220 Best Boy Names That Start with “OLIV”

Looking for a unique and distinctive name for your baby boy? Consider exploring the world of boy names that start with “OLIV”.

While the list of common names might include Oliver or Olivia, there are many other less common but equally charming options that start with these four letters.

From classic to modern and everything in between, there are plenty of choices to suit every taste and style.

Whether you’re drawn to old-fashioned names with a hint of nostalgia or trendy and cool monikers that are sure to stand out, the world of “OLIV” names has something for everyone.

So, if you’re searching for a name that is both rare and meaningful, look no further than this fascinating collection of boy names that start with “OLIV”.

Let’s dive into this unique and captivating world of baby names and discover the perfect moniker for your little one.

Popular Boy Names That Start with “OLIV”

Olivander – “Defender of the olive tree” (English)

Oliviano – “Descendant of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivarius – “Belonging to the olive tree” (Latin)

Olivero – “Olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivios – “Bearer of the olive branch” (Greek)

Oliviano – “Devoted to the olive tree” (Italian)

Olivoso – “Abundant with olives” (Spanish)

Olivier – “Olive tree” (French)

Oliviero – “Olive tree” (Italian)

Oliviano – “Lover of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivan – “Olive tree” (Catalan)

Oliviano – “Beloved of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Oliveiro – “Olive tree” (Portuguese)

Oliviano – “Gift of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivinus – “Of the olive tree” (Latin)

Olivez – “Olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivaro – “Olive tree” (Italian)

Oliveros – “Son of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivián – “Olive tree” (Spanish)

Oliviero – “Olive tree” (Italian)

Oliviano – “Living near olive trees” (Spanish)

Olivezio – “Olive tree” (Italian)

Olivar – “Place of olive trees” (Spanish)

Olivanto – “Olive branch” (Greek)

Oliviano – “Friend of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivinus – “Resembling an olive” (Latin)

Olivaro – “One who cultivates olive trees” (Italian)

Oliviano – “Protector of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivez – “Son of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivius – “Devotee of the olive tree” (Latin)

Boy Names That Start with "OLIV"

Modern Boy Names That Start with “OLIV”

Olivon – “He who bears the olive” (English)

Olivito – “Little olive” (Spanish)

Olivianos – “Youthful olive tree” (Greek)

Olivikai – “Olive tree by the sea” (English)

Olivico – “Olive-inspired” (Spanish)

Oliviosh – “Olive essence” (Greek)

Oliveras – “Son of the olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivante – “Vibrant olive” (English)

Oliviano – “Modern olive” (Spanish)

Olivicoz – “Olive charm” (English)

Olivantis – “Emerging from the olive” (Greek)

Oliviano – “Innovative olive” (Spanish)

Oliventi – “Olive vitality” (English)

Olivarco – “Courageous olive” (Spanish)

Olivados – “Blessed by the olive” (Greek)

Olivonix – “Olive revolution” (English)

Oliviano – “Adventurous olive” (Spanish)

Olivador – “Olive leader” (English)

Olivoz – “Youthful olive” (Spanish)

Olivogic – “Wisdom of the olive” (Greek)

Olivara – “Olive radiant” (English)

Olivianto – “Enchanting olive” (Spanish)

Olivosis – “Olive spirit” (Greek)

Olivique – “Unique olive” (English)

Olivario – “Olive hero” (Spanish)

Olivanta – “Rising olive” (English)

Olivoso – “Optimistic olive” (Spanish)

Olivence – “Enduring olive” (English)

Olivarian – “Guardian of the olive” (Spanish)

Olivisma – “Olive charm” (Greek)

Unique “OLIV” Names for Boys

Olivex – “Extraordinary olive” (English)

Olivaric – “Majestic olive” (Spanish)

Olivorus – “Boundless as the olive” (Greek)

Olivint – “Innovative olive essence” (English)

Olivara – “Shining olive” (Spanish)

Olivenex – “Next-generation olive” (English)

Olivantez – “Energetic olive” (Spanish)

Oliviosys – “Olive wisdom” (Greek)

Oliviquez – “Mystical olive” (English)

Olivrado – “Radiant olive” (Spanish)

Olivianth – “Olive bloom” (English)

Olivenzo – “Zealous olive” (Spanish)

Olivonic – “Connected to the olive” (Greek)

Olivorian – “Timeless olive” (English)

Olivanza – “Graceful olive” (Spanish)

Olivikos – “Olive conqueror” (Greek)

Olivorus – “Limitless olive” (English)

Oliviano – “Harmonious olive” (Spanish)

Olivitan – “Eternal olive” (Greek)

Olivorn – “Ornamental olive” (English)

Olivadoz – “Olive enthusiast” (Spanish)

Olivarian – “Noble olive” (Greek)

Olivesso – “Soothing olive” (English)

Oliviano – “Peaceful olive” (Spanish)

Olivisto – “Olive poet” (Greek)

Olivaxon – “Steadfast olive” (English)

Olivaro – “Olive vision” (Spanish)

Oliviris – “Rainbow of olives” (Greek)

Olivante – “Uplifting olive” (English)

Olivique – “Eloquent olive” (Spanish)

Timeless Boy Names Starting with “OLIV”

Oliverse – “Eternal universe” (English)

Olivindo – “Timeless wind” (Spanish)

Olivarth – “Ancient strength” (English)

Olivion – “Everlasting existence” (Greek)

Olivaris – “Time-honored virtue” (Spanish)

Olivestro – “Enduring strength” (English)

Olivianos – “Immutable grace” (Greek)

Oliviano – “Perpetual joy” (Spanish)

Olivimus – “Timeless wisdom” (Latin)

Olivius – “Eternal life” (English)

Olivendo – “Evergreen love” (Spanish)

Olivicus – “Immutable victory” (Latin)

Olivando – “Endless adventure” (English)

Olivique – “Timeless eloquence” (Spanish)

Olivicon – “Eternal icon” (English)

Olivesto – “Constant strength” (Spanish)

Olivius – “Timeless leader” (Latin)

Oliviano – “Everlasting charm” (Spanish)

Olivaris – “Ageless courage” (English)

Olivino – “Eternal innovation” (Spanish)

Olivento – “Timeless vigor” (Italian)

Olivario – “Enduring hero” (Spanish)

Olivorian – “Timeless nobility” (English)

Olivonix – “Forever unique” (Spanish)

Olivicon – “Timeless vision” (English)

Olividus – “Eternal light” (Latin)

Olivianto – “Enduring grace” (Spanish)

Olivoxis – “Immutable brilliance” (Greek)

Olivanto – “Timeless vitality” (Italian)

Exotic and Foreign Boy Names Starting with “OLIV”

Olivaré – “Golden olive” (French)

Olivario – “Olive tree planter” (Italian)

Olivinov – “Innovative olive” (Russian)

Olivindo – “Endearing olive” (Portuguese)

Oliviquez – “Mystical olive” (French)

Olivić – “Olive-inspired” (Croatian)

Olivantos – “Resilient olive” (Spanish)

Oliviano – “Devotee of the olive tree” (Italian)

Olivanton – “Olive-toned” (Spanish)

Olivario – “Olive tree hero” (Portuguese)

Oliviosco – “Olive tree shade” (Italian)

Olivikai – “Oceanic olive” (Hawaiian)

Oliviera – “Air of the olive tree” (Portuguese)

Olivikon – “Olive summit” (Greek)

Olivéro – “Rising olive” (French)

Olivingo – “Charming olive” (Italian)

Olivière – “Eternal olive” (French)

Olivićo – “Olive tree dweller” (Croatian)

Olivirado – “Radiant olive” (Portuguese)

Olivaro – “Olive tree explorer” (Spanish)

Olivaris – “Foreign strength” (Spanish)

Olivinus – “Olive-colored” (Latin)

Olivaar – “Bearer of the olive branch” (Dutch)

Olivário – “Olive-inspired” (Portuguese)

Olivanté – “Elegant olive” (French)

Olivario – “Olive tree champion” (Italian)

Olivíno – “Green olive” (Spanish)

Olivique – “Unique olive” (French)

Olivarix – “Olive ruler” (Latin)

Oliviané – “Graceful olive” (French)

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With “OLIV”

Olivexa – “Adventurous olive” (English)

Olivaro – “Harmony of the olive” (Spanish)

Olivianis – “Nature lover, olive enthusiast” (Greek)

Olivida – “Peaceful olive” (English)

Olivique – “Eloquent olive” (French)

Olivant – “Olive tree dweller” (Spanish)

Olivona – “Graceful olive” (Italian)

Olivyx – “Modern and unique olive” (English)

Olivara – “Radiant olive” (Spanish)

Oliventi – “Olive vitality” (Greek)

Olivuno – “Unified olive” (Spanish)

Olivara – “Olive blossom” (English)

Olivent – “Enduring olive” (Spanish)

Olivota – “Pure olive” (Greek)

Olivoso – “Optimistic olive” (Spanish)

Olivara – “Evergreen olive” (English)

Olivario – “Olive tree hero” (Spanish)

Olivora – “Gentle olive” (Italian)

Olivus – “Universal olive” (English)

Olivanti – “Eternal olive” (Spanish)

Olivario – “Olive tree explorer” (Italian)

Olivora – “Golden olive” (Greek)

Olivaro – “Protector of the olive” (Spanish)

Olivari – “Olive essence” (Italian)

Olivique – “Unique olive” (English)

Oliventi – “Olive vitality” (Spanish)

Olivios – “Son of the olive tree” (Greek)

Olivaro – “Olive tree traveler” (Spanish)

Olivara – “Olive radiance” (English)

Oliventi – “Olive tree life” (Spanish)

Religious Names for Boys Starting with “OLIV”

Olivianus – “Devoted to the olive” (Latin)

Olivius – “God’s olive” (Latin)

Oliviano – “Olive tree of grace” (Spanish)

Oliviticus – “Consecrated olive” (Latin)

Olivante – “Divine olive” (Spanish)

Olivianthos – “Divine bloom of the olive” (Greek)

Oliviano – “Sacred olive” (Spanish)

Olivonicus – “Consecrated olive tree” (Latin)

Olivario – “God’s olive tree” (Spanish)

Olivangelos – “Messenger of the divine olive” (Greek)

Olivantez – “Energetic devotion” (Spanish)

Olivicon – “Consecrated icon of the olive” (Latin)

Olivestus – “Holy olive” (English)

Oliviano – “Devotee of the sacred olive” (Spanish)

Olivyan – “God’s gift of the olive” (English)

Oliviosco – “Consecrated shade of the olive” (Latin)

Olivariano – “Sacred guardian of the olive” (Spanish)

Olivopas – “Divine all-seeing olive” (Greek)

Olivario – “Altar of the olive” (Spanish)

Olivianax – “God’s eternal olive” (Latin)

Olivanoel – “Christmas olive” (English)

Oliviano – “Divinely inspired olive” (Spanish)

Olivangelis – “Divine messenger of the olive” (Greek)

Olivario – “God’s victorious olive” (Spanish)

Olivifer – “Bearer of the divine olive” (Latin)

Olivanto – “Divinely guided olive” (Spanish)

Olivarius – “Servant of the sacred olive” (Latin)

Olivello – “God’s light in the olive” (Italian)

Olivista – “Worshiper of the divine olive” (Spanish)

Oliviosophos – “Divine wisdom of the olive” (Greek)

Famous Male Persons Having Names Starting with “OLIV”

Oliver Cromwell

English military and political leader, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland during the Interregnum (17th century).

Oliver Hardy

American comedian and actor, one half of the famous comedy duo Laurel and Hardy.

Oliver Stone

American filmmaker known for directing iconic films such as “Platoon,” “JFK,” and “Natural Born Killers.”

Olivier Giroud

French professional footballer, known for his successful career with clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea, and for winning the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Oliver Kahn

German former football goalkeeper, widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of the sport.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

American jurist and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, known for his significant contributions to constitutional law.

Oliver Sacks

British-American neurologist and author, renowned for his work in the field of neurology and his bestselling books, including “Awakenings.”

Oliver Hudson

American actor known for his roles in TV series like “Rules of Engagement” and “Nashville.”

Oliver Platt

Canadian-American actor, recognized for his performances in films like “A Time to Kill” and TV series like “Chicago Med.”

Oliver Reed

English actor known for his roles in classic films such as “Gladiator” and “Oliver!”

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