220 Adorable Boy Names That Start with “BARB”

Searching for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Look no further than the list of names that start with “BARB”.

While these names may not be as common as others, they offer a sense of individuality and originality that can set your child apart.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or modern names, there’s sure to be a “BARB” name that resonates with you.

From the classic “Barber” to the more contemporary “Barbel”, the options are diverse and captivating.

So if you’re ready to explore names that stand out from the crowd, keep reading to discover the intriguing and charming options that the “BARB” category has to offer.

Whether you’re a fan of vintage or trendy names, there’s a “BARB” name out there waiting to make a statement for your little boy.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “BARB”

Barbaros – “Barbarian” (Greek)

Barban – “Son of comfort” (English)

Barbas – “Bearded” (Spanish)

Barbold – “Brave ruler” (English)

Barbello – “Foreigner” (Spanish)

Barbidor – “Gift of strength” (English)

Barbosio – “Foreigner” (Spanish)

Barbinos – “Son of the foreigner” (Greek)

Barboldo – “Bold ruler” (Spanish)

Barbaris – “Stranger” (Greek)

Barbelloso – “Bearded” (Spanish)

Barbonas – “Bearded one” (Greek)

Barbaro – “Foreigner” (Spanish)

Barbonio – “Son of the bearded one” (Greek)

Barbocles – “Glory of the foreigner” (Greek)

Barbanos – “Son of comfort” (Spanish)

Barbarosio – “Bold foreigner” (Spanish)

Barbikos – “Bearded one” (Greek)

Barbeno – “Son of comfort” (Greek)

Barbariano – “Barbarian” (Spanish)

Barbosios – “Son of the bearded one” (Spanish)

Barbikosio – “Bearded foreigner” (Greek)

Barboncio – “Bearded one” (Italian)

Barbarito – “Little barbarian” (Spanish)

Barbazio – “Bearded” (Italian)

Barbelloso – “Bearded” (Italian)

Barbarino – “Barbarian” (Italian)

Barbanosio – “Son of comfort” (Italian)

Barbulis – “Bearded one” (Greek)

Barboso – “Bearded” (Italian)

Boy Names That Start with "BARB"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “BARB”

Barbryn – “Modern ruler” (English)

Barbanas – “Graceful comfort” (Spanish)

Barbarikos – “Contemporary foreigner” (Greek)

Barbsten – “Stylish stone” (English)

Barbiano – “Modern explorer” (Spanish)

Barblis – “Innovative charm” (Greek)

Barbolden – “Trendsetting ruler” (English)

Barbador – “Visionary gift” (Spanish)

Barbarisio – “Progressive stranger” (Greek)

Barbwell – “Fashionable spring” (English)

Barbativo – “Dynamic presence” (Spanish)

Barbarikis – “Cutting-edge foreigner” (Greek)

Barbloft – “Elevated bearded one” (English)

Barbellox – “Revolutionary bearded” (Spanish)

Barbnico – “Contemporary comfort” (Greek)

Barbscape – “Modern wanderer” (English)

Barbinozo – “Innovative son of comfort” (Spanish)

Barbitech – “Tech-savvy bearded” (Greek)

Barbinex – “Next-generation comfort” (English)

Barbaricoz – “Modern explorer” (Spanish)

Barbtron – “Cutting-edge stone” (English)

Barbariquez – “Trendsetting foreigner” (Spanish)

Barboluxe – “Luxurious bearded one” (English)

Barbella – “Beautiful stranger” (Spanish)

Barbikron – “Modern ruler” (English)

Barbidex – “Innovative charm” (Spanish)

Barbistos – “Stylish bearded one” (English)

Barbavance – “Contemporary advance” (Spanish)

Barbalith – “Modern stone” (English)

Barbignite – “Energetic foreigner” (Spanish)

Unique “BARB” Names for Boys

Barbstead – “Steadfast ruler” (English)

Barbalez – “Brilliant comfort” (Spanish)

Barbolyte – “Radiant foreigner” (Greek)

Barbinexa – “Inventive explorer” (English)

Barbanicoz – “Charming comfort” (Spanish)

Barbariseo – “Versatile stranger” (Greek)

Barbington – “Town of modern rulers” (English)

Barbalio – “Bright gift” (Spanish)

Barbophos – “Bright presence” (Greek)

Barbexel – “Energetic spring” (English)

Barbalus – “Luminous bearded one” (Spanish)

Barbarique – “Unique foreigner” (Greek)

Barblaze – “Fiery charm” (English)

Barbanova – “New comfort” (Spanish)

Barbiskos – “Sparkling bearded one” (Greek)

Barbosys – “Ethereal charm” (English)

Barbante – “Elegant explorer” (Spanish)

Barbarion – “Innovative ruler” (Greek)

Barbreeze – “Refreshing bearded one” (English)

Barbaton – “Resilient comfort” (Spanish)

Barbionix – “Noble foreigner” (Greek)

Barbellum – “Warrior of light” (English)

Barbastro – “Adventurous comfort” (Spanish)

Barbarizo – “Wise foreigner” (Greek)

Barbiflux – “Fluid bearded one” (English)

Barbalithos – “Lively stone” (Spanish)

Barbosynth – “Harmonious bearded one” (Greek)

Barbalon – “Nurturing comfort” (English)

Barbamore – “Amiable explorer” (Spanish)

Barbarosys – “Creative bearded one” (Greek)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “BARB”

Barbwell – “Protected spring” (English)

Barbanov – “Noble comfort” (Russian)

Barbosius – “Wise foreigner” (Greek)

Barbwyn – “Blessed ruler” (English)

Barbarosco – “Skillful foreigner” (Spanish)

Barbeiros – “Man of honor” (Greek)

Barbheart – “Courageous spirit” (English)

Barbanto – “Enduring gift” (Spanish)

Barbelios – “Son of strength” (Greek)

Barbwright – “Righteous ruler” (English)

Barbarito – “Little barbarian” (Spanish)

Barbidos – “Gifted foreigner” (Greek)

Barbstone – “Steadfast stone” (English)

Barbonito – “Charming son of comfort” (Spanish)

Barbides – “Descendant of the foreigner” (Greek)

Barblane – “Gracious ruler” (English)

Barbend – “Enduring comfort” (Spanish)

Barbulus – “Son of joy” (Greek)

Barbshade – “Protector of honor” (English)

Barbarillo – “Little foreigner” (Spanish)

Barbidias – “Divine gift” (Greek)

Barbshire – “Bright and noble ruler” (English)

Barbonuel – “Noble son of comfort” (Spanish)

Barbdelis – “Noble foreigner” (Greek)

Barbhaven – “Safe harbor” (English)

Barbanote – “Notable comfort” (Spanish)

Barbikon – “Skilled foreigner” (Greek)

Barbsong – “Melodious bearded one” (English)

Barbarique – “Distinctive foreigner” (Spanish)

Barbelion – “Lion-like strength” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “BARB”

Barbek – “Warrior” (Albanian)

Barbasir – “Lion of the dawn” (Persian)

Barbatu – “Adventurous spirit” (Hawaiian)

Barbazul – “Blue bearded one” (Portuguese)

Barbaron – “Sage ruler” (Arabic)

Barbentos – “Gentle comfort” (Basque)

Barbozzi – “Wise bearded one” (Italian)

Barbelli – “Beautiful foreigner” (Finnish)

Barbórico – “Enigmatic” (Spanish)

Barbuhan – “Proud soul” (Turkish)

Barbinho – “Charming comfort” (Brazilian Portuguese)

Barbiko – “Clever” (Japanese)

Barbarai – “Blessing” (Swahili)

Barbinó – “Graceful comfort” (Catalan)

Barbolay – “Moonlit bearded one” (Filipino)

Barboni – “Noble son of comfort” (Italian)

Barbrosa – “Red-bearded” (Spanish)

Barbukai – “Thunderous strength” (Yoruba)

Barbinova – “Innovative comfort” (Russian)

Barbínio – “Son of brightness” (Portuguese)

Barbuli – “Laughing joy” (Tongan)

Barburu – “Swift runner” (Samoan)

Barbaso – “Wise foreigner” (Esperanto)

Barbavi – “Lively spirit” (Tahitian)

Barbpak – “Hidden wisdom” (Khmer)

Barbarou – “Majestic ruler” (Greek)

Barblume – “Flower of the bearded one” (German)

Barbocean – “Oceanic explorer” (French)

Barbzulu – “Mystical bearded one” (Zulu)

Barbwild – “Untamed ruler” (English)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “BARB”

Barbryn – “Bold and gracious” (English)

Barbando – “Free spirit” (Spanish)

Barbelis – “Harmony seeker” (Greek)

Barbrend – “Trendsetter” (English)

Barbella – “Beautiful soul” (Spanish)

Barbaris – “Versatile one” (Greek)

Barbence – “Enduring grace” (English)

Barbenzo – “Creative thinker” (Spanish)

Barblis – “Joyful spirit” (Greek)

Barbfield – “Field of strength” (English)

Barbello – “Eloquent speaker” (Spanish)

Barbinos – “Innovative mind” (Greek)

Barbheart – “Courageous heart” (English)

Barbiento – “Bold adventurer” (Spanish)

Barbiko – “Wise soul” (Greek)

Barbisle – “Graceful presence” (English)

Barbón – “Tender-hearted” (Spanish)

Barbaro – “Adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Barbwild – “Free-spirited explorer” (English)

Barbellis – “Beautiful mind” (Spanish)

Barbaray – “Radiant energy” (Greek)

Barbstar – “Shining like a star” (English)

Barbida – “Determined soul” (Spanish)

Barblume – “Flower of uniqueness” (German)

Barbique – “Distinctive essence” (Spanish)

Barbisto – “Visionary thinker” (Greek)

Barbsol – “Gentle soul” (English)

Barbuna – “Unity in diversity” (Spanish)

Barblaze – “Fiery spirit” (English)

Barbzephyr – “Gentle breeze” (Greek)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “BARB”

Barbael – “God’s servant” (English)

Barbanuel – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Barbethos – “God’s grace” (Greek)

Barblazar – “God’s light” (English)

Barbethuel – “Devoted to God” (Spanish)

Barbichai – “God lives” (Greek)

Barbmichael – “Who is like God?” (English)

Barbángeles – “Messenger of God” (Spanish)

Barbpeter – “Rock of God” (Greek)

Barbseraph – “Fiery one of God” (English)

Barbraphael – “God heals” (Spanish)

Barbtheos – “Godly” (Greek)

Barburiel – “God’s strength” (English)

Barbgabriel – “God is my strength” (Spanish)

Barbdaniel – “God is my judge” (Greek)

Barbzephaniah – “God has treasured” (English)

Barbjeremias – “God will uplift” (Spanish)

Barbathanasios – “Eternal life from God” (Greek)

Barbmiguel – “Who is like God?” (English)

Barbjose – “God will add” (Spanish)

Barbdorotheos – “Gift of God’s bounty” (Greek)

Barbabraham – “Father of a multitude” (English)

Barbavid – “Beloved of God” (Spanish)

Barbathan – “God-given” (Greek)

Barbmanuel – “God is with us” (English)

Barbmateo – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Barbchristos – “Anointed by God” (Greek)

Barbissac – “God’s mercy” (English)

Barbjavier – “Bright, shining God” (Spanish)

Barbfotios – “Light of God” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “BARB”

Barbra Streisand

American singer, actress, and filmmaker known for her powerful voice and contributions to the entertainment industry.

Barbet Schroeder

Swiss film director and producer, acclaimed for his work in the film industry, including the iconic film “Barfly.”

Barb Jungr

British singer-songwriter and interpreter of popular songs, recognized for her unique and soulful vocal style.

Barbet Oliver

Renowned Canadian television and film actor, recognized for his roles in popular series and movies.

Barbro Hiort af Ornäs

Swedish actress celebrated for her contributions to Scandinavian cinema and theater.

Barb Higgins

Canadian journalist and politician, known for her career in broadcasting and community service.

Barb Tarbox

Canadian anti-smoking activist, notable for her efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Barb Underwood

American attorney and public servant, the Solicitor General of New York and later the Attorney General of New York.

Barb Richardson

Australian former basketball player and coach, recognized for her achievements in women’s basketball.

Barbados Slim

Fictional character in the animated TV series “Futurama,” known for being a highly skilled Olympic limbo athlete and a minor antagonist in the show.

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