170+ Best Weight Loss Group Names Ideas

If you have no idea how to go about naming your group, then why not give something that sounds fun and creative. Here I’ll share some good weight loss group names to help you choose a name right away. In the end, there are some points to help you come up with a name for your weight loss group by yourself.

So let’s get started with our first example:

“The Boring Group”

This is an interesting one because it has the word boring in there which makes this sound like a negative thing but if you think of it positively, it could be seen as a very cool-sounding and funny name for a group, team, or even a club! what do you think?

Next up we’ve got…

“The Funky Band”

Again here we can see that funky is used positively so again it would make sense to use this when describing a friend’s group. Wouldn’t it?

Here is a list of creative group names that will be loved by everyone:

  • Dropping Weight
  • Fat To Fab
  • The Chubby Squad
  • Out of my weigh
  • The Gladeaters
  • Lost Cause
  • Body Positive
  • Not A Cent More
  • Skinny-Sized
  • Healthy Hearts
  • In-Shape
  • Alive & Fit
  • HolyShoot

Weight Loss Group Names

Here are the creative group names for weight loss:

  • Mindful & Fit
  • Skinny Minnies
  • Guts to Dust
  • March Against Fat
  • Roadrunners
  • Quiz-goes
  • The Breakers
  • No Excesses
  • Carbs Crushers
  • Team Energized
  • Droppin’ Loads
  • Obsessive Workouts
  • Shed It Off
  • Flat Balloons
  • TeamB-Less
  • No Weigh
  • Thick n Thin
  • Cereal Killer
  • Spin Doctors
  • The Shredders
  • Bootie Busters
  • Walk the Walk
  • Droopy-Panty
  • Weigh to Go
  • Beef Down
  • Tour de Fat

Diet Group Names

Check out these group names for diet:

  • Weight Mates
  • Team No Carbs
  • Yum B Gone
  • Thunderous Thighs
  • On Becoming
  • Operation Downsize
  • The Wobbly Women
  • Weight Watchmen
  • Profits In Losses
  • The Phatties
  • Ready To Burn
  • The Chunky Bunch
  • Walking Women
  • Biggie Smalls
  • Diminishing Returns
  • Fatty Bom-Boms
  • Die Lard
  • Minnesota Thins
  • Fatso Fiesto
  • Going the Distance
  • As Thin As Gandhi
  • Better Naked
  • Fat Assasins
  • New Dimension
  • Allergic 2 Fat
  • Fat Extractors
  • Fat B-Gone
  • Fat Busters
weight loss group names

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How to come up with a name for your group

What do you think of when I say the word “group”? Do you picture an organized collection of people who meet regularly or maybe even work together on projects? Or perhaps it is more like a bunch of friends hanging out in one place. Whatever image comes into mind first might be what you should consider as the basis for choosing a name for your group. If this doesn’t seem right, try thinking outside the box.

1.      Create a name out of the group’s interest or purpose.

For instance, if you’re interested in cooking, create a name based on food. You may also want to take inspiration from hobbies such as sports teams, music groups, etc.

Use these weight loss group names for your inspiration:

  • Team Squeezed
  • The Push Club
  • Faithful Fit
  • No Extra Cheese
  • Body Goals
  • PizzaShut
  • Flexing Muscle
  • Fiesty Fighters
  • WaisTED
  • Fitness Calls
  • Belly Fat Gone
  • Less Bod Baggage
  • Net Weight
  • It Figures
  • Lost Cause Squad
  • Kilo Game

So, what you would do is to pick a title that reflects the purpose or interest of the group. For instance, “Sole Trainers”, “The Bit Cheese,” “World Wide Weight.”

2.      Make it short but catchy!

Just remember to keep things simple and memorable. Be sure to know the related words to weight loss that could be used instead.

Here are words related to weight loss you can consider adding to the group’s name:

  • Lightless
  • Sightless
  • Weightily
  • Weight
  • Net loss
  • witless
  • weightiness

3.      Use your locality name.

Many cities and towns have unique names that reflect their history and culture. These local names are usually quite distinctive and easily remembered. That’s what you can do too. How would it be if you use your region name in your group name adding a word or two with it?

Check out these interesting weight loss group names and see if you can fit them with your locality name:

  • Going-Green Gang
  • Team Future
  • Mindful Eating
  • Muffin Top Stoppers
  • Less Of Excess
  • Winning Losers
  • Refugees
  • Scale Sensitive
  • Cut it Out
  • Let it Melt
  • Got The Runs
  • Rump Yours
  • Nothing Extra
  • Thinner than You
  • Dump-Your-Pump
  • Re-distributions

You can also use the name of the place you love instead of your locality name.

4.      Use movie or TV show name as the group name.

If you love movies or television shows, then why not choose a name inspired by them? Some suggestions include “Friends Forever,” “Glee Fanatics,” and “Harry Potter Fans.”

How to about these weight loss group name ideas:

  • Cast-a-weighs
  • Bulging Bandits
  • Droopy Drawers
  • Unpacking the Trunk
  • Blubbery Bodies
  • Twinkies Defence
  • Fat & Flabby
  • Lighten Up
  • Bite-Sized
  • Belly Flat
  • Dump Your Rump
  • Back Breakers
  • The Trimtones
  • Run Track Minds
  • Banging Bellies
  • New Creations

Don’t limit yourself to these options. There are plenty of others that will come to mind once you start brainstorming.

5.      Think of something fun.

Sometimes just having a funny name makes everything else fall into place. Try coming up with a silly name for your group. Maybe you could call it “The Crazy People Who Like To Have Fun Together!”

Just kidding. Not that long. You can, however, consider these weight loss group names:

  • Belly Shrinkers
  • Waist Basket
  • Aunty Hippies
  • Slim Pickens
  • Fat ‘n’ Furious
  • Sauna Mina Dika
  • Fat Bottoms
  • Lost My Mine
  • Fat Melters
  • Dwindling Divas
  • My So Called Legs
  • Unrepentant
  • Cell-u-Light
  • kiloGrab
  • Pumba Tumba
  • Choose to Lose

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