220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “DUC”

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby boy, there are countless options to consider.

For those looking for a unique and distinctive name, boy names that start with “DUC” offer a special charm and appeal.

From traditional to contemporary, these names carry a sense of strength, individuality, and character.

Names such as “Ducan,” “Ducard,” or “Duchess” can provide a sense of elegance and sophistication, while names like “Ducio” or “Ducien” offer a more modern and trendy feel.

Whether you’re drawn to French, Italian, or even fictional origins, boy names that start with “DUC” can add a touch of uniqueness to your little one’s identity.

In this article, we’ll explore a variety of boy names that start with “DUC,” uncovering their meanings, cultural significance, and popularity in today’s naming trends.

Whether you’re seeking a traditional or avant-garde name, there’s sure to be a “DUC” name that resonates with you and your family.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “DUC”

Duciano – “warrior chief” (English)

Duclan – “from the dark land” (English)

Ducarius – “beloved leader” (Latin)

Ducilio – “noble leader” (Italian)

Ducrecio – “ruler of good judgment” (Spanish)

Ducan – “dark-haired warrior” (Scottish)

Duciano – “defender of the people” (Italian)

Duco – “leader, guide” (Latin)

Ducretius – “wise ruler” (Latin)

Ducen – “ruler of ten” (Greek)

Ducon – “brave leader” (Irish)

Ducius – “worthy leader” (Latin)

Ducelio – “noble and esteemed” (Spanish)

Ducarius – “distinguished leader” (Latin)

Duciano – “prince of the people” (Italian)

Duconio – “wise ruler” (Spanish)

Ducio – “skilled leader” (Italian)

Ducan – “descendant of Donn” (Irish)

Ducilio – “leader of the people” (Italian)

Ducario – “strong and courageous ruler” (Spanish)

Ducilius – “noble commander” (Latin)

Ducio – “leader of the home” (Italian)

Duclan – “from the dark warrior’s land” (Irish)

Ducito – “one who leads with authority” (Spanish)

Ducian – “brave ruler” (English)

Ducien – “leader with divine strength” (French)

Ducianus – “noble leader” (Latin)

Ducelon – “brave lion” (English)

Ducenzo – “victorious leader” (Italian)

Ducentius – “leader of two hundred” (Latin)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “DUC”

Ducarlo – “strong and free” (Spanish)

Ducas – “from the water” (Greek)

Duconio – “brave protector” (Spanish)

Ducero – “bold ruler” (Spanish)

Duclio – “visionary leader” (Spanish)

Ducal – “noble and gracious” (English)

Ducario – “adventurous leader” (Spanish)

Ducelio – “wise counselor” (Spanish)

Duciel – “heavenly leader” (Spanish)

Ducero – “daring conqueror” (Spanish)

Ducero – “wise ruler” (Spanish)

Duceano – “bold defender” (Spanish)

Ducien – “brave guardian” (Spanish)

Ducil – “peaceful leader” (Spanish)

Ducino – “innovative thinker” (Spanish)

Ducius – “honorable ruler” (Latin)

Ducio – “brave-hearted leader” (Spanish)

Duclan – “adventurous warrior” (Spanish)

Ducaro – “courageous protector” (Spanish)

Ducilon – “noble knight” (Spanish)

Ducello – “graceful leader” (Spanish)

Ducon – “steadfast defender” (English)

Ducello – “brave and noble” (Spanish)

Ducien – “bright leader” (Spanish)

Ducio – “courageous captain” (Spanish)

Ducilon – “faithful guardian” (Spanish)

Ducero – “charismatic ruler” (Spanish)

Duciel – “inspiring leader” (Spanish)

Ducron – “resolute warrior” (Spanish)

Duciyano – “valiant protector” (Spanish)

Unique “DUC” Names for Boys

Ducland – “land of strength” (English)

Ducero – “brave heart” (Spanish)

Ducreon – “royal warrior” (English)

Duclio – “wise counsel” (Greek)

Ducian – “divine leader” (English)

Ducario – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Ducaris – “courageous defender” (Greek)

Ducienzo – “noble victory” (Spanish)

Ducalio – “graceful leader” (Spanish)

Ducleon – “lionhearted” (English)

Ducino – “innovative thinker” (Spanish)

Ducylon – “strong protector” (Greek)

Ducius – “just ruler” (Latin)

Ducelon – “brave lion” (Spanish)

Duclair – “clear and bright” (English)

Ducifer – “bearer of light” (Latin)

Ducardo – “brave guardian” (Spanish)

Ducronis – “mighty warrior” (Greek)

Ducielo – “heavenly leader” (Spanish)

Ducasto – “steadfast protector” (Spanish)

Ducalvo – “noble wolf” (Spanish)

Ducindo – “inspiring leader” (Spanish)

Ducor – “wise counselor” (Greek)

Ducade – “gifted leader” (Spanish)

Ducifer – “fiery spirit” (Spanish)

Duconis – “courageous knight” (Greek)

Ducasso – “graceful warrior” (Spanish)

Ducaris – “bold protector” (Greek)

Ducalvo – “valiant wolf” (Spanish)

Ducetto – “small but mighty” (Italian)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “DUC”

Ducart – “noble artist” (English)

Ducent – “leader of a hundred” (Latin)

Ducaro – “bold protector” (Spanish)

Ducleon – “lion-hearted leader” (English)

Ducanio – “graceful warrior” (Spanish)

Ducero – “valiant ruler” (Spanish)

Ducasso – “skilled warrior” (Spanish)

Ducalion – “leader of the people” (Greek)

Ducaros – “courageous defender” (Greek)

Ducero – “wise counselor” (Spanish)

Duclis – “bright leader” (Greek)

Ducentio – “hundredfold leader” (Spanish)

Ducetto – “determined leader” (Italian)

Ducaron – “brave guardian” (Spanish)

Ducien – “steadfast protector” (Spanish)

Ducalvo – “noble wolf” (Spanish)

Ducalis – “wise and brave” (Greek)

Ducolin – “heroic protector” (Spanish)

Duclif – “peaceful leader” (English)

Ducilo – “strong-willed leader” (Spanish)

Ducasso – “graceful warrior” (Spanish)

Ducleon – “lion-hearted leader” (Spanish)

Ducario – “adventurous ruler” (Spanish)

Ducius – “honorable leader” (Latin)

Duclian – “divine protector” (English)

Ducron – “mighty warrior” (Spanish)

Ducalis – “brave and wise” (Greek)

Ducarro – “courageous defender” (Spanish)

Ducimon – “wise protector” (Spanish)

Ducalvo – “valiant wolf” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “DUC”

Ducai – “brave warrior” (Chinese)

Ducalio – “divine protector” (Italian)

Ducanu – “leader of the sky” (Tongan)

Ducento – “hundredfold” (Italian)

Duciano – “royal protector” (Italian)

Ducalix – “sacred leader” (Latin)

Ducanu – “guardian of the waves” (Polynesian)

Ducelio – “noble knight” (Portuguese)

Ducaro – “courageous defender” (Italian)

Duciano – “brave prince” (Spanish)

Duclio – “wise sage” (Italian)

Ducoran – “heroic guardian” (Irish)

Ducito – “commanding leader” (Italian)

Ducielo – “heavenly ruler” (Spanish)

Ducario – “valiant ruler” (Italian)

Ducario – “fearless protector” (Portuguese)

Ducival – “valiant warrior” (French)

Ducor – “wise counselor” (Latin)

Ducenzo – “crowned leader” (Italian)

Ducalix – “regal protector” (Greek)

Ducilon – “strong defender” (Italian)

Ducero – “bold ruler” (Portuguese)

Ducalis – “brave and noble” (Latin)

Ducentius – “leader of two hundred” (Latin)

Ducalion – “wise leader” (Greek)

Ducalon – “courageous lion” (French)

Ducardo – “brave guardian” (Portuguese)

Ducindo – “inspiring leader” (Italian)

Ducius – “distinguished ruler” (Roman)

Ducillon – “noble champion” (French)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “DUC”

Ducaro – “adventurous soul” (Spanish)

Duclanis – “wise wanderer” (Greek)

Ducaris – “brave spirit” (Greek)

Ducence – “charming leader” (English)

Ducila – “gentle ruler” (Spanish)

Ducaro – “free spirit” (Spanish)

Ducalia – “noble essence” (Greek)

Duciel – “heavenly being” (Spanish)

Ducano – “peaceful soul” (Spanish)

Ducora – “beloved heart” (English)

Ducanis – “adventurous soul” (Greek)

Ducello – “graceful spirit” (Spanish)

Ducaris – “bold adventurer” (Greek)

Ducilo – “wise soul” (Spanish)

Ducane – “brave wanderer” (English)

Ducarta – “creative mind” (Spanish)

Ducora – “golden heart” (English)

Duciano – “charismatic soul” (Spanish)

Duceli – “noble spirit” (Spanish)

Ducalix – “bright essence” (Greek)

Ducero – “courageous heart” (Spanish)

Ducaris – “fearless spirit” (Greek)

Ducianis – “inspiring soul” (Greek)

Ducella – “gentle soul” (Spanish)

Ducato – “blessed being” (Spanish)

Ducalin – “wise spirit” (English)

Ducanda – “brave soul” (Spanish)

Ducario – “adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Ducaros – “courageous soul” (Greek)

Ducalia – “graceful essence” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “DUC”

Ducifer – “bearer of light” (Latin)

Ducario – “devoted to God” (Spanish)

Ducilios – “follower of Christ” (Greek)

Ducelius – “sacred leader” (Latin)

Ducanuel – “God’s grace” (Spanish)

Ducario – “God’s messenger” (Spanish)

Ducellius – “worshiper of the divine” (Latin)

Ducaristos – “beloved by God” (Greek)

Ducalvin – “friend of God” (Spanish)

Ducianos – “follower of Jesus” (Greek)

Ducastus – “steadfast in faith” (Latin)

Ducentius – “devoted servant” (Latin)

Ducelio – “God’s chosen one” (Spanish)

Ducangel – “angelic messenger” (Spanish)

Ducianus – “devout follower” (Latin)

Ducaristo – “grateful to God” (Spanish)

Ducristo – “follower of Christ” (Spanish)

Ducastian – “devotee of Saint Sebastian” (Spanish)

Ducario – “God’s warrior” (Spanish)

Ducorazon – “heart of God” (Spanish)

Duclorenzo – “victorious in God” (Spanish)

Ducaridad – “charity of God” (Spanish)

Ducostas – “steadfast believer” (Greek)

Ducelon – “God’s lion” (Spanish)

Duciano – “divine protector” (Spanish)

Ducarlos – “beloved by God” (Spanish)

Ducalius – “devoted to the sacred” (Latin)

Ducaris – “God’s courage” (Greek)

Ducielo – “heavenly gift” (Spanish)

Ducalion – “God’s strength” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “DUC”

Duce Ellington

American composer, pianist, and bandleader who was one of the most influential figures in jazz.

Duc de Saint-Simon

French writer and courtier, known for his extensive memoirs which provide a vivid picture of the court of King Louis XIV.

Duc Tho

Vietnamese diplomat and politician who played a crucial role in the Paris Peace Accords that ended the Vietnam War.

Duc de Richelieu

French military officer and statesman, prominent figure during the reign of King Louis XV.

Duc de Choiseul

French statesman who served as Foreign Minister and later as Chief Minister under King Louis XV.

Duc de Morny

French politician and half-brother of Emperor Napoleon III, known for his influential role in French politics during the mid-19th century.

Duc Ba

Vietnamese mathematician and educator, recognized for his contributions to mathematical research and education in Vietnam.

Duc Ba Dat

Vietnamese revolutionary leader and military strategist, played a key role in the resistance against colonial rule.

Duc de Gramont

French diplomat and statesman, known for his involvement in European politics during the 19th century.

Duc de La Rochefoucauld

French author and moralist, renowned for his maxims and reflections on human nature.

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