310+ Anti Drinking And Driving Slogans to Avoid Accidents

If you are looking for anti-drinking and driving slogans, then no need to search anymore. Well! You are at the exact place.

Driving while drunk is the main issue in today’s world. It caused impaired judgment, distorted vision and coordination loss.

These two are the different things that cannot be done together; otherwise, it causes issues. Due to it, a lot of accidents occur and about 300,000 people die every year.

Alcohol-related crashes happened every day, so it is essential that when you are driving, sure not to be drunk.

Drinking and driving slogans help to bring awareness to the danger and seriousness of drunk driving. When you are drunk, decide to hire an appropriate driver rather than drive yourself.

It will save not only your life but also other’s life. We have to run a campaign against drinking and driving to save a life.

Drinking and driving slogans

Here is the list of drinking and driving slogans that will help the nation and raise awareness of the danger of driving while drinking:

  • Less drink, less risk.
  • Save your life not
  • Safe drive, safe life.
  • Drink appropriate.
  • Don’t shed your blood on the roads.
  • No drink, no regret.
  • Act wisely.
  • Choose your way in conscious.
  • Be responsible.
  • Choose one drink or drive.
  • Don’t be addicted to this way.
  • If drunk, then takes a cab.
  • Alcohol destroys you.
  • There is a difference between foolishness and risk.
  • Be against of drinking and driving.
  • Drive save to enjoy more parties.
  • Drinking affects more than your expectation.
  • The more alcoholic, the more you became self-destructed.
  • Driving while drunk cost you more expensive.
  • Self-defence is the most important.
  • Enjoy life without going addicted.
  • Think positive, live happily.
  • Be careful; your family needs you.
  • You can’t drive slow when you drunk.
  • Stop drinking, save life.
  • Think patiently when you drink and drive.
  • Know your responsibilities with concern.
  • Drinking and Driving? Purchase a ticket for Death.
  • Don’t be silly; leave drink with driving.
  • You are Important, don’t waste yourself on this.
  • Dear, your family needs you.
  • Be matured, Don’t donate yourself.
  • The more you drunk, the more you lose.
  • Don’t hand over your life to roads.
  • Life is yours, so choose it wisely.
  • The roads are safe when you awake.
  • To live long, sacrifice more.
  • Play in life but not with your life.
  • Rethink, it’s about your life.

Drunk Driving Slogans

Here are some of the catchy anti drunk driving slogans:

  • No need to be hammered.
  • Friends don’t make you drunker.
  • Be sober, live longer.
  • Don’t risk, hire a designated driver.
  • Don’t lose attention; don’t forget life.
  • Accidents come when you are unconscious.
  • Being drunk and drive is like suicide.
  • Being an alcoholic is a killer disease.
  • Lost self-control.
  • How you manage a car?
  • Be Against, driving with drinking.
  • Alcohol destroys our youth.
  • It’s not a solution to your problems
  • Cause to forget responsibility.
  • Drive with drinking make you a killer.
  • People hate you.
  • Destroy your self-esteem.
  • Don ‘t forget life is a blessing of God.
  • Drink, drive, Death.
  • Don’t buy a ticket for Death.
  • Avoid drinking with driving.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • It’s your duty to follow the rules.
  • Life and time never come again.
  • When you are drunk, you make the blunder.
  • Don’t addict to drink with a drive.
  • Be aware; It damages you.
  • Be smart; avoid doing this.
  • Control yourself; then, you control your life.
  • Drive with drink calls your Death.
  • Stop killing yourself.
  • Try to avoid this; it’s important.
  • No need for drunk drivers.
  • You have nothing to lose, but your parents have
  • If you want to get success, then stop drinking.
  • It’s a disease.
  • It’s your duty to a safe society.
  • Life needs care, don’t destroy it.
  • Drinking, kill your skills.
  • If you drive with drinking, you may not survive.
  • Be a good thinker, not a drinker
  • Don’t waste blood on roads; a hospital needs you.
  • Accident occurs due to Death.
  • Goodman learns with mistakes.
  • Enjoy consciously.

Anti slogans for drinking and driving

Following are attention grabbing anti drinking and driving slogans:

  • Drinking? Waste of time, money, health.
  • Drinker is not reliable.
  • First think, then take a decision.
  • Your accident also affects your mom.
  • Drinker’s opinion is countless.
  • wants to talk drinker.
  • Good memories make your present healthy.
  • Think more: Avoid more.
  • Idiot, don’t call destruction.
  • You hit tree; Tree hits you
  • Always keep yourself safe from Alcohol.
  • Don’t too late to control it.
  • Love yourself, save yourself.
  • Don’t right you, too short your life.
  • Drinking? A mess of life.
  • Your life, not a joke.
  • Less to drink, long to live.
  • Today care, tomorrow alive
  • Drinking and driving, A fool’s mistake
  • Raise hands against drinking with driving.
  • Stand up, get rid of this addiction
  • Alcohol? Enemy of life.
  • Fine driving, prevent disaster
  • Drink with drive, arrive you grave
  • Stop hit to someone.
  • Grow up, avoid up.
  • Be responsible, live without Alcohol
  • Choose one Alcohol, Life.
  • After drinking, you lose your mind.
  • Only losers drink and drive
  • Be gentleman, drive without drinking.
  • It is simple, that is harmful.
  • Call your friend but don’t drive in a drunk condition.
  • Don’t forget, your life purpose.
  • Don’t hurt your mother to do this.
  • Are you in a hurry to die?
  • People hate drunk drivers.
  • It’s not fun of life.
  • Choose one suicide, natural Death.
  • Life is not the name of drinking.
  • Don’t drink. Don’t lose.
  • Fast driving kills you fast.
  • Say Yes to Sober driving.
  • Say Goodbye to Alcohol.
  • No one trusts a drunk driver.
  • Safe your society from alcohol.
  • Encourage this addiction.
  • No chance to love drinking.
  • It’s so shameful, not to be proud.
  • It’s hard to leave, but not impossible.
  • Don’t get too excited, too, drinking.
  • Stop it. Don’t be a punk.
  • Don’t allow alcohol in your life.
  • Don’t cross your limits. Otherwise, you lose
  • You can quit if you want.
  • The more you booze, the more you lose.
  • When you drink, you lose the power of thinking.
  • It’s time to change.
  • Decline wine, make the line.
  • Skip drinking before it skips you.
  • When you drunk, simple roads make you complicated.
  • Enjoy life by quitting wine.
  • Just quit and start living.

Distracted driving Slogans

These are some anti distracted driving slogans to raise safety awareness:

  • Accidents happened when you lost.
  • Be determine and make it possible.
  • You can only save your life.
  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Enjoy the beauty of love but not with alcohol.
  • Keep calm and quit drinking.
  • Stay away; stay live.
  • Don’t overthink; just do it.
  • Stop drinking; make life easy.
  • Don’t fool, be cool.
  • Losers make themselves drinkers.
  • Change your thoughts, not your ways.
  • Be patient!
  • Don’t be addicted.
  • Addiction makes you loser.
  • Don’t invite your death.
  • Be a survivor.
  • Don’t work to die early.
  • Control on your desires.
  • Stop drinking and drive and achieve everything that you wants.
  • Avoid drinking, not driving.
  • Safe wine, safe life.
  • Stars shine when you live.
  • Life is full of happiness if you are conscious.
  • Don’t bet of your life.
  • Be a man of values.
  • More drunk, more cry.
  • Smile, when you are tired.
  • Love life, leave the wine.
  • Love your heartbeats.
  • Be hopeful.
  • Don’t drive your thoughts.
  • Stay away; stay blessed.

How to write anti-drinking and driving slogans and taglines by yourself

Writing slogans is not a difficult task, but it takes some attention. Drinking and driving is a significant issue nowadays.

So to avoid danger to your loved ones, use motivating and unique slogans for awareness. Different motivators use different slogans to inspires their followers. As a motivator, you can create slogans by yourself by following some methods.

Here are some techniques or tips that help you to develop quality and memorable slogans for the campaign. These steps are also helpful to understand your motive and help to write a tagline that people will remember always.

  • First, when you start writing slogans, search and collect information about the keyword.
  • The main focus should be on the targeted group of individuals. Keep in mind that particular group.
  • Your slogan should be differentiated from other competitors and can convey your message easily.
  • The key benefit should be clear to help you to write a memorable slogan.
  • Research the slogans of your competitors and think about the catchy slogan and work on it.
  • Write everything that comes in your mind and create a slogan that should be short and to the point.
  • Select the best one that is memorable and unique.


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