220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “NU”

Picking out a name for your baby boy can be both exciting and challenging. If you are looking for a unique and uncommon name that starts with the letter “NU”, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with “NU”, each with its own special meaning and origin.

Whether you are drawn to traditional or modern names, there is sure to be something on this list that catches your eye.

From traditional favorites to more unconventional options, boy names that start with “NU” offer a diverse range of choices for your little one.

Whether you are seeking a strong and masculine name, a name with a cultural significance, or a name that is simply one-of-a-kind, there are plenty of options to consider.

So, if you are on the hunt for a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy, keep reading to discover some of the best “NU” names out there.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “NU”

Nubian – “Gold” (English)

Nugget – “Small lump of gold” (English)

Nuncio – “Messenger” (Spanish)

Nueva – “New” (Spanish)

Nuketo – “Noble” (Greek)

Nulius – “None” (Latin)

Numa – “King” (Latin)

Nubarrón – “Dark cloud” (Spanish)

Nubelo – “Cloud” (Spanish)

Nubio – “Of the Nile” (Spanish)

Nueve – “Nine” (Spanish)

Nuevos – “New ones” (Spanish)

Nukeo – “Protector” (Greek)

Numinoso – “Numinous” (Spanish)

Nuncio – “Announcement” (Latin)

Nunez – “Son of Nuno” (Spanish)

Nuvoloso – “Cloudy” (Italian)

Nubianus – “Of Nubia” (Latin)

Numen – “Divine power” (Latin)

Nux – “Night” (Latin)

Nuciano – “Nut tree” (Latin)

Nubia – “Gold” (Greek)

Nubiano – “Of Nubia” (Italian)

Nuevito – “Little new one” (Spanish)

Nugent – “Descendant of the Norseman” (English)

Núñez – “Son of Nuno” (Spanish)

Nusko – “Night” (Greek)

Nuvolo – “Cloud” (Italian)

Nueviano – “Of the new one” (Italian)

Numphon – “Young man” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "NU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “NU”

Nuxon – “Son of the night” (English)

Nubert – “Bright noble” (English)

Nuevito – “Little newcomer” (Spanish)

Nuvanto – “Enchanting cloud” (Spanish)

Nuketo – “Noble guardian” (Greek)

Nubaldo – “Bold as gold” (Spanish)

Nustan – “Starlight” (English)

Nuberto – “Bright and bold” (Spanish)

Nysios – “Navigator” (Greek)

Nuvio – “Vivid cloud” (Spanish)

Nuthan – “Renewed” (English)

Nuxar – “Radiant night” (Greek)

Nubianus – “Golden youth” (Latin)

Nulo – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Nudario – “Gift from the night” (Spanish)

Nuvolo – “Cloud wanderer” (Italian)

Nurek – “Determined” (Greek)

Nulino – “Little sun” (Spanish)

Nustavo – “Divine staff” (Spanish)

Nymir – “Moonlight” (Greek)

Nukian – “Pure heart” (English)

Nuevolio – “New adventurer” (Spanish)

Nustian – “Starry one” (English)

Nubario – “Golden hero” (Spanish)

Numin – “Spiritual guide” (Greek)

Nuskio – “Night sky” (Greek)

Nuevano – “Ever new” (Spanish)

Nubell – “Beautiful cloud” (Spanish)

Nuchios – “Night owl” (Greek)

Nucero – “Brave guardian” (Spanish)

Unique “NU” Names for Boys

Nubius – “Golden dawn” (Latin)

Nuxis – “Night whisperer” (Latin)

Nuskal – “Sky’s embrace” (Greek)

Nudorian – “Gift of the east” (English)

Nuvando – “Bold explorer” (Spanish)

Numinex – “Divine essence” (Latin)

Nusaro – “Protector of dreams” (Spanish)

Nurelio – “Bright path” (Spanish)

Nuxero – “Night wanderer” (Greek)

Nuvisto – “Innovative spirit” (Spanish)

Nuberto – “Noble brightness” (Spanish)

Nusius – “Bringer of calm” (Greek)

Nudario – “Gift of the night” (Spanish)

Nuxen – “Moonlit warrior” (English)

Nuscio – “Heavenly knowledge” (Latin)

Nubanius – “Youthful gold” (Greek)

Nuven – “Cloud-born” (Spanish)

Nudaro – “Night’s blessing” (Spanish)

Nucleon – “Noble leader” (Greek)

Nuvexo – “New vision” (Spanish)

Nustrian – “Starlight seeker” (English)

Nubrado – “Golden warrior” (Spanish)

Nuyan – “Eternal soul” (Greek)

Nulion – “Lion-hearted” (English)

Nubario – “Bold as gold” (Spanish)

Nuthanix – “Renewed strength” (English)

Nuvianto – “Vibrant spirit” (Spanish)

Nuskos – “Guardian of the night” (Greek)

Nudalon – “Radiant moon” (Spanish)

Nuvindo – “Inventive mind” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “NU”

Nubertus – “Bright strength” (Latin)

Nuland – “Valley of peace” (English)

Nustelo – “Noble star” (Spanish)

Numphonius – “Timeless warrior” (Greek)

Nucius – “Wisdom from within” (Latin)

Nudrian – “Enduring flame” (English)

Numinis – “Divine grace” (Latin)

Nuxander – “Eternal defender” (Greek)

Nuvante – “Perpetual explorer” (Spanish)

Nurelius – “Ever bright” (Latin)

Nustero – “Steadfast guardian” (Spanish)

Nubaldo – “Timeless ruler” (Spanish)

Nusius – “Eternal calm” (Greek)

Nudorian – “Enduring gift” (English)

Nuvallus – “Endless valor” (Latin)

Nuskalos – “Timeless glory” (Greek)

Numento – “Enduring spirit” (Spanish)

Nudex – “Ageless wisdom” (Latin)

Nubicon – “Timeless cornerstone” (English)

Nubilar – “Everlasting cloud” (Spanish)

Nurus – “Timeless hero” (Greek)

Nulionis – “Forever strong” (Latin)

Nuviant – “Timeless vitality” (Spanish)

Numinex – “Eternal essence” (Latin)

Nulio – “Timeless intelligence” (Spanish)

Nuxion – “Timeless wisdom” (Greek)

Nubrando – “Timeless defender” (Spanish)

Nustos – “Timeless journey” (Greek)

Nuviano – “Enduring grace” (Spanish)

Nulian – “Timeless leader” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “NU”

Nubarak – “Noble blessing” (Arabic)

Nuriel – “Light of God” (Hebrew)

Nukul – “Moonlight” (Thai)

Nuvan – “Full of grace” (Sinhalese)

Nusret – “Victorious” (Turkish)

Nuyilo – “Bringer of dreams” (Yoruba)

Nuno – “Farmer” (Portuguese)

Nulfiqar – “Sword of Ali” (Arabic)

Nukari – “Golden ruler” (Japanese)

Nuviole – “Soft cloud” (Italian)

Nubin – “Golden son” (Farsi)

Nuvad – “Eternal” (Sanskrit)

Nujan – “New moon” (Sinhalese)

Nushan – “Symbol of purity” (Persian)

Nufaro – “Lotus” (Spanish)

Nusair – “Vigorous” (Arabic)

Nuburu – “Flying cloud” (Japanese)

Nukumar – “Bright star” (Sanskrit)

Nuvanto – “Eternal wanderer” (Italian)

Nucio – “Eternal victory” (Spanish)

Nulandis – “Endless journey” (Dutch)

Nushad – “Happy” (Persian)

Nukara – “Golden ray” (Japanese)

Nudan – “Eternal soul” (Sanskrit)

Nulik – “Infinite wisdom” (Armenian)

Nuvalli – “Endless strength” (Latin)

Nuzul – “Revelation” (Arabic)

Nusso – “Bold traveler” (Italian)

Nuvendi – “Timeless soul” (Hindi)

Nuker – “Eternal flame” (Turkish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “NU”

Nura – “Light” (Arabic)

Nuxis – “Nightfall” (Latin)

Nuven – “Renewed” (English)

Nubris – “Misty” (Latin)

Nuvia – “New life” (Spanish)

Nukleo – “Core essence” (Greek)

Nulane – “Peaceful valley” (English)

Nubinex – “Golden explorer” (Latin)

Nuflo – “Blossoming” (Spanish)

Nusara – “Harmony” (Sanskrit)

Nuvanis – “Vibrant spirit” (Latin)

Nuxio – “Moonlit” (Italian)

Nuska – “Sky” (Latin)

Nulito – “Little cloud” (Spanish)

Nusaro – “Guardian of dreams” (Spanish)

Nudian – “Enduring soul” (English)

Nubilo – “Cloudy” (Italian)

Nuzara – “Pure fire” (Sanskrit)

Nulida – “Eternal beauty” (Latin)

Nuveto – “Innovator” (Spanish)

Nudanis – “Endless journey” (Greek)

Nukara – “Golden ray” (Japanese)

Nuvellis – “Everlasting joy” (Latin)

Nusario – “Daring adventurer” (Spanish)

Nulani – “Peaceful spirit” (Hawaiian)

Nubaris – “Golden breeze” (Latin)

Nuskara – “Celestial traveler” (Sanskrit)

Nulitio – “Infinite wisdom” (Latin)

Nubara – “Eternal flame” (Sanskrit)

Nuxara – “Starlight” (Sanskrit)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “NU”

Nuriel – “Fire of God” (Hebrew)

Numinus – “Divine presence” (Latin)

Nubaris – “Golden altar” (Latin)

Nuevangelio – “New gospel” (Spanish)

Nusaias – “God is salvation” (Greek)

Nubiniah – “God’s son” (Hebrew)

Nucipriest – “Holy priest” (English)

Numanuel – “God with us” (Spanish)

Nukristos – “Anointed one” (Greek)

Nupater – “Divine father” (Latin)

Nuscipio – “Heavenly observer” (Latin)

Nulogos – “Word of God” (Greek)

Nuestepa – “Our sacred land” (Spanish)

Nubenedict – “Blessed by God” (Latin)

Nupropheta – “Divine prophet” (Greek)

Nujoseph – “God will add” (Spanish)

Nuthronos – “Divine throne” (Greek)

Nupontifex – “Holy pontiff” (Latin)

Nudavid – “Beloved of God” (Hebrew)

Nuredemption – “Divine redemption” (Latin)

Nupax – “Divine peace” (Latin)

Nufaith – “Faithful servant” (English)

Nuchristophor – “Bearer of Christ” (Greek)

Nudoxologos – “Praise to God” (Greek)

Nufaustus – “Divine favor” (Latin)

Nusantus – “Holy advocate” (Latin)

Nufidelis – “Faithful to God” (Latin)

Nuharmony – “Divine harmony” (English)

Nukyrios – “Lordship of God” (Greek)

Nuevangelista – “New evangelist” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “NU”

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Renowned Pakistani Qawwali musician and a leading voice in Sufi music. His powerful vocals and spiritual compositions earned him global recognition.


Acclaimed Indian actress of yesteryears, known for her versatility and powerful performances in Hindi cinema, particularly in the 1950s and 1960s.

Nuruddin Farah

Somali novelist and playwright, considered one of Africa’s most significant contemporary writers. His works often explore themes of war, exile, and identity.

Nuno Bettencourt

Portuguese-American musician and guitarist, best known for his role in the rock band Extreme. Renowned for his exceptional guitar skills.

Nureyev (Rudolf Nureyev)

Soviet-born ballet dancer and choreographer, one of the most celebrated and influential figures in the world of ballet during the 20th century.

Nujabes (Jun Seba)

Japanese record producer, composer, and DJ, known for his influential work in the realm of instrumental hip hop. Founder of the independent label Hydeout Productions.

Nuno Gomes

Former Portuguese professional footballer, an iconic striker known for his goal-scoring prowess. Played for clubs like Benfica and Fiorentina.

Nucky Thompson (Enoch “Nucky” Thompson)

Fictional character from the television series “Boardwalk Empire,” based on the real-life political figure Enoch L. Johnson. Portrayed by Steve Buscemi.

Nuri Sahin

Turkish professional footballer who has played for top clubs in Europe, including Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid. Known for his midfield skills.

Nuon Chea

Cambodian politician who served as the chief ideologist of the Khmer Rouge regime. He was the Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea from 1976 to 1979.

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