220 Best Boy Names That Start with “ANA”

When it comes to choosing a name for your little boy, it’s natural to want something that stands out and has a special meaning.

One option to consider is a name that starts with “Ana.” While traditionally a prefix in many languages meaning “beyond” or “above,” names starting with “Ana” can also be unique and distinctive for a baby boy.

From the classic and timeless to the more modern and trendy, there are plenty of “Ana” names to choose from that can make your son’s name truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether you’re drawn to names like Anakin, Anas, or Anand, there are plenty of options to suit every style and preference.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a name that will set your little one apart, exploring boy names that start with “Ana” could be the perfect place to start.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “ANA”

Anakin – “Warrior” (English)

Anastasios – “Resurrection” (Greek)

Anas – “Friendly” (Arabic)

Anaxander – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Anand – “Bliss” (Sanskrit)

Anael – “Grace of God” (Hebrew)

Anasto – “Resurrection” (Greek)

Anatole – “Rising sun” (Greek)

Anar – “Pomegranate” (Persian)

Anargyros – “Without silver” (Greek)

Anasios – “Resurrection” (Greek)

Anath – “Answer” (Hebrew)

Anasztáz – “Resurrection” (Hungarian)

Anan – “Cloud” (Hebrew)

Anakin – “Warrior” (English)

Anaximander – “Commander of men” (Greek)

Anastos – “Resurrection” (Greek)

Ananias – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Anasimos – “Eternal” (Greek)

Ananth – “Infinite” (Sanskrit)

Anael – “Grace of God” (Hebrew)

Anaximenes – “Defender of strangers” (Greek)

Anargiros – “Without silver” (Greek)

Ananda – “Bliss” (Sanskrit)

Anasazi – “Ancient ones” (Native American)

Anaxandros – “King of men” (Greek)

Anass – “Friendly” (Arabic)

Anavrin – “Nirvana” (English)

Anael – “Grace of God” (Hebrew)

Ananda – “Bliss” (Sanskrit)

Boy Names That Start with "ANA"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “ANA”

Anax – “King” (Greek)

Anaelio – “Divine grace” (Spanish)

Anasto – “Courageous” (Greek)

Anad – “Adventurous” (English)

Anareo – “Strong” (Spanish)

Anavian – “Gracious gift” (English)

Anarion – “Son of the sun” (Greek)

Anadon – “Valiant” (English)

Anaxos – “Dominant” (Greek)

Anarion – “Brave” (English)

Anayko – “Adventurous” (Spanish)

Anavio – “Lively” (Spanish)

Anamir – “Brave leader” (English)

Anafesto – “Eternal” (Spanish)

Anazar – “Guardian” (English)

Anamir – “Beloved” (Spanish)

Anaxim – “Mighty” (Greek)

Anavion – “Visionary” (English)

Anavaro – “Bold protector” (Spanish)

Anadell – “Noble” (English)

Anador – “Gifted” (Spanish)

Anavos – “Protector of the home” (English)

Anathor – “Adventurous spirit” (Greek)

Anamir – “Inspiring leader” (English)

Anavio – “Bringer of life” (Spanish)

Anachor – “Anchor” (English)

Anavon – “Beloved son” (Spanish)

Anador – “Courageous one” (English)

Anaxas – “Ruler” (Greek)

Anayto – “Bright” (Spanish)

Unique “ANA” Names for Boys

Anacletus – “Called back” (Greek)

Anahiro – “Brave one” (Spanish)

Anathas – “Unconquerable” (English)

Anavas – “Spiritual” (Spanish)

Anagoras – “Bright leader” (Greek)

Anadonis – “Beloved” (English)

Anapeto – “Invincible” (Spanish)

Anarrion – “Adventurous spirit” (English)

Anatheo – “Divine grace” (Greek)

Anadeo – “God’s gift” (Spanish)

Anaxio – “Majestic” (Greek)

Anamir – “Miraculous” (Spanish)

Anasir – “Mysterious” (English)

Anavelo – “Noble” (Spanish)

Anadrian – “Of the Adriatic sea” (English)

Anavros – “Protector of men” (Greek)

Anagio – “Holy” (Spanish)

Anadreo – “Courageous” (English)

Anassos – “Soothing” (Greek)

Anandor – “Bringer of joy” (English)

Anavius – “Life-giving” (Greek)

Anafilo – “Lover of wisdom” (Spanish)

Anathoros – “Valiant” (Greek)

Anadias – “Everlasting” (English)

Anavex – “Explorer” (Spanish)

Anamikos – “Without a rival” (Greek)

Anavello – “Swift” (Spanish)

Anadro – “Strong-willed” (English)

Anasimos – “Immortal” (Greek)

Anaros – “Radiant” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “ANA”

Anacarius – “Beloved friend” (English)

Anasios – “Eternal” (Greek)

Ananda – “Blissful” (Sanskrit)

Anaxander – “Protector of men” (Greek)

Anacleto – “Glory” (Spanish)

Anargiros – “Without silver” (Greek)

Anael – “Grace of God” (Hebrew)

Anaximenes – “Strength of mind” (Greek)

Anadio – “Divine gift” (Spanish)

Anaxagoras – “Leader of the assembly” (Greek)

Anasazi – “Ancient one” (Native American)

Anaz – “Gentle” (English)

Anakoni – “Valiant” (Hawaiian)

Anaxos – “Dominant” (Greek)

Anacoreto – “Ascetic” (Spanish)

Anamnesis – “Recollection” (Greek)

Anakar – “Precious” (Spanish)

Anabasis – “Ascent” (Greek)

Anaximander – “Defender of men” (Greek)

Ananias – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Anathema – “Curse” (Greek)

Ananias – “God’s chosen one” (Spanish)

Anatom – “Measuring” (Greek)

Anakletos – “Called back” (Greek)

Anaximander – “Commander of men” (Greek)

Anassa – “Queen” (Greek)

Anacletus – “Praised” (Greek)

Anam – “Soul” (Hawaiian)

Anakis – “Warrior” (English)

Anarchos – “Leaderless” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “ANA”

Anasheed – “Harmonious” (Arabic)

Anandita – “Joyful” (Indian)

Anasimone – “Strong-willed” (French)

Anakoni – “Valiant” (Hawaiian)

Anasztáz – “Resurrection” (Hungarian)

Anamik – “Nameless” (Bengali)

Anargul – “Precious flower” (Turkish)

Anandamaya – “Full of joy” (Sanskrit)

Anavrin – “Nirvana” (English)

Anacleto – “Glory” (Spanish/Italian)

Anayat – “Favor” (Arabic)

Ananiasz – “God is gracious” (Polish)

Anabend – “Beginning” (German)

Anass – “Friendly” (Arabic)

Anahuac – “Near the water” (Nahuatl)

Anasheed – “Melodious” (Arabic)

Anandaram – “Delightful” (Sanskrit)

Anael – “Grace of God” (Hebrew/French)

Anar – “Pomegranate” (Persian)

Anasto – “Courageous” (Greek)

Anamitra – “Sun” (Sanskrit)

Anakletos – “Called back” (Greek)

Anantasak – “Eternal happiness” (Thai)

Anancio – “Gracious” (Spanish)

Anargiros – “Without silver” (Greek)

Anandito – “Joyous” (Indonesian)

Anaximandro – “Victorious man” (Italian)

Anaseini – “Gift of God” (Tongan)

Anajat – “Victorious” (Arabic)

Ananda – “Bliss” (Sanskrit)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “ANA”

Anamae – “Graceful” (English)

Anarose – “Blooming like a rose” (English)

Anaelan – “Harmony” (English)

Anaray – “Radiant” (Spanish)

Anavon – “Beloved” (English)

Anaeli – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Anaroux – “Strong” (Greek)

Anali – “Gracious” (Spanish)

Anaris – “Adventurous” (Greek)

Anarion – “Brave” (English)

Anadee – “Divine” (English)

Anaxi – “Queen” (Greek)

Anaruth – “Compassionate” (English)

Anau – “Sweet” (Spanish)

Anathea – “Eternal” (Greek)

Anawen – “Fair” (English)

Anadell – “Noble” (English)

Anavris – “Protector” (Greek)

Anamore – “Love” (Spanish)

Anariel – “Lion of God” (Spanish)

Anadiel – “Angel of God” (Spanish)

Anaceli – “Heavenly” (Spanish)

Anaruth – “Gift of grace” (English)

Anarose – “Beautiful blossom” (English)

Anavie – “Life” (Spanish)

Anakai – “Sea” (English)

Anaroma – “Sweet scent” (Spanish)

Anaros – “Bright” (Greek)

Anavon – “Beloved” (English)

Anaray – “Radiant” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “ANA”

Ananias – “God is gracious” (Greek)

Anacletus – “Called back” (Greek)

Anahel – “Grace of God” (Spanish)

Anan – “Cloud” (Hebrew)

Anargyros – “Without silver” (Greek)

Anabaptiste – “Baptized again” (Spanish)

Anadino – “Divine” (Spanish)

Anaxandros – “Ruler of men” (Greek)

Ananios – “Favored by God” (Greek)

Anapausis – “Rest” (Greek)

Anab – “Father” (Hebrew)

Anatolios – “Sunrise” (Greek)

Anacario – “Beloved friend” (Spanish)

Anagorio – “Worshipper” (Greek)

Anael – “Grace of God” (Hebrew)

Anaxagoras – “Leader of the assembly” (Greek)

Ananos – “Follower of Christ” (Greek)

Anacan – “He will fill” (Hebrew)

Ananiasz – “God is gracious” (Polish)

Anaphilios – “Friend of God” (Greek)

Anacletus – “Praised” (Greek)

Anas – “Friend” (Arabic)

Anair – “Light” (Spanish)

Anaxio – “Majestic” (Greek)

Anadyomene – “Risen from the sea” (Greek)

Anacelio – “God’s salvation” (Spanish)

Ananus – “Favored” (Greek)

Anaphilios – “Beloved of God” (Greek)

Anagor – “Adorer” (Greek)

Anaximenes – “Friend of strangers” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “ANA”

Anatole France

French novelist and Nobel Prize laureate known for his literary works exploring social issues and human nature.

Anand Mahindra

Indian business tycoon and philanthropist, the chairman of the Mahindra Group, a multinational conglomerate.

Anand Jon

Indian-American fashion designer known for his work in the fashion industry before his legal troubles.

Anakin Skywalker

Fictional character from the “Star Wars” franchise, who later becomes the iconic villain Darth Vader.

Anand Kumar

Indian mathematician and educator, known for founding the Super 30 program, which helps underprivileged students prepare for IIT-JEE.

Anand Shukla

British entrepreneur and founder of the UK charity Brightside, dedicated to helping young people reach their potential.

Anacleto Angelini

Chilean businessman and founder of Antarchile, one of Chile’s largest conglomerates, with interests in various industries.

Anas Sarwar

Scottish politician and leader of the Scottish Labour Party, known for his advocacy for social justice and equality.

Anandiben Patel

Indian politician and former Chief Minister of Gujarat, known for her contributions to education and women’s empowerment.

Ananda Coomaraswamy

Sri Lankan philosopher, art historian, and curator, known for his influential writings on art, culture, and spirituality.

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