Barber Shop Names: 800+ Funny and Cool Salon Name Ideas

So, you decided to jump into the barber shop business and looking for creative barber shop names to inspire and help you come up with a good name, right?

You’re in the right place. Here you’ll:

Know what a good business name means.

Find out hundreds of barber shop name suggestions.

Learn how to come up with a unique name for your barber and hair cutting shop.

Before you get bored let’s dive into the name ideas, that will help you in choosing a great name. Here, you will find catchy, classy, hilarious and elegant names for your barber shop.

Barber Shop Names

These are the creative and funny name ideas for your barber shop:

The Scissor’s Edge

Keystone Barber Shop

In the Hair Tonight

Hair Chemicals React

Jack the Clipper

Serenity Salon

Lookin’ Sharp Barber

Clippers Haircuts for Men

Blades of Gold

Next Level Cuts

Chop Shop

The Barber Bunch

Professiya hair Salon

Buzz Cuts Barber

Ace of Fades

Biddy Hair Salon

Spoleti Salon

Hair Wizard

A Designers Edge

Knot Just Hair

Quick Cuts

Ken’s Hair & Beauty Salon

NYC Barber Shop

The Barber Chop


Sharp Styles

Nobel Barber

Born to Be Beautiful


The Fade Shop

The Jazz man

Legends the Barbershop


Supreme Sideburns

Classic Barber

Service Barber

Cut ‘N’ Shave

Get Buzzed Barber


Praise the Cut



One-Stop Barber

Pure Barbering

Barber Innovations

Dangy Barbers

Smart Cut

Fantastic Fades

Trendy Fella

Barber Box

Oh La La Barber

Barbers Bazaar

The House of Handsome

Corner Barber

Cute Clips

Certified Manly

Game Day Barber


Hair Fronts

Hi-Rollers Barbershop

The Humble

Barber Pros

Keystone Barber Shop

Hair Salon Names

Here is the list of elegant hair salon names to inspire you:

Red Stella Hair Salon

Liquid Hair Studios

Touch & Glow Salon

Not just Hair

Big Hair We Care

American Barber Shop

House of Colour Salon

Biddy Hair Salon

Blackroom Salon

Christine’s Salon

Kreative Trendz

My Secret Hair

The Changing Room

House of Blonde

Inspirations Salon

Highlights Salon

Hair Castle

Cutting Line Studio

Shear Trendz

Stylish Flow

Swiss Tag Co

Razor Praise

Pit Stop Barber Shop

Barber Button

Hunk Town

Central Barber


Buzz Cuts

The Grooming Club

Making Waves

Salty Barber

Westside Cuts & Style

Equity Men

Barber Brotherhood

Normal Height Cuts

Twin Scissors Barber

Barbados Social Barber

Top Notch Treatment

The Mustache Man

American Barber’s

Golden Touch Haircuts

The Original Barber Shop

Style Street Barber

Fist & Twist

Neighborhood Cuts

Young House Barber

One-Stop Salon

Friendly Barbers

Hot Rod Barber Shop

Rusty Blade

His and Hairs

The Hair Style

Total Treatment

The Art of Grooming

Gentlemen’s Grooming

Stylish Cave


Pall Mall Barbers Midtown

Sharp Barber

5th Ave Shop

Hair Unlimited

Barber Broker

Sideburn Curls

Treespace Studio

Esprit De Cut

Looks Smith

Great Images

Style Still

Lather Lover

Crazy Curls

Ivy League Dresser

The Cutt’n Edge

Sunshine Salon

Cutting Crew


Cut Above the Rest

Liberty Barbershop

Barber Shop Name Generator

These are the barber shop names suggested by the name generator:

The Future of Hair

Sleek Snips

Gentleman Barbers

Cut N Edge

Machine Men

Ace of Cuts

Barber Style

Bow Barbers

The Grooming Lounge

Barber Bros

Professiya hair Salon

The Classic Cut


Public Barber Salon


Metro Barber

Golden Crown

Sanctuary Salon

new Livin

Let’s Buzz

Few more hair Saln

Tips from Marcus

Russo’s Barber Shop



White Barber

Battery Barbers


Premium Barbershop

Beautiful Body Salon

HairFeel Lounge

Lads Lounge

Heads Up Barber

Ace of Fades

City Barber

Marsemellow Salon

Golden Door Barbershop

happy Buddies

New Era Cuts


Salon Zeppelin

Old Bastion

Creative Ways

Muscle Cuts

Luxuriate Barber

The Pristine

Big Mouth Barber

Yankee Clipper

The Comb Over

The Hair Port

hair Flair

Bolt Barbers


Chop Shop

The Loft

The Mustached Man

Best Barbers

Original Crew

Scissor Hands

Madison Medal Shop

Funky Scribe

Dry splash Co

Cut Castle

Tapered Men’s Salon

Cutter Shark

Couture Barbars

Style O Rama

Cut and Shave

Modern Men Barbershop

Blow Barber

Stone Cool Barber

Echos Hair Design Salon

Pro Style

Retro Barber

Good Old Days Barbers

Barber Brothers

Whiz Barber


Parting Ways

Barber House

Los Santos Barbershop

Raise the Barber

Razor Cuts

Barber Express

Super Sideburns

Aged Barber

Comb Over

Clip Joint


Just Blade


Hair Brotherhood

The Mad Barber

bang Barber

Cool Barber Shop Names

Here are the cool barber shop names are given:

Love and Bubbles

Artisan Barber

Peoples Fixit

Bulls & Barbers

The Man Cave

Get Grooming

The Second Space

Fading Away

Fine Grooming

Grateful Head

Hair mania


Barbershop Deluxe

Chesterfield Barbar

Luxurious Locks

Gotta Comb

Fish Comb

Barber Bomb

Finger Floyds

Professional Barbers

Urban Shave

New Barbers


Bonjour Barber

State Street

Barber King

Old Days Barbers

Bold Barber

Lovefront Salon

A Cut Above

Pretty pack barbers

Boy’s with Emotions


Razed Right


The Men’s Style

Supreme Snips

The Urban Shave

Cut Above

Out the Box

Get Buzzed

Mad Dog

Made the Cut

Cut and Trim

Snazzy Barber

Brave Beard

Dope Barber

Billionaires Club

No Holds Barbered

Abe Barbershop

The Greatful Head

Barber Rituals

Indulgence Salon

Bombastic Barbers

Times Square

The Blue Camel Salon

Good Looking Barber

Chelsea Cuts

5th Ave Barber

Made Man Barbershop

The Silver Scissors

Super Snips

All of the Trimmings

Freeway Barber Shop

Wave Hello


Old English

Esquire Barber Shop

Praise the Razor

Razor the Bar

Best Barber

Fading Away Barber Shop

Barber Craft

Just a Trim

Dame and Dapper

Daddy’s Barber Shop

Cutting Edge Cuts

Mama’s Boy

Barber Brains

Barber Labs

Silver Bullet Barbers

Bashful Barber

Barber Angels

Main Street Barber

Hometown Salon

Happy Hair

Good Cassa

Bob the Barber


Birds Barbershop

The Barber Shop

Great Image Salon

Money Men


Smart Ideas

Right & Wrong

Funny Barber Shop Names

Some of the funny barber shop names are shown below:

Game Day Barber Shop

Golden Touch

Pure Indulgence

Freedom Barber

Be Friday

Blind Barber

Cute Cuts

Style Parade

Samurai Barbers

Superior Cuts

Brotherhood Barbershop

your Better Barbers

Handsome Hair


The Assembly

Serenity Salon

Fresh Cuts

Backyard Barbers

Comb Club

Cut to Contrast

Heyday Hairing


Good Looks Grooming

Epic Barber Shop

Cut Creations

All-Star Hair Cuts


Tidy Hairs

Curly Manly

VIP Barber




State Street Barbers


Fine Line Shop

Zip Zap Hair Salon

Barber Boss

Modern Dude

Towne Barber

Downtown Barber

Razor Appraiser

Short Barber

Next Level Cuts

Off the Top

Hometown Hair

Spotted Man Salon

Sharper Styles

Gentlemen’s Salon

Buzzed Basters

Band of Barbers

The Clippers

GQ Cuts

Trendy Man’s hub

Lifestyle Barber

Clay Way


Frizz it house

Foam & Blade

Front Men

The Barbery

Straight Edge Snips

The Raze Books

Down to Business

Executive Barber

Yuling Dude

Knights Gather

The Barber Show

The Good Barber

Razor King

The Million Hairs

Sips and Snips

Fresh Fades

Hair Port

Curvy Crew

Goodness Glamour

Turkish Barber

The Masterpiece Cut



Vellum & Velley


Every Man’s Barber

Halftime Haircuts

Hansom Harald

Style Presence

The Hive

Classic Cuts

Fuzzy Barber

Tips from Kate

Next Level Barbershop


Perfect Pete

Barber Republic

New Age Barber House


Barber Shop Names Ideas

Check out these barber shop names ideas:

The Nice Barber

Fellow Barber

Scissor Tangles

The Barber Pole

Crista frey Co

Perfect Trim


The Humble Barber

Buzz Cuts Barber

Shooki Barber

The Pristine Barber

Barber Book

Layered Barber

Barbers R Us

NYC Barber Shop Museum

The Barber Bunch

The Cutting Dudes


Smoth Hobb

Old Town Barbershop

The Process

Lux Barber

Straight Razors


Prestige Barbers


New Nyokka


Crocker Barber Shop

The Legend Room

Creative Cuts

Barbershop Alvarado


Sport Snips

Barber Bandits

Head Office

No Shears

My Cut Shop


Blades of Gold


Gold Comb

Old Fashioned Barber

Fade O’Clock

Cutting Edge

Salon Solitude

Cut and Feel

Dressing Shop


Vogue Cuts

Touchdown Barber

Twisted Scissors

On Brand Barbers

The Shave Cave

Beards & Shears

Basic Barbers

English Barber

The Mug & Brush

hair Affair

Jack of all Fades

Lookin’ Sharp Barber

No Grease

Dark Barber

Bendway Barber

The Cutter’s Love


Tailored Hair


Bold Bloke

Simplicity Salon


Wicked Barber

Rich Blends

Baseline Barbers

New Age Cuts

Cute Claps


Fade O’Clock Barber

Cut and Clip

Style Street Salon

Handsome Box

Men Pen

Upper Cuts

King Cut

Zero Degree Styling

Lighthouse Barbers

The Trim Haus

Bearded Barber


King’s Parlour


The Smiling Barber

The Ugly Barber

The Dover Honing

First Flex Barber

Brilliant Barbers

Cut N Edge Barber Shop

Super Shaped

Picture Perfect

Barber Side

How to Name you Barber Shop Business

Opening a barber shop is one of the best creative business that every community needs.

So, after the legal processes, the first and one of the easy steps is to look for some classy barber shop names.

You have to choose a great name for your hair cut business because it’s your business identity. Also, you have to live with your name for a long time.

Therefore, choose an attractive and clever name that helps you to stand in this competitive business. Check out a few tips for choosing hair salon names:

Brainstorm the barber shop name ideas.

Brainstorming helps you in arriving at some unique names. So, just try to produce name ideas as more as possible.

Also, take help from your friends and family members in brainstorming.

May someone come up with a name that clicks your heart. After the complete research make a list of barber shop names you have found.

Use a name generator.

For more ideas, use the business name generator. Following are the business name generators that can help you a lot in getting more ideas.

Anadea Business Name Generator, Shopify Business Name Generator, NameStation, NameMesh, etc.

Shortlist your favorite names

Now its time to get creative with your list. Narrow down your list by removing the boring and complicated names.

Take a look at your competitors’ names.

Once you come up with your favorite names, give a look at your competitor’s names. Make sure that your name is different from your competitors.

If you pick a unique name, it conveys a message that your services are unique and good. Such names make a good impression on your customers about your hair salon business.

Use puns and alliterations.

Puns and alliterations make your name fun and easy to remember. So, it a good thing to use in your hair cutting business name.

Below are the characteristics of the good business names:


More Name Ideas:

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