220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “ICE”

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby boy, parents often search for something unique and distinct. If you’re looking for a name that starts with “ICE,” you’re in luck!

There are several boy names that fit the bill, each with its own special meaning and significance.

These names can be a great choice for parents who want to give their son a name that stands out from the crowd.

From traditional to modern, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to “ICE” names for boys.

Whether you’re drawn to a name with a strong, powerful meaning, or you simply love the way it sounds, there’s a perfect “ICE” name out there waiting for your little one.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most unique and captivating boy names that start with “ICE,” and delve into the origins and meanings behind each one.

So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of “ICE” names for boys.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ICE”

Iceman – “Man of ice” (English)

Icerus – “Son of Daedalus” (Greek)

Iceford – “River of ice” (English)

Iceton – “Town of ice” (English)

Icelyn – “Ice waterfall” (English)

Icerius – “Diligent” (Greek)

Icewin – “Friend of ice” (English)

Icedor – “Gift of ice” (English)

Icelius – “Son of the ice” (Latin)

Iceston – “Stone of ice” (English)

Icerion – “Like Icarus” (Greek)

Icetor – “Guardian of ice” (English)

Iceson – “Son of ice” (English)

Icelan – “Land of ice” (English)

Iceas – “Frosty” (Greek)

Iceben – “Blessed by ice” (English)

Icenor – “North wind” (English)

Iceano – “Ice god” (Spanish)

Iceon – “Graceful ice” (English)

Icelios – “Sun of ice” (Greek)

Iceheart – “Cold-hearted” (English)

Icetis – “Watcher of ice” (English)

Icestos – “Strong as ice” (Greek)

Icerus – “Frozen” (English)

Icedius – “Descendant of ice” (Greek)

Iceborn – “Born of ice” (English)

Icelius – “Bright ice” (Latin)

Icefiel – “Field of ice” (English)

Icetonio – “Frozen river” (Spanish)

Icestos – “Chilled” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "ICE"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “ICE”

Iceonix – “Power of ice” (English)

Icelor – “Noble ice” (English)

Iceris – “Frozen gem” (English)

Iceloros – “Ice conqueror” (Greek)

Icewyn – “White ice” (English)

Iceleo – “Lion of ice” (Spanish)

Icetrox – “Stalwart ice” (English)

Icemar – “Famous ice” (Spanish)

Icelock – “Locked in ice” (English)

Icestorm – “Storm of ice” (English)

Icelar – “Freezing light” (English)

Icevale – “Valley of ice” (English)

Icetrose – “Rose of ice” (English)

Icespire – “Inspired by ice” (English)

Icedale – “Valley of frozen water” (English)

Icequill – “Cold and sharp” (English)

Icepierce – “Piercing cold” (English)

Icerain – “Rain of ice” (English)

Icetrix – “Ruler of ice” (English)

Icelyte – “Luminous ice” (English)

Icecrown – “Royal ice” (English)

Icetrail – “Path of ice” (English)

Icero – “Frozen warrior” (Spanish)

Iceflare – “Intense cold” (English)

Iceridge – “Edge of ice” (English)

Icecharm – “Charming ice” (English)

Iceshade – “Shade of ice” (English)

Icethorn – “Thorny ice” (English)

Iceblaze – “Blazing ice” (English)

Iceflare – “Flare of ice” (English)

Unique “ICE” Names for Boys

Iceborne – “Born of ice” (English)

Icelith – “Smooth ice” (English)

Icemyst – “Mysterious ice” (English)

Icequinox – “Equinox of ice” (English)

Iceshield – “Protective ice” (English)

Icewhisper – “Whispering ice” (English)

Icetide – “Frozen time” (English)

Icefyre – “Fiery ice” (English)

Icethorn – “Thorny ice” (English)

Iceflux – “Flowing ice” (English)

Icemir – “Peaceful ice” (English)

Iceclave – “Secretive ice” (English)

Iceflame – “Flame of ice” (English)

Iceshadow – “Shadow of ice” (English)

Icenova – “New ice” (English)

Icezen – “Zen-like ice” (English)

Iceshine – “Shining ice” (English)

Icelume – “Luminous ice” (English)

Icelis – “Smooth ice” (Greek)

Icegleam – “Gleaming ice” (English)

Icewhirl – “Whirling ice” (English)

Icethunder – “Thunderous ice” (English)

Icelynix – “Noble ice” (English)

Icerift – “Rift in ice” (English)

Icetron – “Mystical ice” (English)

Icestorm – “Storm of ice” (English)

Icequasar – “Quasar of ice” (English)

Icevortex – “Vortex of ice” (English)

Icelocke – “Locked in ice” (English)

Icesong – “Melody of ice” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ICE”

Icefield – “Field of ice” (English)

Iceshadow – “Shadow of ice” (English)

Icetron – “Steadfast ice” (English)

Icecrest – “Top of ice” (English)

Iceward – “Protector of ice” (English)

Icedale – “Valley of ice” (English)

Icesun – “Sunlit ice” (English)

Icehelm – “Helmet of ice” (English)

Icestone – “Stone of ice” (English)

Icelight – “Bright ice” (English)

Icegrove – “Grove of ice” (English)

Icetide – “Time of ice” (English)

Iceborne – “Born of ice” (English)

Icerealm – “Realm of ice” (English)

Iceshine – “Shining ice” (English)

Iceheart – “Heart of ice” (English)

Icewarden – “Guardian of ice” (English)

Icetrail – “Trail of ice” (English)

Icestorm – “Storm of ice” (English)

Icelore – “Wisdom of ice” (English)

Icecrown – “Crowned in ice” (English)

Icebrooks – “Brooks of ice” (English)

Icemist – “Misty ice” (English)

Icevale – “Valley of ice” (English)

Iceflame – “Flame of ice” (English)

Iceridge – “Ridge of ice” (English)

Icetrue – “True to ice” (English)

Icebreeze – “Breeze of ice” (English)

Icecharm – “Charming ice” (English)

Iceline – “Line of ice” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ICE”

Icelo – “Sky” (Spanish)

Icetano – “Golden ice” (Spanish)

Icerio – “Ruler of ice” (Italian)

Icenzo – “Innocent ice” (Italian)

Iceano – “Ice blue” (Italian)

Icevanni – “God is gracious” (Italian)

Icetius – “Quiet ice” (Latin)

Icethan – “Enduring ice” (Irish)

Icelius – “Light of ice” (Latin)

Iceonardo – “Brave as a lion” (Italian)

Icetaro – “Star of ice” (Japanese)

Icetaro – “Mountain of ice” (Japanese)

Iceshiro – “Fourth son” (Japanese)

Icekito – “Precious gem” (Japanese)

Iceshi – “Lucky” (Japanese)

Icetaka – “Noble” (Japanese)

Icetomo – “Intelligent friend” (Japanese)

Icesuke – “Beloved warrior” (Japanese)

Icerin – “Peaceful ruler” (Irish)

Icetaro – “Treasure” (Japanese)

Icehiro – “Abundant” (Japanese)

Icelin – “Beautiful jade” (Chinese)

Icetian – “Heavenly” (Chinese)

Icenvo – “Spirit of ice” (Latin)

Icenzo – “Charming” (Italian)

Icelin – “Adventurous” (Chinese)

Icetian – “Wise” (Chinese)

Icetian – “Prosperous” (Chinese)

Icelin – “Courageous” (Chinese)

Icetian – “Gentle” (Chinese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ICE”

Icelin – “Pure” (English)

Icend – “Enduring” (English)

Iceris – “Serene” (English)

Icewyn – “Fair” (English)

Icelyn – “Belonging to ice” (English)

Icemere – “Sea of ice” (English)

Icevale – “Valley of ice” (English)

Icenix – “Phoenix of ice” (English)

Icetide – “Time of ice” (English)

Icefrost – “Frosty” (English)

Icetano – “Graceful ice” (Spanish)

Icero – “Famous” (Spanish)

Icenzo – “Innocent” (Spanish)

Icebrisa – “Breeze of ice” (Spanish)

Iceano – “Sky” (Spanish)

Icelis – “Calm” (Greek)

Icemus – “Muse of ice” (Greek)

Icephos – “Light of ice” (Greek)

Icethia – “Goddess of ice” (Greek)

Icetrue – “True to ice” (Greek)

Icekai – “Earth” (Greek)

Icesol – “Sun of ice” (Greek)

Icethos – “Divine ice” (Greek)

Icenzo – “Charming” (Greek)

Icesa – “Protector of ice” (Greek)

Icesta – “Star of ice” (Greek)

Icenix – “Born of ice” (Greek)

Icelion – “Lion of ice” (English)

Icemere – “Emerald of ice” (English)

Icequill – “Quill of ice” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ICE”

Icesiah – “Salvation of ice” (English)

Icebeth – “Devoted to God” (English)

Icemuel – “Who is like God?” (English)

Icelazarus – “God is my helper” (Greek)

Iceriel – “God’s light” (English)

Icegan – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Icemanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Icemael – “Gift from God” (English)

Icesus – “Son of God” (Greek)

Icethaniel – “Gift of God” (English)

Iceabriel – “Strength of God” (Spanish)

Icemmanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Iceanuel – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Iceraphael – “God has healed” (English)

Iceuriel – “Light of God” (Greek)

Iceazar – “God helps” (Spanish)

Icetrius – “Belonging to God” (English)

Icesael – “God’s will” (Spanish)

Iceoriel – “Angel of God” (English)

Icedeus – “Servant of God” (Greek)

Icemichael – “Who is like God?” (English)

Icegabriel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Icethanuel – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Icesiah – “Salvation of the Lord” (Spanish)

Icethos – “Divine” (Greek)

Iceloi – “Praise God” (English)

Icelijah – “My God is the Lord” (English)

Icepriest – “Priest of God” (English)

Iceraphim – “Healing angel of God” (English)

Icethan – “Gift from God” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ICE”

Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson)

Renowned American rapper, actor, and producer known for his contributions to hip-hop music and film, including iconic roles in “Boyz n the Hood” and “Friday.”

Iceman (Robert Drake)

Fictional superhero in Marvel Comics, a member of the X-Men with the ability to generate and control ice, known for his appearances in various X-Men comic book series.

Ice-T (Tracy Lauren Marrow)

Influential American rapper, actor, and producer, recognized for his contributions to the hip-hop genre and roles in TV series like “Law & Order: SVU.”

Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck)

Pseudonym of the American author and former pimp, known for his autobiographical works that explore the street life and its challenges.

Ice Prince (Panshak Zamani)

Nigerian hip hop artist and actor, recognized for his contribution to the African music scene and hits like “Oleku.”

Ice-Tre (Adrian Trejo)

Musician and member of the Spanish rock band La Ley, contributing to the Latin American music scene with his bass guitar skills.

Ice Kidd (Jakeesha Wilcox)

American professional boxer known for her achievements in the ring and her contributions to women’s boxing.

IceJJFish (Daniel McLoyd)

Internet personality and singer known for his unique vocal style, rising to fame through viral videos and online presence.

Ice Prince Zamani (Panshak Zamani)

Nigerian hip hop artist and actor, recognized for his contribution to the African music scene and hits like “Oleku.”

Icetan Leon Guerrero

Chamorro martial artist and kickboxer from Guam, known for his achievements in the sport of kickboxing.

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