220 Delightful Boy Names That Start with “ERN”

Are you on the hunt for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Look no further than this list of boy names that start with “ERN.”

These names are not only uncommon but also carry a strong and bold sound that will make your little one stand out from the crowd.

There’s something undeniably appealing about names that start with “ERN.” Whether it’s the strong and powerful connotations or the one-of-a-kind sound, these names are sure to make a statement.

From the traditional to the modern, there is a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your little boy.

So, if you’re tired of the same old, tired names and want something that will set your son apart, consider one of these unique boy names that start with “ERN.”

With a name like this, your little one is sure to leave a lasting impression wherever he goes.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ERN”

Ernest – “serious, resolute” (English)

Ernie – Diminutive of Ernest (English)

Ernan – “strong man” (Spanish)

Erno – “serious, earnest” (English)

Ernan – “little eagle” (Greek)

Ernald – “powerful eagle” (English)

Erny – Diminutive of Ernest (English)

Ernan – “dedicated, earnest” (English)

Ernan – “bold as an eagle” (Spanish)

Ernastos – “serious, determined” (Greek)

Ernaldo – “ruler of the eagles” (Spanish)

Ernoud – “strong and noble” (English)

Erno – “vigor, earnestness” (Spanish)

Ernán – “eagle ruler” (Spanish)

Ernie – “resolute protector” (English)

Ernel – “bold eagle” (English)

Ernaldo – “determined and bold” (English)

Erneszt – Hungarian form of Ernest, meaning “serious, determined” (Hungarian)

Erny – “eagle power” (English)

Ernaldo – “strong as an eagle” (Spanish)

Erno – “resolute strength” (English)

Ernas – “eagle’s strength” (Greek)

Ernán – “bold eagle” (Spanish)

Ernel – “determined and noble” (Spanish)

Ernes – “serious and strong” (Spanish)

Erni – Diminutive of Ernest (English)

Ernán – “vigor and strength” (Spanish)

Ernastos – “determined and steadfast” (Greek)

Ernout – “noble eagle” (English)

Ernikos – “victorious like an eagle” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "ERN"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “ERN”

Ernan – “innovative and bold” (English)

Erven – “modern, forward-thinking” (English)

Ernoe – “contemporary vigor” (Spanish)

Ernis – “trendsetting and strong” (Spanish)

Ernico – “modern ruler” (Greek)

Ernova – “new eagle” (English)

Ernandez – “progressive and adventurous” (Spanish)

Ernwell – “healthy and thriving” (English)

Ernizo – “innovative strength” (Greek)

Ernico – “contemporary and strong-willed” (Spanish)

Ernshaw – “modern leader” (English)

Ernaldo – “up-to-date and bold” (Spanish)

Ernstone – “modern and solid” (English)

Ernvale – “fresh and vigorous” (English)

Ernico – “cutting-edge and determined” (Spanish)

Ernikos – “modern victory” (Greek)

Ernico – “contemporary and steadfast” (Spanish)

Ernshaw – “current and powerful” (English)

Ernico – “progressive and resolute” (Spanish)

Ernvale – “modern and brave” (English)

Ernique – “innovative ruler” (Spanish)

Ernos – “modern and enduring” (Greek)

Ernkai – “forward-thinking and powerful” (English)

Ernius – “cutting-edge strength” (Greek)

Erniquez – “innovative and resolute” (Spanish)

Ernico – “up-to-date and determined” (Spanish)

Ernwood – “modern and resilient” (English)

Ernique – “progressive and strong-willed” (Spanish)

Ernios – “contemporary and enduring” (Greek)

Ernico – “forward-looking and bold” (Spanish)

Unique “ERN” Names for Boys

Ernwick – “warrior leader” (English)

Ernaldo – “sunrise strength” (Spanish)

Ernobio – “wise like a new day” (Greek)

Ernshade – “shining with resilience” (English)

Ernon – “moonlit strength” (Spanish)

Ernico – “eternal determination” (Greek)

Ernquist – “quiet strength” (English)

Ernato – “fire of boldness” (Spanish)

Ernymos – “mystical vigor” (Greek)

Ernolux – “light of courage” (English)

Ernando – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Ernidian – “star-like determination” (Greek)

Ernshade – “resilient shade” (English)

Ernique – “unique and strong” (Spanish)

Ernystar – “shining with perseverance” (Greek)

Ernquist – “serene strength” (English)

Ernaldo – “powerful sunrise” (Spanish)

Ernikon – “noble conqueror” (Greek)

Ernvale – “valiant and fresh” (English)

Ernacio – “enduring leader” (Spanish)

Ernomis – “wisdom and strength” (Greek)

Ernolite – “radiant and determined” (English)

Ernando – “brave and adventurous” (Spanish)

Ernokai – “everlasting power” (Greek)

Ernshade – “shadow of resilience” (English)

Ernovo – “new and bold” (Spanish)

Ernikairos – “serene victory” (Greek)

Ernique – “unique strength” (English)

Ernolis – “freedom and resilience” (Spanish)

Ernyx – “mysterious strength” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ERN”

Erwin – “friend of the boar” (English)

Ernan – “timeless and strong” (Spanish)

Erastos – “loved one” (Greek)

Ernesto – “serious and determined” (Spanish)

Ernulf – “timeless wolf” (English)

Ernan – “eternal strength” (Spanish)

Erasmus – “beloved” (Greek)

Erving – “timeless leader” (English)

Ernaldo – “eternal ruler” (Spanish)

Eratosthenes – “excellent strength” (Greek)

Ernold – “timeless and powerful” (English)

Ernan – “forever strong” (Spanish)

Erasmos – “adored and strong” (Greek)

Ernestus – “steadfast” (Latin)

Erwin – “eternal friend” (English)

Ernal – “timeless and noble” (Spanish)

Erion – “timeless strength” (Greek)

Ernesto – “steadfast and serious” (Spanish)

Ernikos – “eternal victory” (Greek)

Ernald – “timeless ruler” (English)

Ernan – “enduring and strong-willed” (Spanish)

Eryx – “eternal ruler” (Greek)

Ernshaw – “timeless leader” (English)

Ernan – “enduring strength” (Spanish)

Eratios – “timeless excellence” (Greek)

Ernwell – “eternally healthy” (English)

Ernaldo – “timeless and brave” (Spanish)

Eratosthenes – “eternal strength” (Greek)

Ernwood – “timeless and resilient” (English)

Ernico – “eternal and strong-willed” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ERN”

Ernani – “strong and earnest” (Italian)

Ernanj – “brave lion” (Albanian)

Ernáč – “eternal ruler” (Czech)

Ernosu – “vigorous and unique” (Japanese)

Ernyk – “timeless conqueror” (Russian)

Erner – “persistent and energetic” (Turkish)

Ernat – “enduring fire” (Arabic)

Ernaldo – “bold eagle” (Portuguese)

Ernan – “eternal strength” (Irish)

Erniquez – “innovative and resolute” (Spanish)

Ernyi – “determined and wise” (Chinese)

Ernanu – “timeless leader” (Romanian)

Ernovi – “new and bold” (Slovenian)

Ernesio – “serious and strong-willed” (Italian)

Erniko – “victorious and noble” (Greek)

Ernoj – “eternal joy” (Finnish)

Ernium – “enduring strength” (Latin)

Ernalt – “resolute and wise” (German)

Ernol – “timeless and bright” (Dutch)

Ernún – “brave and enduring” (Icelandic)

Ernatu – “timeless ruler” (Mongolian)

Ernian – “forever strong” (Korean)

Ernaro – “eternal hero” (Swedish)

Ernizu – “unique and strong-willed” (Albanian)

Ernanno – “eternal soul” (Italian)

Erneel – “timeless and noble” (Belgian)

Ernacht – “enduring strength” (Irish)

Ernyr – “eternal ruler” (Icelandic)

Ernoni – “forever victorious” (Fijian)

Ernian – “enduring and strong” (Chinese)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ERN”

Erna – “serious and strong” (English)

Erno – “vibrant and determined” (Finnish)

Ernan – “enduring and adaptable” (English)

Ernique – “innovative and versatile” (Spanish)

Ernis – “timeless and neutral” (English)

Ernil – “bright and flexible” (Spanish)

Ernoe – “open-minded vigor” (Greek)

Ernam – “enduring and modern” (English)

Ernius – “versatile strength” (Spanish)

Ernae – “adaptable and enduring” (English)

Erno – “neutral vigor” (Finnish)

Ernaldo – “innovative and balanced” (Spanish)

Ernon – “modern and neutral” (English)

Ernyx – “open-minded strength” (Greek)

Ernal – “flexible and enduring” (Spanish)

Ernao – “timeless and adaptable” (English)

Ernico – “neutral and determined” (Spanish)

Ernek – “versatile and modern” (Greek)

Ernae – “adaptable and enduring” (English)

Ernael – “innovative and neutral” (Spanish)

Erno – “balanced vigor” (Finnish)

Ernan – “versatile and strong-willed” (English)

Erne – “neutral and enduring” (Spanish)

Ernyx – “open-minded strength” (Greek)

Ernalo – “modern and adaptable” (Spanish)

Ernus – “versatile and enduring” (English)

Ernick – “neutral and innovative” (Spanish)

Erneo – “timeless and flexible” (English)

Ernao – “balanced and neutral” (Spanish)

Ernite – “innovative and enduring” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ERN”

Ernanuel – “God is with us” (English)

Ernander – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Erniosophy – “wisdom from God” (Greek)

Ernathan – “gift from God” (English)

Ernangel – “messenger of God” (Spanish)

Ernasius – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Ernathanial – “gift of God” (English)

Ernacian – “God’s light” (Spanish)

Ernokiah – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Ernario – “God’s blessing” (Spanish)

Ernetius – “devoted to God” (Greek)

Ernathan – “given by God” (English)

Ernabiel – “God’s servant” (Spanish)

Ernokios – “God’s victory” (Greek)

Ernathanuel – “God has granted” (English)

Ernando – “dedicated to God” (Spanish)

Erniphius – “lover of God” (Greek)

Ernathan – “God’s grace” (English)

Ernaldo – “servant of God” (Spanish)

Ernicholas – “victory of the people of God” (Greek)

Ernathan – “given by God” (English)

Ernangel – “angel of God” (Spanish)

Ernidore – “gift of God” (Greek)

Ernathanuel – “God has granted” (English)

Ernarciso – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Ernikolaos – “victory of the people of God” (Greek)

Ernatthew – “gift of God” (English)

Ernachai – “God’s life” (Spanish)

Ernagapius – “lover of God” (Greek)

Ernelias – “the Lord is my God” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ERN”

Ernie Banks

American professional baseball player, known as “Mr. Cub,” played his entire career with the Chicago Cubs and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Ernest Hemingway

Renowned American novelist and short story writer, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954 for his impactful literary contributions.

Ernie Els

South African professional golfer, a four-time major champion, and one of the most successful golfers of his generation.

Ernő Rubik

Hungarian architect and professor, best known for inventing the Rubik’s Cube, a widely popular puzzle toy.

Erno Laszlo

Hungarian dermatologist and skincare expert, founder of the Erno Laszlo skincare brand, catering to numerous celebrities and dignitaries.

Ernő Dohnányi

Hungarian composer, conductor, and pianist, recognized for his compositions and influential role in 20th-century classical music.

Ernest Rutherford

New Zealand-born British physicist, awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908 for his investigations into the disintegration of elements and the chemistry of radioactive substances.

Ernie Pyle

American journalist and war correspondent, known for his heartfelt reporting during World War II and awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his contributions.

Ernő Goldfinger

Hungarian-born architect, notable for his modernist designs, including the iconic Trellick Tower in London.

Ernő Lendvai

Hungarian music theorist, specialized in the analysis of Béla Bartók’s compositions and renowned for his contributions to musicology.

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