Boy Names That Start with “KIM”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a special journey, and finding one that is both distinctive and meaningful can make the experience even more rewarding.

If you’re searching for a name that stands out and begins with “Kim,” you’re in for a treat.

While “Kim” might not be a typical starting point for boy names, it offers a unique and appealing selection that will make your son’s name truly memorable.

From traditional names like Kimball, which means “war leader,” to more modern and unique options like Kimani, meaning “adventurous traveler,” there are numerous possibilities to consider.

In this article, we will explore some of the best boy names that start with “Kim” and their meanings.

Whether you prefer classic names or something more distinctive, there’s a “Kim” name out there that is perfect for your little one.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s uncover the charm of boy names that start with “Kim.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “KIM”

Kimball – “War leader” (English)

Kimber – “From the royal fortress” (Old English)

Kiman – “Powerful ruler” (Korean)

Kimani – “Son of a great warrior” (Kikuyu)

Kimble – “Warrior chief” (Old English)

Kimbo – “Brave and noble” (African)

Kimee – “Fortress” (Old English)

Kimoni – “Great warrior” (African)

Kimbrell – “Warrior leader” (Old English)

Kimbron – “Warrior of the fortress” (Old English)

Kimlor – “Chief of the fortress” (Old English)

Kimdon – “Warrior hill” (Old English)

Kimdall – “Leader of the valley” (Old English)

Kimfel – “Fortress field” (Old English)

Kimway – “Path of the fortress” (Old English)

Kimeon – “Son of Simon” (Hebrew)

Kimar – “Strong and mighty” (African)

Kimel – “Courageous warrior” (Old English)

Kimreed – “Warrior reed” (Old English)

Kimster – “Warrior star” (Old English)

Kimto – “Brave leader” (African)

Kimtar – “Warrior of the fortress” (Old English)

Kimrack – “Fortress rock” (Old English)

Kimray – “Warrior ray” (Old English)

Kimtel – “Leader of the fortress” (Old English)

Kimjack – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Kimron – “Joyful song” (Hebrew)

Kimdric – “Powerful ruler” (Old English)

Kimick – “Brave warrior” (Old English)

Kimlan – “Orchid” (Vietnamese)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “KIM”

Kimson – “Son of Kim” (Modern English)

Kimarion – “Creative and bold” (Modern English)

Kimeron – “Modern hero” (Modern English)

Kimdrian – “Valiant leader” (Modern English)

Kimian – “Innovative and strong” (Modern English)

Kimsten – “Modern fortress” (Modern English)

Kimrax – “Dynamic leader” (Modern English)

Kimlan – “Orchid” (Vietnamese)

Kimvian – “Resilient leader” (Modern English)

Kimtavius – “Modern hero” (Modern English)

Kimario – “Modern warrior” (Modern English)

Kimsen – “Brave son” (Modern English)

Kimtran – “Innovative” (Modern English)

Kimdex – “Dynamic and strong” (Modern English)

Kimven – “Modern leader” (Modern English)

Kimaro – “Modern and bold” (Modern English)

Kimsonic – “Fast and bold” (Modern English)

Kimmax – “The greatest” (Modern English)

Kimneo – “New and modern” (Modern English)

Kimnova – “New star” (Modern English)

Kimzent – “Modern leader” (Modern English)

Kimten – “Stronghold” (Modern English)

Kimjaro – “Bold and creative” (Modern English)

Kimtrex – “Modern fortress” (Modern English)

Kimsenic – “Innovative son” (Modern English)

Kimvario – “Bold leader” (Modern English)

Kimzar – “Modern star” (Modern English)

Kimvenic – “Creative and bold” (Modern English)

Kimzarion – “Modern hero” (Modern English)

Kimdarion – “Valiant leader” (Modern English)

Unique “KIM” Names for Boys

Kimry – “Fortress of the king” (Unique)

Kimdron – “Warrior drone” (Unique)

Kimariel – “Unique star” (Unique)

Kimbrae – “Fortress strength” (Unique)

Kimrick – “King’s fortress” (Unique)

Kimzian – “Fortress life” (Unique)

Kimaxon – “Warrior leader” (Unique)

Kimloris – “Protector” (Unique)

Kimtaris – “Star fortress” (Unique)

Kimboris – “Strong fortress” (Unique)

Kimtrix – “Warrior matrix” (Unique)

Kimvian – “Resilient fortress” (Unique)

Kimrion – “Fortress of joy” (Unique)

Kimzar – “Warrior star” (Unique)

Kimlanis – “Orchid fortress” (Unique)

Kimdaris – “Protector fortress” (Unique)

Kimjax – “God’s fortress” (Unique)

Kimorion – “Joyful warrior” (Unique)

Kimcal – “Creative fortress” (Unique)

Kimlux – “Bright fortress” (Unique)

Kimzen – “Peaceful fortress” (Unique)

Kimthor – “Thunder fortress” (Unique)

Kimtris – “Stronghold” (Unique)

Kimlorix – “Leader fortress” (Unique)

Kimvalor – “Valiant fortress” (Unique)

Kimzor – “Mighty fortress” (Unique)

Kimdric – “Powerful fortress” (Unique)

Kimrickson – “Son of the king’s fortress” (Unique)

Kimaxen – “Warrior fortress” (Unique)

Kimarious – “Fortress star” (Unique)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “KIM”

Kimball – “War leader” (Old English)

Kimbal – “Brave” (Old English)

Kimber – “From the royal fortress meadow” (Old English)

Kimberly – “From the wood of the royal fortress” (Old English)

Kimbalton – “From the valley town” (Old English)

Kimbell – “Warrior chief” (Old English)

Kimbrough – “Bold family” (Old English)

Kimberton – “From the fortified settlement” (Old English)

Kimbron – “From the royal fortress” (Old English)

Kimley – “From the meadow” (Old English)

Kimpton – “From the royal fortress town” (Old English)

Kimmy – “Noble birth” (Old English)

Kimlen – “Warrior” (Old English)

Kimming – “Brave one” (Old English)

Kimren – “Royal warrior” (Old English)

Kimsley – “From the royal meadow” (Old English)

Kimdon – “From the king’s hill” (Old English)

Kimdall – “Valley of the king” (Old English)

Kimrith – “Brave ruler” (Old English)

Kimsen – “Son of Kim” (Scandinavian)

Kimroth – “Brave ruler” (Old English)

Kimo – “James” (Hawaiian, variant of James)

Kimel – “Noble” (Old English)

Kimmon – “From the royal hill” (Old English)

Kimrall – “Royal enclosure” (Old English)

Kimoth – “Royal leader” (Old English)

Kimrey – “From the king’s meadow” (Old English)

Kimwin – “Friend of the royal family” (Old English)

Kimwell – “From the king’s spring” (Old English)

Kimsom – “Brave heart” (Old English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “KIM”

Kimani – “Adventurous traveler” (African)

Kimathi – “Earns what he works for” (African)

Kimoni – “Great man” (African)

Kimura – “Tree village” (Japanese)

Kimoni – “Great man” (Swahili)

Kimo – “James” (Hawaiian)

Kimya – “Silent, quiet” (African)

Kimoni – “Ruler” (African)

Kimachi – “God’s gift” (Igbo)

Kimiyoshi – “Pure, good” (Japanese)

Kimnara – “Celestial musician” (Buddhist mythology)

Kimiyasu – “Great peace” (Japanese)

Kimito – “Righteous person” (Japanese)

Kimshuk – “Flame tree” (Indian, Sanskrit)

Kimbe – “Warrior” (African)

Kimoni – “Strong” (Kikuyu)

Kimondo – “Meteorite” (Swahili)

Kimten – “Bright and shining” (Tibetan)

Kimathi – “One who rules” (Kikuyu)

Kimihiro – “Wide sea” (Japanese)

Kimaru – “Sword” (African)

Kimaya – “Divine” (Sanskrit)

Kimangali – “Attractive” (Swahili)

Kimikazu – “Noble and harmonious” (Japanese)

Kimlang – “Golden dragon” (Cambodian)

Kimino – “Of the Kim” (Japanese)

Kiminosuke – “Assistant to the ruler” (Japanese)

Kimihiro – “Generous” (Japanese)

Kimoni – “Blessed” (African)

Kimiyasu – “Peaceful” (Japanese)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “KIM”

Kim – “Chief, ruler” (English)

Kimball – “Warrior chief” (English)

Kimble – “Warrior chief” (Old English)

Kimbell – “Bold, brave” (English)

Kimbra – “From the royal meadow” (Welsh)

Kimber – “Ruler” (Old English)

Kimby – “Ruler, leader” (English)

Kimm – “Chief, ruler” (English)

Kimmi – “Ruler, leader” (English)

Kimmie – “Chief, ruler” (English)

Kimoni – “Great warrior” (African)

Kimya – “Silent, quiet” (Swahili)

Kimari – “Rejoice” (African)

Kimaya – “Divine” (Sanskrit)

Kimiko – “Empress child” (Japanese)

Kimberlin – “Land of the royal fortress” (Old English)

Kimel – “Gift of God” (African)

Kimora – “From the golden meadow” (English)

Kimura – “Tree village” (Japanese)

Kimoni – “Strong-willed warrior” (African)

Kimaria – “Peaceful” (English)

Kimary – “Royal meadow” (Old English)

Kimoni – “Noble, brave” (African)

Kimika – “Righteous child” (Japanese)

Kimari – “Bright star” (Swahili)

Kimisha – “Joyful” (African)

Kimara – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “KIM”

Kimana – “Butterfly” (Native American – Hopi)

Kimathi – “Fighter, brave warrior” (African)

Kimbel – “Warrior” (Celtic)

Kimbell – “Bold, brave” (Old English)

Kimber – “Ruler” (Old English)

Kimberley – “From the royal fortress meadow” (Old English)

Kimberlin – “Land belonging to Cyneburg” (Old English)

Kimball – “Leader of the warriors” (Welsh)

Kimoni – “Great warrior” (African)

Kimel – “Gift of God” (African)

Kimara – “Peaceful ruler” (Swahili)

Kimani – “Beautiful” (African)

Kimbo – “Brave” (African)

Kimorio – “Leader, chief” (African)

Kimuyu – “Faithful” (African)

Kimball – “Brave in war” (English)

Kimbron – “Noble warrior” (African)

Kimbra – “Ruler of the fortress” (Old English)

Kimber – “Leader” (English)

Kimbray – “Noble leader” (African)

Kimble – “Warrior chief” (English)

Kimin – “Strong-willed” (African)

Kimario – “Brave leader” (Swahili)

Kimla – “Peaceful warrior” (African)

Kimray – “Ruler” (Old English)

Kimo – “Warrior” (Hawaiian)

Kimoni – “Noble, brave” (African)

Kimaki – “Brave warrior” (African)

Kimani – “Man of faith” (African)

Kimbrough – “Fortress in the woods” (Old English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “KIM”

Kim Jong-un

North Korean politician and the supreme leader of North Korea since 2011. He is known for his authoritative rule and the ongoing development of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Kim Il-sung

The founding leader of North Korea, who ruled from the establishment of the country in 1948 until his death in 1994.

He is known for establishing a strict autocratic regime and a personality cult around his leadership.

Kim Jong-il

The former supreme leader of North Korea from 1994 to 2011, known for continuing the policies of his father, Kim Il-sung, and for leading the country through periods of severe economic hardship and international isolation.

Kim Philby

A British intelligence officer and a high-ranking member of British intelligence who was also a spy for the Soviet Union, making him one of the most infamous double agents of the Cold War.

Kim Nam-joon (RM)

A South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer, best known as the leader of the globally popular boy band BTS (Bangtan Boys).

Kim Tae-hyung (V)

Another member of BTS, he is a South Korean singer and actor known for his deep voice and charismatic stage presence.

Kim Ki-duk

A South Korean filmmaker known for his arthouse films, which often depict unconventional characters and controversial themes.

Kim Young-sam

The President of South Korea from 1993 to 1998, known for his efforts in transitioning the country towards democracy and tackling government corruption.

Kim Seok-jin (Jin)

A member of BTS, he is known for his vocal abilities and his contributions to the group’s global success.

Kim Woo-bin

A South Korean actor and model known for his roles in popular TV dramas and films such as “The Heirs” and “Uncontrollably Fond.”

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