220 Best Boy Names That Start with “HJ”

Choosing a name for your baby is an exciting and important task. It’s a decision that will stay with them for life and will often shape their identity.

If you’re looking for a unique and distinctive name, consider exploring boy names that start with “HJ”.

These names have an air of intrigue and sophistication that sets them apart from more commonly used names.

From traditional classics to contemporary gems, there is a range of options to choose from that will suit any style or preference.

Whether you’re drawn to strong and masculine names like Hjalmar and Hansel or prefer softer and more elegant options like Hjartan and Hjordis, there’s bound to be a name that resonates with you and your family.

To help you on your naming journey, we’ve compiled a list of intriguing boy names that start with “HJ”.

So, if you’re ready to think outside of the box and give your little one a name that truly stands out, read on for inspiration!

Popular Boy Names That Start with “HJ”

Hjalmar – “Helmeted warrior” (Spanish)

Hjalte – “Heroic” (Spanish)

Hjort – “Deer” (Spanish)

Hjordis – “Sword goddess” (Scandinavian)

Hjalmaro – “Famous warrior” (Spanish)

Hjalor – “Valiant defender” (Spanish)

Hjorge – “Farmer” (Spanish)

Hjeronimo – “Holy name” (Spanish)

Hjalmer – “Famous spear” (English)

Hjorten – “Deer” (English)

Hjordyn – “Sword fighter” (English)

Hjelm – “Helmet” (English)

Hjuki – “Lunation” (Norse)

Hjortr – “Heart” (Spanish)

Hjorvard – “Guardian of the sword” (Norse)

Hjardar – “Fierce warrior” (Spanish)

Hjalvor – “Warrior of the rocks” (Norse)

Hjorvardr – “Protector of the army” (Spanish)

Hjalgar – “Spear of protection” (Norse)

Hjortulf – “Wolf of the deer” (Spanish)

Hjerton – “Heart of the village” (Norse)

Hjoron – “Strength of the spear” (Spanish)

Hjertan – “Brave heart” (Spanish)

Hjolmar – “Warrior’s helmet” (Spanish)

Hjorrik – “Rich in swords” (Norse)

Hjortmund – “Mouth of the deer” (Spanish)

Hjelmar – “Famous helmet” (Spanish)

Hjolbrandr – “Sword fire” (Spanish)

Hjeron – “Holy ruler” (Greek)

Hjilios – “Sunlight” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "HJ"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “HJ”

Hjalteo – “Bright defender” (Spanish)

Hjulio – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Hjorgio – “Tiller of the earth” (Spanish)

Hjovani – “Gift from God” (Spanish)

Hjorgeo – “Tiller of the earth” (Spanish)

Hjavier – “New house” (Spanish)

Hjando – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Hjaseo – “Harvester” (Spanish)

Hjuliano – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Hjormeo – “Rule of the sword” (Spanish)

Hjertor – “Brave heart” (Spanish)

Hjoran – “Mountain of strength” (Spanish)

Hjalvaro – “Defender of the rock” (Spanish)

Hjalbino – “White warrior” (Spanish)

Hjulio – “Soft-haired” (Spanish)

Hjalmero – “Noble helmet” (Spanish)

Hjimerio – “Fierce protector” (Spanish)

Hjalben – “Blessed protector” (Spanish)

Hjorgito – “Farmer” (Spanish)

Hjorfeo – “Fearless” (Spanish)

Hjostan – “Divine grace” (English)

Hjalrich – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Hjelton – “From the farmstead estate” (English)

Hjarris – “Son of Harry” (English)

Hjoseph – “God will add” (English)

Hjalrick – “Mighty ruler” (English)

Hjalmond – “Protector of the world” (English)

Hjordon – “Flowing down” (English)

Hjackson – “Son of Jack” (English)

Hjedward – “Wealthy guardian” (English)

Unique “HJ” Names for Boys

Hjalio – “Strong and graceful” (Spanish)

Hjaro – “Brave spearman” (English)

Hjalbeo – “Bright protector” (English)

Hjarian – “Gifted one” (Greek)

Hjelios – “Sunshine” (Greek)

Hjorian – “Dawn” (Greek)

Hjalik – “Noble ruler” (English)

Hjaro – “Fearless warrior” (Spanish)

Hjovin – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Hjalmeros – “Famous defender” (Spanish)

Hjaro – “Golden-haired” (Spanish)

Hjalvino – “Friend of elves” (Spanish)

Hjastor – “Star-like” (English)

Hjalcos – “Glorious” (Greek)

Hjelios – “Shining one” (Greek)

Hjoren – “River of strength” (English)

Hjanteo – “Eternal” (Greek)

Hjalvis – “Wisdom of the hall” (English)

Hjordeo – “Keeper of the earth” (Spanish)

Hjalvador – “Savior” (Spanish)

Hjaris – “Victorious” (Greek)

Hjeronios – “Sacred name” (Greek)

Hjalvio – “Life giver” (Spanish)

Hjaron – “Mountain strength” (English)

Hjazeo – “Zealous protector” (Spanish)

Hjalazar – “Brilliant one” (English)

Hjaltek – “Swift defender” (English)

Hjormos – “Mighty sword” (Greek)

Hjalzen – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Hjalbinos – “Radiant warrior” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “HJ”

Hjalton – “From the town on the hill” (English)

Hjorton – “Guardian of the orchard” (English)

Hjordi – “Farmer” (Spanish)

Hjalvador – “Savior” (Spanish)

Hjalveston – “From the holy town” (English)

Hjovaris – “Brave guardian” (Greek)

Hjalbin – “Bright warrior” (English)

Hjoliver – “Peaceful elf” (English)

Hjalmeros – “Famous protector” (Spanish)

Hjormos – “Mighty defender” (Greek)

Hjorlando – “Famous throughout the land” (Spanish)

Hjalrad – “Counselor” (Greek)

Hjolver – “Wolf of the hall” (English)

Hjalvino – “Friend of the wine god” (Greek)

Hjartan – “Brave heart” (English)

Hjalbano – “Bold protector” (Spanish)

Hjordan – “From the flowing river” (English)

Hjariel – “Messenger of God” (Spanish)

Hjorben – “Brave bear” (English)

Hjalvarez – “Noble protector” (Spanish)

Hjollis – “Cheerful” (English)

Hjalion – “Lion-hearted” (Greek)

Hjovani – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Hjarturo – “Noble strength” (Spanish)

Hjorus – “Brave one” (Greek)

Hjalin – “Protected by the gods” (Norse)

Hjoraldo – “Noble ruler” (Spanish)

Hjomeo – “Home ruler” (Greek)

Hjormond – “Protector of the sword” (Norse)

Hjulander – “From the land of hills” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “HJ”

Hjalmaro – “Warrior of the helmet” (Norwegian)

Hjorulf – “Wolf of the sword” (Old Norse)

Hjaromir – “Famous peace” (Slavic)

Hjorik – “Ruler of the sword” (Danish)

Hjaldis – “Battle goddess” (Old Norse)

Hjelgi – “Blessed protector” (Icelandic)

Hjalti – “Hero” (Icelandic)

Hjortur – “Deer” (Icelandic)

Hjarrand – “Shield of the gods” (Norse)

Hjortvard – “Guardian of the deer” (Norse)

Hjortric – “Powerful ruler” (Germanic)

Hjalbard – “Noble protection” (Swedish)

Hjorvald – “Powerful ruler” (Danish)

Hjalvard – “Guardian of the rock” (Danish)

Hjortmundur – “Protector of the mouth of the deer” (Icelandic)

Hjaltland – “Land of the sword” (Scottish)

Hjalman – “Famous protector” (Germanic)

Hjalteir – “Noble warrior” (Norse)

Hjelmer – “Famous helmet” (Dutch)

Hjortbrand – “Fire of the deer” (Swedish)

Hjordis – “Goddess of the sword” (Norse)

Hjortgeir – “Spear of the deer” (Icelandic)

Hjalstein – “Stone of the hero” (Norwegian)

Hjortvin – “Friend of the deer” (Swedish)

Hjalmark – “Famous land” (Germanic)

Hjorulfur – “Wolf of the sword” (Icelandic)

Hjalmod – “Courageous spirit” (Swedish)

Hjolgeir – “Spear of protection” (Norse)

Hjortgeirr – “Spear of the deer” (Old Norse)

Hjalmeir – “Powerful protector” (Swedish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “HJ”

Hjorn – “Guardian” (English)

Hjelmi – “Helmet of protection” (English)

Hjario – “Joyful” (Spanish)

Hjeluca – “Light” (Spanish)

Hjotis – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Hjorin – “Of the sword” (English)

Hjaroa – “Brave” (Spanish)

Hjalas – “Graceful” (Greek)

Hjoray – “Guided by the sword” (English)

Hjalio – “Bright” (Spanish)

Hjorin – “Strength” (Greek)

Hjaloe – “Lovable” (Spanish)

Hjaron – “Mountain” (English)

Hjelena – “Shining light” (Greek)

Hjavier – “Bright new house” (Spanish)

Hjalda – “Noble” (English)

Hjania – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Hjule – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Hjorten – “Deer” (English)

Hjorge – “Tiller of the earth” (Spanish)

Hjaluna – “Moonlight” (Spanish)

Hjeron – “Sacred” (Greek)

Hjalvy – “Friend of elves” (English)

Hjelio – “Sunshine” (Spanish)

Hjalpe – “Helper” (English)

Hjoray – “Ruler” (Spanish)

Hjaluna – “Light” (Greek)

Hjorden – “Flowing river” (English)

Hjalisa – “Joy” (Greek)

Hjondro – “Manly” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “HJ”

Hjalmar – “Warrior of the faith” (English)

Hjosen – “Chosen by God” (Spanish)

Hjalbeo – “Bright and holy” (English)

Hjeronimos – “Sacred name” (Greek)

Hjalbenito – “Blessed” (Spanish)

Hjalantos – “Saintly” (Greek)

Hjorlando – “Holy land” (Spanish)

Hjalbino – “Divine warrior” (Spanish)

Hjorakles – “Glory of Hera” (Greek)

Hjelpidio – “God’s help” (Spanish)

Hjalvador – “Savior” (Spanish)

Hjovani – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Hjoristos – “Anointed one” (Greek)

Hjosephat – “God will add” (English)

Hjalvacion – “Salvation” (Spanish)

Hjorgen – “Holy farmer” (Spanish)

Hjalimedes – “Counsel of the gods” (Greek)

Hjopater – “Father” (Greek)

Hjovannis – “God is merciful” (Greek)

Hjoriah – “The Lord is my light” (English)

Hjaliodor – “Gift of God” (Greek)

Hjernesto – “Earnest, serious” (Spanish)

Hjokiris – “Lord’s watchman” (Greek)

Hjolias – “God is my salvation” (Greek)

Hjalvah – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Hjoriel – “God is my judge” (Spanish)

Hjalberto – “Bright and noble” (Spanish)

Hjoristoforos – “Bearer of Christ” (Greek)

Hjalvino – “Friend of God” (Spanish)

Hjovar – “Guardian of the faith” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “HJ”

Hjalmar Johnson

A brilliant physicist known for his groundbreaking research in quantum mechanics.

Hjortur Jensen

A skilled architect renowned for his innovative and sustainable designs.

Hjalte Jacobsen

An adventurous explorer who has scaled some of the world’s tallest peaks.

Hjorleif Jackson

A charismatic actor celebrated for his captivating performances on stage and screen.

Hjalte Jansen

A talented musician whose soulful melodies resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Hjalmer Jefferson

A visionary entrepreneur who founded multiple successful tech startups.

Hjordis Johansson

A compassionate humanitarian dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized communities.

Hjorten Jorgensen

A decorated military leader known for his strategic brilliance on the battlefield.

Hjalben Jameson

An influential politician committed to championing social justice and equality.

Hjelmer Jennings

An accomplished chef renowned for his innovative culinary creations.

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