320 Popular Baby Names That Start With V

If you’re looking for baby names that start with V, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love on our list.
Some of our favorite baby names that start with V include:





















Baby Names That Start With V

Some of the Rare baby names are Vania, Vafia, Verner, Voitto, Vanda.

Vadhana – “Face, Bright star”

Viveca – “Life, place of refuge”

Vicente – “One who conquers”

Virginia – “Maiden, virgin”

Vaisakh – “The spring season”

Vagisvari – “Goddess of Speech”

Vernon – “Like spring”

Venturo – “good fortune, good luck”

Val – “Strong, healthy”

Vermont – “green mountain”

Vinny – “Brave”

Vito – “life-giving”

Vlad – “To rule”

Victorine – “Triumphant”

Vernie – “Green”

Vijay – “conquering”

Vaishant – “A shining star”

Valencia – “strength, health”

Vaughan – “king of the serpents”

Veda – “lively”

Vasiuddin – “A faithful person”

Verna – “Springtime”

Verochka – “Protecting friend”

Vally – “healthy”

Venessa – “Soft, rich fabric”

Vidal – “life giving”

Valeria – “To be Strong”

Varina – “From the fortress”

Vincenza – “prevailing”

Varun – “The lord of rain”

Vivianus – “alive, animated, lively”

Vida – “victory”

Vazir – “A minister”

Valorie – “Courageous”

Vyom – “Sky”

Vidalia – “Life”

Vemados – “Courageous like a bear”

Vartoughi – “Foreign woman”

Vibhushan – “Ornament”

Val – “Strong”

Vicente – “prevailing”

Valentin – “strong”

Vian – “One who is full of life”

Vega – “eternal laws”

Vanna – “butterfly”

Vallabai – “Beloved”

Valin – “monkey king”

Vishwajit – “Conqueror of the world”

Valerye – “Strong, Form of Valerie”

Vann – “Happy”

What are a good names for V?

Some of the good baby names are Vamsilatha, Vic, Vianne, Verrill, Vada.

Vincent – “conquering”

Vaibhvi – “Knowledge”

Vaetild – “More glory”

Vimala – “Resolute defender”

Vy – “alive”

Viqaas – “One who fights”

Verbenia – “Goddess of love and beauty”

Vinson – “son of Vincent”

Vakula – “Flower”

Vidyut – “Lightning”

Ventura – “name of northern Italian city”

Viggo – “battle, fight”

Vicci – “victory”

Van – “Of or from”

Vega – “Dweller in the meadow”

Vaijanti – “Flag, Banner”

Varsha – “Defending ruler”

Vaughn – “Small”

Vitaly – “One who gives life”

Vansh – “Progeny; generation”

Vee – “the profit of God”

Vernie – “spring green”

Vayden – “No known meaning”

Vedette – “sentry or scout”

Vibhakar – “A source of light”

Valdo – “Powerful”

Vadhi – “Faith, Lord of gods”

Vivin – “Strong-willed”

Valluvan – “Thiruvalluvar”

Veit – “Leader”

Vivianna – “War castle, a place of refuge”

Veda – “Knowledge, wisdom”

Vamshitha – “Flute”

Vanni – “God is gracious”

Vaidhe – “Goddness Sita”

Venice – “Italian city”

Vela – “Vigilant”

Valerio – “Health”

Vahida – “Soul”

Vaishavi – “Goddess Parvati”

Vagdevi – “Goddess of learning”

Vajid – “Perceiver”

Vito – “Life”

Vikraam – “Brave”

Virgil – “One who bears a staff”

Virlan – “Unknown meaning”

Valery – “Healthy, Strong, Brave”

Vinni – “elf or magical friend”

Vinil – “The blue sky”

Valkyrie – “chooser of the slain”

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Uncommon Baby Names That Start With V

Some of the uncommon baby names are Vinn, Voyer, Varena, Vachya, Vaishno.

Volker – “Warrior”

Vivekanand – “Intelligent and happy”

Vageshwari – “Goddess of Speech”

Vava – “divine power”

Viola – “violet”

Violet – “Purple flower”

Virendra – “Lord of the brave”

Viviana – “Alive”

Vitor – “conqueror”

Violette – “Purple”

Vianna – “alive”

Victory – “victory”

Viv – “lively”

Valory – “Courageous”

Vidal – “Vital”

Victorina – “Victory”

Vamil – “Beautiful”

Valerio – “Strong”

Vallery – “Strong, Form of Valerie”

Vallani – “Most Intelligent Person”

Vihann – “Sunrise”

Vanna – “butterfly”

Viktoria – “Victory”

Virar – “Referring to a city in India”

Vicky – “Victory, conqueror”

Vally – “Strong, To be Healthy”

Valterri – “Army commander”

Vance – “The marsh”

Vick – “conqueror”

Vern – “alder grove”

Vacha – “Speech”

Vale – “One who lives in the valley”

Valery – “Strong”

Vikas – “Progress”

Vaisnavi – “Worshipper of Vishnu”

Vane – “banner”

Vaiwashwat – “An ancient saint”

Valeria – “to be strong”

Vermont – “The green mountain”

Vajreshwari – “Buddhist Goddess”

Vidal – “life-giving”

Vainavi – “Gold”

Vogil – “One who likes to sing”

Verna – “sacred wisdom”

Vikshith – “Well-developed”

Vann – “of”

Varshik – “Rain”

Valora – “The Valorous, Courageous”

Vaclav – “Glory”

Viv – “lively”

Trendy Baby Names That Start With V

Some of the trendy baby names are Vieda, Vasilisa, Venus, Victor, Vonn.

Vafi – “Fair-minded”

Vaasaki – “Goddess Lakshmi”

Vanalika – “Sunflower”

Vladimir – “of great power”

Vale – “valley”

Vala – “Chosen, Singled out”

Vy – “alive”

Vonessa – “butterfly”

Vahab – “The only God”

Valen – “Strong”

Victoria – “victor”

Vishvesh – “Lord of the world”

Vaishvi – “Goddess Parvati”

Virgilio – “young and budding”

Valfredo – “One who is wise”

Valena – “Strong”

Vadin – “Teacher; speaker”

Vaiga – “Goddess Parvati”

Valery – “brave”

Valente – “Brave”

Valentine – “strong, healthy”

Victorino – “conqueror”

Vanya – “Gods gift”

Vamika – “Goddess Durga”

Viheke – “Capital city of Austria”

Vasusen – “Another name of Karna”

Vara – “Butterfly”

Veerottam – “Bravest of the brave”

Vikrant – “Brave winner”

Valentin – “Healthy”

Vienna – “life”

Vishruth – “One who is celebrated”

Virgie – “maiden”

Vella – “Beautiful”

Valencia – “strength, health”

Vida – “life”

Valentina – “Healthy, strong”

Vic – “champion”

Vick – “conqueror”

Volde – “No known meaning”

Varinka – “Rose”

Vizarath – “A helpful person”

Volney – “The people’s spirit”

Vicuska – “Life”

Vince – “prevailing”

Vital – “life-giving”

Vanya – “butterfly”

Valarmathy – “Waxing Moon”

Viveca – “conqueror”

Vaji – “Strong”

Baby Names That Start With V

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Cute Baby Names That Start With V

Some of the cute baby names are Viivi, Valentine, Valente, Videl, Violetta.

Valeska – “glorious ruler”

Vilmar – “Strong-willed”

Vivian – “Alive”

Velda – “Power, ruler”

Vlore – “Referring to an Albanian city”

Vergil – “from the green hill”

Valavan – “One who is highly skilled”

Van – “From”

Vaijanthi – “Name of a Flower”

Vinni – “elf or magical friend”

Veronica – “from he alder grove”

Vivek – “Wisdom”

Vero – “great hero”

Vallen – “Strong”

Vladka – “Lively”

Val – “power”

Valda – “Brave”

Vazeem – “With good grace”

Vladimir – “A powerful ruler”

Vinette – “vineyard”

Viktor – “chief”

Valin – “monkey king”

Vasyl – “King-like”

Vaasumitra – “Friend of Lord Krishna”

Vinay – “Humility and guidance”

Vor – “Universal ruler”

Vanora – “Butterfly”

Vetriselvan – “One who is victorious”

Velora – “flower”

Victor – “The winner”

Vali – “Strong”

Venus – “Goddess of Love”

Virag – “Violet”

Vera – “Faith”

Vincenzo – “prevailing”

Vasil – “No known meaning”

Vellore – “The city of spears”

Vivienne – “Alive”

Venice – “Lovable, city in Italy”

Valery – “brave”

Vance – “marshland”

Voi – “No known meaning”

Vanya – “God is gracious”

Valeria – “to be strong”

Vaishnavi – “Worshipper of Lord Vishnu”

Vishwa – “The world”

Victoriano – “The conqueror”

Vaisali – “Goddess”

Vivian – “alive or lively”

Valam – “Wealthy”


There are many great baby names that start with the letter V. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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