185 Popular Virtual Fundraiser Names and Suggestions

Virtual fundraisers are becoming more popular every day. Virtual fundraisers are a great way to connect with your donors and make fundraising easier.

There are many different virtual fundraiser names to choose from, and each one has its own benefits. In this article we look at the various ways of naming a Virtual fundraiser.

First, it’s necessary to come up with an appealing name for your virtual fundraiser. You may want to consider using a name that is meaningful to you and your organization.

You may want to use a name that reflects your organization or the cause you are trying to raise money for. The name may also reflect what you’re selling or what you’re promoting.

You may want to consider using the name of an individual who is particularly helpful to your organization. For example, you may want to name a fundraiser “Ken” or “George” or “Mark.” Don’t be too obscure with your name.

Secondly, it’s important to consider the name of your organizer. The name is important to the success of your fundraiser. It’s a good idea to have a great title for your organizer.

It should be descriptive and professional. For example, if you’re organizing a fundraiser for the church youth group, it may be good to name your organizer “Jen” or “Mary.”

If you’re organizing a charity event, it may be good to name your organizer “Martha” or “Gloria.” Keep in mind that the title of your organizer is key to the success of your fundraiser.

Virtual Fundraiser Names

Charitable Hearts

Virtual Film Screening

The No Run Run

The Goal Getters

The Lost Dreamers

Donation Connection

Give for Good

Fight Cancer Charity

Spread Smiles

Giving Back

Saving Lives Online

Together We Fight

Closer to the Goal

In This Together

Stepping Stones

Create a Future

Difference Makers

Love In Action

Real Everyday Miracles

Walk for Homeless

Best Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Charity for Literacy

Digital Happy Hour

Action for Animals

Mission Minded

Making Strides

Generous Hearts

On A Roll

The Electronic Carers

Raise Them Up

Action for Humans

Department of Support

Spirit of Giving

Worthy Walkers

Bridging The Gap

The Giveback


All For Love

Virtual Trivia Night

Heart for the Arts

Charitable Change

What are some good virtual fundraiser names?

Red and Blu cross

Fortune Found

Fundraisers to Heaven

Virtual Sip Night

Striking Up Funds

Feeding Scholars

The Goal Quest

Good Deeds Fundraiser

Mission Possible

The Life Savers

Hope for the Future

Sweets for Support

Online Pledge Drive

The Joy Makers

The Electronic Gatherers

The Good Act

For the Children

The Digital Hope Givers

We Are Unstoppable

Virtual Raffle Fundraiser

Fun Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Worthy Purpose

Be Marvelous

Virtual Toy Drive

Healing Hearts

Angel Time

Help A Scholar

Part of the Change

Fight for a Cure

The Donation City

Paw Prints

To the Rescue!

Ignite Helpers

Collection Collaborators

Contribution Collective

The Virtual Gala

Limit Exceeders

Clever Donations

Hope Fully

Giving Tree

Bendy Brigade

Virtual Fundraiser Names

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How to Name a Virtual Fundraiser

When you send out your first newsletter, you’ll need to name your fundraiser. I recommend that you name the fundraiser after the main purpose of the fundraiser.

For example, if you’re organizing a charity event for a children’s hospital, your fundraiser might be called “A Day of Giving.” Or if you’re organizing an event to raise money for the local school library, your fundraiser might be called “Books Are Magic.

The following are some tips to help you get a catchy virtual fundraiser names:

1.     Brainstorming: Be creative

Let your imagination run wild and come up with a name that makes you smile. Try to think of names that are not only memorable but also ones that people can easily relate to.

The Crucial Cause

Gracious Givers

Never Alone

Charity Cause

Cancer Research Charities

Considerable Contributions

Better Bets

Carnival of Love

The Virtual Bikeathon

The Charity Drive

The Online Caregivers

From Me To You

Hope Anonymous

One More Chance

By Anonymous

2.     Appeal to emotions

Choosing an emotional name can tug at heartstrings and inspire giving. For example, “The Light of Hope” is a name that appeals to people who are looking for something positive in their lives.

Anonymous Hope

Worthy Wellness

Give a Little

Dispensin’ Donations

Donate Time

Remote Collection Drive

Online Donation Drive

Sweat for Survival

Gone with the Gala

Red and Blue Cross

The Digital Listeners

An Online Cause

Another Tomorrow

Endless Giving

The Hope Source

3.     Purpose of the fundraiser

The purpose of your fundraiser is the marketing tool that will help you attract donors. If your purpose is to get people to contribute money, then you may want to choose a name that has a strong emotional impact on the audience.

Hope Givers

Coming Together

Good Hearted

Compassion Intuition

Critical Cause

Silence is Golden

Alumni Gives Back

Add Peace

Noble Nonprofits

The Green Givers

Virtual Auction

Peaceful Givings

Prepare Aware

Serving Together

Greater Purpose

4.     Choose something that capture people’s attention

Be sure to choose a name for your Virtual Fundraiser that will capture people’s attention and inspire them to donate. Choose names that are memorable, easy to remember, and meaningful.

No Violence

Home Sweeter Home

Heart of Gold

Charity Dinner

Wishlist Drive Fundraiser

Change Lives

The Digital Gift

Virtual Sleep Out

Donation Nation

Give to Life

Find a Fortune

Dominations for Donations

The Charity City

Purely Online Givers

Always Inspired

5.     Use humor

If appropriate, adding a touch of humor can make your Virtual Fundraiser more fun and engaging. For example, “Give to the One and Only” is a clever name that can make people smile.

New Virtual Beginnings

Mission Pawsibble

Project Pink

The Impossible Dream

Bet on Better

Donate to Children

Bright Futures

A Better life

Endless Battle

Support for Tomorrow

The Carnival Squad

The Giving Hands

Virtual Giving Day

The Generous Hearts

Acute Awareness


In conclusion, it’s evident that virtual fundraisers are a great way to raise money for a good cause. They’re easy to set up, and they allow people from all over the world to donate.

So if you’re looking for a way to raise money for your next charity event, consider using a virtual fundraiser.

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