35 Most Profitable Woodworking Business Ideas That Cost Little

Like every business industry, woodworking business industry offers many small business opportunities. Some of them are highly profitable while others may not have a very good return on investment.

Are you interested in woodworking? Are you looking for possible low investment woodworking business ideas? Great! You’re in the right place.

Low-Cost Woodworking Business Ideas

Here are the most profitable woodworking business ideas that require low startup capital:

1. Open a Woodworking Workshop

Opening a woodworking shop is a profitable business. You’ll not only make and sell your own unique designs but also help others sell their items in your shop.

This will give you a commission for selling others product. It will also offer your customers a wide range of furniture at any time. It’s a double win. Isn’t it?

2. Plywood Manufacturing

Plywood is an interior wood made precisely. It is economical and is used in ships, vehicles, furniture, and houses.

This wood is preferred as it resists changes because of the atmospheric pressure. The strength is relatively more.

This business is among the top woodworking business ideas. New entrepreneurs can opt this business too.

3. Bookshelf

Certainly, you’ve seen bookshelves in places such as educational institutions, homes, libraries, and offices. They all are made up of wood.

You see that the demand cannot be very low! Thus, it is a woodworking business that you can consider as a woodworker. You’ll also need to make bookshelves according to the demand of your customers.

4. Wooden Interior

Wood is popular for decorating houses. More often, wooden flooring, ceiling, and other interior work require wooden materials.

If you’re getting into wooden interior products making, you must be working big enough to support both residential as well as commercial clients.

5. Wooden Pencil Manufacturing

The pencil is an essential item for students and artists. Stationery shops, schools, small tuck shops, and artwork shops may require wooden pencils.

Hence, you can be the one to provide them. The industry is growing steadily as arts, drawing, and writing among the kids is gaining more and more importance.

6. Photo Frame & Wall Art

It is among the woodworking business ideas that give good profit margin. Photo frames and wall arts both are home décor items.

Once you’re in the business, you’ll make photo frames for hanging pictures on the wall as well as small stand frames for putting pictures on the table.

Including this, you would also make, keep and sell wall art of different sizes.

7. Beer Bottle Crate

Wooden beer crate is an item that sells well. The making process is very simple. However, you must build friendly relations with the related people to make more money out of your business.

Marketing is vital if you’re making wooden beer crates. Beer sells almost in every second store, that’s why the demand of beer crates is also high.

8. Wooden Utility Product Making

Though the use of steel utility is on the increase nowadays, however, some wooden utilities are always preferred. Hence, you could fulfill the demand of the people who want wooden utilities.

Some of the popular utility items you would make are spoons, mugs, trays, bowls, cabinets, cutting boards, and chopsticks etc.

9. Wooden Decor Item Making

It is another woodworking business idea that has good profit potential. The good news is that you can establish a small wooden décor manufacturing business unit with small startup capital.

You can go for a specific décor item also. However, if you’re thinking about making different wooden items, you can include toys, sculptures, pens, plant pot, box, jewelry box, photo frames, art frames, and map frames etc.

10. Construction Woodwork

Many building and construction projects need the services of woodworkers. It may be for decorating homes through the ceiling, using wood components to hold aluminum sheets, or putting cupboards in the wall etc.

You can start this business in your local area. The more people know you, the better for you and your business. It usually works better in places where construction is ongoing.

11. Wooden Furniture Making

One of the most profitable woodworking business ideas is wooden furniture making. Wooden furniture makes a part of almost every home.

This is a big woodworking niche. One can, therefore, think of specializing in one of its parts. For example, big woodworking businesses can start making wooden tables, chairs, desk, beds, cupboards, and door etc.

On the other hand, if you want to start a small woodworking business, you can start making tables only or other furniture you like. It is better to consider the place where you want to start your business while deciding on the niche.

12. Candle Holder

One of the small yet lucrative woodworking items is a candle holder. It is one of the best woodworking businesses for new entrepreneurs.

What you do is to start small and grow it big step by step. Eventually, you would make your venture profitable by inclining yourself toward bigger and more profitable woodworking business.

13. Selling Woodworking Equipment and Supplies

Are you living in a place where there is already stiff woodworking competition? If yes, why not open a store and earn by selling others work. You can either:

  • Buy the top items they have made and then sell them with reasonable profit margins.
  • Sign the contract and sell their products to earn a commission.

In order to be successful in this business, you must keep a variety of wood items and start your wood item selling store in a busy market.

14. Woodworking Projects Tutorials

If you’re an expert woodworker, you can earn good money by teaching the woodwork. You can do this by the following two ways:

  • Making video tutorials and publishing them on YouTube.
  • Make a Woodworking Business Course and enroll the students online.

15. Sell Your Works Online

There are many entrepreneurs who established their woodworking businesses online. They make awesome products, advertise them online, and sell them.

Selling woodwork projects online is among great woodworking business ideas,  especially if you’re working on wooden craft projects. This is because those projects sell faster. This is not only due to demand but also because of the bigger online market nowadays.

Other Low-Cost Small Woodworking Business Ideas

  1. Jewelry Box Making
  2. Wooden Boat Making
  3. Beer Mug
  4. Business Card Holder
  5. Cabinet
  6. iPod Stand
  7. Cutting Board
  8. Hardwood Chopsticks
  9. Planter Boxes
  10. Puzzle
  11. Sitting Arrangements
  12. Spoon
  13. Storage Box
  14. Wooden Pen
  15. Wooden USB Drive
  16. Wardrobe.
  17. Become woodworking blogger
  18. Bangle Stand
  19. Wooden Jewelry Making
  20. Out Door Sitting Bench

Are you done researching and finding a suitable woodworking business idea for yourself? If yes, you might want to choose a name for your woodworking business. Here is the list of unique woodwork business names ideas.

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