215 Best Boy Names That Start with “CIN”

When it comes to naming a new addition to the family, many parents strive to find a unique and meaningful name that stands out.

If you’re looking for boy names that start with “CIN”, you’re in luck. From traditional to modern, there are plenty of options to choose from that will make your little one’s name stand out.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names or prefer something more unusual, names beginning with “CIN” offer a variety of choices.

With the rise of unique and uncommon names, the search for the perfect name has become more exciting and diverse.

From Cináed, a Gaelic name meaning “born of fire”, to Cino, an Italian name meaning “baby boy”, there are plenty of options for parents looking for a standout name for their son.

In this article, we’ll explore a range of boy names that start with “CIN”, offering inspiration and ideas for parents-to-be searching for the perfect name for their little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “CIN”

Cindrick – “Powerful ruler” (English)

Cindro – “Golden one” (Spanish)

Cino – “Strong-willed” (Italian)

Cináed – “Born of fire” (Scottish/Gaelic)

Cincinnatus – “Curly-haired” (Latin)

Cindaros – “Man of determination” (Greek)

Cintio – “From the town of Kent” (Italian)

Cineas – “Hospitality” (Greek)

Cinar – “Plane tree” (Turkish)

Cindell – “Small and graceful” (English)

Cintauro – “Centaur” (Spanish)

Cinárges – “Bringer of joy” (Greek)

Cindelario – “Shining light” (Spanish)

Cineon – “Honor” (Greek)

Cintio – “From the town of Kent” (Italian)

Cineas – “Hospitality” (Greek)

Cindor – “Gift of the sun” (English)

Cingeto – “Born near the river” (Spanish)

Cinos – “Strong and noble” (Greek)

Cinver – “Steadfast defender” (English)

Cindro – “Golden one” (Spanish)

Cineas – “Hospitality” (Greek)

Cinturion – “Warrior” (Spanish)

Cindio – “Little warlike one” (English)

Cindaro – “Fierce warrior” (Spanish)

Cinon – “God of victory” (Greek)

Cindro – “Golden one” (Spanish)

Cineus – “Prudent” (Greek)

Cintio – “From the town of Kent” (Italian)

Cineas – “Hospitality” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "CIN"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “CIN”

Cindellis – “Noble protector” (English)

Cintaro – “Skilled archer” (Spanish)

Cinthos – “Adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Cinosius – “Courageous warrior” (English)

Cinturio – “Belt of strength” (Spanish)

Cineonix – “One who brings victory” (Greek)

Cindigo – “Deep blue intelligence” (English)

Cintiano – “Enduring” (Spanish)

Cinephos – “Lover of light” (Greek)

Cindrix – “Leader of men” (English)

Cintanero – “Champion” (Spanish)

Cinephius – “Friend of nature” (Greek)

Cindleton – “Town by the river” (English)

Cintilante – “Sparkling” (Spanish)

Cintharus – “Bright and clear” (Greek)

Cindigo – “Deep blue intelligence” (English)

Cintiano – “Enduring” (Spanish)

Cinephos – “Lover of light” (Greek)

Cindrake – “Dragon-like strength” (English)

Cintoro – “Golden path” (Spanish)

Cinthianos – “Godly flower” (Greek)

Cindorix – “Kingly leader” (English)

Cintarico – “Rich and powerful” (Spanish)

Cineus – “Prudent” (Greek)

Cindigo – “Deep blue intelligence” (English)

Cintiano – “Enduring” (Spanish)

Cinephos – “Lover of light” (Greek)

Cindalex – “Defender of the people” (English)

Cintavio – “Living with honor” (Spanish)

Cinephix – “Mystical philosopher” (Greek)

Unique “CIN” Names for Boys

Cindellion – “Lion-hearted” (English)

Cinverno – “Winter warrior” (Spanish)

Cintelian – “Celestial being” (Greek)

Cindrixus – “Majestic ruler” (English)

Cintalio – “Heavenly melody” (Spanish)

Cinephion – “Lover of nature” (Greek)

Cindoro – “Golden heart” (English)

Cintierno – “Eternal flame” (Spanish)

Cindylus – “Moonlit wanderer” (Greek)

Cinterra – “Earth guardian” (English)

Cintiano – “Born to endure” (Spanish)

Cinephius – “Philosopher of light” (Greek)

Cindralis – “Radiant spirit” (English)

Cintavio – “Living with honor” (Spanish)

Cindylon – “Solitary dreamer” (Greek)

Cindrelis – “Enchanting leader” (English)

Cintolino – “Little cinnamon” (Spanish)

Cinephixis – “Seeker of wisdom” (Greek)

Cindrossus – “Daring adventurer” (English)

Cintarico – “Rich and powerful” (Spanish)

Cinthronix – “Lord of flowers” (Greek)

Cindorex – “Explorer of realms” (English)

Cintarion – “Warrior poet” (Spanish)

Cindalix – “Radiant light” (Greek)

Cinderoth – “Noble guardian” (English)

Cintierno – “Eternal flame” (Spanish)

Cinephios – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Cindalore – “Lively and vibrant” (English)

Cintavio – “Living with honor” (Spanish)

Cindelios – “Son of the sun” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “CIN”

Cinwell – “Lives at the royal spring” (English)

Cintoro – “Brave bull” (Spanish)

Cineas – “Wise counselor” (Greek)

Cinders – “Sparkling embers” (English)

Cinturian – “Skilled warrior” (Spanish)

Cinthius – “Belonging to Apollo” (Greek)

Cindellum – “Shining fortress” (English)

Cintrado – “Bold advisor” (Spanish)

Cinosius – “Victorious one” (Greek)

Cindaleon – “Lion-hearted” (English)

Cintiano – “Enduring” (Spanish)

Cinephron – “Thoughtful mind” (Greek)

Cindricus – “Kingly ruler” (English)

Cintaros – “Steadfast defender” (Spanish)

Cindros – “Golden-haired” (Greek)

Cineonius – “Son of victory” (English)

Cintarico – “Rich and powerful” (Spanish)

Cindelios – “Radiant light” (Greek)

Cintarius – “Archer” (English)

Cinthador – “Gift of Apollo” (Spanish)

Cinephias – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Cindalon – “Strong lion” (English)

Cintavio – “Living with honor” (Spanish)

Cineas – “Wise advisor” (Greek)

Cindarius – “Bold and daring” (English)

Cinturio – “Warrior’s belt” (Spanish)

Cinthoros – “Gift of the gods” (Greek)

Cindorix – “Leader of men” (English)

Cintello – “Little saint” (Spanish)

Cinephos – “Lover of light” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “CIN”

Cindar – “Warrior of light” (Persian)

Cintan – “Eternal flame” (Irish)

Cinvan – “Moonlight” (Sanskrit)

Cindoro – “Golden heart” (Italian)

Cinthil – “Starlight” (Malay)

Cindiru – “Swift and strong” (African)

Cinnabar – “Red gemstone” (Latin)

Cintaris – “Falcon” (Arabic)

Cindric – “King’s advisor” (Croatian)

Cinosi – “From the island” (Italian)

Cindigo – “Deep blue” (Portuguese)

Cinthos – “Mystical being” (Japanese)

Cindalev – “Lion of the evening” (Russian)

Cintara – “Star of the sea” (Irish)

Cingan – “Wanderer” (Romani)

Cindal – “Moonlit” (Armenian)

Cintello – “Little saint” (Spanish)

Cindai – “Precious” (Malay/Indonesian)

Cinsio – “Eternal bliss” (Italian)

Cintiano – “Born to endure” (Spanish)

Cintaros – “Star protector” (Portuguese)

Cinquez – “Fifth born” (French)

Cintius – “Gentle” (Roman)

Cindelmo – “Noble protector” (German)

Cintor – “Mountain warrior” (Albanian)

Cindalos – “Mystical light” (Spanish)

Cinturo – “Belt of strength” (Italian)

Cindarix – “Kingly ruler” (Basque)

Cinduan – “Seeker of knowledge” (Chinese)

Cintavo – “Living with honor” (Spanish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “CIN”

Cindell – “Moonlit beauty” (English)

Cintaro – “Adventurous spirit” (Spanish)

Cineos – “Unique essence” (Greek)

Cindrix – “Creative thinker” (English)

Cintaro – “Skilled wanderer” (Spanish)

Cinthos – “Harmony and balance” (Greek)

Cindellis – “Graceful presence” (English)

Cintaro – “Courageous explorer” (Spanish)

Cineon – “Harmony in unity” (Greek)

Cindara – “Shining star” (English)

Cintilo – “Joyful spirit” (Spanish)

Cineus – “Versatile and adaptable” (Greek)

Cindaro – “Radiant soul” (English)

Cintaro – “Brave adventurer” (Spanish)

Cinthius – “Creative energy” (Greek)

Cindellin – “Innovative mind” (English)

Cintaro – “Free-spirited explorer” (Spanish)

Cinephos – “Lover of wisdom” (Greek)

Cindral – “Gentle spirit” (English)

Cintaro – “Artistic wanderer” (Spanish)

Cinthar – “Soothing presence” (Greek)

Cindoro – “Eternal joy” (English)

Cintaro – “Adaptable traveler” (Spanish)

Cinephus – “Inquisitive mind” (Greek)

Cindel – “Soft and kind” (English)

Cintaro – “Harmonious journey” (Spanish)

Cineon – “Connected soul” (Greek)

Cindra – “Majestic spirit” (English)

Cintaro – “Enduring explorer” (Spanish)

Cindion – “Harmonious blend” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “CIN”

Cinnan – “Devotee of God” (English)

Cintiano – “Devoted to Christ” (Spanish)

Cintarchos – “Guardian of the holy” (Greek)

Cindelius – “Bearer of God’s light” (English)

Cintavio – “Living with honor before God” (Spanish)

Cinephios – “Lover of divine wisdom” (Greek)

Cindorus – “Servant of the Lord” (English)

Cintarico – “Rich in faith” (Spanish)

Cineonius – “Son of divine victory” (Greek)

Cindorix – “Ruler under God’s guidance” (English)

Cintario – “Devoted to sacred duties” (Spanish)

Cinthion – “Of divine origin” (Greek)

Cindalion – “Devoted lion of God” (English)

Cintario – “Faithful worshipper” (Spanish)

Cinephian – “Seeker of divine knowledge” (Greek)

Cindalian – “Servant of the Most High” (English)

Cintaro – “Dedicated traveler in faith” (Spanish)

Cindelon – “Bearer of divine light” (Greek)

Cintarius – “Devout archer of God” (English)

Cinthador – “Gift of the divine” (Spanish)

Cinephius – “Lover of God’s wisdom” (Greek)

Cindaleon – “Lion-hearted servant of God” (English)

Cintilian – “Faithful son of God” (Spanish)

Cindarion – “Pious defender” (Greek)

Cinturion – “Warrior for the divine” (English)

Cintavio – “Living with honor in God’s eyes” (Spanish)

Cinephos – “Devoted lover of divine light” (Greek)

Cindarian – “Dedicated to the divine” (English)

Cintarico – “Rich in spiritual wealth” (Spanish)

Cinephian – “Seeker of divine wisdom” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “CIN”

Cinque Henderson

Writer and journalist known for his insightful commentary on culture and race.

Cinjun Tate

American singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist for the band Remy Zero.

Cino Del Duca

Italian-born French publisher, film producer, and philanthropist known for promoting literature and the arts.

Cináed mac Ailpín

Also known as Kenneth I of Scotland, he was a historic king credited with establishing the Kingdom of Alba.

Cináed ua Artacáin

An Irish poet and historian known for his contributions to medieval Irish literature.

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