220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “KAIS”

Looking for a unique and distinct name for your baby boy? Consider exploring the world of names that start with “Kais.”

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or more modern names, the list of “Kais” names offers a variety of options for parents seeking a one-of-a-kind moniker for their little one.

With origins ranging from Arabic to Germanic, the “Kais” names have rich cultural backgrounds that can add depth and meaning to your son’s identity.

From Kaisen to Kaisar, the “Kais” names provide a range of sounds and syllables that can complement different last names and create a strong, memorable combination.

In addition to their unique qualities, these names also have a modern and trendy appeal that can help your son stand out in a crowd.

So if you’re on the hunt for a name that is both distinctive and stylish, consider adding a “Kais” name to your list of possibilities.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “KAIS”

Kaisen – “Leader in battle” (English)

Kaiser – “Emperor” (Spanish)

Kaison – “Rebel” (English)

Kaisan – “Bringer of joy” (Greek)

Kaiso – “Order, arrangement” (Greek)

Kaish – “Greatest” (English)

Kaisei – “Revival” (Spanish)

Kaisan – “Mountain of joy” (English)

Kaisuke – “Great helper” (Spanish)

Kaisen – “Sea battle” (English)

Kaisar – “King, ruler” (Spanish)

Kaisen – “Pure” (Spanish)

Kaisen – “Victory” (Greek)

Kaisuke – “Great assistance” (Spanish)

Kaisan – “Peaceful mountain” (Greek)

Kaisley – “Brave” (English)

Kaisar – “Bringer of peace” (Spanish)

Kaisuke – “Protector” (Spanish)

Kaisan – “Visionary” (Spanish)

Kaison – “Son of the sea” (English)

Kaisar – “Commander” (Spanish)

Kaizen – “Continuous improvement” (Spanish)

Kaisar – “Conqueror” (Greek)

Kaisan – “Mountain of strength” (Greek)

Kaisuke – “Great warrior” (Spanish)

Kaisar – “Nobleman” (Spanish)

Kaisen – “Pure soul” (Greek)

Kaisar – “Guardian of the realm” (Greek)

Kaisuke – “Great leader” (Spanish)

Kaisan – “Wise mountain” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "KAIS"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “KAIS”

Kaison – “Son of Kai” (English)

Kaistin – “Follower of Christ” (English)

Kaisan – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Kaise – “Joyful” (English)

Kaishton – “From the town of Kais” (English)

Kaisandro – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Kaisley – “Meadow of victory” (English)

Kaisan – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Kaisilas – “Glory of the Earth” (Greek)

Kaislan – “From the royal meadow” (English)

Kaisir – “Commander” (Spanish)

Kaisius – “Son of Kai” (English)

Kaisaris – “Imperial ruler” (Spanish)

Kaisenos – “Born of joy” (Greek)

Kaistian – “Follower of Christ” (English)

Kaissar – “Royal leader” (Spanish)

Kaisius – “Guardian of the keys” (English)

Kaisian – “Bringer of light” (English)

Kaisto – “Favored by the gods” (Greek)

Kaislan – “Adventurous” (English)

Kaisidoros – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Kaisar – “Emperor” (Spanish)

Kaisler – “Prosperous ruler” (English)

Kaisios – “Honorable” (Greek)

Kaisantos – “Holy” (Spanish)

Kaissandro – “Defender of mankind” (Greek)

Kaisley – “Brave warrior” (English)

Kaisidore – “Gift of splendor” (Greek)

Kaisin – “Young warrior” (English)

Kaisaios – “Shining” (Greek)

Unique “KAIS” Names for Boys

Kaisaro – “Bold leader” (Spanish)

Kaispen – “Visionary thinker” (English)

Kaisander – “Protector of mankind” (Greek)

Kaiswell – “Healthy and strong” (English)

Kaisandro – “Bringer of light” (Greek)

Kaishua – “Guardian of the sea” (English)

Kaisilos – “Lion-hearted” (Greek)

Kaismar – “Famous and beloved” (English)

Kaisyr – “Warrior of the sun” (Spanish)

Kaisol – “Peaceful companion” (English)

Kaisaros – “Royal protector” (Greek)

Kaistos – “Resolute and steadfast” (English)

Kaiselio – “Divinely inspired” (Greek)

Kaister – “Master of destiny” (English)

Kaisphilo – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Kaisanos – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Kaisio – “Bright and shining” (Greek)

Kaistiano – “Follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Kaislaus – “Noble and esteemed” (English)

Kaishon – “Graceful and noble” (English)

Kaisidian – “Starlight” (Greek)

Kaisoren – “Champion of peace” (English)

Kaisaris – “Imperial ruler” (Spanish)

Kaistris – “Victor in battle” (Greek)

Kaisio – “Heavenly gift” (Spanish)

Kaiselon – “Messenger of hope” (English)

Kaisagoras – “Brave warrior” (Greek)

Kaisleon – “Lion-hearted leader” (English)

Kaisarius – “Kingly guardian” (Spanish)

Kaispoulos – “City dweller” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “KAIS”

Kaistos – “Strong and steadfast” (Greek)

Kaisenton – “From the town of Kais” (English)

Kaisophon – “Voice of triumph” (Greek)

Kaisarius – “Majestic ruler” (Spanish)

Kaisellis – “Noble and honorable” (English)

Kaisarios – “Bearer of peace” (Greek)

Kaistephano – “Crowned with victory” (Spanish)

Kaisander – “Defender of the people” (Greek)

Kaisibert – “Bright and illustrious” (English)

Kaisomir – “Peaceful ruler” (Spanish)

Kaisidore – “Gift of splendor” (Greek)

Kaiselios – “Compassionate” (English)

Kaisyrus – “Warrior king” (Spanish)

Kaisophilos – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Kaistiano – “Christian” (Spanish)

Kaiswell – “Healthy and prosperous” (English)

Kaisandros – “Man of strength” (Greek)

Kaismarino – “Of the sea” (Spanish)

Kaisileo – “Bringer of light” (Greek)

Kaisrendo – “Eternal ruler” (English)

Kaisilon – “Messenger of peace” (Greek)

Kaisudo – “Guided by wisdom” (Spanish)

Kaisanatos – “Immortal soul” (Greek)

Kaismundo – “Worldly” (Spanish)

Kaisteo – “Divinely inspired” (Greek)

Kaisurio – “Royal guardian” (Spanish)

Kaisidion – “Honorable leader” (Greek)

Kaisarius – “Emperor-like” (Spanish)

Kaisteles – “Strong and enduring” (Greek)

Kaisvaro – “Protector of the home” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “KAIS”

Kaisuke – “Life and brightness” (Japanese)

Kaisarn – “Warrior king” (Turkish)

Kaisan – “Long-awaited child” (Arabic)

Kaishiro – “Ambitious” (Japanese)

Kaisang – “Fragrant mountain” (Chinese)

Kaisor – “Brave lion” (Swedish)

Kaiso – “Treasured son” (Japanese)

Kaisir – “Noble prince” (Arabic)

Kaiso – “Sea warrior” (Japanese)

Kaisuru – “Strength and determination” (Japanese)

Kaisan – “Clear and bright” (Chinese)

Kaisuke – “Assistance and support” (Japanese)

Kaisen – “Peaceful wave” (Japanese)

Kaiso – “Strong and resolute” (Japanese)

Kaisar – “Emperor-like ruler” (Arabic)

Kaisuro – “Brave knight” (Japanese)

Kaisoku – “Speed and agility” (Japanese)

Kaisu – “Born from the sea” (Finnish)

Kaisai – “Rejoicing” (Japanese)

Kaiso – “Little and mighty” (Japanese)

Kaishen – “Divine messenger” (Chinese)

Kaisato – “Wisdom and knowledge” (Japanese)

Kaisun – “Courageous warrior” (Chinese)

Kaisato – “Gift from above” (Japanese)

Kaiso – “Bright star” (Japanese)

Kaisuro – “Eternal ruler” (Japanese)

Kaisiru – “Noble and respected” (Japanese)

Kaisan – “Mountain of strength” (Japanese)

Kaisun – “Bringer of joy” (Chinese)

Kaisen – “Wisdom and intellect” (Japanese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “KAIS”

Kaislin – “Pure beauty” (English)

Kaisaro – “Brave leader” (Spanish)

Kaislen – “Bright and shining” (English)

Kaisar – “Royal” (Spanish)

Kaison – “Peaceful” (English)

Kaisandra – “Defender of mankind” (Greek)

Kaisel – “Noble and esteemed” (English)

Kaisaro – “Beloved ruler” (Spanish)

Kaisan – “Joyful” (English)

Kaisiris – “Messenger of peace” (Greek)

Kaisal – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Kaisander – “Protector of the people” (Greek)

Kaisley – “Brave warrior” (English)

Kaisara – “Empress-like” (Spanish)

Kaisel – “Divine” (Greek)

Kaisin – “Young warrior” (English)

Kaisano – “Friendly” (Spanish)

Kaisidora – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Kaisir – “Honorable” (Spanish)

Kaislen – “Adventurous” (English)

Kaisarios – “Royal protector” (Greek)

Kaisol – “Sunshine” (Spanish)

Kaisander – “Courageous defender” (Greek)

Kaislin – “Gentle and pure” (English)

Kaisaro – “Strong and mighty” (Spanish)

Kaisiris – “Bearer of peace” (Greek)

Kaison – “Compassionate” (English)

Kaisara – “Royal” (Spanish)

Kaisel – “Of noble birth” (Greek)

Kaisan – “Harmony” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “KAIS”

Kaisaphil – “Lover of God” (English)

Kaisadriel – “God’s servant” (Spanish)

Kaisaios – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Kaisenzo – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Kaistos – “Chosen by God” (Greek)

Kaiselias – “God’s salvation” (Spanish)

Kaisathon – “Praise to God” (Greek)

Kaisandro – “God’s defender” (Spanish)

Kaisrael – “Prince of God” (English)

Kaisophos – “Wisdom from God” (Greek)

Kaisagape – “God’s love” (Spanish)

Kaisathan – “Gift from God” (Greek)

Kaistianos – “Follower of Christ” (Greek)

Kaismanuel – “God with us” (Spanish)

Kaisathanasios – “Eternal life from God” (Greek)

Kaisabriel – “Strength of God” (English)

Kaisafael – “Healing from God” (Spanish)

Kaisathaniel – “God’s gift” (English)

Kaisagoras – “Warrior of God” (Greek)

Kaisathanas – “God’s gift of resurrection” (Greek)

Kaisjose – “God will add” (Spanish)

Kaiselijah – “God is my God” (English)

Kaisamuel – “Heard by God” (Spanish)

Kaisarian – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Kaisariel – “God’s lion” (English)

Kaisazekiel – “God strengthens” (Spanish)

Kaisathanasius – “God’s salvation” (Greek)

Kaisaphael – “God has healed” (Spanish)

Kaisadonai – “My Lord is God” (Greek)

Kaisandro – “Gift of God’s protection” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “KAIS”

Kais Saied

Tunisian President who won the 2019 elections with a landslide victory, known for his anti-corruption stance and constitutional reforms.

Kais Al-Hilali

Saudi Arabian footballer, renowned for his prolific goal-scoring abilities and leadership on the field.

Kais Nashef

Palestinian actor acclaimed for his performance in the award-winning film “Paradise Now,” which explores the complexities of Palestinian life under occupation.

Kais Moraes

Brazilian musician and composer, recognized for his innovative fusion of traditional Brazilian rhythms with contemporary jazz influences.

Kais Akaïchi

Algerian footballer famous for his agility and skill as a midfielder, who has represented Algeria in international competitions.

Kais Haddad

Lebanese entrepreneur and philanthropist, known for his contributions to technology startups and initiatives supporting youth education.

Kais Ben Ali

Moroccan novelist and poet, celebrated for his lyrical prose and insightful reflections on Moroccan society and culture.

Kais Dukes

American visual artist known for his vibrant and thought-provoking paintings that explore themes of identity and social justice.

Kais Khadhraoui

Tunisian activist and human rights defender, recognized for his advocacy work promoting civil liberties and political reforms.

Kais Khrouf

Tunisian chef and restaurateur, acclaimed for his innovative culinary creations that blend traditional Tunisian flavors with international influences.

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