750 Clever and Creative Book Club Names

Are you looking to start a book club or looking for a catchy name for your existing club? Look no further! Book club names can be a great way to reflect the personality and interests of your group.

Whether you want something punny, literary, or reflective of your location, there are plenty of options to choose from.
Here, we have compiled a list of book club names that are sure to inspire and excite your members.

From classics like “The Bibliophiles” to more unique options like “Page Turners Anonymous,” there’s something for every type of book lover.

Your book club name can set the tone for your meetings and help to create a sense of community among your members.

So, if you’re ready to give your book club a name that will stand out, keep reading for some creative and clever ideas to get your brainstorming session started.

Who knows, the perfect name for your book club might be just a scroll away!

Tips for Book Club Names (1)

Book Club Names

Read-y or Not

Readers Dozen

Read Together

Turn the Page

The Nerd Herd

Versed Vixens

Novel Knights

The Book Look

The Kids Club

Reading Roses

Talking Books

Books of Lore

Book Biz Kids

Snell Library

Read Zeppelin

Books of Love

The Hot Takes

The Bookshelf

Make your Bed

Tired Neurons

Books N Booze

Book Bindings

Double Booked

The Immortals

Kids who Read

Game of Tomes

Novel Notions

Conman’s Club

Between pages

Perfect Pages

Witch Hunters

Nascent Minds

The Wine Club

Rabid Readers

Gin And Books

Hand Me a Book

The Lit Chicks

Books & Banter

Big Books Only

Women who Read

Pandora’s Book

Sashay, Brontë

The P.I. Posse

Flattery Words

Brittle Hearts

The Book Worms

State of Grace

Love is Golden

Beautiful Lies

Life is Illiad

Cover To Cover

Reading Rabbis

A Book a Month

Book Eyed Peas

The Shelf Life

Maverick Minds

The Book Coven

We are on Fire

Mugar Memorial

Word magicians

The Geek Group

Steamy Does It

Silent Readers

Death By Words

Spine Aligners


The Nerd Herds

Ghostly scenes

Raging Readers

Best Book Club Name Ideas

Reading Queens

The Book Doors

Bound to Books

Prose Pioneers

Books for Ages

Bound by Books

The Drama Club

Spine Crackers

Silent Suburbs

Gents Who Read

Know Thy Shelf

Drop Dead Read

Books & Beyond

Pleasant Pages

Sequel Chasers

The Epiloguers

Read Lola Read

Prose and More

Flaming Desire

Skills Library

Chapter Chicks

Therefore I am

The Book Marks

Living to read

Book War-Auden

Dragon Slayers

Gals and Books

The Word-Worms

The Rom-Comers

Knight Readers

Prose and Cons

Paperback Pals

Flirty Fiction

Fireside Chats

The Book Babes

Guess Whodunit

Mystery Mavens

Awesome Austens

Fabulous Fables

Monthly Readers

Literal Hotties

The Meet-Cuties

Gang of Readers

The Book Chicks

Book Club Bliss

Modern Socrates

Full of Fiction

Better Book Biz

Hermione’s Army

Dickens Pickins

Beyond the Book

Boozy Bookworms

Literary Ladies

The Hunch Bunch

Beers and Books

Bookshop Bogies

Landlady Crimes

The Underliners

Content Keepers

Myth Understood

Born, Read, Die

Beautiful Books

Bound By Spines

Beauty in Books

Peaked for Life

Lovers of Books

Area 51 Runners

The Prose Posse

Books ‘n’ Booze

Best Book Club Name Ideas (1)

Funny Book Club Names

The Book People

Pop-up Thoughts

Future Kingsman


The Write Stuff

New Books Smell

Textual Tension

Fiction Diction

The Bookaholics

Fantastic Tales

Cool Girls Read

Cranial Crunch.

Books ‘n Brunch

Feminist’s Read

The Gossip Room

Joyful Comrades

Words of Wisdom

The Plot Twists

The Ladies Club

The Book Circle

Chronicles Crew

Failed Feelings

Enchanted Reads

Book Boyfriends

Literary Layers

Hooked on Books

Hermione’s Army

Readers Delight

Back from Paris

Red Hat Readers

True Crime Crew

The Book Wizards

Clues Encounters

King in the West

Devil’s Backbone

The Reading Cafe

Ink and Insights

Shelf Indulgence

Criminal Element

Bookshop Betties

Thick Books Only

Book Cover Girls

Life Expositions

Pseudo Sherlocks

My Novel Romance

Suburban Gossips

Wine About Books

The Urban Reader

One More Chapter

Read It and Weep

Safari Book Club

The Wild Readers

Booklovers R’ Us

On the Same Page

Table of Context

Pulp Non-fiction

Lit Off The Page

Beyond the Book.

Coffee and Books

Epic Adventurers

30 Books to Mars

The Reading Crew

Sirius Loves You

The Cliffhangers

To the Bookstore

Byronic Heroines

Reading Rainbows

Little Blue Book

The Page Turners

Fantasy Book Club Names

The Script Squad

Once Upon a Tome

Wuthering Writes

The Mind Readers

Masters of Words

Badass Book Club

Hodor’s Fan Club

Windermere Peaks

Elephant Castles

The Story So Far

Great Beginnings

Paperback Riders

Bookworm Biddies

Babes with Books

Chapter Chatters

Summer Book Club

The Novel Nymphs

The Bibliophiles

Zen Book Readers

French Sisterhood

Outrage Book Club

Take A Look Books

Rather Be Reading

Intellectual Kids

Imagining Dragons

Critics book club

Reading Renegades

Enraged and Tired

Hit the Book Club

Elite Books Taste

Between the Wines

Pages & Prodigies

Before Time Books

Classics Beauties

The Butler Did It

The Grateful Read

Towards the Light

Lessons from Past

License to Thrill

Lancashire Hamlet

As the Page Turns

The Book Warriors

Sistas With Books

The Novel Beatles

The Grimoire Club

Literary Alliance

Chapter and Verse

Fiction Addiction

Travel Books Only

Between the Lines

Circle of Sisters

Nobles & Noblesse

Plotline Pioneers

Literally Amazing

Group of Scholars

The Reading Divas

Babes in Bookland

The Plot Thickens

As the Book Worms

Lost in a Tangent

The New Romantics

Chatty Primitives

As the Pages Turn

Prose Before Bros

The Textual Tribe

Ready Player Read

What’s in a Name?

R.E.A.D Book Club


Catchy Book Club Names

From Ayn to Zusak

Legendary Stories

Shakespeare Heads

Moving in Circles

The Liter-hotties

Literary Escapism

Bucket List Books

The Bookish Babes

Textual Relations

Readers Rendezvous

Storyline Sorority

Spirited Book Club

Speak Up Book Club

The Spine Breakers

Bookshop Shepherds

Ladies by the Lake

Kiss and Tell Club

Manga Readers Club

Strange Psychology

The Reading People

Readers Collective

Flights of Fantasy

Bindings and Brews

Swords and Stories

Codex Connoisseurs

Between the Covers

Thrills and Chills

Champagne Problems

Bookends Book Club

Materialistic Maya

Scholarly thoughts

Mom Time Book Club

The Great Book-sby

Don’t Stop Readin’

Great Expectations

Mysterious Margins

The Reading Stones

Big Boys Book Club

Weep, Read, Repeat

Women of Substance

Flashlight Readers

Muggles in Despair

Prose and the City

The Bodice Rippers

The Best Book Club

Books and Biscuits

Heartthrob Hangout

Book Web Book Club

Girls with Glasses

The Literary Coven

Wear your Foil Hat

Listen Before I go

The Good Book Club

We give Monologues

Circle of Epiphany

Turned Pages Troop

Tea Time Book Club

We’re Booked Solid

The Journey Begins

Severus Snape Fane

Fireside Daydreams

Dream Space Lovers

The Carnal Desires

Shhhhooo the Noise

Diminutive Desires

The Read Awakening

Historic Headaches

Caught Read-Handed

Library Books Club

Catchy Book Club Names (1)

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The Usual Suspects

Esemplastic Genius

The Book was Better

Starry-Eyed Stories

The Well Read Women

Bunch of Detectives

The Modern Hypatias

Lasting Impressions

Flights of Thoughts

Shhh… We’re Reading

Breakfast Book Club

Paradise of Pursuit

The Literary Circle

Bad Girls Book Club

Parchment Ponderers

The Book Covergirls

Spectacled Children

The Ending Guessers

Divine Intervention

The Crystal Ballers

The Garden Of Books

Better than therapy

Charlotte’s Letters

Fiction Aficionados

Climactic Head Buzz

The Radical Readers

Well-Read Wanderers

Bickering Teenagers

The Lady Librarians

Bountiful Book Club

Towards Empowerment

The Literary Ladies

Reading Enchantment

Rated R for Reading

Words of a Dead Man

The Gone Girl Types

There Will Be Books

Sweet Potato Queens

Fireflies Flew Away

Joyful Page Turners

Grateful Gatherings

Here for the Merlot

Heroines Found Here

The Homemakers Club

A Mystery Book Club

The Text Best Thing

Page-Turning Pearls

Mutiny Against Death

Bandits of Bookworms

Book Broads and John

Afternoon Epiphanies

Hung by Cliffhangers

The Butterfly Effect

Unputdownable United

No Patriarchy for us

Intellectual Debates

Books Beyond Borders

Imagine Book Dragons

Dumbledore once said

Romance Readers Rule

Sleuths on the Loose

Nerdy and We Know It

Gumshoes and Gabbers

The Secret of a Book

Sisterhood of Sphinx

Millennial Book Club

WOW (Women of Words)

Dog-Eared Detectives

Book Club Names For Teachers

Alice in FictionLand

Books Frozen in Time

Famished for Fiction

Best Recommendations

Book Beats Battalion

Cover to Cover Coven

Striving for Diction

Narrative Navigators

The Detective Agency

Alliteration Station

Brandy New Book Club

Live like Greek Gods

Reading between lines

Investigation Station

We can all be Pirates

Alice in Rabbit Holes

Shinobi’s of the West

Bibbidi Bobbidi Books

Read, Write and Booze

Sad, Beautiful Tragic

Whispering Wordsmiths

Paperbacks & Pioneers

Pandora’s Plot Twists

The Naughtiest Novels

Rusty Books with Wine

Book Club Is My Alibi

Studying Poet’s Craft

Fleetwood Mac-n-Books

For the Love of Books

Leave It to the Prose

More Than a Book Club

The Read Riding Hoods

Gnomes who love Books

The Page Sage Brigade

The Inkwell Explorers

Sassy Divas Book Club

The Covert Operatives

The Therapy Book Club

Literary Illuminators

Meaning of Literature

Diplomatic Endeavours

Mimosas and Metaphors

Broomsticks and Books

The Critical Darlings

Witty Women Book Club

The Magician’s Corner

Feynman Loves Physics

One Mystery At a Time

A Tale of Two Stories

Curl Up and Read Crew

Stimulating Creativity

High Spirits Book Club

The Readers in the Rye

Fresh Page Fresh Start

Jolly Old Book Readers

Nerds who can MoonWalk

Booked for the Weekend

Wrap your Noose Around

Don’t Eat the Bookworm

Demons and Death Tales

The Book Babes Brigade

Bitter Sweet Book Club

The Page Professionals

The Riveting Book Club

The Spirited Book Club

All Out Of Shelf Space

No Book Goes with Beer

Read Between the Wines

Lovers of Banned Books

Aesthetic Book Club Names

You made her like that

Plot twist Nail Biters

Arctic Reading Monkeys

Page Turners Anonymous

Painted by the Numbers

Coffee, Books and More

Nothing But Good Books

Book Worms and Wormies

The Feminist Book Club

The Book Binge Brigade

Orwell’s That Ends Well

We Can’t Stop (Reading)

Simile Like You Mean It

Books to Swipe Right On

Oliver Twists and Turns

Darkness Knows you Well

The Algorithmic Debacle

The Empowered Empresses

The Thrilling Book Club

Swirl, Smell, Sip, Read

The Secrets of the Book

Scholastic Perturbation

The Creative Chronicles

Only Readers Left Alive

Breathtaking Books Club

Movable Feast Book Club

The Little Red Bookshop

Barney’s Big Barn House

Before I learn Civility

Tentative Interventions

Astronomy Not Astrology

Afternoon Tea Book Club

Tales & Treatises Tribe

Epic Endeavors Ensemble

The Boundless Bookworms

Chicka Chicka Book Book

The Underworld Explorers

Chronicles & Cappuccinos

Read Against the Machine

Well Read, Badly Behaved

Cure your Writer’s Block

The Narrative Navigators

Stuck Between the Covers

Magnificent Maze Runners

Whole New Life Book Club

Where the Wild Books Are

Missed Between the pages

The Enlightened Editions

Romantic Tales that Hurt

But I Progress Book Club

A Complete Joy Book Club

Webmaster and Associates

Plot-Twisting Princesses

Bringing Fiction to Life

My Lost Lovers Book Club

Everything is a Metaphor

Depressed thoughts cured

Horton Hears a Book Club

The Manuscript Mavericks

Welcome to the Book Club

Escaping Reality Readers

Wear my Shoes Just to See

To not kill a Mockingbird

We met coz of Serendipity

Literary Fires Everywhere

Riddlers and Storytellers

Broken Wings Eager to Fly

Booked Beyond Imagination

Aesthetic Book Club Names (1)

Dirty Book Club Names

Reading Between the Wines

Once upon a time in Salem

Fantastic Science Fiction

The Book Side of the Moon

Irish Drunkards and Poets

Book Feminists Foundation

Frankenstein’s Pet Peeves

Gender Equality Book Club

Mom’s don’t read Twilight

Don’t judge covers, please

To Thine Own Shelf Be True

Fanfictions are also books

Shakespeare, Rattle & Roll

The Religion of Greek Gods

Read to Live, Live to Read

Alohomora your Imagination

The Read Hot Chili Peppers

Last Great American Dynasty

The Fellowship of the Reads

Bridge To Fantasy Book Club

Pride, Booze, and Prejudice

The No. 1 Ladies’ Book Club

Potterheads want Butterbeer

Take a Look, It’s in a Book

Race to Nuclear Destruction

Chick Flicks and Tay Swifts

Caffeinated Chapter Chasers

Book Marley and The Readers

Passed down like folk songs

Forever is the Sweetest con

How to train your dragon kid

Chicka Chicka Book Book Club

101 ways to Ignore your Kids

I could never give you peace

The Catcher in the Book Club

Kool and the Gang of Readers

The Very Bookish Caterpillar

The Classic Ladies Book Club

Invisible Man took our Books

One hundred years of Solitude

Better Than Therapy Book Club

If You Give a Kid a Book Club

Heroes, Heroines and Hangouts

Closet Geek About to come out

She’s the giggle at a Funeral

One Direction to the Bookstore

The Explorers of made-up tales

In Search of Happily Ever After

Let’s Judge a Book by Its Lover

The Unapologetic English Majors

Old Monk and Literary Meditation

Sigmund Freud’s adopted children

One Fantasy Multiverse at a time

Shonda Rhimes gives us Nightmares

Change your life one book at a time

Pursuing the Incompleteness Theorem

We Like Big Books and We Cannot Lie

Close Encounters of the Bookish Kind

Classical 70’s American Suburbanites

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Basic Books

We Like Big Books (and We Cannot Lie)

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

Strange Strings and where to find them

Greatest loves of all time are over now

Love, hate relationship with John Green

More Name Ideas:

Types of Book Club Names

Choosing a name for your book club involves considering different styles and tones.

Here, we explore three main types of book club names to help you find the perfect fit for your literary group.

Classic and Timeless

Classic book club names are enduring and elegant, often drawing inspiration from well-known literary works, authors, or timeless themes.

These names exude sophistication and may appeal to members who appreciate the literary canon.


Literary Legends Book Club

Classic Pages Society

Timeless Tales Reading Group

Modern and Trendy

Modern book club names embrace current trends and language, creating a contemporary and dynamic vibe.

These names are often catchy, incorporating popular culture references or modern language to reflect the group’s current interests.


Trendsetters Book Crew

Novel Vibes Collective

PageTurners 2.0

Whimsical and Fun

Whimsical book club names add a playful and lighthearted touch to the reading experience.

These names use humor, wordplay, or imaginative elements to create a fun and inviting atmosphere within the book club.


Whimsy Wordsmiths

Laugh & Lit Lounge

Bookish Bliss Brigade

Tips for Choosing a Book Club Name

Selecting the right name for your book club is a creative process that involves consideration and thought.

Here are some practical tips to guide you in choosing a book club name that resonates with your members and sets the tone for a vibrant literary community.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Ensure the chosen name is inclusive and accessible to all members. Avoid overly niche references that may alienate certain readers. A name that embraces diversity and welcomes various literary tastes fosters a sense of community.

Example: Opt for a name that reflects the broad spectrum of reading interests, such as “Eclectic Readers Club.”

Reflecting the Club’s Identity

The name should mirror the collective identity and personality of the book club. Consider the reading preferences, values, and goals of the group.

A well-chosen name becomes a representation of the shared spirit of the members.

Example: If your club focuses on a specific genre, like mystery, a name such as “Sleuths and Stories Society” communicates this identity clearly.

Consideration of Longevity

Choose a name that stands the test of time. While it’s tempting to pick a trendy or topical name, consider whether it will still be relevant and meaningful to members in the future. Aim for a name that has lasting appeal.

Example: “Timeless Book Haven” suggests a commitment to enduring literary enjoyment, transcending current trends.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Selecting a book club name can be an exciting venture, but it’s essential to navigate potential pitfalls.

Here are common mistakes to steer clear of when naming your book club to ensure a positive and inclusive experience for all members.

Overly Complex Names

Avoid names that are excessively complicated or challenging to remember.

Complex names can lead to confusion and make it difficult for new members to feel connected. Aim for simplicity and clarity.

Example: Instead of “The Quixotic Bibliophiles’ Literary Consortium,” consider “Bookworms Unite.”

Insensitivity and Exclusivity

Be mindful of potential cultural or sensitive references in your chosen name. Avoid anything that may inadvertently exclude or offend members.

A name should foster inclusivity and make everyone feel welcome.

Example: Stay away from names that may alienate certain groups, such as “Exclusive Classics Club.”

Lack of Member Involvement

Don’t overlook the importance of involving your book club members in the naming process.

A name chosen collectively is more likely to resonate with everyone and create a sense of ownership among members.

Example: Instead of a leader unilaterally deciding on the name, encourage a group discussion or vote to ensure everyone has a say.


Choosing a book club name is more than a formality; it shapes the identity of your literary group. A well-picked name symbolizes shared interests and fosters a sense of unity.

It sets the tone for discussions and events, contributing to a feeling of belonging among members.

Celebrating diversity in literary tastes, whether classic, modern, or whimsical, the chosen name reflects the unique personalities within the group.

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