220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “CU”

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your baby boy, the options are truly endless. If you’re looking for a unique and distinctive name that starts with “CU”, you’re in luck.

There are several handsome and strong names that fit the bill, and each with its own special meaning and origin.

Whether you’re drawn to names with a modern twist or prefer something more traditional, there’s sure to be a name on this list that speaks to you.

From Cuinn to Cullen, these names are not only distinct but also carry a sense of strength and character. Plus, their rarity will set your little one apart from the crowd.

So if you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind name that starts with “CU”, look no further.

We’ve rounded up some of the most unique and delightful boy names that fit the bill, making the task of choosing the perfect moniker just a bit easier.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “CU”

Cullen – “Handsome, good-looking” (English)

Curtis – “Courteous” (English)

Cuyler – “Chapel, church” (English)

Cuauhtémoc – “Descending sun” (Spanish)

Cuthbert – “Famous, bright” (English)

Cuauhpilli – “Lord of the house” (Spanish)

Cullen – “Little rock” (Spanish)

Cuauhtli – “Eagle” (Spanish)

Cullen – “Cub” (Greek)

Curro – “Free man” (Spanish)

Cupid – “Desire” (Latin)

Curtiss – “Polite, courteous” (English)

Cuthwin – “Famous friend” (English)

Cuauhcoatl – “Serpent” (Greek)

Cullen – “Child” (Greek)

Cyprian – “From Cyprus” (Greek)

Cutler – “Knife maker” (English)

Cuauhxochitl – “Flower” (Greek)

Cullen – “Holly tree” (Irish)

Curcio – “Courageous” (Greek)

Cualli – “Good” (Greek)

Cuthman – “Man of courage” (English)

Cupere – “To desire” (Latin)

Curtice – “Polite, courteous” (English)

Cualli – “Good” (Greek)

Cullen – “Handsome” (Greek)

Cyprian – “Sunny” (Greek)

Cuauhtémoc – “Descending sun” (Hebrew)

Cullen – “Holly tree” (Hebrew)

Cuthbert – “Bright, famous” (English)

Boy Names That Start with "CU"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “CU”

Cuatro – “Four” (Spanish)

Cuprianus – “From Cyprus” (Greek)

Cubert – “Bright mind” (English)

Culver – “Dove” (English)

Cusi – “Joy” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Cullenix – “Handsome warrior” (English)

Cupido – “Desire” (Spanish)

Cuthlof – “Courageous wolf” (English)

Cuervo – “Raven” (Spanish)

Cumulus – “Heap” (Latin)

Curcio – “Courageous one” (Spanish)

Culain – “Hound of Culann” (Irish)

Cubillo – “Little cube” (Spanish)

Cupro – “Copper” (Latin)

Curro – “Brave defender” (Spanish)

Cuthric – “Rich and powerful” (English)

Cutlas – “Short sword” (English)

Curius – “Curious, inquisitive” (Latin)

Cumian – “Hound-like” (Irish)

Cyprien – “Sunny” (French variation of Cyprian)

Cumaean – “From Cumae” (Latin)

Cuartio – “Fourth son” (Spanish)

Cullin – “Young animal” (Irish)

Cuzco – “Navel of the world” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Cuthred – “Famous counsel” (English)

Curcillo – “Little brave one” (Spanish)

Cyparissus – “Cypress tree” (Greek)

Cuvier – “Shrewd, clever” (French)

Cullenor – “Golden warrior” (English)

Cuadrado – “Square” (Spanish)

Unique “CU” Names for Boys

Cuchulainn – “Hound of Culann” (Irish)

Culverton – “Dove town” (English)

Cusco – “Navel of the world” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Cupselus – “Cypress” (Greek)

Cuspis – “Point, tip” (Latin)

Cullenixis – “Radiant warrior” (English)

Cumbre – “Summit” (Spanish)

Cuthward – “Brave guardian” (English)

Cupreon – “Copper-colored” (English)

Cuervois – “Raven-like” (Spanish)

Culan – “Hound-like” (Irish)

Cuspidor – “Spittoon” (Portuguese)

Cusick – “Curly-haired” (Irish)

Cubino – “Little cube” (Spanish)

Cuprius – “Coppery” (Latin)

Cuthgils – “Famous hostage” (English)

Cutelo – “Short sword” (Portuguese)

Cuvierio – “Shrewd one” (Italian)

Culdran – “Valiant wolf” (English)

Cubalito – “Little cube” (Spanish)

Cuchilla – “Blade” (Spanish)

Currant – “Red berry” (English)

Cunovindus – “Famous wolf” (Latin)

Cullinian – “Youthful” (Irish)

Curzan – “Brave counselor” (English)

Cutelois – “Sword-like” (French)

Cuivres – “Coppery” (French)

Cumuluso – “Cloud-like” (Spanish)

Cuthgerd – “Famous spear” (English)

Custos – “Guardian” (Latin)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “CU”

Cuthmanus – “Man of courage” (Latin)

Curcio – “Courteous” (Italian)

Cullan – “Good-looking lad” (Irish)

Cuatroo – “Fourth” (Spanish)

Cuprian – “Coppery” (English)

Cullenius – “Handsome youth” (Latin)

Cuthfrid – “Peaceful ruler” (English)

Cumulo – “Heap, pile” (Latin)

Cuervo – “Raven” (Spanish)

Cynis – “From Mount Cynthus” (Greek)

Culainn – “Hound-like” (Irish)

Cutlass – “Short sword” (English)

Curcius – “Courageous” (Latin)

Cullenoros – “Golden warrior” (Latin)

Cuthricus – “Ruler with counsel” (Latin)

Cupido – “Desire” (Latin)

Curcio – “Courageous heart” (Italian)

Cusicanqui – “Joyful” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Cutherbert – “Bright, famous” (English)

Currancio – “Youthful” (Italian)

Cuellart – “Artistic” (Spanish)

Cutulo – “Smart, clever” (Italian)

Cullinan – “Young one” (Irish)

Cupreus – “Copper-colored” (Latin)

Cuscó – “Navel of the world” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Curator – “Guardian” (Latin)

Cubano – “Cuban” (Spanish)

Cuvin – “From Cyprus” (English)

Cuthgar – “Spear warrior” (English)

Cusack – “Curly-haired” (Irish)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “CU”

Cuahtémoc – “Descending sun” (Nahuatl, Aztec origin)

Cuneyt – “Soldier” (Turkish)

Cusco – “Navel of the world” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Cuthay – “Sunset” (Thai)

Cuchulig – “Handsome” (Gaelic)

Cusi – “Joy” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Cuong – “Heroic” (Vietnamese)

Cunobelinus – “Hound of Belenus” (Celtic)

Curro – “Free man” (Spanish)

Cuzio – “Clever” (Italian)

Cuma – “Waves” (Japanese)

Cukong – “Eagle” (Indonesian)

Culianu – “Chieftain” (Romanian)

Cung – “Harmony” (Korean)

Cuxufi – “Gentle breeze” (Hopi)

Cukang – “River” (Malay)

Cuzamil – “Swallow” (Mayan)

Curnel – “Moonlight” (Armenian)

Cuongi – “Sun” (Albanian)

Culkin – “Warrior” (Irish)

Cusimanse – “Smart” (Akan)

Cudlas – “Lion” (Sanskrit)

Culati – “Morning star” (Navajo)

Cunla – “Brave” (Irish)

Cuvios – “Respected” (Romanian)

Culum – “Dove” (Welsh)

Cuithbert – “Bright, famous” (Old English)

Cunbert – “Brave warrior” (Germanic)

Cuzzocrea – “Bright” (Italian)

Cuci – “Beloved” (Albanian)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “CU”

Cullen – “Good-looking” (English)

Cub – “Young bear” (English)

Custo – “Custom, habit” (Spanish)

Curran – “Hero” (Irish)

Cuvel – “Basin” (French)

Cuspido – “Pointed” (Spanish)

Cuyah – “To think” (Native American, Shawnee origin)

Culan – “Hound” (Irish)

Cutha – “Famous” (English)

Cusco – “Navel of the world” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Curio – “Inquisitive” (Latin)

Cura – “Care” (Spanish)

Cuspis – “Point” (Latin)

Cuvée – “Harvest” (French)

Culi – “Bottom” (Greek)

Cuven – “Charming” (Spanish)

Cusilan – “Clever” (Irish)

Cubito – “Cub” (Spanish)

Cuvani – “Harmony” (Albanian)

Cusabio – “Life” (Spanish)

Curion – “Inquisitive one” (Latin)

Cudro – “Square” (Italian)

Culor – “Color” (Spanish)

Cuchillo – “Knife” (Spanish)

Cuskel – “Pure” (Irish)

Cula – “Princess” (Greek)

Cuervo – “Raven” (Spanish)

Culin – “Young one” (Irish)

Cuvior – “Vibrant” (Italian)

Cupio – “Desire” (Latin)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “CU”

Cuthberto – “Bright, famous” (Spanish)

Curcio – “Courteous” (Italian)

Cullenus – “Devotee of Saint Columba” (Latin)

Cusi – “Holy” (Quechua, Inca origin)

Cupido – “Devoted to God” (Latin)

Cuthmano – “Man of courage” (Spanish)

Cuauhtémoc – “Descending sun” (Nahuatl, Aztec origin)

Curcian – “To care for” (Old English)

Cuthramo – “Famous counsel” (Spanish)

Custodio – “Guardian” (Spanish)

Culiano – “Holy light” (Italian)

Cuthfrido – “Peaceful ruler” (Spanish)

Cuniberto – “Bright warrior” (Italian)

Cumaeano – “From Cumae” (Latin)

Cuoco – “Cook, chef” (Italian, often associated with hospitality)

Cunovindo – “Loving wolf” (Spanish)

Curcan – “Prayerful” (Romanian)

Cumulus – “Pile, heap” (Latin)

Cuprese – “Devotee of Saint Agnes” (Spanish)

Cuthsige – “Victorious in counsel” (Old English)

Cuonobelo – “Hound of Belenus” (Latin)

Cuor – “Heart” (Italian)

Cusco – “Devotee of Saint Cosmas” (Spanish)

Cuajimalpa – “Place of worship” (Nahuatl, Aztec origin)

Cuthredus – “Famous counsel” (Latin)

Cuspidor – “Devotee of Saint Peter” (Portuguese)

Cuano – “Born on Christmas” (Spanish)

Cutha – “Servant of God” (English)

Curzio – “Devoted to the cross” (Italian)

Cuartito – “Little prayer” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “CU”

Curtis Mayfield

Influential American singer, songwriter, and record producer, known for his soulful voice and socially conscious lyrics, a key figure in the civil rights movement.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco

Mexican football legend and politician, renowned for his skillful play as an attacking midfielder and for later serving as the Mayor of Cuernavaca.

Cung Le

Vietnamese-American mixed martial artist, kickboxer, actor, and former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion, known for his powerful striking and successful transition to film.

Curt Cobain

Iconic American musician, lead singer, and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana, remembered for his profound impact on alternative music and his tragic early death.

Curt Schilling

Former American Major League Baseball pitcher, three-time World Series champion, known for his outstanding performances and outspoken views on various issues.

Cu Chulainn

Legendary hero in Irish mythology, known for his incredible warrior skills and tales of valor in the Ulster Cycle, a central figure in the Táin Bó Cúailnge.

Cus D’Amato

Renowned American boxing manager and trainer, notable for mentoring heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Floyd Patterson, contributing to their success.

Curly Howard

American comedian and member of the iconic comedy team The Three Stooges, known for his distinctive hairstyle and slapstick humor.

Curt Swan

Prolific American comic book artist, best known for his work on Superman comics during the Silver and Bronze Ages, contributing to the character’s enduring legacy.

Cusack Brothers (John and Joan)

Esteemed American siblings in the entertainment industry, with John being a versatile actor known for roles in films like “Say Anything,” and Joan being an accomplished actress in movies like “In & Out” and “Working Girl.”

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