220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “GU”

Looking for a unique name for your baby boy? Consider choosing a name that starts with “Gu.” From traditional to trendy, there are plenty of options to choose from in this category.

Whether you’re looking for a strong and powerful name or something more whimsical and uncommon, boy names that start with “Gu” offer a diverse range of choices.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “Gu,” each with its own special meaning and origin.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names like Gus and Guy, or prefer more modern options like Gunner or Guillermo, there’s sure to be a name on this list that catches your eye.

We’ll also delve into the cultural significance of some of these names, providing insight into their rich history and heritage.

So if you’re on the hunt for a distinctive and meaningful name for your baby boy, look no further than this unique collection of boy names that start with “Gu”.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “GU”

Guillermo – “Resolute protector” (Spanish)

Gus – “Diminutive of Augustus” (English)

Gustavo – “Royal staff” (Spanish)

Guido – “Guide” (Spanish)

Gulliver – “Gluttonous” (English)

Gunnar – “Brave warrior” (Spanish)

Guto – “Diminutive of Gruffudd” (Spanish)

Gurion – “Lion cub” (Hebrew)

Gull – “Gold” (Spanish)

Guillen – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Guzman – “Good man” (Spanish)

Gunther – “Battle warrior” (Spanish)

Gusman – “Kind-hearted” (Spanish)

Gurpreet – “Lover of the Guru” (Spanish)

Gustaf – “Staff of the Geats” (Spanish)

Guadalupe – “River of the wolf” (Spanish)

Gualtiero – “Ruler of the army” (Spanish)

Guillaume – “Resolute protector” (Hebrew)

Gustave – “Royal staff” (Hebrew)

Gurdit – “One who has the gurus as his refuge” (Hebrew)

Guto – “Excellent” (Hebrew)

Gustas – “Venerable” (Hebrew)

Güray – “Brave moon” (Hebrew)

Gurgen – “Wolf” (Hebrew)

Guery – “Vigilant guardian” (Hebrew)

Gurion – “Whelp, young lion” (Hebrew)

Gurshawn – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

Gustavo – “Royal” (Hebrew)

Guzman – “Good man” (Spanish)

Guydion – “Born of trees” (Hebrew)

Boy Names That Start with "GU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “GU”

Gullian – “Youthful” (English)

Gusten – “Royal stone” (Swedish)

Guian – “God is gracious” (English)

Guzmano – “Good-hearted” (Spanish)

Guther – “Warrior” (English)

Guilio – “Youthful” (Italian)

Guxian – “Guardian of the home” (Greek)

Guilian – “Soft-haired” (English)

Gudonis – “Descendant of the good” (Greek)

Gusario – “Defender of the people” (Spanish)

Gurio – “Vigilant” (Greek)

Guxian – “Noble defender” (Greek)

Guvanni – “Gift of God” (Italian)

Gusiano – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Guiron – “Steadfast” (English)

Guran – “Small eagle” (Swedish)

Guthrik – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Guzaro – “Bright warrior” (Spanish)

Gudis – “Pious” (Greek)

Gulias – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Guberto – “Bright mind” (Spanish)

Gutox – “Gift of God” (English)

Guanis – “Knowledgeable” (Greek)

Guerro – “Warrior” (Spanish)

Gurevin – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Guseo – “Good-hearted” (Spanish)

Guzis – “Born of nobility” (Greek)

Gulianas – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Guelion – “Blessed” (English)

Guzco – “Wise advisor” (Spanish)

Unique “GU” Names for Boys

Gullis – “Golden” (English)

Guirono – “Majestic” (Spanish)

Guavian – “Wind” (English)

Guzelas – “Sweet” (Greek)

Guerroso – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Guendal – “Valiant warrior” (English)

Guadrian – “Protector” (Spanish)

Guxon – “Thoughtful” (Greek)

Guindaro – “Brave leader” (Spanish)

Gullivero – “Adventurous” (English)

Guileon – “Bright lion” (English)

Gusporo – “Graceful” (Spanish)

Guzis – “Vigilant” (Greek)

Gubaris – “Strong as a bear” (English)

Guiano – “God is gracious” (Spanish)

Guliant – “Lively” (English)

Gustas – “Determined” (Greek)

Guvanth – “Beloved” (English)

Guayaco – “Friendly” (Spanish)

Gruvius – “Musical” (English)

Guiriaco – “Skilled” (Spanish)

Guselis – “Charming” (Greek)

Guimero – “Warrior chief” (Spanish)

Gulcano – “Thunder” (English)

Guellas – “Bright spirit” (Greek)

Gushido – “Way of the warrior” (English)

Guitalo – “Melodious” (Spanish)

Guzianos – “Lucky” (Greek)

Gustin – “Constant” (English)

Guzelon – “Handsome” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “GU”

Guillian – “Youthful” (English)

Guston – “Royal estate” (English)

Gurias – “Old, mature” (Greek)

Guzmanol – “Noble man” (Spanish)

Gutheran – “Strong warrior” (English)

Gualdino – “Protector” (Spanish)

Gulianthos – “Graceful flower” (Greek)

Guvardo – “Guardian” (Spanish)

Guselius – “Blue sky” (Greek)

Gualthero – “Ruler of the army” (Spanish)

Guxander – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Gustavio – “Royal staff” (Spanish)

Guianthos – “Noble blossom” (Greek)

Guarello – “Loyal” (Spanish)

Gurionis – “Guardian of the vine” (Greek)

Guzzo – “Wise” (Italian)

Gulianos – “Youthful” (Spanish)

Guvindar – “God’s warrior” (Sanskrit)

Gurelio – “Noble one” (Spanish)

Gysandros – “Bringer of light” (Greek)

Gudario – “Courageous” (Spanish)

Gusonius – “Son of the wind” (Greek)

Gulcius – “Sweet-sounding” (Latin)

Guadalix – “River of light” (Spanish)

Gurethos – “Strong counselor” (Greek)

Guadaleno – “Loyal” (Spanish)

Gulianthus – “Blooming youth” (Greek)

Gualdus – “Rule of the spear” (Latin)

Gusanto – “Enduring” (Spanish)

Gurilios – “Defender of the people” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “GU”

Gullivero – “Traveler” (Italian)

Guiroux – “Red-haired warrior” (French)

Guntaro – “Warrior” (Japanese)

Guivanni – “God is gracious” (Italian)

Guzmario – “Mariner” (Italian)

Gudo – “Wisdom” (Japanese)

Gulyás – “Goulash” (Hungarian)

Gualtamir – “Prince of light” (Persian)

Gudmundur – “God’s protection” (Icelandic)

Guoqiang – “Strong and powerful” (Chinese)

Guillaumeau – “Determined guardian” (French)

Gurbir – “Brave warrior” (Punjabi)

Guntur – “Thunder” (Indonesian)

Gufran – “Forgiveness” (Arabic)

Guoqian – “Obsessed with money” (Chinese)

Gurgeni – “Little wolf” (Georgian)

Guzalbek – “Beautiful master” (Uzbek)

Gunvald – “Battle ruler” (Swedish)

Gulzar – “Rose garden” (Persian)

Guled – “Bright” (Somali)

Guglielmo – “Resolute protector” (Italian)

Guntur – “Mountain” (Telugu)

Gushiken – “Hardworking” (Okinawan)

Guðbjartur – “Bright God” (Icelandic)

Guoqing – “Clear government” (Chinese)

Gurov – “Son of Gur” (Russian)

Guðrúnarson – “Son of Guðrún” (Icelandic)

Guram – “Brave” (Georgian)

Guðný – “God’s new” (Icelandic)

Guozhen – “Country and town” (Chinese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “GU”

Guerin – “Little warrior” (English)

Gull – “Gold” (English)

Gusel – “Charming” (Russian)

Guaine – “Blessed” (English)

Guan – “Graceful” (Chinese)

Guaxi – “Moonlight” (Spanish)

Guardian – “Protector” (English)

Guin – “White” (Welsh)

Guari – “Promise” (Spanish)

Guinov – “Novel” (Russian)

Gullis – “Sweet” (Swedish)

Guneet – “One who sings praises” (Punjabi)

Guariel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Gulika – “Planet Mars” (Sanskrit)

Guvind – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Gullis – “Child of light” (English)

Guian – “Guide” (Spanish)

Gust – “Taste” (Swedish)

Guna – “Virtue” (Sanskrit)

Gupreet – “Love for the Guru” (Punjabi)

Guisel – “Pledge” (Spanish)

Guanil – “Loyal” (Spanish)

Gusz – “Graceful” (Hungarian)

Guanxo – “Tender” (Spanish)

Guinn – “Fair” (English)

Guska – “Moon” (Russian)

Guto – “Liberator” (Welsh)

Guha – “Cave” (Sanskrit)

Guzman – “Good man” (Spanish)

Guis – “Guide” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “GU”

Guardiano – “Divine protector” (Spanish)

Guiles – “Pledge to God” (English)

Gudian – “God is gracious” (English)

Gufred – “Peace of God” (French)

Guidor – “Gift of God” (English)

Gusif – “God’s chosen” (Spanish)

Gustavus – “Royal staff of God” (Latin)

Guziah – “Vision of God” (Hebrew)

Guzmanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Guariel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Gulianus – “Devoted to God” (Latin)

Guofeng – “Wind of God” (Chinese)

Gurion – “Watcher of God” (Hebrew)

Guryon – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Guvincio – “Conqueror of God” (Spanish)

Guzavon – “Gift of God’s grace” (Spanish)

Guzamir – “Song of God” (Persian)

Guzaniel – “God is my judge” (Spanish)

Guzarin – “Lover of God” (Persian)

Gwydion – “God’s blessing” (Welsh)

Guviano – “God is merciful” (Spanish)

Guver – “Servant of God” (Spanish)

Guzamuel – “God has heard” (Spanish)

Gualberto – “Bright ruler” (Italian)

Gudrunos – “Rune of God” (Norse)

Gulianthos – “Gift from the gods” (Greek)

Guzmundo – “World of God” (Spanish)

Gubran – “God is gracious” (Arabic)

Gudefroy – “Peace of God” (French)

Guliano – “Devoted to God” (Italian)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “GU”

Gustave Eiffel

French engineer and architect known for designing the Eiffel Tower, an iconic landmark in Paris, and contributing to various other significant structural projects.

Guion Bluford

American aerospace engineer, pilot, and astronaut, becoming the first African American in space in 1983 during the Space Shuttle Challenger mission.

Guglielmo Marconi

Italian inventor and electrical engineer who developed and patented the first successful long-distance wireless telegraph and radio communication.

Gustav Holst

English composer best known for his orchestral suite “The Planets,” a classical music masterpiece that remains widely celebrated.

Guillaume Apollinaire

French poet, playwright, and art critic, a leading figure in the avant-garde movement, associated with surrealism and cubism.

Guillermo del Toro

Mexican filmmaker, director, and screenwriter, recognized for his work in fantasy and horror genres, including films like “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Shape of Water.”

Gustavo Dudamel

Venezuelan conductor and violinist, acclaimed for his role as the Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and his contributions to classical music.

Guy Fawkes

English revolutionary who, along with his co-conspirators, attempted to blow up the House of Lords in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

Gustav Mahler

Austrian composer and conductor, known for his emotionally charged symphonies and influential contributions to late-Romantic music.

Gustave Courbet

French painter and leader of the Realist movement in 19th-century art, challenging conventional artistic norms with his bold and realistic portrayals.

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