220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “LEO”

Choosing a name for your little boy can be both exciting and challenging.

If you’re looking for a name that exudes strength, courage, and charisma, then “Leo” might be the perfect choice.

Leo is a Latin name meaning “lion,” and it has been a popular choice for centuries.

In astrology, the sign of Leo is associated with attributes like power, leadership, and passion, making it a strong and appealing name for a boy.

If you’re considering naming your son with a moniker that begins with “Leo,” you’re in luck! There are plenty of adorable and unique options to choose from.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names like Leonard and Leo itself, or more modern choices like Leopold and Leander, there’s a Leo-inspired name to suit every style and taste.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most adorable boy names that start with “Leo” and celebrate the strong and charismatic nature of this timeless name.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “LEO”

eo – “lion” (English)

Leon – “lion” (English/Spanish)

Leonardo – “brave lion” (Italian/Spanish)

Leopold – “brave people” (Spanish)

Leonidas – “son of the lion” (Greek)

Leonel – “young lion” (Spanish)

Leandro – “lion man” (Spanish/Portuguese)

Leopoldo – “bold people” (Spanish/Italian)

Leofric – “dear ruler” (English)

Leolin – “young lion” (English)

Leontios – “lion-like” (Greek)

Leoncio – “lion-like” (Spanish)

Leonard – “brave lion” (English/German)

Leovanni – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Leocadio – “clear, bright, or lion” (Spanish/Greek)

Leonzio – “lion” (Spanish)

Leoncio – “lion” (Spanish)

Leontius – “lion” (Greek)

Leonhard – “brave lion” (Spanish)

Leocadio – “lion-hearted” (Spanish)

Leontino – “little lion” (Spanish)

Leonce – “lion” (Spanish)

Leodegar – “spear of a man” (Spanish)

Leonidas – “son of the lion” (English)

Leonides – “son of the lion” (Spanish)

Leofwin – “dear friend” (English)

Leocadius – “lion-like” (Greek)

Leontios – “lion-like” (Greek)

Leobardo – “brave as a lion” (Spanish)

Leodegarius – “spear of a man” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "LEO"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “LEO”

Leor – “my light” (Hebrew)

Leoben – “brave bear” (Hebrew)

Leomar – “famous lion” (Spanish)

Leontin – “little lion” (Hebrew)

Leofricus – “peaceful ruler” (English)

Leovardo – “brave lion” (Spanish)

Leontyne – “lion’s strength” (English)

Leoman – “lion man” (English)

Leocarlo – “lion-hearted” (Spanish/Italian)

Leosandro – “lion man” (Spanish/Greek)

Leomaris – “lion of the sea” (Spanish)

Leofredo – “peaceful lion” (Hebrew)

Leobardo – “bold as a lion” (Spanish)

Leotrim – “brave lion” (Hebrew)

Leopolo – “lion-like” (Spanish)

Leopoldino – “brave people” (Spanish/Italian)

Leonhardus – “strong as a lion” (Latin)

Leosthenes – “strength of a lion” (Greek)

Leodis – “lion’s son” (English)

Leobhard – “brave lion” (Hebrew)

Leontis – “lion-like” (Greek)

Leoderic – “people’s ruler” (English)

Leonio – “lion-like” (Spanish)

Leowin – “friend of the lion” (English)

Leotardo – “strong and brave like a lion” (Spanish)

Leokadios – “brave lion” (Greek)

Leowulf – “beloved wolf” (English)

Leofstan – “stone of peace” (English)

Leozio – “lion-like” (Hebrew)

Leosif – “God will add” (Greek)

Unique “LEO” Names for Boys

Leontios – “lion-hearted” (Greek)

Leofard – “brave lion” (English)

Leovannis – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Leothan – “gift of the lion” (English)

Leobel – “beautiful lion” (Spanish)

Leoxander – “lion defender” (English/Greek)

Leontzio – “lion-like” (Spanish)

Leorion – “song of the lion” (English)

Leoson – “son of the lion” (English)

Leomir – “peaceful lion” (English)

Leofalcon – “lion falcon” (English)

Leomaris – “sea lion” (Spanish)

Leolinus – “little lion” (Latin)

Leovanni – “lion man” (English)

Leodeus – “gift of the people” (Greek)

Leontius – “lion-hearted” (Latin)

Leomax – “greatest lion” (English)

Leomirko – “lion of peace” (English)

Leondrake – “dragon lion” (English)

Leobenito – “blessed lion” (Spanish)

Leothor – “thunder lion” (English)

Leofidus – “faithful lion” (Latin)

Leomero – “lion of the sea” (Spanish)

Leophos – “bright lion” (Greek)

Leoros – “rose lion” (English/Greek)

Leophas – “lion of light” (Greek)

Leomirius – “marvelous lion” (Latin)

Leodyn – “valley of the lion” (English)

Leosius – “sun lion” (Latin)

Leorin – “song of the lion” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “LEO”

Leocampus – “lion of the field” (Greek)

Leonton – “lion town” (English)

Leorick – “mighty lion” (English)

Leodatus – “gift of the lion” (Latin)

Leotis – “lion strength” (English)

Leobaldo – “bold lion” (Spanish)

Leofredus – “peaceful lion” (Latin)

Leovard – “strong as a lion” (English)

Leandroso – “lion-like” (Spanish)

Leomund – “protector lion” (English)

Leocrates – “powerful lion” (Greek)

Leovius – “victorious lion” (Latin)

Leodynus – “noble lion” (Greek)

Leoricus – “kingly lion” (Latin)

Leofalcone – “lion falcon” (English)

Leonteus – “lion strength” (Greek)

Leobert – “bright lion” (English)

Leodoricus – “ruler of the people” (Latin)

Leovino – “wine of the lion” (Spanish)

Leosimo – “lion-like” (Spanish)

Leotarius – “warrior lion” (Latin)

Leontopappos – “lion of all” (Greek)

Leofest – “festive lion” (English)

Leovaro – “strong and brave lion” (Spanish)

Leofarius – “joyful lion” (Latin)

Leodes – “song of the lion” (Greek)

Leontus – “lion-hearted” (Latin)

Leozin – “little lion” (Spanish)

Leokritos – “judged by a lion” (Greek)

Leotherius – “warrior lion” (Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “LEO”

Leonti – “lion-like” (Russian)

Leoluca – “lion light” (Italian)

Leopoldi – “brave people” (Finnish)

Leosz – “lion” (Polish)

Leomarco – “lion of Mars” (Italian)

Leovigildo – “warrior lion” (Spanish)

Leofredo – “peaceful lion” (Portuguese)

Leofricio – “ruler of peace” (Italian)

Leotrimi – “brave lion” (Albanian)

Leondre – “lion man” (French)

Leofwinus – “friend of the lion” (Latin)

Leontinu – “little lion” (Romanian)

Leokan – “little lion” (Maori)

Leondius – “lion-like” (Latin)

Leomarius – “sea lion” (German)

Leondrus – “gift of the lion” (Czech)

Leorok – “roar of the lion” (Japanese)

Leovanni – “lion man” (Italian)

Leofryd – “beloved peace” (Old English)

Leodos – “song of the lion” (Bulgarian)

Leophan – “lion-like” (Thai)

Leonty – “lion” (Ukrainian)

Leomariusz – “warrior lion” (Polish)

Leordino – “gift of the lion” (Spanish)

Leofstanus – “stone of peace” (Latin)

Leodegarius – “spear of a man” (Spanish)

Leovan – “young lion” (Russian)

Leolux – “luxurious lion” (Dutch)

Leophil – “lover of lions” (Filipino)

Leolion – “lion lion” (Afrikaans)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “LEO”

Leocyan – “blue lion” (English)

Leoterra – “earth lion” (English)

Leomist – “mysterious lion” (English)

Leofin – “friendly lion” (English)

Leorose – “rose lion” (English)

Leolyn – “lion lake” (English)

Leostar – “star lion” (English)

Leodale – “valley of the lion” (English)

Leospire – “inspiring lion” (English)

Leocrest – “crest of the lion” (English)

Leotide – “lion’s tide” (English)

Leomistral – “lion breeze” (English)

Leodawn – “lion at dawn” (English)

Leogrove – “grove of the lion” (English)

Leocove – “cove of the lion” (English)

Leodust – “dusty lion” (English)

Leophoenix – “rising lion” (English)

Leotemis – “lion justice” (English)

Leotranquil – “tranquil lion” (English)

Leosphinx – “mysterious lion” (English)

Leovale – “valiant lion” (English)

Leogem – “gem of the lion” (English)

Leoracle – “lion oracle” (English)

Leosoul – “soulful lion” (English)

Leocyanus – “blue lion” (Latinized English)

Leospark – “sparkling lion” (English)

Leocinder – “lion cinder” (English)

Leorise – “rise of the lion” (English)

Leoskylar – “sky lion” (English)

Leovalea – “lion meadow” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “LEO”

Leobenjamin – “son of the right hand” (Hebrew)

Leosimeon – “hearing and obeying” (Hebrew)

Leobardus – “brave as a lion for God” (Latin)

Leothaniel – “gift of God” (Hebrew)

Leobadiel – “servant of God” (Hebrew)

Leozachary – “remembered by God” (Hebrew)

Leonorael – “light of God” (Hebrew)

Leothaddeus – “courageous heart of God” (Hebrew)

Leovaniel – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Leoseph – “God will add” (Hebrew)

Leominas – “faithful servant of God” (Latin)

Leocyril – “Lordly” (Greek)

Leomicah – “who is like God?” (Hebrew)

Leogabriel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Leoraphael – “God has healed” (Hebrew)

Leosamuel – “heard by God” (Hebrew)

Leonathanael – “gift of God” (Hebrew)

Leolias – “consecrated to God” (Greek)

Leovaristo – “the best gift of God” (Spanish)

Leothaddeus – “courageous heart of God” (Hebrew)

Leofaithus – “faithful to God” (Latin)

Leodion – “son of God” (Greek)

Leothanuel – “God’s gift” (Hebrew)

Leoseth – “appointed by God” (Hebrew)

Leolias – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Leouziel – “my God is Yahweh” (Hebrew)

Leobaptiste – “baptized by God” (French)

Leocasimir – “proclaiming peace by God” (Slavic)

Leosolomon – “peaceful son of God” (Hebrew)

Leochristos – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “LEO”

Leo Tolstoy

Russian author known for epic novels like “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina.” His works explore morality, spirituality, and the human condition.

Leonardo da Vinci

Italian polymath of the Renaissance, excelling in art, science, anatomy, and engineering. He is renowned for masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

LeBron James

American professional basketball player widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time. Known for his athleticism, versatility, and philanthropy off the court.

Leo Messi (Lionel Messi)

Argentine footballer considered one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. Known for his incredible skill, agility, and goal-scoring prowess.

Leo Strauss

German-American political philosopher known for his influential writings on political philosophy, emphasizing the importance of classical political thought.

Leo Varadkar

Irish politician who served as the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, known for his leadership during critical times, including the Brexit negotiations.

Leo Fender

American inventor and founder of Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company. Revolutionized the music industry with iconic guitars like the Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Leo Baekeland

Belgian-American chemist who invented Bakelite, the first synthetic plastic. His contribution revolutionized industries and everyday products.

Leo Szilard

Hungarian-American physicist and key figure in the development of nuclear weapons. Instrumental in drafting the Einstein-Szilard letter, urging the U.S. to develop the atomic bomb.

Leo XIII (Pope Leo XIII)

Italian Pope who served from 1878 to 1903. Known for his efforts to reconcile the Catholic Church with modernity and his social encyclical “Rerum Novarum.”

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