160+ Awesome and Cool Boy Names That Start With Br

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Some of our favorite boy names that start with Br include:
















Boy Names That Start With Br

Some of the adorable boy names are Bradey, Bradwell, Brandyn, Bradburn, Brave.

Brahms – “one who is a father of many nations”

Brian – “one who is noble”

Brittany – “one that represents those who are from Brittany”

Bracken – “fern”

Briggs – “dweller by the bridge”

Branden – “gorse”

Brassias – “smart”

Braelin – “a person who is intelligent”

Bransen – “a form of branson”

Bram – “of the bramble, or a raven”

Brannon – “a raven”

Brandr – “firebrand”

Brian – “a noble person”

Braulio – “a form of brawley”

Braddock – “broad-spreading oak”

Bronx – “a borough in new york city”

Branwel – “the name of a place in Britain”

Braegd – “tall, elevated”

Braeton – “hailing from a wide”

Bruce – “willow lands”

Braith – “covered with many spots”

Brad – “wide”

Breydon – “broad hillside”

Bravecci – “inspirational”

Brandon – “a brave prince”

What are the rarest name for a boy?

Some of the rarest boy names are Brammell, Brahamleen, Brandeharz, Brannock, Brigham.

Brada – “an ukaranian surname”

Brahamjeet – “god’s triumph”

Bratislav – “glorious brother”

Brantley – “a fiery torch”

Brock – “a badger”

Brandeban – “a brilliant”

Briley – “one who is a descendant of roghallach”

Bray – “border”

Brant – “a sword that burns”

Brazil – “a conflict or disagreement on”

Brady – “broad island”

Brady – “one who is descendant of bradach”

Bradney – “from the broad meadow”

Braleah – “a land or field situated”

Braxxton – “brock’s town”

Branddon – “beacon hill”

Brander – “a fiery or sharp sword”

Breck – “freckled”

Bradford – “wide river-crossing”

Bram – “a dutch diminutive of Abraham”

Brage – “a famous”

Brexley – “someone who is generous and kind”

Brand – “fiery torch”

Bradyn – “a form of braden”

Branch – “a paw or extension of something”

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Boy Names With Br

Some of the amazing boy names are Breckan, Brody, Bradd, Brangian, Bronson.

Bradynn – “resembling salmon”

Brannt – “proud”

Braden – “a wide valley”

Brastias – “one of sir arthur’s captains”

Braxton – “of brock’s town”

Brice – “swift”

Bradwin – “a bearded friend”

Branislav – “glorious protector”

Branddun – “from the beacon hill”

Brayden – “a form of braden”

Brandon – “firey hill”

Bratoslav – “glorious brother”

Brayton – “a form of brighton”

Braden – “broad hillside”

Bridger – “one who works on or lives under a bridge”

Braenci – “a quick”

Bradin – “form the wide valley”

Bryan – “one who is noble”

Brandelz – “an alcoholic beverage”

Bryson – “son of a nobleman”

Braccon – “one who is from braecan”

Branxton – “the town of bracca”

Brandy – “a woman wielding a sword”

Brac – “free”

Bradene – “from the broad valley”

What are some cute Br names?

Some of the cute boy names are Braham, Brahamjot, Bryson, Branch, Brayan.

Bradley – “dweller at the broad meadow”

Bradon – “broad hillside”

Breanna – “from the high hill”

Brancen – “a diligent”

Bran – “a raven”

Brad – “from the broad meadow”

Bragwaine – “a friend from the fortress”

Brad – “broad and wide”

Bradhna – “pale red, mighty”

Bradford – “a person who hails from a broa”

Bruce – “the willow lands”

Braston – “a town of brass”

Braydon – “the broad hillside”

Brahampal – “lord’s fosterer”

Bratumil – “brotherly love”

Brixton – “the stone of brixi”

Bradshaw – “dweller of the broad forest”

Branton – “a settlement with thick growth”

Bramley – “the clearing of the broom”

Bracha – “a beautiful blessing”

Branson – “son of brand”

Brayson – “one who is the son of bray”

Branford – “the ford of brand”

Brainard – “a bold raven”

Brix – “the stone of brixi”

Boy Names That Start With Br

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