – “Brave” (English)

Remington – “From the Raven Estate” (English)

Rembrandt – “Famous Counsel” (Dutch)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Rennick – “Powerful ruler” (German)

Remiyan – “God will uplift” (Nigerian)

Remee – “From the raven estate” (English)

Remiro – “From the raven estate” (Spanish)

Remar – “Great companion” (German)

Remil – “The one who is strong” (Turkish)

Remo – “Rower” (Italian)

Remsen – “Son of Rem” (English)

Remilson – “Son of the rower” (English)

Remson – “Son of Rem” (English)

Remiel – “Merciful God” (Hebrew)

Remedi – “Healer” (Latin)

Remiel – “Compassionate God” (Hebrew)

Remedy – “Cure” (English)

Remiel – “God’s mercy” (Hebrew)

Remi – “Oarsman” (French)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “REMI”

Remington – “From the Raven Estate” (English)

Remus – “Founder of Rome” (Latin)

Remi – “Oarsman” (French)

Remiel – “God’s Mercy” (Hebrew)

Rembrandt – “Renowned for His Counsel” (Dutch)

Remus – “Swift” (Roman)

Remus – “Son of Mars” (Latin)

Remi – “Rower” (Latin)

Remi – “One Who Heals” (German)

Remi – “Remembrance” (French)

Remi – “Beloved” (Latin)

Remi – “Brave Protector” (Germanic)

Remi – “From the Raven Farm” (English)

Remi – “Warrior” (Latin)

Remi – “Merciful” (French)

Remi – “Strong Counselor” (Germanic)

Remi – “Healer” (Latin)

Remi – “Guardian of the Sea” (Latin)

Remi – “Wise Protector” (Germanic)

Remi – “Peaceful Ruler” (Germanic)

Remi – “Guardian of Joy” (French)

Remi – “Protector of Mankind” (Germanic)

Remi – “Noble Protector” (Germanic)

Remi – “Loved by All” (French)

Remi – “Messenger of Peace” (Latin)

Remi – “Advised by the Gods” (Greek)

Remi – “Bearer of Light” (French)

Remi – “Loyal Friend” (Latin)

Remi – “Giver of Strength” (Germanic)

Remi – “Guide and Protector” (Germanic)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “REMI”

Remigius – “One Who Rows Back” (Latin)

Remiel – “Thunder of God” (Hebrew)

Remo – “Oarsman” (Italian)

Remko – “Renowned Advisor” (Dutch)

Remus – “Twin” (Romanian)

Remo – “Strong Counselor” (Italian)

Remiš – “Golden” (Lithuanian)

Remco – “Famous Advisor” (Dutch)

Remiš – “Warm” (Slovenian)

Remo – “Guided by the Gods” (Italian)

Remus – “Loved by Mars” (Romanian)

Remiš – “King” (Latvian)

Remko – “Brave Counselor” (Dutch)

Remo – “Swift” (Spanish)

Remiel – “Compassionate” (Hebrew)

Remigiusz – “Rowing Warrior” (Polish)

Remo – “Son of Mars” (Spanish)

Remiš – “Peaceful” (Croatian)

Remo – “From the Raven Farm” (Portuguese)

Remo – “Protector of the Sea” (Spanish)

Remiš – “Joyful” (Slovakian)

Remus – “Warrior of Rome” (Romanian)

Remko – “Protector of Peace” (Dutch)

Remiš – “Gentle” (Czech)

Remo – “Defender of Mankind” (Italian)

Remigio – “Merciful” (Spanish)

Remo – “Messenger of Light” (Spanish)

Remko – “Noble Protector” (Dutch)

Remiel – “Bearer of Truth” (Hebrew)

Remigijus – “Beloved by All” (Lithuanian)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “REMI”

Remi – “Oarsman” (French)

Remington – “From the raven farm” (English)

Remedy – “Cure, solution” (English)

Remiel – “Mercy of God” (Hebrew)

Remielle – “Compassionate one” (French)

Remira – “Dreamy” (Latin)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Remedy – “Healer” (English)

Reminisce – “To recall the past fondly” (English)

Rembrandt – “Raven” (Dutch)

Remora – “Delay, hindrance” (Latin)

Remedy – “Solution” (English)

Remarque – “Remarkable” (French)

Remiyan – “God is gracious” (African)

Rema – “Pleasant” (Hebrew)

Reman – “Warrior” (Latin)

Remmi – “Beloved” (English)

Remla – “The daughter of Ashur” (Arabic)

Remmy – “Swift” (Latin)

Remaiah – “God has protected” (Hebrew)

Remor – “First light” (Latin)

Remira – “Spectacular” (Latin)

Remsen – “Son of Remus” (English)

Remo – “Famous shield” (Italian)

Remus – “Swift” (Latin)

Remil – “Saintly” (Latin)

Remedi – “Healer” (English)

Rema – “The merciful” (Hebrew)

Remilson – “Son of Remil” (English)

Remmington – “From the raven farm” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “REMI”

Remaiah – “God has protected” (Hebrew)

Rema – “The merciful” (Hebrew)

Remiel – “Mercy of God” (Hebrew)

Remedy – “Divine cure” (English)

Remedy – “Gift from God” (English)

Remielle – “God’s compassion” (French)

Remedy – “God’s healing” (English)

Remiyan – “Gracious gift from God” (African)

Remera – “God’s love” (Latin)

Remira – “Divine dreamer” (Latin)

Remiel – “Beloved by God” (Hebrew)

Remedy – “God’s remedy” (English)

Remiyan – “Blessed by God” (African)

Remaiah – “Protected by God” (Hebrew)

Remielle – “God’s kindness” (French)

Remiel – “God’s mercy” (Hebrew)

Remedy – “God’s solution” (English)

Remiyan – “God’s grace” (African)

Remera – “Divine messenger” (Latin)

Remira – “God’s vision” (Latin)

Remiel – “Guardian angel” (Hebrew)

Remedy – “God’s gift of healing” (English)

Remiyan – “Divine favor” (African)

Remaiah – “Protected by the Almighty” (Hebrew)

Remielle – “Blessing from God” (French)

Remedy – “God’s blessing” (English)

Remiyan – “Chosen by God” (African)

Remiel – “Divine mercy” (Hebrew)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “REMI”

Remi Gaillard

French prankster and YouTube personality known for his outrageous and humorous pranks.

Remi Elie

Professional ice hockey player who has played in the NHL for teams like the Buffalo Sabres and the Dallas Stars.

Remi Ayodele

Former American football defensive tackle who played in the NFL for teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints.

Remi Garde

French football manager and former professional player who has managed clubs like Aston Villa and Montreal Impact.

Remi Moses

Retired English footballer who played as a midfielder for clubs including Manchester United and Swansea City.

Remi Allen

English professional footballer who has played for clubs like Arsenal Women and Leicester City Women.

Remi Kabaka Jr.

Nigerian-British musician, producer, and composer known for his work on soundtracks for films like “Black Panther.”

Remi Wolf

American singer-songwriter known for her eclectic and vibrant pop music style.

Remi Bandali

Australian actor and musician known for his roles in films like “The Sapphires” and “Neighbours.”

Remi Aubuchon

American television producer and writer known for his work on series like “Caprica” and “Falling Skies.”

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