220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “DALT”

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a daunting task. You want something unique, but not too outlandish.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that starts with “Dalt,” you’re in luck. “Dalt” is a less common starting letter for names, which means that the options are inherently more unique.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional, timeless names or more modern, trendy options, there is sure to be a “Dalt” name that fits your desired style.

From classic choices like Dalton and Daltrey to more modern picks like Daltan and Dalton, the possibilities are endless.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best boy names that start with “Dalt” to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

So grab a pen and paper, and get ready to be inspired by this list of unique “Dalt” names for boys.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “DALT”

Daltan – “From the town in the valley” (English)

Dalton – “Settlement in the valley” (English)

Daltyn – “Valley town” (English)

Daltrey – “From the farmstead in the valley” (English)

Daltor – “Fortress in the valley” (English)

Daltos – “Born in the valley” (Greek)

Daltios – “Valley-dweller” (Greek)

Daltonio – “Son of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltiano – “Valley-born” (Spanish)

Daltario – “Resident of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltorin – “Little valley” (English)

Daltius – “Valley dweller” (Latinized Greek)

Dalten – “Valley settlement” (English)

Daltios – “Valley man” (Greek)

Dalturo – “Valley hero” (Spanish)

Daltiano – “Valley life” (Spanish)

Daltin – “Valley town dweller” (English)

Daltis – “Man of the valley” (Greek)

Daltonic – “Relating to a valley” (English)

Daltiano – “Valley land” (Spanish)

Daltos – “Valley-born” (Greek)

Daltorio – “Valley of gold” (Spanish)

Daltona – “Valley dweller” (English)

Daltius – “Of the valley” (Greek)

Daltoro – “Valley explorer” (Spanish)

Daltonio – “Son of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltios – “Resident of the valley” (Greek)

Daltrico – “Valley ruler” (Spanish)

Daltaire – “Valley traveler” (English)

Daltius – “Man of the valley” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "DALT"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “DALT”

Daltex – “Tech-savvy dweller” (English)

Daltaro – “Valley explorer” (Spanish)

Daltico – “Valley inhabitant” (Spanish)

Daltanis – “Valley of dreams” (Greek)

Daltwin – “Valley friend” (English)

Daltaro – “Valley adventurer” (Spanish)

Daltanis – “Valley seeker” (Greek)

Daltris – “Valley strategist” (Spanish)

Daltion – “Valley enthusiast” (English)

Daltheon – “Divine valley” (Greek)

Daltario – “Valley voyager” (Spanish)

Dalteno – “Valley origin” (Spanish)

Daltisius – “Wisdom from the valley” (Greek)

Daltion – “Valley unity” (English)

Daltario – “Valley conqueror” (Spanish)

Daltico – “Modern valley dweller” (Spanish)

Dalthos – “Valley champion” (Greek)

Daltrico – “Valley ruler” (Spanish)

Daltaris – “Guardian of the valley” (Greek)

Daltaro – “Valley visionary” (Spanish)

Daltiano – “Valley creator” (Spanish)

Daltrex – “Valley explorer” (English)

Daltonic – “Innovative valley dweller” (English)

Daltanos – “Eternal valley” (Greek)

Daltaro – “Valley pioneer” (Spanish)

Daltos – “Valley artist” (Greek)

Dalterno – “Valley originator” (Spanish)

Daltario – “Valley leader” (Spanish)

Daltius – “Valley essence” (Greek)

Daltario – “Valley visionary” (Spanish)

Unique “DALT” Names for Boys

Daltaro – “Steadfast guardian of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltoros – “Mystical dweller of the valley” (Greek)

Daltario – “Adventurous spirit from the valley” (Spanish)

Daltorio – “Valley of inspiration” (Spanish)

Daltanix – “Innovative valley explorer” (English)

Daltionis – “Harmony in the valley” (Greek)

Daltario – “Brave leader of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltrexos – “Explorer of diverse valleys” (English)

Daltriano – “Artistic soul from the valley” (Spanish)

Daltorian – “Bearer of valley wisdom” (English)

Daltaris – “Guardian of sacred valleys” (Greek)

Daltario – “Valley nomad” (Spanish)

Daltias – “Spirit of the mountain valley” (Greek)

Daltroso – “Inquisitive seeker of valleys” (Spanish)

Daltanos – “Eternal protector of the valley” (Greek)

Daltario – “Trailblazer in the valley” (Spanish)

Daltarian – “Admirer of diverse valleys” (English)

Daltios – “Pilgrim of the valley” (Greek)

Daltario – “Innovator in the valley” (Spanish)

Daltorus – “Guardian of the hidden valley” (English)

Daltios – “Harbinger of valley dreams” (Greek)

Daltario – “Soulful dweller in the valley” (Spanish)

Daltianos – “Seeker of ancient valleys” (Greek)

Daltario – “Champion of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltinex – “Explorer of uncharted valleys” (English)

Daltios – “Connoisseur of valley beauty” (Greek)

Daltario – “Spiritual guide in the valley” (Spanish)

Daltaris – “Protector of valley secrets” (Greek)

Daltiano – “Guardian of the lush valley” (Spanish)

Daltroix – “Seeker of valley mysteries” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “DALT”

Daltmore – “Majestic valley” (English)

Daltford – “River crossing in the valley” (English)

Daltus – “Wise valley dweller” (Latinized Greek)

Daltwell – “Deep well in the valley” (English)

Dalthorne – “Thorny valley” (English)

Daltonus – “Resolute valley dweller” (Latinized Greek)

Daltaric – “Rich ruler of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltstan – “Valley stone” (English)

Daltford – “Guardian of the valley crossing” (English)

Daltosius – “Noble valley dweller” (Latinized Greek)

Dalthorne – “Valley of thorns” (English)

Daltorian – “Ancient valley explorer” (Greek)

Daltmere – “Peaceful valley” (English)

Daltario – “Valley hero” (Spanish)

Daltstone – “Sturdy stone of the valley” (English)

Daltorius – “Courageous valley dweller” (Latinized Greek)

Daltwood – “Wooded valley” (English)

Daltario – “Noble ruler of the valley” (Spanish)

Daltfield – “Open field in the valley” (English)

Daltios – “Visionary dweller of the valley” (Greek)

Daltmere – “Gentle sea in the valley” (English)

Daltorico – “Valley conqueror” (Spanish)

Daltstone – “Solid foundation of the valley” (English)

Daltoro – “Valley explorer” (Spanish)

Daltford – “Protected ford in the valley” (English)

Daltianos – “Eternal valley dweller” (Greek)

Daltoro – “Golden valley” (Spanish)

Daltwood – “Wise woodsman of the valley” (English)

Daltius – “Valley guardian” (Latinized Greek)

Daltario – “Ruler of the valley” (Spanish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “DALT”

Daltanov – “New beginning” (Russian)

Daltré – “Of the three” (French)

Daltir – “Bright star” (Turkish)

Daltovar – “Gift from above” (Russian)

Daltanu – “Infinite sky” (Romanian)

Daltorin – “Adventurous soul” (French)

Dalteo – “Sky walker” (Spanish)

Daltaro – “Eternal traveler” (Italian)

Daltanis – “Mystical being” (Spanish)

Daltino – “Shining light” (Portuguese)

Dalturo – “Valley of dreams” (Italian)

Daltios – “Celestial guardian” (Greek)

Daltoros – “Star of hope” (Portuguese)

Daltoro – “Brave explorer” (Spanish)

Daltiano – “Warrior spirit” (Italian)

Daltos – “Heavenly dweller” (Greek)

Daltius – “Radiant essence” (Latin)

Daltian – “Serenade of the moon” (Italian)

Dalteon – “Celestial dreamer” (Spanish)

Daltis – “Luminous soul” (Greek)

Daltaris – “Keeper of the stars” (Italian)

Daltiano – “Infinite strength” (Spanish)

Dalteros – “Moonlit journey” (Greek)

Daltianu – “Eternal flame” (Romanian)

Daltarix – “Song of the stars” (Spanish)

Daltos – “Spirit of the cosmos” (Greek)

Daltario – “Guardian of the constellations” (Spanish)

Daltario – “Timeless wanderer” (Italian)

Daltianos – “Eternal voyage” (Greek)

Daltiano – “Star-born leader” (Italian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “DALT”

Daltan – “Valley dweller” (English)

Daltonic – “Inhabitant of the valley” (English)

Daltara – “Protected valley” (Spanish)

Daltian – “Belonging to the valley” (Greek)

Daltaro – “Valley explorer” (Spanish)

Daltaris – “Guardian of the valley” (Greek)

Daltex – “Modern valley dweller” (English)

Daltoria – “Valley of the brave” (Spanish)

Daltis – “Valley spirit” (Greek)

Dalto – “From the valley” (English)

Daltiano – “Valley-born” (Spanish)

Daltios – “Innovator of the valley” (Greek)

Daltian – “Keeper of the valley” (English)

Daltico – “Valley inhabitant” (Spanish)

Daltos – “Valley seeker” (Greek)

Daltara – “Adventurous valley” (Spanish)

Daltin – “Valley town dweller” (English)

Daltrex – “Explorer of the valley” (English)

Daltianos – “Eternal valley dweller” (Greek)

Daltario – “Valley guide” (Spanish)

Daltris – “Harmony in the valley” (English)

Dalten – “Valley settler” (English)

Daltoro – “Valley voyager” (Spanish)

Daltian – “Bringer of valley joy” (Greek)

Daltexa – “Majestic valley” (Spanish)

Daltroix – “Seeker of valley mysteries” (English)

Daltaur – “Valley explorer” (English)

Daltario – “Valley creator” (Spanish)

Daltios – “Visionary dweller of the valley” (Greek)

Daltaro – “Adventurous soul of the valley” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “DALT”

Daltar – “Altar servant” (English)

Daltianos – “Devotee of God” (Greek)

Daltario – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Daltaros – “Faithful worshiper” (Greek)

Daltian – “Sacred valley” (English)

Daltos – “Divinely inspired” (Greek)

Daltanuel – “God is with us” (Spanish)

Daltheon – “Divine blessing” (Greek)

Daltian – “Anointed one” (English)

Daltos – “Pious dweller” (Greek)

Daltarix – “Kingdom seeker” (Spanish)

Daltios – “Bearer of God’s light” (Greek)

Daltarian – “Guardian of faith” (English)

Daltario – “Godly ruler” (Spanish)

Daltorius – “Loyal servant of God” (Greek)

Daltian – “Follower of the divine path” (English)

Daltos – “Blessed one” (Greek)

Daltario – “Spiritual leader” (Spanish)

Daltorin – “Messenger of God” (English)

Daltos – “Chosen by God” (Greek)

Daltarix – “Seeker of divine wisdom” (Spanish)

Daltianos – “Devoted soul” (Greek)

Daltario – “Faithful guide” (Spanish)

Daltian – “Faithful servant” (English)

Daltos – “Holy dweller” (Greek)

Daltarian – “Bearer of sacred messages” (Spanish)

Daltaros – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Daltios – “Divine visionary” (Greek)

Daltario – “Guardian of religious traditions” (Spanish)

Daltorius – “Devout worshiper” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “DALT”

Dalton Trumbo

American screenwriter and novelist, one of the Hollywood Ten who refused to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee during the McCarthy era.

Dalton McGuinty

Canadian politician who served as the 24th Premier of Ontario, known for his contributions to education and environmental policies.

Dalton Grant

British high jumper, Olympian, and three-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist.

Dalton Castle

American professional wrestler, known for his flamboyant and entertaining persona in the ring.

Dalton Gomez

American real estate agent and husband of singer Ariana Grande.

Dalton Pompey

Canadian professional baseball outfielder who has played for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Dalton Ghetti

Brazilian-born artist known for his intricate miniature sculptures carved from pencil graphite.

Dalton Jones

Former American Major League Baseball player, primarily with the Boston Red Sox.

Dalton Rapattoni

American singer-songwriter and finalist on the fifteenth season of American Idol.

Dalton Grant

Australian Paralympic swimmer who has won multiple gold medals in the Paralympic Games.

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