220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “LAU”

Trying to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy can be both exciting and overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a boy’s name that stands out from the crowd, why not consider one that starts with “Lau”?

These names have a certain charm and uniqueness that will set your son apart from his peers. Whether you prefer traditional or modern names, there are plenty of options to choose from in this category.

From classic choices like “Laurence” and “Laurie” to more modern options like “Landon” and “Laiken,” the possibilities are endless.

Not only do these names have a stylish ring to them, but they also have significant meanings behind them.

So, if you’re ready to explore the world of boy names that start with “Lau,” read on for some inspiration and find the perfect name for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “LAU”

Laurence – “from Laurentum” (English)

Landon – “long hill” (English)

Lawson – “son of Lawrence” (English)

Laird – “lord” (English)

Lauro – “laurel tree” (Spanish)

Laurent – “bright” (French)

Lautaro – “swift hawk” (Spanish)

Laurens – “crowned with laurel” (Dutch)

Laval – “from the valley” (French)

Launce – “ready for battle” (English)

Laureano – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Laurore – “laurel” (French)

Lazarus – “God has helped” (Greek)

Lachlan – “from the land of lakes” (Scottish)

Laurelio – “laurel tree” (Spanish)

Laurant – “bright” (French)

Lavrenti – “from Laurentum” (Russian)

Lauriano – “crowned with laurel” (Italian)

Laurente – “victorious” (Spanish)

Lawford – “ford by a hill” (English)

Lawren – “from Laurentum” (English)

Laudelino – “praiseworthy” (Spanish)

Lauroino – “from the laurel tree” (Italian)

Laochailan – “little hero” (Scottish)

Lazzaro – “God has helped” (Italian)

Lander – “lion-like man” (Basque)

Laurentiu – “bright” (Romanian)

Lazzarin – “God has helped” (Italian)

Laust – “summer” (Danish)

Laertes – “to wander” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "LAU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “LAU”

Lauden – “loud, noisy” (English)

Laudovico – “renowned warrior” (Italian)

Laurito – “little laurel” (Spanish)

Lautrec – “from the fortress” (French)

Laudis – “praise” (Latin)

Laureano – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Laus – “praise” (Greek)

Laulino – “songbird” (Spanish)

Laureles – “laurels” (Spanish)

Lauvern – “from the alder grove” (English)

Lausen – “from the laurel tree” (English)

Laurián – “bay laurel” (Spanish)

Lauriño – “from the laurel tree” (Spanish)

Lausio – “praise” (Spanish)

Lauroico – “victorious with laurel” (Spanish)

Lauron – “crowned with laurel” (English)

Lause – “praise” (Greek)

Launio – “praise” (Spanish)

Lautín – “little lion” (Spanish)

Laudel – “praiseworthy” (English)

Lautaro – “swift hawk” (Spanish)

Lauriel – “laurel” (English)

Laurindo – “laurel tree” (Spanish)

Lauriell – “crowned with laurel” (English)

Lauven – “from the alder grove” (English)

Lauricio – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Launceston – “town of the laurel bushes” (English)

Lauvai – “lion” (Greek)

Lauredan – “crowned with laurel” (English)

Laurianthi – “bay laurel flower” (Greek)

Unique “LAU” Names for Boys

Laudenzo – “courageous lion” (Spanish)

Lausten – “from the beloved’s town” (English)

Laurik – “laurel crown” (English)

Laurov – “brave guardian” (Spanish)

Lausio – “singer of praises” (Greek)

Laureolo – “little laurel” (Spanish)

Lautaro – “lion warrior” (Spanish)

Laurion – “son of the laurel tree” (English)

Lauricio – “laurel wreath” (Spanish)

Laudus – “praise-worthy” (Latin)

Lauson – “son of praise” (English)

Laudon – “brave one” (English)

Lauredo – “laurel tree” (Spanish)

Laureliano – “laurel wreath” (Spanish)

Laukos – “white wolf” (Greek)

Laurovico – “victorious laurel” (Spanish)

Lauraldo – “bold laurel” (Spanish)

Lauso – “praised one” (Spanish)

Lausenio – “son of praise” (Spanish)

Laustino – “little laurel” (Spanish)

Lauricio – “bringer of victory” (Spanish)

Laukis – “brave warrior” (Greek)

Launso – “son of the lion” (Spanish)

Lauricello – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Laurovan – “from the laurel grove” (English)

Lausel – “shining praise” (English)

Laustein – “stone of strength” (English)

Lauroth – “brave heart” (Spanish)

Lauzar – “shining star” (Greek)

Laurique – “warrior of the laurel” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “LAU”

Launcelet – “from Laurentum” (English)

Lauson – “son of praise” (English)

Laudelino – “praiseworthy” (Spanish)

Lauro – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Laurencio – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Lauxes – “white stone” (Greek)

Lauher – “victorious army” (English)

Laurovico – “victorious laurel” (Spanish)

Laurus – “victory” (Greek)

Launfal – “full of glory” (English)

Laurindo – “laurel tree” (Spanish)

Lausanne – “from Lausanne, Switzerland” (French)

Lausten – “from the beloved’s town” (English)

Laudo – “to praise” (Spanish)

Laurensio – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Lauriano – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Lautaro – “swift hawk” (Spanish)

Laurod – “victory of the people” (Greek)

Lavel – “from the lava” (English)

Laurovic – “victorious with laurel” (Spanish)

Laudan – “praiseworthy” (English)

Laurovio – “victorious laurel” (Spanish)

Lauston – “from the beloved’s town” (English)

Launor – “honor of the lion” (English)

Lauris – “from Laurentum” (English)

Lauso – “praised one” (Spanish)

Lauredan – “crowned with laurel” (English)

Launzo – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Laudalio – “praiseworthy” (Spanish)

Lauricio – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “LAU”

Lauroz – “victory” (Turkish)

Laulik – “beloved” (Estonian)

Laurovich – “victorious” (Russian)

Lauvain – “shining one” (French)

Lausent – “from the laurel tree” (French)

Lauko – “light” (Latvian)

Launis – “lion-like” (Finnish)

Laustas – “beloved” (Lithuanian)

Laupas – “from the grassy plain” (Latvian)

Launov – “graceful” (Russian)

Laume – “fairy” (Latvian)

Laustas – “blossoming” (Lithuanian)

Laukis – “hawk” (Latvian)

Laurov – “brave” (Russian)

Laurovich – “victorious” (Russian)

Lauw – “lion” (Dutch)

Lauvico – “light” (Italian)

Lauson – “praise” (French)

Launo – “warrior” (Finnish)

Laukis – “fighter” (Latvian)

Laucian – “shining” (Romanian)

Laurov – “brave” (Russian)

Laumos – “moonlight” (Lithuanian)

Lauvėnas – “lion-like” (Lithuanian)

Laupelis – “little wolf” (Lithuanian)

Lauros – “strong” (Greek)

Laustus – “radiant” (Latin)

Laulius – “singer” (Latin)

Laugar – “waves” (Icelandic)

Laustis – “to blossom” (Lithuanian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “LAU”

Laurin – “crowned with laurel” (English)

Launi – “from Laurentum” (English)

Lausa – “praised one” (Spanish)

Lauroi – “victorious” (Greek)

Launel – “from the lion’s den” (English)

Lauven – “to be loved” (Spanish)

Laude – “praise” (English)

Laures – “crowned with laurel” (English)

Laurito – “little laurel” (Spanish)

Lauvi – “brave one” (Greek)

Lausel – “shining praise” (English)

Lauroz – “victory” (Spanish)

Lauvin – “beloved” (English)

Laust – “to blossom” (English)

Launey – “from the lion’s den” (English)

Lausin – “praise” (English)

Laurita – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Laudia – “praise” (Greek)

Lauson – “son of praise” (English)

Laureda – “crowned with laurel” (Spanish)

Lausie – “praise” (English)

Laurisa – “laurel tree” (Spanish)

Lauvinia – “beloved” (English)

Lausent – “from the laurel tree” (Spanish)

Laustan – “beloved stone” (English)

Lausis – “praise” (Greek)

Lauric – “crowned with laurel” (English)

Lausion – “praise” (English)

Lauvion – “brave one” (Greek)

Lauvella – “beloved” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “LAU”

Laulius – “follower of God” (Latin)

Laudatus – “praised” (Latin)

Laus – “praise” (Latin)

Laudel – “praiseworthy” (English)

Lauzaro – “God has helped” (Spanish)

Lauso – “praised one” (Spanish)

Lausent – “praise” (Spanish)

Laucio – “to praise” (Spanish)

Laucel – “praised by God” (English)

Laudos – “praise” (Spanish)

Lauvain – “blessed” (French)

Laudivio – “praising God” (Spanish)

Laustio – “to praise” (Spanish)

Lauricio – “crowned with laurel by God” (Spanish)

Lausio – “to praise” (Spanish)

Laustan – “praise” (English)

Lauso – “praised one” (Spanish)

Laudelino – “praiseworthy” (Spanish)

Laudino – “praised” (Spanish)

Lauzo – “praised one” (Spanish)

Laustín – “praise” (Spanish)

Laugos – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Laudios – “praise” (Greek)

Laucius – “follower of God” (Latin)

Lausandro – “God’s glory” (Spanish)

Laumon – “blessed” (French)

Lauroz – “God’s victory” (Spanish)

Laudus – “praise” (Latin)

Laumon – “blessed” (French)

Lausel – “praise” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “LAU”

Laurence Olivier

Renowned British actor considered one of the greatest of the 20th century.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Iconic German composer whose works revolutionized classical music.

Laurence Fishburne

Accomplished American actor known for roles in “The Matrix” and “Boyz n the Hood.”

Luis Buñuel

Influential Spanish filmmaker associated with surrealism and known for “Un Chien Andalou.”

Lauren Bacall

Legendary American actress known for her sultry voice and roles in classic films like “To Have and Have Not.”

Lauro Cavazos

Former U.S. Secretary of Education and the first Hispanic to serve in the United States Cabinet.

Lautaro Martínez

Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Inter Milan and the Argentine national team.

Lautaro Acosta

Argentine professional footballer known for his versatility and tenacity on the field.

Laurence Tureaud

Better known as Mr. T, an American actor and professional wrestler famous for his role as B.A. Baracus in “The A-Team.”

Lau Kar-leung

Influential Hong Kong filmmaker and martial artist known for his contributions to the kung fu genre.

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