220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “OR”

Choosing the perfect name for your little boy can be both exciting and daunting.

If you’re looking for a unique and strong name for your son, then consider names that start with “OR”.

These names carry a certain charm and appeal and can help your son stand out from the crowd.

From traditional to modern, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to “OR” names for boys.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names or prefer something more trendy, there’s a “OR” name out there that will suit your son perfectly.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with “OR”, delving into their meanings and origins.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a name that exudes strength, character, and individuality, keep reading to discover the perfect “OR” name for your little bundle of joy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “OR”

Orion – “rising in the sky” (Greek)

Orlando – “famous land” (Spanish)

Orscar – “God’s spear” (English)

Orpheus – “darkness of the night” (Greek)

Orson – “bear cub” (English)

Orrin – “pale-skinned” (Spanish)

Orville – “golden city” (Spanish)

Oren – “pine tree” (Hebrew)

Orestes – “mountain dweller” (Greek)

Ormond – “spear or mountain” (English)

Orsen – “bear-like” (English)

Orval – “golden town” (Spanish)

Orsonio – “bear cub” (Spanish)

Orban – “city dweller” (Spanish)

Orel – “golden” (Spanish)

Origen – “beginning” (Greek)

Orionte – “rising in the sky” (Spanish)

Orvyn – “friend of the boar” (English)

Orlandino – “famous land” (Spanish)

Orsis – “bear-like” (Greek)

Orvil – “golden city” (English)

Orfan – “orphan” (Greek)

Ormondino – “spear or mountain” (Spanish)

Orton – “settlement on the river” (English)

Orino – “golden” (Spanish)

Oris – “tree” (Greek)

Orrell – “ore hill” (English)

Orsino – “bear-like” (Spanish)

Ortel – “pointed hill” (Spanish)

Orzen – “golden” (Spanish)

Modern Boy Names That Start with “OR”

Orin – “light” (English)

Oro – “gold” (Spanish)

Orisio – “mountain breeze” (Spanish)

Orto – “garden” (Spanish)

Orelis – “golden” (Greek)

Orvel – “golden village” (English)

Ormos – “harbor” (Greek)

Orvin – “green hill” (English)

Oroz – “golden” (Spanish)

Orian – “rising sun” (English)

Orfio – “serpent” (Greek)

Ortigo – “thorny” (Spanish)

Orven – “green” (English)

Ormigo – “stormy” (Spanish)

Orick – “ruler of the estate” (English)

Orestis – “of the mountains” (Greek)

Oran – “pale green” (Irish)

Orozco – “golden hill” (Spanish)

Orsenio – “bear-like” (Spanish)

Orlex – “defender of the people” (English)

Orkis – “mountain” (Greek)

Oray – “light” (Spanish)

Orbis – “circle” (Latin)

Orwilo – “golden will” (Spanish)

Oristos – “excellent” (Greek)

Orano – “sky” (Spanish)

Orvado – “river crossing” (Spanish)

Ormon – “mountain” (Irish)

Orfelio – “fortunate” (Spanish)

Orvius – “golden” (Greek)

Unique “OR” Names for Boys

Orlen – “eagle” (English)

Orkun – “one who brings joy” (Turkish)

Orozko – “from the golden hill” (Basque)

Orbin – “small orb” (English)

Orontas – “mountain dweller” (Greek)

Orundo – “rising” (Spanish)

Ortonio – “fortified town” (Spanish)

Orsolino – “little bear” (Italian)

Ormino – “golden child” (Spanish)

Orvato – “river guardian” (English)

Orkan – “storm” (Turkish)

Orelio – “golden sun” (Spanish)

Orvino – “green vine” (Spanish)

Orthos – “straight” (Greek)

Ortilio – “gardener” (Italian)

Orwain – “fair” (Welsh)

Orlinio – “orator, speaker” (Spanish)

Ormundo – “protector of the sea” (Spanish)

Orpello – “golden light” (Italian)

Orvit – “shining one” (English)

Orionis – “son of light” (Greek)

Orzano – “golden eagle” (Spanish)

Orphion – “rebirth” (Greek)

Orvik – “lucky” (English)

Orkay – “illumination” (Turkish)

Orisel – “bright sunrise” (Spanish)

Orvico – “strong” (Spanish)

Orlandio – “famous land” (Italian)

Orivio – “river of gold” (Spanish)

Orsinio – “bear-like” (Italian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “OR”

Orwin – “friend of the boar” (English)

Orfeo – “darkness of the night” (Italian)

Orseno – “bear-like” (Italian)

Orthios – “of the morning” (Greek)

Orlo – “famous land” (English)

Orvado – “protected river crossing” (Spanish)

Orison – “prayer” (English)

Orovid – “river of gold” (English)

Orkos – “oath” (Greek)

Orlov – “eagle” (Russian)

Orfalio – “fortunate” (Spanish)

Orbanzo – “golden beam” (Spanish)

Orvius – “golden” (Latin)

Ortez – “wealthy” (Spanish)

Orzano – “from the golden eagle” (Italian)

Oristos – “wise” (Greek)

Ormio – “golden child” (Spanish)

Orvado – “protected river crossing” (Spanish)

Orrik – “ruler of the estate” (English)

Ortoño – “from the garden” (Spanish)

Orvo – “golden city” (Finnish)

Orkanos – “powerful” (Greek)

Orvelio – “golden village” (Spanish)

Orestano – “of the mountains” (Italian)

Orane – “mountain” (French)

Orvos – “shepherd” (Hungarian)

Orlec – “eagle-like” (English)

Orsilo – “bear-like” (Spanish)

Ormes – “mariner” (English)

Orthio – “of the morning” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “OR”

Orvar – “arrow” (Old Norse)

Orun – “heaven” (Yoruba)

Orhan – “exalted” (Turkish)

Orlin – “follower of the eagle” (Bulgarian)

Oruç – “fasting” (Turkish)

Ormazd – “wise lord” (Persian)

Orenji – “orange” (Japanese)

Orbel – “organ” (Armenian)

Orabi – “skilled” (Arabic)

Orlovsky – “eagle-like” (Russian)

Orsa – “bear” (Hungarian)

Orazio – “hour” (Italian)

Oringo – “son of the sun” (Igbo)

Orinoco – “place of gold” (Tupi-Guarani)

Ormonde – “descendant of Orm” (Irish)

Oron – “light” (Hebrew)

Orpheus – “the darkness of the night” (Greek)

Orak – “eagle” (Kazakh)

Orde – “order” (Mongolian)

Orono – “five” (Native American, Penobscot)

Oroitz – “memory” (Basque)

Orpheyo – “the one who dazzles” (Spanish)

Orwin – “white river” (Welsh)

Orwah – “light” (Arabic)

Orakel – “oracle” (German)

Oravi – “wind” (Finnish)

Ormondo – “mountain man” (Italian)

Orso – “bear” (Italian)

Orto – “garden” (Russian)

Orlondo – “famous land” (Spanish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “OR”

Orion – “rising in the sky” (Greek)

Oriel – “golden” (Spanish)

Orlin – “light” (English)

Oris – “tree” (Greek)

Orwin – “friend of the boar” (English)

Orven – “green” (English)

Orlo – “famous land” (English)

Orta – “middle” (Spanish)

Orisio – “mountain breeze” (Spanish)

Orlovy – “eagle” (Spanish)

Oralin – “golden” (English)

Orsa – “bear” (Spanish)

Orinoco – “place of gold” (Tupi-Guarani)

Orquidea – “orchid” (Spanish)

Orkun – “one who brings joy” (Spanish)

Orlis – “sky” (English)

Orzel – “eagle” (Spanish)

Orkin – “light” (Spanish)

Orva – “brave friend” (English)

Orithyia – “mountain nymph” (Greek)

Orlande – “famous land” (Spanish)

Orabel – “prayer” (English)

Orsa – “bear” (Spanish)

Orian – “rising sun” (English)

Orin – “pale-skinned” (Spanish)

Orly – “light” (Hebrew)

Orfeo – “darkness of the night” (Spanish)

Oraldo – “noble” (Spanish)

Orixa – “divine” (Spanish)

Oriona – “daughter of light” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “OR”

Origen – “beginning” (Greek)

Osiris – “god of the afterlife” (Spanish)

Orestes – “mountain dweller” (Greek)

Oron – “light” (Hebrew)

Oratorio – “place of prayer” (Spanish)

Orman – “pray for” (English)

Orison – “prayer” (English)

Ormond – “sacred mountain” (Spanish)

Orlin – “holy” (Spanish)

Ortensio – “gardener of heaven” (Spanish)

Orquidea – “prayer” (Spanish)

Orsino – “bear-like” (Spanish)

Orus – “divine” (Latin)

Oruc – “fasting” (Spanish)

Orwyn – “blessed” (Spanish)

Ormonde – “protector of the faith” (Spanish)

Orpheus – “darkness of the night” (Greek)

Oryan – “prayerful” (English)

Oro – “gold” (Spanish)

Orson – “prayerful” (English)

Osmand – “divine protection” (Spanish)

Oszkar – “divine spear” (Spanish)

Orphelius – “gift of the heavens” (Greek)

Orvan – “holy man” (English)

Orbelus – “sacred” (Greek)

Orelis – “altar” (Greek)

Oriel – “light of the Lord” (Latin)

Oratz – “light” (Spanish)

Orax – “sacred” (Greek)

Orveno – “holy servant” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “OR”

Orson Welles

A visionary filmmaker and actor, Welles is renowned for directing and starring in the classic film “Citizen Kane” and his contributions to radio broadcasting, notably “The War of the Worlds” broadcast.

Orlando Bloom

A versatile actor recognized for his roles in blockbuster films like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Bloom is also known for his philanthropic work.

Oscar Wilde

A witty and influential Irish poet and playwright, Wilde is celebrated for his sharp social commentary, humor, and timeless works such as “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

Orville Wright

Co-founder of modern aviation, Orville, alongside his brother Wilbur, achieved the first powered, controlled, and sustained airplane flight in 1903, revolutionizing transportation.

Orestes Brownson

A 19th-century American intellectual, writer, and philosopher, Brownson explored issues of religion, politics, and society in his essays and lectures.

Orville Redenbacher

An entrepreneur and agronomist, Redenbacher became a household name for his gourmet popcorn brand, known for its quality and taste.

Orrin Hatch – A prominent American politician, Hatch served as a U.S. Senator from Utah for over four decades, making significant contributions to legislative affairs.

Orhan Pamuk

A Nobel Prize-winning Turkish author, Pamuk is acclaimed for his novels exploring the complexities of modern Turkish identity and culture.

Orville Gibson

An influential luthier, Gibson founded the Gibson Guitar Corporation, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of musical instruments.

Orlando Cepeda

A former Major League Baseball player, Cepeda was a star first baseman and designated hitter, earning induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame for his exceptional career.

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