Boy Names That Start with “DX”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities.

If you’re seeking a name that’s distinctive and holds a special significance, exploring options that begin with “DX” might just be the route for you.

While names starting with “DX” might not be the most common, they offer a unique flair that can set your son apart from the crowd.

From traditional choices like Dexter, meaning “right-handed” or “one who dyes,” to more contemporary picks like Daxton, there’s a wealth of options to consider.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the finest boy names that start with “DX” and uncover the meanings behind them.

Whether you’re drawn to timeless classics or prefer something more modern and trendy, there’s a “DX” name waiting to charm you and resonate with your little one’s personality.

So, join us on this delightful exploration as we discover the allure of boy names that start with “DX.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “DX”

Daxon – “Warrior” (Old English)

Daxter – “Dyer of Clothes” (French)

Dxton – “Brave Town” (Old English)

Dxavier – “Bright” (Basque)

Dxaniel – “God is My Judge” (Hebrew)

Dxaiden – “Little Fire” (Irish)

Dxander – “Defender of the People” (Greek)

Dxluke – “Light Giving” (Latin)

Dxean – “God is Gracious” (Hebrew)

Dxavierus – “Bright and New” (Basque)

Dxaustin – “Great” (Latin)

Dxaxton – “Sword Stone” (Old English)

Dxavier – “Bright” (Basque)

Dxamuel – “Heard by God” (Hebrew)

Dxachary – “Remembered by God” (Hebrew)

Dxael – “Messenger of God” (Hebrew)

Dxaul – “Humble” (Latin)

Dxandon – “Long Hill” (Old English)

Dxarson – “Son of the Arrow” (Scottish)

Dxake – “Supplanter” (Hebrew)

Dxarrett – “Brave Spear” (Germanic)

Dxenry – “Ruler of the Home” (Germanic)

Dxichael – “Who is Like God?” (Hebrew)

Dxicholas – “Victory of the People” (Greek)

Dxathaniel – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Dxaleb – “Faithful” (Hebrew)

Dxamuel – “Name of God” (Hebrew)

Dxoliver – “Olive Tree” (Latin)

Dxaiden – “Fire” (Irish)

Dxeith – “From the Battlefield” (Scottish)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “DX”

Dxton – “Brave Town” (Old English)

Dxayden – “Little Fire” (Irish)

Dxavier – “Bright” (Basque)

Dxaxton – “Sword Stone” (Old English)

Dxaylen – “Calm” (Greek)

Dxaylon – “Gift of God” (Hebrew)

Dxrion – “King” (Greek)

Dxander – “Defender of the People” (Greek)

Dxael – “Messenger of God” (Hebrew)

Dxavery – “Elf King” (Old English)

Dxen – “Grace” (Chinese)

Dxace – “Unity” (Latin)

Dxeo – “Godlike” (Greek)

Dxaj – “Unconquered” (Sanskrit)

Dxey – “Wildfire” (English)

Dxan – “Peaceful” (Chinese)

Dxylan – “Born from the Sea” (Welsh)

Dxeithan – “Strong and Firm” (Hebrew)

Dxemuel – “God is With Us” (Hebrew)

Dxauren – “Crowned with Laurel” (Latin)

Dxaaron – “Mountain of Strength” (Hebrew)

Dxeo – “Strong as an Oak” (English)

Dxaiden – “Little Fire” (Irish)

Dxillion – “Youthful” (Latin)

Dxaver – “Brave” (German)

Dxynan – “Little King” (Irish)

Dxennon – “Gift of Zeus” (Greek)

Dxeyland – “Island Meadow” (Old English)

Dxaxton – “Sword Stone” (Old English)

Dxydan – “Warrior” (Old English)

Unique “DX” Names for Boys

Dxariel – “Lion of God”

Dxaethan – “Noble protector”

Dxerion – “Eternal warrior”

Dxenith – “Peak” (Greek)

Dxephyr – “West Wind” (Greek)

Dxolstice – “Sun Standstill” (Latin)

Dxanthe – “Golden” (Greek)

Dxrion – “Gift” (Greek)

Dxaquon – “Water” (Latin)

Dxavius – “New House” (Basque)

Dxavor – “Strong” (German)

Dxrael – “Prince of God” (Hebrew)

Dxarius – “Keeper” (Persian)

Dxylon – “Idyll” (Greek)

Dxoma – “God’s Help” (Hebrew)

Dxenon – “Stranger” (Greek)

Dxaelion – “Lion of God” (Hebrew)

Dxaro – “Golden” (Spanish)

Dxaelos – “Saint” (Greek)

Dxenrick – “Ruler” (German)

Dxanith – “Golden Flower” (Greek)

Dxariel – “Light of God” (Hebrew)

Dxazur – “Sky Blue” (Spanish)

Dxegon – “Dragon” (Greek)

Dxantor – “Protector” (Greek)

Dxion – “Great” (Greek)

Dxonar – “Shining Star” (Arabic)

Dxaric – “Eternal Ruler” (German)

Dxithor – “Thunder” (Norse)

Dxaedan – “Little Fire” (Irish)

Dxynel – “Grace” (Hebrew)

Dxial – “Life” (Hebrew)

Dxorren – “Little Red” (Latin)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “DX”

Daxon – “Waterfall” (English)

Dexter – “Skilled” (Latin)

Daxell – “Leader” (Old English)

Dexten – “Fortunate” (Latin)

Daxson – “Warrior” (Old English)

Dex – “Right-handed” (Latin)

Dexton – “Town of the right-handed” (English)

Daxter – “Skilled” (Latin)

Daxel – “Lord” (Old English)

Daxon – “Son of the warrior” (Old English)

Dexton – “Dexter’s town” (English)

Daxsen – “Son of Dax” (English)

Dextin – “Skilled town” (English)

Daxell – “Chief” (Old English)

Dextyn – “Skilled town” (Latin)

Daxion – “Leader” (Old English)

Daxin – “Gift of God” (English)

Dexin – “Skillful one” (Latin)

Daxon – “Hero” (English)

Dexten – “One who is right-handed” (Latin)

Daxion – “Warrior” (Old English)

Dexter – “Dex’s place” (Latin)

Daxson – “Leader” (Old English)

Dexsen – “Son of the right-handed one” (Latin)

Daxer – “Warrior” (Old English)

Dexon – “Skilled one” (Latin)

Daxian – “Warrior” (Old English)

Dexian – “One who is skilled” (Latin)

Daxnor – “North warrior” (Old English)

Dexnor – “North skilled one” (Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “DX”

Dxander – “Protector of men” (Greek)

Dxavi – “New house” (Basque)

Dxarus – “Strong” (Persian)

Dxeron – “Gift from the gods” (Greek)

Dxasiel – “God is my strength” (Hebrew)

Dxantos – “Warrior” (Greek)

Dxaniel – “God is my judge” (Hebrew)

Dxuriel – “Flame of God” (Hebrew)

Dxalon – “Oak tree” (Gaelic)

Dxavier – “Bright” (Spanish)

Dxino – “Little sword” (Japanese)

Dxavion – “New house” (Basque)

Dxariel – “Lion of God” (Hebrew)

Dxathos – “Immortal” (Greek)

Dxanton – “Priceless” (Latin)

Dxavros – “New spring” (Greek)

Dxarin – “Fiery one” (Greek)

Dxeon – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Dxael – “Divine protector” (Hebrew)

Dxario – “Joyful” (Spanish)

Dxaith – “Immortal” (Sanskrit)

Dxandro – “Defender of the people” (Greek)

Dxaven – “Small bird” (Old English)

Dxiel – “Lion of God” (Hebrew)

Dxajun – “Warrior” (Turkish)

Dxahar – “Jewel” (Arabic)

Dxoriel – “God is my light” (Hebrew)

Dxantos – “Warrior” (Greek)

Dxaris – “Grace” (Greek)

Dxante – “St. John” (Greek)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “DX”

Dexter – “Right-handed; fortunate” (Latin)

Dixie – “Tenth” (French)

Dixon – “Son of Richard” (English)

Dylan – “Son of the sea” (Welsh)

Dax – “Leader” (French)

Dallas – “From the valley” (Gaelic)

Dakota – “Friend, ally” (Native American)

Daria – “Maintains possessions well” (Greek)

Damaris – “Calf, gentle” (Greek)

Darcy – “From Arcy” (French)

Darby – “Free from envy” (Old Norse)

Dell – “Small valley” (English)

Delaney – “From the alder grove” (Irish)

Devon – “Poet” (Irish)

Drew – “Manly; courageous” (Greek)

Dana – “God is my judge” (Hebrew)

Dorian – “Of the sea” (Greek)

Denver – “Green valley” (English)

Devin – “Divine” (Irish)

Dove – “Symbol of peace” (English)

Darian – “Gift” (Persian)

Dakari – “Happy” (African)

Dalen – “Valley” (Scandinavian)

Daksha – “The earth; skilled” (Sanskrit)

Destry – “War horse” (English)

Daksh – “Competent” (Sanskrit)

Dian – “Divine” (Indonesian)

Diva – “Celebrity” (Latin)

Daryn – “Great” (Irish)

Deshawn – “God is gracious” (American)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “DX”

Dxael – “God’s Power” (Invented from traditional roots)

Dxaius – “Follower of God” (Invented from traditional roots)

Dxaniel – “God is My Judge” (Inspired by Daniel)

Dxavid – “Beloved” (Inspired by David)

Dxaron – “Mount of Strength” (Inspired by Aaron)

Dxasiel – “God is My Helper” (Invented from traditional roots)

Dxarius – “Protector” (Inspired by Darius)

Dxayden – “Little Fire” (Inspired by Aidan)

Dxachiel – “Who is Like God” (Inspired by Michael)

Dxaliel – “My God is Joy” (Inspired by Elijah)

Dxanias – “God is Gracious” (Inspired by Ananias)

Dxavion – “Gift of God” (Inspired by Avion)

Dxemuel – “God Heard” (Inspired by Samuel)

Dxereus – “King” (Inspired by Cyrus)

Dxiriel – “God’s Lion” (Inspired by Ariel)

Dxevius – “Life” (Inspired by Zevi)

Dxephraim – “Fruitful” (Inspired by Ephraim)

Dxivian – “God is Gracious” (Inspired by Ivan)

Dximan – “God is with Us” (Inspired by Emmanuel)

Dxadiel – “Ornament of God” (Inspired by Adiel)

Dxeos – “God” (Inspired by Theos)

Dxander – “Defender of Men” (Inspired by Alexander)

Dxabriel – “God is My Strength” (Inspired by Gabriel)

Dxalon – “Oak Tree” (Inspired by Alon)

Dxeremiah – “Exalted of the Lord” (Inspired by Jeremiah)

Dxaziel – “God is My Strength” (Inspired by Aziel)

Dxeremias – “God Will Uplift” (Inspired by Jeremias)

Dxosiah – “The Lord Heals” (Inspired by Josiah)

Dxachariah – “God Remembers” (Inspired by Zechariah)

Dxavion – “Gift of God” (Inspired by Zevion)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “DX”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

34th President of the United States, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War II.

Denzel Washington

Award-winning actor known for his roles in films like “Training Day,” “Malcolm X,” and “Glory.”

Daniel Day-Lewis

Renowned actor, known for his immersive method acting approach and acclaimed performances in films like “There Will Be Blood” and “Lincoln.”

David Beckham

Former professional footballer, iconic English midfielder known for his time with Manchester United and the England national team.

Dustin Hoffman

Esteemed actor known for his roles in films like “Rain Man,” “The Graduate,” and “Tootsie.”

Dwayne Johnson

Also known as “The Rock,” former professional wrestler turned actor, known for his roles in movies like “Jumanji,” “Fast & Furious” franchise, and “Moana.”

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