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220+ Fantasy And Cool Borderlands Names for You

Borderlands names are a great way to help your child become more imaginative, and they can be used for gaming, story-making, social media and so much more.

They, however, are a big hassle to think up. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, but for others, it’s a time-consuming process they’d like to skip.

If you are looking for a Borderlands name, it can be tough to find something unique. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular Borderlands names out there.

Borderlands Names

These are the cool and catchy borderlands names:

  • Corporal Fran
  • Juggernaut
  • Cruel Nadia
  • Hideous Bailey
  • Arctic Brittany
  • Brave Sarah
  • Limping Jean
  • Sparky Kasey
  • Toothless Lane
  • Cryo Ellie
  • Noisy Morgan
  • Grim Lane
  • Masked Lois
  • Squeaky Nic
  • Shallow Kim
  • Elastic Brenda
  • Gleeful Sharon
  • Masked Vince
  • Limping Adriana
  • Volatile Braden
  • Hoarder
  • Greedy Kerry
  • Crazy Fiona
  • Virus
  • Mad Judith
  • Putrid Nat
  • Mad Eve
  • Savage Diana
  • Berserk Blair
  • Frosty Seth
  • Elastic Merle
  • Fancy Helen
  • Rabid Lillian
  • Crazy Lynn
  • Tiny Mary
  • Murky Agnes
  • Happy Hazel
  • Nervous Blythe
  • Lucky Tristan
  • Broken Elza
  • Grim Rick
  • Vagabond Don
  • Invincible Sarah
  • Exalted Ann
  • Ghostly Emerson
  • Scaly Reese
  • Bloody Amber
  • Madame Vicky
  • Greedy Morgan
  • One-Eye Danny
Borderlands Names

Borderlands Name Generator

These are the name that are suggested by borderlands name generator:

  • Happy Nicole
  • Livid Stan
  • Angry Jackie
  • Rotten Stella
  • Cruel Bailey
  • Macho Addison
  • Greedy Ashton
  • Squeaky Erin
  • Creepy Eve
  • Hanging Ruth
  • Black Heart
  • Breadstick
  • Bizarre Fiona
  • Dozen-Dimes
  • Prison-Break
  • Grim Braden
  • Fierce Audra
  • undefined
  • Macabre Darryl
  • Dynamite Eve
  • Chrono Rose
  • Volatile Marley
  • Filthy Iris
  • Wild Ellie
  • Blind Cameron
  • Dynamite Kerry
  • Dense Nikki
  • Straight Jacket
  • Mad Adriana
  • Plastic Tess
  • Fluffy Rachel
  • Hideous Brett
  • Basket Case
  • Dynamite Riley
  • Clumsy Agnes
  • Clumsy Jaime
  • Frantic Sydney
  • Supreme Sydney
  • One-Eye Irene
  • Frantic Ziva


So, what is the best way to come up with new and cool fantasy names? There’s no easy answer, but here are some things to consider.

  1. Look through some books.
  2. Make up your Borderlands names by yourself.
  3. Use a name generator.
  4. Think of words that go together.
  5. Use the history of the kingdoms.
  6. Use the geography of the kingdoms.
  7. Use the weather of the kingdoms.
  8. Use the legends of the kingdoms.
  9. Make it all about yourself.

Check out these creative and cool Borderlands names:

  • Dynamite Grace
  • Freedom Audra
  • Gentle Eve
  • Captain Dakota
  • Freedom Cory
  • Toothless Bridget
  • Craven Eli
  • Iron Jane
  • Berserk Cassie
  • Tiny Amber
  • Puny Miles
  • Supreme Jon
  • Eternal Tristan
  • Invincible Addison
  • Shallow Robin
  • Frosty Wil
  • Gullible Casey
  • Doc Duck Goose
  • Fancy Brynn
  • Furious Mo

Borderlands names are a lot like fantasy worlds. They are filled with interesting places, adventures, and characters. So, they are naturally full of potential.

You might have heard many names that are already great. But how do you make a good Borderlands name on your own? You brainstorm unless you fetch something you love.

These Borderlands name ideas may help you brainstorm more:

  • Fair Arya
  • Wide-Eyed Sarah
  • Doc Nicole
  • Rapid Brooke
  • Fair Aaren
  • Frantic Debra
  • One-Eye Matt
  • Squeaky William
  • Steel Daryl
  • One-Eye Sid
  • Mundane Blair
  • Nervous River
  • Vain Brett
  • Livid Dylan
  • Vengeful Cory
  • Ghostly Robin
  • Greasy Eleanor
  • Grim Julia
  • Mundane Arin
  • Sleepy Danny

If you are writing a fantasy story or science fiction, you will have to name your characters but also fantasize about organizations, religions, races, philosophies, planets, galaxies, nations, and just about anything else you invent!

I cannot fetch you all Borderlands names to use in your story, but my little guide may help you naming ideas, characters, places, and concepts.

1. One of the good ways to name something is to simply change one or two letters of a real or known Borderlands name to create something new which is still recognizable, simple, and memorable.

For example, Sarah could become Saral and so forth; the name Jonathan could be Jolothan.

Here are some Borderlands names examples you can try to change on your own:

  • Elastic Lois
  • Bitter Casey
  • Lieutenant Rose
  • Careless Aurora
  • Creepy Sandra
  • Fierce Judith
  • Clockwork Banana
  • Ruthless Addison
  • Two-Thrones
  • Gentle Avril
  • Dusty Kerry
  • Sparky Meryl
  • Putrid Hilda
  • Gullible Aidan
  • Creepy Robin
  • Hanging Aaren
  • Vengeful Sue
  • Filthy Avril
  • Careless Lane
  • Greasy June

2. Most often fantasy names are usually deeply rooted in the culture and language they come from, like Borderlands names.

For example, In Scottish, mac means “son of”. You may come up with some words that you use as prefix or suffix to convey some meaning and sprinkle it.

Check out these Borderlands name and try to put some prefix or suffix with them:

  • Bloody Megan
  • Wretched Aaren
  • Awkward Erin
  • Wretched Derek
  • Ghostly Sean
  • Snake-Skin
  • Captain Raegan
  • Aberrant Reese
  • Mad Brynn
  • Blank Canvas
  • Careless Vera
  • Careless Agnes
  • Rotten Amber
  • Furious Alec
  • Ruthless Roxanne
  • Dynamite Myra
  • Assassin Gus
  • Limping Jill
  • Ghostly Meryl
  • Masked Dylan

3. Consider the prevailing beliefs; philosophical and religious beliefs of the character you are looking a name for.

For example, Christians name their kids after saints, as Paul and Mathew.

The following are some Borderlands names to help you out:

  • Frosty Natalie
  • Fluffy Rose
  • Candy Cane
  • Fair Agnes
  • Gentle Cassie
  • One-Eye Avril
  • Sparky Jo
  • Vain Charles
  • Scrawny Vivian
  • Blind Mary
  • Steel Catlyn
  • Unlucky Kasey
  • Iron Laura
  • Masked Bill
  • Awkward Stella
  • Doc Gale
  • Blind Cory
  • Creepy Logan
  • Bony Angela
  • Infernal Grace

4. Robotic characters will not have names that are culturally related or derived.

They can be anything you choose to say, such as:

  • Awkward Grace
  • Droplet
  • Volatile Cleo
  • Craven Kim
  • Skeleton Fred
  • Corporal Ellen
  • Doc Nora
  • undefined
  • Angry Martin
  • Scrawny Kim
  • Dusty Roxanne
  • Wild Elza
  • Fancy Elza
  • Scrawny Zac
  • Berserk Dylan
  • Gold Nugget
  • Fierce Jenna
  • Red-Alert

5. If you are naming a place, rather than people, you should know that often places are named after people.

It is also common to name public buildings on the name of history heroes, people who made them, or some important personality who once visited them.

Below are some of the good Borderlands names to quickly scroll through to get more ideas:

  • Metallic Alice
  • Livid Lane
  • Puny Ruth
  • Skeleton Rick
  • Dock Doc
  • Jolly Ruth
  •   Frantic Avery
  • Calm Brynn
  • Bloody Conor
  • Wicked Elza
  • Vagabond Robin
  • Mad Vic
  • Bloody Quinn
  • Squeaky Mell
  • Puny Pete
  • Elastic Brynn
  • Pyro Anne
  • Volatile Jay
  • Wild Blake
  • Anchor

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