220 Cute Boy Names That Start with “BRET”

Looking for a unique and strong name for your baby boy? Look no further than names that start with “BRET”.

With a range of origins and meanings, boy names that start with “BRET” are not only unique but also carry a sense of strength and masculinity.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern names, there is sure to be a “BRET” name that fits your style and personality.

These names can have Celtic, German, or English origins, giving them a diverse appeal and making them stand out from the crowd.

From classic names like Brett to more contemporary options like Bretton, there are plenty of choices to consider.

Each “BRET” name has its own unique flair, making it a great option for parents who want something distinct for their little one.

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with “BRET” and discuss their meanings and origins.

Whether you’re looking for a strong and traditional name or something more modern and trendy, there’s a “BRET” name out there for you.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BRET”

Brett – “From the Britons” (English)

Bretton – “From Britain” (English)

Bretley – “Meadow of Britons” (English)

Bretan – “From Britain” (English)

Breton – “From Brittany” (English)

Brettan – “From Britain” (English)

Brettson – “Son of Britons” (English)

Bretwin – “Friend from Britain” (English)

Brete – “Native of Britain” (English)

Bretell – “Little Briton” (English)

Bretto – “Briton” (Italian)

Bretón – “Breton” (Spanish)

Breta – “From Britain” (Spanish)

Bretiano – “Briton” (Spanish)

Brettino – “Little Briton” (Spanish)

Bretchard – “Brave Briton” (English)

Bretellis – “Son of the Britons” (English)

Bretius – “Proud Briton” (Latin)

Bretiano – “Briton” (Italian)

Brettianos – “Briton” (Greek)

Brettios – “From Britain” (Greek)

Bretakos – “Briton” (Greek)

Bretainos – “From Britain” (Greek)

Brettikos – “Briton” (Greek)

Bretanos – “From Britain” (Greek)

Bretellis – “Son of the Britons” (Greek)

Bretinos – “From Britain” (Greek)

Brettaros – “Warrior from Britain” (Greek)

Bretzios – “Briton” (Greek)

Brettikas – “From Britain” (Greek)

Boy Names That Start with "BRET"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “BRET”

Bretham – “Home of Britons” (English)

Bretland – “Land of Britons” (English)

Bretzen – “Strength of Britons” (English)

Brethor – “Noble Briton” (English)

Bretanis – “Modern Briton” (English)

Bretaro – “Brave Briton” (Spanish)

Bretaldo – “Old Briton” (Spanish)

Bretoño – “Proud Briton” (Spanish)

Bretique – “Stylish Briton” (English)

Bretris – “Triumphant Briton” (English)

Bretolex – “Defender of Britons” (English)

Bretiano – “Modern Briton” (Italian)

Bretando – “Wanderer from Britain” (Spanish)

Bretovente – “Wind of Britons” (Spanish)

Bretalus – “Noble Briton” (English)

Brethario – “Guardian of Britons” (English)

Bretalio – “Lion-hearted Briton” (Spanish)

Bretaino – “Inventive Briton” (Spanish)

Bretarious – “Adventurous Briton” (English)

Brevante – “Bold Briton” (Spanish)

Bretaquo – “Quick-witted Briton” (Spanish)

Bretavio – “Life of Britons” (Italian)

Bretainio – “Visionary Briton” (Italian)

Bredios – “Energetic Briton” (Greek)

Bretoros – “Swift Briton” (Greek)

Bretheon – “Leader of Britons” (Greek)

Brethos – “Wise Briton” (Greek)

Bretalion – “Son of Britons” (Greek)

Brethion – “Champion of Britons” (Greek)

Bretsonus – “Son of the Britons” (Latin)

Unique “BRET” Names for Boys

Bretexis – “Explorer” (English)

Brethorn – “Thorn of Britons” (English)

Bretainix – “Mystic Briton” (English)

Bretalon – “Falcon of Britons” (English)

Bretorithm – “Rhythmic Briton” (English)

Bretainthos – “Enigmatic Briton” (English)

Bretlume – “Light of Britons” (English)

Brevivo – “Vibrant Briton” (Spanish)

Bretaurox – “Strength of the Britons” (Spanish)

Bretorian – “Eternal Briton” (Spanish)

Bretazul – “Blue Briton” (Spanish)

Brethikon – “Iconic Briton” (Spanish)

Brevivo – “Lively Briton” (Spanish)

Bretarius – “Courageous Briton” (Spanish)

Bretacanto – “Song of Britons” (Spanish)

Bretolux – “Light of Britons” (Spanish)

Brethaleo – “Lion of Britons” (Spanish)

Bredian – “Glorious Briton” (English)

Brevanto – “Vibrant Briton” (Spanish)

Bretelian – “Elegant Briton” (English)

Bretauro – “Golden Briton” (Spanish)

Bretalume – “Radiant Briton” (Spanish)

Bretidian – “Divine Briton” (Greek)

Bretaxon – “King of Britons” (Greek)

Bretara – “Gentle Briton” (Greek)

Brethymn – “Harmony of Britons” (Greek)

Brelumeon – “Bright Briton” (Greek)

Bretainoxx – “Majestic Briton” (Greek)

Brethanos – “Eternal Briton” (Greek)

Bretarion – “Warrior of Britons” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BRET”

Bretfield – “Field of Britons” (English)

Bretwood – “Wood of Britons” (English)

Bretheron – “Honorable Briton” (English)

Bretstone – “Stone of Britons” (English)

Bretworth – “Worthy Briton” (English)

Bretsdale – “Valley of Britons” (English)

Bretoak – “Oak of Britons” (English)

Bretlake – “Lake of Britons” (English)

Bretmead – “Meadow of Britons” (English)

Brethaven – “Haven of Britons” (English)

Bretisle – “Isle of Britons” (English)

Bretview – “View of Britons” (English)

Bretford – “Ford of Britons” (English)

Bretaegis – “Shield of Britons” (Spanish)

Bretalta – “High Briton” (Spanish)

Brettera – “Land of Britons” (Spanish)

Bretchase – “Hunter of Britons” (English)

Brethaven – “Safe Haven for Britons” (Spanish)

Bretcliff – “Cliff of Britons” (English)

Bretglen – “Glen of Britons” (English)

Bretaink – “Ink of Britons” (Spanish)

Brethelm – “Helmet of Britons” (English)

Bretport – “Port of Britons” (English)

Brethold – “Bold Briton” (English)

Bretmere – “Boundary of Britons” (English)

Bretquest – “Quest of Britons” (English)

Bretaegis – “Protection of Britons” (Spanish)

Bretvalor – “Valiant Briton” (Spanish)

Brethill – “Hill of Britons” (English)

Bretshade – “Shade of Britons” (English)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BRET”

Bretanov – “New Briton” (Russian)

Bretzelio – “Sweet Briton” (Italian)

Bretovar – “Gift from Britons” (Czech)

Bretaino – “Northern Briton” (Norwegian)

Bretaroa – “Oceanic Briton” (Polynesian)

Bretauro – “Golden Briton” (Portuguese)

Bretianu – “Eternal Briton” (Romanian)

Bretalux – “Light of Britons” (French)

Bretiano – “Sunny Briton” (Spanish)

Bretzulu – “Peaceful Briton” (Zulu)

Bretzelan – “Moonlit Briton” (Persian)

Bretchiko – “Charming Briton” (Japanese)

Bretaureo – “Regal Briton” (Spanish)

Brethindo – “Free Briton” (Indonesian)

Bretanno – “Stormy Briton” (Italian)

Bretakai – “Victorious Briton” (Japanese)

Bretaaro – “Artistic Briton” (Portuguese)

Bretalio – “Lion-like Briton” (Italian)

Brethairo – “Airy Briton” (Greek)

Bretaqua – “Clear Briton” (Swahili)

Bretarok – “Warrior Briton” (Hungarian)

Bretzion – “Mountainous Briton” (Hebrew)

Bretaonix – “Mysterious Briton” (Celtic)

Bretchiyo – “Adored Briton” (Japanese)

Bretarco – “Swift Briton” (Spanish)

Bretaono – “Everlasting Briton” (Portuguese)

Bretanto – “Daring Briton” (Italian)

Bretazo – “Bold Briton” (Spanish)

Bretalos – “Steadfast Briton” (Greek)

Bretaina – “Graceful Briton” (Spanish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BRET”

Brethaven – “Safe Haven” (English)

Bretaris – “Adventurous Spirit” (English)

Bretlan – “Free Spirit” (English)

Bretaqua – “Clear Spirit” (Spanish)

Bretorio – “Golden Essence” (Spanish)

Bretionyx – “Unique Being” (Greek)

Bretali – “Harmonious Soul” (Spanish)

Bretaino – “Innovative Being” (Spanish)

Bretara – “Gentle Essence” (Greek)

Bretika – “Artistic Being” (English)

Brethio – “Wise Soul” (Greek)

Bretazo – “Bold Spirit” (Spanish)

Bretlen – “Joyful Essence” (English)

Bretaro – “Brave Being” (Spanish)

Bretanis – “Modern Spirit” (English)

Brethalix – “Majestic Essence” (Greek)

Brethiko – “Charming Soul” (Greek)

Bretorio – “Gold-like Being” (Spanish)

Bretessa – “Graceful Spirit” (English)

Bretikon – “Iconic Essence” (Greek)

Bretiova – “Radiant Soul” (English)

Bretaquo – “Quick-witted Being” (Spanish)

Bretalux – “Lightful Essence” (Spanish)

Bremos – “Mystical Being” (Greek)

Bretharo – “Courageous Spirit” (Spanish)

Bretzel – “Sweet Essence” (English)

Bretaon – “Timeless Soul” (English)

Bretaina – “Graceful Being” (Spanish)

Brethion – “Champion Spirit” (Greek)

Bretara – “Tender Essence” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BRET”

Brethaniel – “Gift of God” (English)

Bretsel – “Prayerful” (English)

Brethanielo – “God’s Strength” (Spanish)

Bretianos – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Bretzion – “Place of Worship” (Hebrew)

Bretheos – “Divine Being” (Greek)

Bretaiah – “Godly Essence” (English)

Bretadiah – “Adored by God” (Hebrew)

Bretzeph – “God’s Gift” (Hebrew)

Bretainoel – “God’s Light” (Spanish)

Bretianus – “Servant of God” (Greek)

Bretaroel – “God’s Courage” (Spanish)

Brethaniel – “God’s Grace” (English)

Bretzionis – “God’s Sanctuary” (Greek)

Bretaiah – “Godly Harmony” (English)

Bretaliah – “Praise to God” (Spanish)

Brethosius – “God’s Wisdom” (Greek)

Bretaris – “God’s Gift of Strength” (English)

Bretalion – “Son of God” (Greek)

Bretaioel – “God’s Radiance” (Spanish)

Bretianoel – “God’s Christmas” (Spanish)

Brethonyx – “God’s Mystery” (Greek)

Bretaian – “God’s Graceful Gift” (English)

Bretelianus – “Godly Elegance” (Greek)

Brethoel – “God’s Vision” (Spanish)

Bretmos – “God’s Mystery” (Greek)

Bretalux – “God’s Lightful Essence” (Spanish)

Bretanosius – “God’s Faithful” (Greek)

Bretaiah – “God’s Love” (English)

Brethanielo – “God’s Strength” (Spanish)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BRET”

Bret Hart

Canadian retired professional wrestler, known as “The Hitman,” and widely regarded as one of the greatest in-ring performers in the history of professional wrestling.

Bret Easton Ellis

American author and screenwriter, best known for his controversial novel “American Psycho.”

Bret McKenzie

New Zealand comedian, musician, and actor, one half of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords and an Academy Award-winning songwriter.

Bret Baier

American television host and anchor of “Special Report with Bret Baier” on Fox News.

Brett Favre

Former American football quarterback, a three-time NFL MVP, and Super Bowl champion known for his career with the Green Bay Packers.

Bret Iwan

American voice actor, best known for providing the voice of Mickey Mouse in various Disney productions.

Bret Bielema

American football coach, currently the head coach at the University of Illinois, with previous coaching stints in college football.

Brett Gurewitz

American musician and record producer, best known as a guitarist for the punk rock band Bad Religion and the founder of Epitaph Records.

Bret Stephens

American journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, currently an opinion columnist for The New York Times.

Bret Anthony Johnston

American author and director of the creative writing program at Harvard University, known for his novels and short stories.

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