280+ Popular and Cute Baby Names That End in O

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Some of our favorite baby names that end in O include:
















Baby Names That End in O

Some of the amazing baby names are Takeo, Gaddo, Shilo, Masato, Ito.

Colorado – “the colour red”

Chipo – “present”

Diego – “Supplanter”

Cielo – “Sky”

Gambo – “child born before twins”

Maceo – “Gift of god”

Hideyo – “excellent generation”

Romeo – “a pilgrim to Rome”

Orlando – “famous in the land”

Aniko – “God was gracious”

Hyo – “dutiful”

Aiko – “little love, beloved child”

Indigo – “blue dye”

Renzo – “Third child”

Donato – “Given”

Theo – “divine gift”

Rikuto – “A person of the land”

Charoo – “pretty”

Yumiyo – “arrow”

Fabio – “bean farmer”

Calleasto – “most beautiful”

Jericho – “city of the moon”

Marco – “Roman god of war”

Clo – “young green shoot”

Hisahito – “Peace”

Rocco – “Rest”

Cho – “born at dawn”

Atilio – “Atilius”

Brando – “fiery sword”

Enzo – “Giant”

Fiero – “Proud”

Fuyuko – “winter-born”

Cipriano – “Name of a saint”

Eliseo – “God is salvation”

Cheyo – “eternal”

Pablo – “small”

Ivo – “Yew/Archer”

Cipriano – “born in Cyprus”

Aello – “Amazon woman”

Gweno – “white”

Hao – “perfect”

Anyko – “older sister”

Akiyo – “bright generation”

Chiyo – “eternal”

Barbro – “foreign woman”

Bo – “to live”

Aldo – “Archaic”

Shiro – “White”

Calico – “calico”

Abauro – “tint of the sky at sunrise”

Clio – “glory, father’s glory”

Gaho – “a motherly woman”

Chelo – “consolation”

Carmelo – “garden, orchard”

Acho – “right”

What are some an O baby names?

Some of the catchy baby names are Ayo, Otto, Coco, Calypso, Alvaro.

Natsuo – “Summer Born”

Oslo – “meadow beneath the hill”

Toshiro – “Intelligent”

Maro – “Myself”

Akeno – “of light”

Ernesto – “earnest”

Lazaro – “Help of god”

Eduardo – “guardian of riches”

Mateo – “gift of God”

Chisato – “thousand villages”

Fumiko – “child of beautiful wealth”

Tovio – “Hope”

Hero – “brave”

Cameo – “cameo”

Picasso – “magpie”

Yuuko – “tender child”

Heriberto – “shining warrior”

Eriko – “child blessed with logic”

Caleco – “calico”

Ababuo – “child that returns”

Cato – “wise”

Delano – “from the nut tree”

Dino – “Little Sword”

Domingo – “Lord”

Ivo – “yew”

Alfonso – “Noble”

Eduardo – “wealthy guardian”

Clío – “glory”

Himeko – “princess child”

Ignacio – “fiery”

Hisayo – “longlasting”

Giorgio – “farmer”

Otto – “Wealth”

Bado – “not ready”

Theo – “divine gift, God’s gift”

Agostino – “magnificent”

Ciro – “Sun/Lord”

Hokuao – “morning star”

Guillermo – “resolute protector”

Hachiko – “wise leaf”

Hugo – “mind, spirit”

Chao – “one who surpasses others”

Amargo – “unfading flower”

Alo – “spiritual guide”

Brizo – “soother”

Benicio – “benevolent one”

Jericho – “City of the moon.Jericho”

Lilo – “generous one”

Ido – “to evaporate and be mighty”

Alonzo – “ready for battle”

Kaneko – “doubly accomplished child”

Remo – “Saint”

Apollo – “God of Music”

Abeo – “I bring joy”

Masao – “Saint”

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Famous Names Ending in O

Some of the famous baby names are Leo, Deangelo, Kayko, Pietro, Kaiyo.

Fumihiro – “Extensive condemnation”

Rico – “strong ruler”

Arno – “eagle”

Ayano – “from love”

Itsuko – “fifth child”

Itassasso – “sea”

Ayako – “colorful, ornamental fabric”

Hisano – “from a long story”

Adio – “righteous”

Choko – “small child”

Lisandro – “liberator”

Akito – “Bright”

Alto – “Tall/Big”

Romeo – “pilgrim to Rome”

Eido – “beauty”

Saburo – “Bright”

Baio – “happiness has been found”

Santiago – “St James”

Kaito – “Sea/Ocean”

Theo – “Theodore:God’s Gift”

Taro – “Big Boy”

Leonardo – “strong as a lion”

Draco – “dragon”

Hiroto – “Fly”

Yuriko – “lily child”

Alberto – “bright, noble”

Carmelo – “Fruitful orchard”

Clio – “glory”

Jiro – “second son”

Valentino – “strong, healthy”

Iago – “Living by a lake”

Braulio – “Briliant”

Kato – “pure, torture”

Chiho – “thousand ears of grain”

Armando – “Herman”

Apollo – “to destroy”

Hoshiko – “star”

Ciro – “sun”

Aiko – “beloved child”

Zintkato – “resembling a bluebird”

Emilio – “rival”

Marcello – “warrior”

Yuto – “gentle”

Halo – “blessed aura”

Arturo – “Fresh”

Gino – “noble”

Zeno – “Gift of Zeus”

Gro – “increase”

Aloalo – “loved by many”

Margo – “pearl”

Eliso – “God is perfection”

Laszlo – “Glorious Ruler”

Milo – “gracious”

Eugenio – “noble”

Tao – “long life”

What are some good O baby names?

Some of the good baby names are Cielo, Chifundo, Navarro, Bopo, Hiro.

Katsuto – “Vicory of son”

Chouko – “butterfly child”

Mio – “beautiful, or, cherry”

Donatello – “gift”

Guillermo – “Desire”

Fusayo – “whole generation”

Barbo – “foreign woman”

Ekho – “reflected sound”

Aero – “of the sky”

Luno – “Light”

Benicio – “Benedict”

Hinako – “child of harmonious days”

Haruto – “Spring”

Santo – “Sacred”

Baako – “first born child”

Chypo – “present”

Boo – “shining waters”

Kyoko – “mirror”

Adero – “she who creates life”

Ecco – “reflected sound”

Ho – “flower”

Cato – “Scottish Catto”

Aquilino – “eagle”

Geranio – “she is as beautiful as a geranium”

Bruno – “Brown”

Monaco – “single house”

Andreo – “male, manly”

Calando – “violet flower”

Kazuo – “First Son”

Inigo – “fiery”

Chikao – “Clever”

Hideo – “Excellent”

Carlo – “free man or warrior”

Kenzō – “wise”

Abelo – “free gift”

Cleo – “glory”

Nao – “Honest”

Anyango – “one who is a good friend’

Cicero – “chickpea”

Betty-Jo – “God is perfection”

Alicio – “defender”

Ringo – “Apple”

Charo – “rose, rosary”

Helio – “Sun”

Echo – “Greek mythology name”

Arezoo – “wish”

Rio – “place of the cherry blossoms”

Yumiko – “bow and arrow child or dream child”

Bayo – “happiness has been found”

Jairo – “he shines”

Marcelo – “Hammer”

Chiyako – “child of a thousand nights”

Cairo – “victorious”

Avonaco – “one who is lean and bearlike”

Shlomo – “peaceful”

Baby Names That End in O

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There are many great baby names that end in the letter O. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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