Boy Names That Start with “ARA”

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities.

If you’re searching for a name that exudes uniqueness and carries a profound significance, exploring names beginning with “Ara” might be the perfect choice.

Though not as commonly encountered, “Ara” presents a rich array of options, each with its own distinct charm and meaning.

From timeless appellations like Aram, meaning “high,” to more contemporary and distinctive selections like Arav, which signifies “peaceful” or “calm,” there’s a diverse range of names to consider.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the most captivating boy names that start with “Ara” and uncover the stories and meanings behind them.

Whether you’re drawn to names steeped in tradition or crave something refreshingly original, there’s a “Ara” name waiting to be discovered that perfectly encapsulates your son’s essence.

So, join us on this delightful exploration as we unravel the allure of boy names that begin with “Ara.”

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ARA”

Arav – “Peaceful” (Hindi)

Arash – “Hero” (Persian)

Aravind – “Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Aran – “Mountain of strength” (Irish)

Aravindan – “Lotus-eyed” (Sanskrit)

Aravindhan – “Lotus” (Tamil)

Aravalli – “Mountain Range” (Hindi)

Arabind – “Lotus” (Bengali)

Aravalli – “King of Peace” (Sanskrit)

Aravinda – “Beautiful Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Arashad – “Happiness” (Persian)

Arad – “Wild flower” (Hebrew)

Aravik – “King of Mountains” (Sanskrit)

Arand – “Mountain ash tree” (Germanic)

Aranth – “Bringer of Joy” (Irish)

Arat – “Prayer” (Turkish)

Aradhy – “Worshipable” (Sanskrit)

Arabinda – “Lotus” (Bengali)

Arag – “Kingly” (Hebrew)

Aradh – “Worship” (Sanskrit)

Arabinda – “Beautiful Lotus” (Bengali)

Aravijay – “Victorious” (Sanskrit)

Arabindranath – “Lotus-eyed” (Bengali)

Arayan – “Belonging to the Aryans” (Sanskrit)

Aravindha – “Lotus” (Telugu)

Arann – “Wild, Untamed” (Irish)

Araf – “Pleasant” (Turkish)

Arab – “Arabian” (Arabic)

Araveen – “The Sun” (Sanskrit)

Aravali – “Peaceful Mountain” (Hindi)

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Modern Boy Names That Start with “ARA”

Aranil – “King of Kings” (Sanskrit)

Arahan – “First Ray of Sun” (Sanskrit)

Aradin – “Heavenly” (Hebrew)

Arano – “Storm” (Spanish)

Araldo – “Powerful Ruler” (Italian)

Aramis – “Selfless” (French)

Arakel – “Servant of God” (Armenian)

Aravikumar – “Princely Youth” (Sanskrit)

Aradhyay – “One who is worshipped” (Sanskrit)

Arandu – “The Sun” (Guarani)

Arahat – “Worthy” (Sanskrit)

Arashel – “Gift from God” (Hebrew)

Aramon – “Mountain of Strength” (Irish)

Aradon – “Strong and Bold” (English)

Aravil – “Peaceful Mountain” (Sanskrit)

Araval – “Strong, Steady” (Sanskrit)

Arashel – “God’s Lion” (Hebrew)

Aramin – “Prince” (Irish)

Arando – “Adventure” (Spanish)

Arabert – “Noble and Bright” (German)

Arabul – “Brave” (Turkish)

Arabran – “Righteous” (English)

Aradinth – “Gentle” (Irish)

Araedyn – “Born to Lead” (English)

Aravash – “Bright Flame” (Persian)

Aravilo – “Son of the Sea” (Spanish)

Arabos – “Strength” (Greek)

Aramid – “Brave and Courageous” (Yoruba)

Aravos – “Gift of Light” (Greek)

Aravish – “Ocean of Wisdom” (Sanskrit)

Unique “ARA” Names for Boys

Aravishnu – “Lord Vishnu” (Sanskrit)

Aranex – “Mystery” (English)

Aratov – “Bringer of Hope” (Russian)

Aravo – “Strong as an Eagle” (Spanish)

Araius – “Protector” (Latin)

Aravid – “Wise” (Sanskrit)

Aravaan – “Righteous” (Tamil)

Arajit – “Conqueror of Enemies” (Sanskrit)

Arauco – “Strong as a Rock” (Mapudungun)

Aravis – “Gentle Breeze” (French)

Aransh – “Success” (Persian)

Aravae – “Wild and Free” (English)

Aranon – “Enlightened” (Irish)

Aralen – “Son of the Sea” (English)

Aramor – “Everlasting Love” (English)

Arathan – “Ruler of the Ages” (Sanskrit)

Araveon – “Eternal Flame” (English)

Arayden – “Valiant” (English)

Arazel – “Messenger of God” (Hebrew)

Aravair – “Hero of the Winds” (English)

Aravon – “Protector” (English)

Araven – “Blessed” (English)

Aradian – “Eternal Joy” (Irish)

Arahil – “Leader of the People” (German)

Aranix – “Bold and Courageous” (English)

Arakiel – “Angel of Earth” (Hebrew)

Aralian – “Gift of Light” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ARA”

Aran – “Forest” (Sanskrit)

Arash – “Hero” (Persian)

Aramis – “One of the Three Musketeers” (Literary)

Aranav – “Ocean” (Sanskrit)

Arashid – “Guided” (Arabic)

Arav – “Peaceful” (Sanskrit)

Arayan – “Noble” (Sanskrit)

Aramis – “Swordsman” (French)

Arashk – “Virtuous” (Persian)

Arad – “Bronze” (Hebrew)

Arash – “Arrow” (Persian)

Aralt – “Leader” (Irish)

Aramus – “Calm” (Greek)

Aratan – “Honorable” (Japanese)

Arato – “Kind” (Japanese)

Aravind – “Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Aranji – “Sun” (Tamil)

Arameh – “Harmony” (Persian)

Arasu – “King” (Tamil)

Arash – “Fame” (Persian)

Aravin – “Protector” (Tamil)

Arash – “Bright” (Persian)

Aram – “High” (Armenian)

Arad – “Son of Thunder” (Hebrew)

Arago – “Valiant” (Spanish)

Arasi – “Bright” (Tamil)

Arash – “Brave” (Persian)

Aramin – “Peaceful” (Persian)

Arash – “Respected” (Persian)

Arayus – “Worthy” (Latin)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ARA”

Aranyak – “Of the forest” (Sanskrit)

Arashid – “Guided one” (Arabic)

Arator – “Ploughman” (Latin)

Arata – “Fresh” (Japanese)

Aratus – “Virtuous” (Greek)

Aravindan – “Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Aracelio – “Altar of heaven” (Spanish)

Arashiro – “Bright white” (Japanese)

Arakel – “Messenger” (Armenian)

Aradhy – “Worshipped” (Sanskrit)

Arakiba – “Protector” (Swahili)

Aramael – “Mountain of God” (Hebrew)

Arasmo – “Eagle” (Greek)

Arasim – “Peaceful” (Arabic)

Arastus – “Excellent” (Greek)

Araden – “Born of mountains” (Celtic)

Arashiro – “New beginning” (Japanese)

Arami – “Courage” (Hebrew)

Arasu – “King” (Tamil)

Aravali – “From the mountains” (Indian)

Arashko – “Peace” (Ukrainian)

Aravian – “Noble” (Persian)

Arak – “Sky” (Inuit)

Aramin – “Guardian” (Persian)

Arad – “Bronze” (Hebrew)

Araceli – “Heavenly altar” (Spanish)

Arata – “New” (Japanese)

Aramin – “Peace” (Persian)

Arashk – “Virtuous” (Persian)

Aravind – “Lotus” (Sanskrit)

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Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ARA”

Aram – “Highland” (Hebrew)

Aramis – “A region in France” (French)

Arabela – “Beautiful altar” (Spanish)

Aradhya – “Worshiped” (Sanskrit)

Aragon – “The place where eagles fly” (Spanish)

Arav – “Peaceful” (Sanskrit)

Arabella – “Graceful” (Latin)

Araminta – “Defender of mankind” (Greek)

Arlo – “Fortified hill” (Old English)

Aradia – “Goddess of Witches” (Italian)

Aris – “Best” (Greek)

Arman – “Wish” (Persian)

Arlen – “Pledge” (Gaelic)

Aruna – “Reddish-brown” (Sanskrit)

Aria – “Air” (Italian)

Arlen – “Oath” (Irish)

Arden – “Eagle valley” (English)

Armani – “Desire” (Italian)

Arissa – “Best” (Greek)

Arvin – “Friend of the people” (German)

Arisha – “Peace” (Hebrew)

Arley – “From the hare’s meadow” (English)

Arvind – “Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Arin – “Mountain of strength” (Irish)

Arzoo – “Desire” (Persian)

Arzu – “Wish” (Turkish)

Arwyn – “Muse of poetry” (Welsh)

Arazi – “Field” (Hebrew)

Arsha – “Celebration” (Sanskrit)

Arno – “Eagle” (German)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ARA”

Aradh – “Worship” (Sanskrit)

Aravindakshan – “Lotus-eyed” (Sanskrit)

Arach – “Traveler” (Hebrew)

Aradhya – “Worshiped” (Sanskrit)

Aras – “Sight” (Aramaic)

Aran – “Wild goat” (Hebrew)

Aram – “Highland” (Hebrew)

Aradhna – “Worship” (Hindi)

Aradhitha – “Worshiped” (Sanskrit)

Aravindan – “Lotus” (Sanskrit)

Arav – “Peaceful” (Sanskrit)

Aradhak – “Devotee” (Sanskrit)

Aranmula – “The sacred river Pampa” (Sanskrit)

Aradhakshith – “Devotee” (Sanskrit)

Aradhakshay – “Devotee” (Sanskrit)

Aradhnan – “Worship” (Hindi)

Aradhakam – “Worship” (Sanskrit)

Aradhna – “Prayer” (Hindi)

Aradhith – “Worshiped” (Sanskrit)

Aradhik – “Devotee” (Sanskrit)

Aradhikam – “Worship” (Sanskrit)

Aradhksh – “Devotee” (Sanskrit)

Aradhman – “Worship” (Hindi)

Aradhvan – “Worshiped” (Sanskrit)

Aradhithan – “Worshiped” (Sanskrit)

Aradhiksha – “Devotee” (Sanskrit)

Aradhish – “Worshiper” (Sanskrit)

Aradhikay – “Devotee” (Sanskrit)

Aradhikyan – “Worshiper” (Sanskrit)

Aradhitha – “Worshiped” (Sanskrit)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ARA”


A towering figure in ancient Greek philosophy, Aristotle made significant contributions to various fields including logic, ethics, politics, metaphysics, and more.

He was a student of Plato and the teacher of Alexander the Great.

Aravind Adiga

Indian-Australian author best known for his novel “The White Tiger,” which won the Man Booker Prize in 2008.

His works often explore social and economic themes in contemporary India.

Aram Khachaturian

Armenian composer and conductor known for his compositions including the ballet “Gayane” and the “Sabre Dance” from the ballet “Gayane.”

He’s considered one of the prominent composers of the 20th century.

Aravind Krishnan

Indian film director and screenwriter known for his works in the Tamil film industry.

His notable films include “Baaram” which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil in 2018.

Ara Güler

Renowned Turkish-Armenian photojournalist known as “the Eye of Istanbul.” His work captured the essence of Istanbul and its people, earning him international acclaim.

Aravindan Neelakandan

Indian author, activist, and commentator known for his writings on environmentalism, ecology, and cultural issues.

He’s a prominent voice in the discourse on sustainable development in India.

Ara Parseghian

Former American football player and coach, Ara Parseghian had successful coaching stints at Northwestern University and the University of Notre Dame.

He led the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to two national championships.

Arash Ferdowsi

Co-founder of Dropbox, an online file storage and sharing service. Ferdowsi helped create Dropbox while studying at MIT and has played a significant role in its growth and development.

Aravind Swamy

Indian film actor, model, and entrepreneur known for his work in the Tamil film industry. He gained fame for his roles in films like “Roja” and “Bombay” directed by Mani Ratnam.

Aramis Ramirez

Former professional baseball third baseman who played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for teams like the Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Milwaukee Brewers. He was a three-time All-Star and Silver Slugger Award winner.

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