250 Popular and Cool Baby Names That End in Ie

If you’re looking for baby names that end in Ie, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you, ranging from the classic to the modern, from the traditional to the unique.

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Some of our favorite baby names that end in Ie include:
















Baby Names That End in Ie

Some of the adorable baby names are Junie, Henrie, Gerrie, Josie, Ruthie.

Emmie – “universal”

Timothie – “honouring God”

Willie – “resolute protector”

Lottie – “free”

Richie – “Brave Ruler”

Carlie – “Free Man”

Kenzie – “The fair one”

Jersie – “Vishnu, preserver of universe”

Andie – “Courageous”

chuckie – “A free man”

Maddie – “gift from God”

Debbie – “Bee”

Mandie – “worthy of love”

Dottie – “Gift of God”

Susie – “Lily’

Fergie – “man of vigor”

Zanie – “a gift from God”

Katie – “Pure”

Coralie – “Coral, or Little Maiden”

Edie – “prosperous in war”

Alexie – “defender”

Barnie – “Brave”

Dodie – “Well Loved, or Gift of God”

Ellie – “God is my Light”

Brantlie – “sword or fiery torch”

Murphie – “sea warrior”

Freddie – “man of peace”

Frankie – “Frenchman”

Corrie – “cauldron or the hollow”

Essie – “Star”

Izzie – “God’s Promise”

Kingslie – “from the kings meadow”

Brie – “after the region in France”

Ollie – “elf warrior”

Archie – “brave”

Lacie – “Braid”

Fogartie – “one who has been exiled”

Ralphie – “wise and strong”

Kennedie – “helmet head; ugly head”

Beaudrie – “powerful”

Benjie – “son of the right hand”

Stanley – “stony meadow”

Benjie – “son”

Kerrie – “dark”

Dixie – “Tenth”

What are unique names that end in Ie?

Some of the unique baby names are Jimmie, Darcie, Evie, Aggie, Howie.

Minnie – “Of the Sea”

Bonnie – “Attractive, or Pretty”

Rosalie – “A Rose”

Jeramie – “appointed by God”

Kylie – “A Boomerang”

Yannie – “Yahweh is gracious”

Gracie – “grace”

Tillie – “glorious in battle”

Dixie – “tenth”

Missie – “Honeybee, or Strong in Work”

Gertie – “Strong Spear”

Nickie – “victory”

Chelsie – “A Port of Ships, or a Chalk Landing Place”

Kennie – “handsome”

Cazzie – “descendant of Cathasaigh”

Mckenzie – “Comely”

Wylie – “well-watered meadow”

Coffie – “born on Friday”

Sharlie – “Free Man”

Jobie – “persecuted”

Freddie – “Peaceful Ruler; Power”

Ellie – “shining light”

Edie – “Rich in War”

Kai – “victorious”

Dixie – “American South”

Sadie – “Princess”

Jahie – “dignity”

Stevie – “Crown’

Jackie – “Supplanter”

Kenie – “known as kenie flower”

Ernie – “earnest, serious”

Johnie – “God is gracious”

Preslie – “Priests meadow”

Frankie – “Free, or Truthful”

Averie – “elf counsel”

Christie – “The Anointed One”

Geoffrie – “peaceful ruler”

Louie – “famous warrior”

Jamie – “he who supplants”

Aggie – “Virtuous, or Good”

Jamie – “Holder of the Heel”

Thierrie – “the ruler of the people”

Chadie – “just”

Baxlie – “bakers meadow”

Hollie – “after the holly tree”

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Names Ends With Ie

Some of the amazing baby names are Giuseppie, Marie, Ozzie, Lizzie, Jimie.

Billie – “resolute protection”

Charlie – “free”

Pixie – “Fairy”

Harvie – “battle worthy”

Denbie – “bee”

Darcie – “Dark, Descendant of the Dark”

Melanie – “Blackness, or Dark”

Bobbie – “bright fame”

Carrie – “strong”

Yannie – “God is gracious”

Posie – “a Bunch of Flowers”

Jackie – “God is gracious”

Minnie – “rebellious”

Joandrie – “desire for self-expression”

Stevie – “crowned”

Edie – “prosperous in war”

Kerrie – “dark”

Hattie – “ruler of the home”

Chauncie – “luck; fortune”

Sunnie – “cheerful temperament”

Obie – “inspiration”

Manie – “Of Emmanuel; God is with us”

Kylie – “boomerang”

Hattie – “Home Ruler”

Humfrie – “peaceful”

Davie – “beloved, favourite”

Bobby – “bright fame”

Tommie – “twin”

Robbie – “fame and berhtl”

Amie – “beloved”

Tessie – “Harvester”

Connie – “constant or determined”

Rockie – “rock-like”

Hallie – “Praise the Lord”

Cosbie – “at the cross”

Tessie – “Harvester”

Rafie – “Kind friend”

Jeffrie – “pledge of peace”

Amie – “beloved”

Annie – “gracious or merciful”

Nathalie – “birthday”

Bowerie – “bow maker”

Abbie – “Joy of the Father”

Darcie – “of the dark”

Daxie – “water”

Disney Names Ending in Ie

Some of the Disney baby names are Coralie, Rosie, Donnie, Digbie, Buddie.

Ronnie – “Victory Bringer”

Mckenzie – “Comely”

Bobbie – “bright, famous one”

Aubrie – “Fair Ruler of the People”

Josie – “God will add or increase”

Jonie – “God is gracious”

Hanie – “God is Merciful, Grace”

Ramsie – “supreme”

Abbie – “priest”

Frankie – “free or honest”

Kenzie – “fair one”

Sherrie – “Dear One, or Darling”

Thierrie – “ruler of the people”

Maggie – “Pearl”

Dougie – “dark stranger”

Gracie – “Grace of God”

Ronnie – “advice, decision”

Archie – “truly brave”

Georgie – “Farmer, or Earthworker”

Johnnie – “God is gracious”

Rosie – “fame or flower”

Maisie – “pearl”

Billie – “determined or strong”

Charlie – “free man”

Jovanie – “God is gracious”

Trixie – “Bringer of Joy”

Codie – “son of the helpful one”

Stevie – “crown”

Henrie – “house owner”

Mackenzie – “attractive”

Bradie – “large chested”

Winnie – “Fair One, Soft”

Elsie – “God’s promise”

Stephanie – “crown”

Jorie – “God will uplift”

Andi – “brave”

Georgie – “earthworker”

Jordie – “Down-flowing”

Millie – “Industrious”

Karlie – “Free Man”

Marnie – “Rejoice”

Terrie – “harvester”

Herbie – “bright army”

Kristie – “Follower of Christ”

Angie – “angel”

Baby Names That End in Ie

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There are many great baby names that end in the letter Ie. Any of these names would be a great choice for you!

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