220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “MAB”

Choosing a name for your baby is an exciting and important decision. If you’re looking for a unique and uncommon name for your son, then boy names that start with “MAB” might just be the perfect choice for you.

While names like Michael, Matthew, and Mason are popular and commonly used, names that start with “MAB” offer something a little more distinctive and memorable.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “MAB” and their meanings, origins, and potential nicknames.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or more modern names, there are plenty of options to consider.

From classic and timeless choices to more uncommon and trendy picks, there’s sure to be a “MAB” name that resonates with you and your family.

So if you’re on the hunt for a special and one-of-a-kind name for your little boy, keep reading to discover some fantastic options.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “MAB”

Mabel – “lovable” (English)

Mabon – “son” (Welsh)

Mabry – “brave one” (English)

Mabonico – “son” (Spanish)

Mabillon – “little child” (French)

Mabrey – “son of the sea” (English)

Mabuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Mabonu – “son” (Igbo, Nigerian)

Mabul – “flood” (Hebrew)

Mabrian – “strong, virtuous” (English)

Mabritto – “son of the bright one” (Spanish)

Mabsant – “saintly” (Welsh)

Mableo – “lovable” (Spanish)

Mabiko – “son of blessing” (Yoruba, Nigerian)

Mabright – “bright and famous” (English)

Mabuelo – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Mabika – “son of the earth” (Lingala, Congolese)

Mabster – “masterful one” (English)

Mabello – “lovable” (Spanish)

Mabango – “fragrance” (Lingala, Congolese)

Mabson – “son of the sea” (English)

Mabelito – “little lovable one” (Spanish)

Mabaya – “good fortune” (Lingala, Congolese)

Mabrum – “strong, vigorous” (Greek)

Mabelote – “lovable” (Spanish)

Mabilo – “lovable” (Spanish)

Mabotu – “son of the chief” (Lingala, Congolese)

Mabreyo – “brave one” (Spanish)

Mabilius – “lovable” (Latin, origin for some English names)

Mabra – “son of the prophet” (Arabic)

Boy Names That Start with "MAB"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “MAB”

Mabrex – “kingly” (English)

Mabron – “strong and noble” (English)

Mabaldo – “bold and daring” (Spanish)

Mabino – “mythical warrior” (Greek)

Mabento – “blessed one” (Spanish)

Mabylon – “freedom-loving” (English)

Mabrono – “noble protector” (Spanish)

Mabias – “bright and wise” (Greek)

Mabico – “ambitious leader” (English)

Mabusto – “bold and strong” (Spanish)

Maberis – “graceful and wise” (Greek)

Mabenco – “intelligent explorer” (English)

Mablito – “little warrior” (Spanish)

Mabaris – “strong and virtuous” (Greek)

Mabante – “enduring and brave” (Spanish)

Mabrado – “courageous leader” (English)

Maberico – “wise ruler” (Spanish)

Mabastos – “unyielding strength” (Greek)

Mabrigo – “brave protector” (Spanish)

Mabronis – “noble and honorable” (Greek)

Mabelin – “modern and innovative” (English)

Mabaldox – “bold defender” (Spanish)

Mabinus – “brave and unique” (Greek)

Mabrendo – “courageous journey” (Spanish)

Mabwick – “strong village” (English)

Mabalis – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Mabusto – “steadfast and strong” (Spanish)

Mabaris – “brave protector” (English)

Mabillo – “intelligent and charming” (Spanish)

Mabix – “modern and innovative” (English)

Unique “MAB” Names for Boys

Mabion – “heavenly gift” (English)

Mabradox – “courageous leader” (English)

Mabellus – “beautiful and noble” (Latin)

Mabiento – “blessed one” (Spanish)

Mabrax – “brave and strong” (English)

Mabioso – “charming and kind” (Spanish)

Mabrianos – “noble and virtuous” (Greek)

Mabestro – “wise and skillful” (English)

Mabinoz – “mythical protector” (Spanish)

Mablaze – “fiery and passionate” (English)

Mabicoon – “wise ruler” (Greek)

Mabronisio – “noble and honorable” (Spanish)

Mabientis – “blessed spirit” (Latin)

Mabroso – “strong and resilient” (Spanish)

Mabrisius – “adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Mabolis – “charismatic leader” (English)

Mabonto – “gifted son” (Spanish)

Mabrionis – “noble defender” (Greek)

Mabquilo – “quiet and strong” (Spanish)

Mabrosius – “courageous and wise” (English)

Mabescos – “brave explorer” (Greek)

Mabsento – “blessed journey” (Spanish)

Mabilon – “gentle and kind” (English)

Mabrezco – “admirable ruler” (Spanish)

Mabrisco – “wise and skilled” (English)

Mabexio – “modern and innovative” (Spanish)

Mabliss – “joyful and blessed” (English)

Mabrizo – “strong and noble” (Spanish)

Mabulus – “free-spirited” (Latin)

Mabystos – “brave and steadfast” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “MAB”

Mabern – “noble and steadfast” (English)

Mabarno – “brave and enduring” (Spanish)

Mabius – “life-bringer” (Latin)

Mabidus – “wise and judicious” (Greek)

Mabrook – “blessed and fortunate” (Arabic, used in English)

Mabirio – “timeless ruler” (Spanish)

Mabiuso – “graceful life” (Greek)

Mabaldox – “noble defender” (English)

Mabrazo – “strong and bold” (Spanish)

Mabinus – “enduring spirit” (Latin)

Mabidos – “wise and enduring” (Greek)

Mablex – “timeless leader” (English)

Mabronio – “enduring and noble” (Spanish)

Mabidoso – “wise and enduring” (Greek)

Mabillonis – “noble and timeless” (Latin)

Mabrazeo – “bold and enduring” (Spanish)

Mabilus – “graceful and enduring” (Greek)

Mabrido – “timeless journey” (Spanish)

Mabrios – “wise and enduring” (Greek)

Mabrand – “noble and timeless” (English)

Mabusto – “steadfast and enduring” (Spanish)

Mabianto – “enduring spirit” (Latin)

Mabidian – “timeless wisdom” (Greek)

Mabravo – “brave and enduring” (Spanish)

Mabilis – “swift and enduring” (Greek)

Mabiano – “timeless gift” (Spanish)

Mabroso – “wise and enduring” (Greek)

Mabronto – “noble and enduring” (Spanish)

Mabilio – “enduring and wise” (Latin)

Mabster – “timeless master” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “MAB”

Maboud – “eternal” (Persian)

Mabrook – “blessed and fortunate” (Arabic)

Mabuza – “great ruler” (Zulu)

Mabiusi – “graceful” (Swahili)

Mabzir – “wise and perceptive” (Persian)

Mabeli – “lovable” (Swahili)

Maboto – “warrior” (Tswana)

Mabudo – “generous” (Hausa)

Mabiru – “strong one” (Yoruba)

Mabara – “lion” (Swahili)

Mabhulo – “wise leader” (Zulu)

Mabooka – “blessed” (Lingala)

Mabyar – “brave” (Burmese)

Mabilo – “lovable” (Igbo)

Mabsaleh – “peaceful” (Arabic)

Mabwati – “gentle breeze” (Swahili)

Mabsa – “shining star” (Arabic)

Mabgen – “noble” (Armenian)

Mabasa – “hope” (Shona)

Mabjar – “keeper of secrets” (Persian)

Mabondo – “warrior” (Shona)

Maboké – “firstborn” (Lingala)

Maburak – “blessed” (Arabic)

Mabang – “sunrise” (Khmer)

Mabwe – “rock” (Shona)

Mabungo – “one who triumphs” (Lingala)

Mabanki – “unique” (Lingala)

Mabhizha – “lightning” (Shona)

Mabto – “peaceful” (Burmese)

Mabushi – “hidden” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “MAB”

Mabley – “lovable” (English)

Mabris – “wise and strong” (Greek)

Mabryn – “brave and noble” (English)

Mabelin – “beautiful” (Spanish)

Mabro – “gentle breeze” (Spanish)

Mabriso – “strong and wise” (Greek)

Mabryn – “modern and innovative” (English)

Mabellis – “joyful and blessed” (English)

Mabilio – “intelligent” (Spanish)

Mabesto – “clever and skillful” (Spanish)

Mablis – “charismatic and charming” (Greek)

Mabrine – “bright and courageous” (English)

Mabian – “adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Mablito – “little warrior” (Spanish)

Mabrion – “noble and enduring” (English)

Mabryx – “strong leader” (Greek)

Mabello – “lovable” (Spanish)

Mabranto – “courageous journey” (Spanish)

Mabilis – “swift and agile” (Greek)

Mabenco – “intelligent explorer” (English)

Mablex – “modern and innovative” (English)

Mabress – “unique and stylish” (English)

Mabravo – “brave and courageous” (Spanish)

Mableto – “enduring and strong” (Spanish)

Mabster – “masterful one” (English)

Mablek – “adventurous and brave” (Greek)

Mabrizo – “strong and noble” (Spanish)

Mabelin – “beautiful” (Spanish)

Mabilos – “charismatic and charming” (Greek)

Mabwise – “wise and intelligent” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “MAB”

Mabriel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Mabas – “servant of God” (Arabic)

Mabirios – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Mabernus – “God’s gift” (Latin)

Mabiaso – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Mabodio – “worshipper of God” (Spanish)

Mabarisio – “follower of God” (Greek)

Mabelius – “devoted to God” (Latin)

Mabanto – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Mablito – “little servant of God” (Spanish)

Mabronius – “God’s strength” (Latin)

Mabesto – “God’s blessing” (Spanish)

Mabilio – “God is my salvation” (Spanish)

Mabelus – “devoted to God” (Latin)

Mabiento – “God’s blessing” (Spanish)

Mabrendo – “God’s peace” (Spanish)

Mabuco – “God’s helper” (Spanish)

Mabidian – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Mabergio – “God’s protection” (Spanish)

Mabalon – “God is merciful” (English)

Mabizor – “seeker of God” (Spanish)

Mabalonio – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Mabramos – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Mabergos – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Mabotis – “follower of God” (Spanish)

Mabanto – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Mabzion – “God’s fortress” (Hebrew)

Mablisio – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Mabzionis – “God’s dwelling place” (Greek)

Mabelin – “beautiful servant of God” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “MAB”

Mabel Donnelly

An American journalist and author known for her work in investigative journalism and women’s issues during the early 20th century.

Mab Segrest

An American activist, writer, and professor, known for her work in civil rights, feminism, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Mabou Loiseau

A Haitian artist and prodigy known for her exceptional artistic talent and diverse creative expressions.

Mabon “Teenie” Hodges

An American musician and songwriter, recognized for his contributions to soul and R&B music, particularly as a guitarist and songwriter for Al Green.

Mabvuto Carpenter

A Malawian singer and songwriter, celebrated for his unique voice and contributions to the African music scene.

Maburaho Ichirou Suzuki

A Japanese light novel author, best known for creating the fantasy romance series “Maburaho.”

Mab Graves

An American contemporary artist recognized for her whimsical and gothic-inspired artwork.

Mabreka McQueen

An American entrepreneur and philanthropist, known for her initiatives in supporting education and community development.

Maboneng Precinct

While not a person, Maboneng is a famous urban regeneration project in Johannesburg, South Africa, transforming an area into a vibrant arts and culture hub.

Mabulu, Ayanda

A South African artist known for his provocative and socially conscious paintings, often addressing political and cultural issues.

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