220 Charming Boy Names That Start with “REL”

Looking for a unique boy name that starts with “Rel”? Look no further! There are plenty of options that can add a special touch to your little one’s identity.

From traditional to modern, names that begin with “Rel” are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re drawn to classic names or more trendy options, there’s something for everyone in this diverse list.

Not only do these names have an appealing sound, but they also carry significant meanings that can add depth and significance to your child’s name.

So, if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind name that starts with “Rel,” keep reading to discover some great options for your baby boy.

From religious significance to historical figures, these names have a rich and varied background that can make them a perfect choice for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “REL”

Relson – “Son of Rel” (English)

Rellis – “Brave and Resolute” (English)

Relton – “From the Town by the Roaring Stream” (English)

Relvin – “Strong Counselor” (English)

Reldon – “Valley of Roe Deer” (English)

Relias – “Ambitious and Determined” (English)

Rellisio – “Resolute and Strong” (Spanish)

Reldo – “Guided by Wisdom” (Greek)

Rellian – “Little Ruler” (English)

Relus – “Courageous and Valiant” (English)

Relian – “Skilled and Capable” (English)

Reliaso – “Ambitious Leader” (Spanish)

Relios – “Sun-like” (Greek)

Rellard – “Hardy and Brave” (English)

Relford – “River Crossing of the Ford” (English)

Reliosio – “Determined Leader” (Spanish)

Rellianos – “Skilled and Sun-like” (Greek)

Reldor – “Gift of the Valley” (English)

Reliant – “Dependable and Trustworthy” (English)

Reliasios – “Ambitious Sun-like” (Greek)

Rellmont – “Mountain of Resilience” (English)

Relsan – “Son of the Brave” (English)

Relvino – “Brave Friend” (Spanish)

Reldric – “Powerful Ruler” (English)

Reliosito – “Little Sun-like” (Spanish)

Rellan – “Strong and Mighty” (English)

Relsis – “Brave and Steadfast” (English)

Reldan – “Valley Dweller” (English)

Relano – “Noble Friend” (Spanish)

Reliasiosito – “Little Ambitious Sun-like” (Spanish)

Boy Names That Start with "REL"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “REL”

Relan – “Wise and Gracious” (English)

Rellix – “Innovative Explorer” (English)

Relpas – “Energetic and Passionate” (Spanish)

Reltonic – “Tonic for the Soul” (English)

Reliosin – “Radiant Inspiration” (Greek)

Relstar – “Shining Star” (English)

Relfordis – “Courageous River Crossing” (English)

Relando – “Adventurous Wanderer” (Spanish)

Rellikon – “Icon of Resilience” (English)

Relionis – “Noble Sun” (Greek)

Relique – “Unique and Exceptional” (English)

Relsorio – “Spirited Leader” (Spanish)

Rellivis – “Lively and Vibrant” (English)

Relthos – “Bringer of Comfort” (Greek)

Reldis – “Adaptable and Resourceful” (English)

Relvado – “Bold Venture” (Spanish)

Rellison – “Son of the Resolute” (English)

Relsias – “Proud Sun” (Greek)

Relfin – “Inventive and Clever” (English)

Reluco – “Bright and Shining” (Spanish)

Relliver – “Life-Giving” (English)

Relsius – “Determined and Strong-Willed” (Greek)

Relonic – “Dynamic and Energetic” (English)

Relsaro – “Brave Guardian” (Spanish)

Rellify – “Inspired Transformation” (English)

Relizon – “Visionary and Insightful” (Greek)

Reldar – “Loyal and True” (English)

Relianto – “Dependable Companion” (Spanish)

Relspire – “Spiritually Inspired” (English)

Relthanos – “Eternal and Enduring” (Greek)

Unique “REL” Names for Boys

Reliqueo – “Unusual and Rare” (Spanish)

Relluson – “Son of the Unique” (English)

Relidian – “Enigmatic and Mysterious” (Greek)

Relstello – “Radiant Beacon” (Spanish)

Relfaris – “Explorer of New Horizons” (English)

Relsphinx – “Mystical Guardian” (Greek)

Reluvio – “Heavenly Rain” (Spanish)

Rellithos – “Innovative Thinker” (Greek)

Relven – “Visionary Friend” (English)

Relspireo – “Inspiring Spirit” (Spanish)

Rellithian – “Ancient Wisdom” (Greek)

Relmundo – “Worldly and Wise” (Spanish)

Reldorado – “Golden Gift” (English)

Reliando – “Adventurous and Daring” (Spanish)

Relsolito – “Little Sunbeam” (Spanish)

Reluvian – “Dreamer of the Skies” (English)

Rellumos – “Luminous and Bright” (Spanish)

Relthianos – “Eternal Sun” (Greek)

Rellaro – “Artistic and Creative” (Spanish)

Relthunder – “Thunderous Strength” (English)

Relmysto – “Mysterious Essence” (Spanish)

Reltheon – “Divinely Inspired” (Greek)

Relvortex – “Whirlwind of Energy” (English)

Relspectro – “Spectral and Unique” (Spanish)

Rellithium – “Rare Element” (Greek)

Relanoir – “Dark and Mysterious” (Spanish)

Rellumeo – “Luminous Spirit” (Spanish)

Relforge – “Forged with Strength” (English)

Reldracon – “Dragon-like Power” (Greek)

Relquinox – “Harmony and Equilibrium” (English)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “REL”

Relmond – “Timeless Protector” (English)

Rellington – “Eternal Settlement” (English)

Relendis – “Enduring Spirit” (Greek)

Relstan – “Steadfast and Timeless” (English)

Relcrown – “Royal and Time-Honored” (English)

Relsocrates – “Wise and Timeless” (Greek)

Relmar – “Timeless Sea” (English)

Rellorian – “Timeless Ruler” (English)

Relthosios – “Timeless Essence” (Greek)

Relford – “Timeless River Crossing” (English)

Relander – “Enduring Wanderer” (English)

Rellisios – “Timeless Sun” (Greek)

Relstone – “Steadfast as a Stone” (English)

Relantico – “Timeless Adventure” (Spanish)

Reltheonios – “Timeless Divinity” (Greek)

Relmonte – “Timeless Mountain” (Spanish)

Relynx – “Timeless Strength” (English)

Relfern – “Evergreen and Timeless” (English)

Relicio – “Timeless Beauty” (Spanish)

Relthorian – “Ancient and Timeless” (Greek)

Relero – “Timeless Hero” (Spanish)

Relthistle – “Enduring and Noble” (English)

Rellio – “Timeless Vision” (Spanish)

Relfontis – “Enduring Fountain” (Greek)

Relbreeze – “Timeless Gentle Wind” (English)

Relluminar – “Shining Eternally” (Spanish)

Relcado – “Timeless Gift” (Spanish)

Relfleet – “Everlasting Fleet” (English)

Relsolo – “Timeless Solo” (Spanish)

Relphemus – “Eternal Voice” (Greek)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “REL”

Reliquez – “Mysterious and Unique” (French)

Relanto – “Charming and Elegant” (Italian)

Relovar – “Distinguished and Elegant” (Portuguese)

Reljin – “Peaceful Warrior” (Serbian)

Rellior – “Golden and Shimmering” (Romanian)

Relvashi – “Graceful Dancer” (Hindi)

Relkin – “Beloved and Precious” (Turkish)

Relsaad – “Joyful and Happy” (Arabic)

Relavio – “Lively and Spirited” (Italian)

Relando – “Adventurous and Free” (Portuguese)

Relshek – “Calm and Serene” (Armenian)

Relante – “Endearing and Sweet” (Spanish)

Rellon – “Noble and Honorable” (French)

Relyar – “Warrior of Light” (Persian)

Reldanis – “Bold and Fearless” (Greek)

Rellun – “Radiant Moon” (Korean)

Relsanto – “Sacred and Holy” (Spanish)

Relari – “Strong and Powerful” (Albanian)

Relvivo – “Vibrant and Full of Life” (Italian)

Relsarn – “Warrior of the Stars” (Scandinavian)

Reltan – “Soulful and Melodious” (Turkish)

Relavi – “Inspired and Creative” (Swedish)

Relsiro – “Majestic and Royal” (Spanish)

Relaris – “Son of the Sea” (Portuguese)

Reliko – “Ancient and Timeless” (Greek)

Relsamir – “Wise and Thoughtful” (Arabic)

Relzar – “Bright and Shining” (Persian)

Rellandar – “Guardian of the Land” (Norwegian)

Relsyrian – “Ethereal and Mystical” (Armenian)

Relvish – “Enchanting and Alluring” (Irish)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “REL”

Relby – “Joyful Spirit” (English)

Relen – “Peaceful and Serene” (English)

Relmi – “Gentle and Kind” (English)

Relara – “Harmony and Balance” (Spanish)

Relas – “Radiant Light” (Greek)

Relio – “Connected and Whole” (Spanish)

Reldra – “Dragon-Like Strength” (English)

Relumi – “Luminous and Bright” (Spanish)

Rellis – “Resilient and Strong” (English)

Relven – “Visionary and Creative” (English)

Relsi – “Delicate and Elegant” (Spanish)

Reldan – “Enduring Friend” (English)

Relfin – “Inventive and Clever” (English)

Relsaro – “Guardian of Dreams” (Spanish)

Relthos – “Harmony and Balance” (Greek)

Relyx – “Modern and Unique” (English)

Relaro – “Artistic and Creative” (Spanish)

Reldis – “Adaptable and Resourceful” (English)

Reliose – “Serene and Calm” (Spanish)

Relsin – “Gentle and Compassionate” (English)

Relfaro – “Free Spirit” (Spanish)

Relique – “Timeless and Classic” (English)

Relioth – “Spiritual and Sacred” (Greek)

Relya – “Adventurous and Brave” (English)

Rellum – “Peaceful Harmony” (Spanish)

Relsis – “Soothing and Tranquil” (English)

Reldor – “Gift of the Earth” (Spanish)

Relfyre – “Eternal Flame” (English)

Relaro – “Guardian of Dreams” (Spanish)

Rellian – “Little Ruler” (English)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “REL”

Relias – “Devoted to God” (Greek)

Relvictor – “Victorious Messenger of Faith” (English)

Relcristo – “Christ-like and Anointed” (Spanish)

Reldavid – “Beloved by God” (English)

Relgabriel – “God is my Strength” (Spanish)

Relathan – “Man of Prayer” (English)

Relmanuel – “God is with Us” (Spanish)

Relsamuel – “Heard by God” (English)

Relyahweh – “Praise to the Lord” (Hebrew)

Relmateo – “Gift of God” (Spanish)

Relseraph – “Burning with Divine Fire” (English)

Relías – “Belonging to God” (Greek)

Reljoseph – “God Will Increase” (English)

Rellucius – “Light of God” (Latin)

Relabraham – “Father of Many Nations” (English)

Relsalvador – “Savior and Redeemer” (Spanish)

Relthaniel – “Gift of God” (English)

Relsaul – “Asked of God” (Hebrew)

Relchronos – “Time Belongs to God” (Greek)

Relluc – “Divine Light” (Latin)

Relyah – “Praise to God” (Hebrew)

Relmiguel – “Who is like God?” (Spanish)

Relzekiel – “God Strengthens” (English)

Relsiah – “God is My Salvation” (Hebrew)

Relathanasius – “Eternal Life from God” (Greek)

Relabiel – “God is My Strength” (English)

Relsamson – “Sun-like Strength from God” (English)

Relrafael – “Healing of God” (Spanish)

Relysis – “Divinely Appointed” (Greek)

Reldaniel – “God is My Judge” (English)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “REL”

Relief Zheng

Chinese-American entrepreneur known for founding the popular social networking app “Momo.”

Relson Gracie

Brazilian jiu-jitsu master and member of the famous Gracie family, renowned for their contributions to martial arts.

Rell Battle

American stand-up comedian and writer, known for his work on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Rell Sunn

Hawaiian surfer and women’s world longboard champion, celebrated for breaking barriers in the male-dominated sport.

Rel Miller

American film director and screenwriter, recognized for his work on indie films like “Angela’s Ashes.”

Rel Carter

Entrepreneur and record executive, notable for his contributions to the music industry and co-founding the lifestyle brand “The Carter Brand.”

Rel Hunt

Australian actor known for his roles in television series like “Neighbours” and “Blue Heelers.”

Rel McCoy

Canadian hip-hop artist and producer, acclaimed for his socially conscious lyrics and impactful music.

Rel Pazar

Turkish-American inventor and entrepreneur, credited with inventing the first successful automatic payphone.

Rel Thompkins

American neuroscientist and researcher, recognized for his pioneering work in understanding the neural mechanisms of learning and memory.

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