7 Types of Cleaning Services to Offer in Your Business

The cleaning business is lucrative and easy to start. You won’t face many hurdles as one does in other businesses. Most types of cleaning services don’t require any technical skills from you. The best part is that you can get started fast and affordable.

Types of cleaning

Offering a wide range of cleaning services in a small area is better than providing a single type of cleaning services in the big zone. Salt Lake City janitorial business owner Michael R. says,

Cleaning businesses to start

Here are the types of cleaning services you can add to your cleaning business:

1. Residential Cleaning Business

There is always room for residential cleaning services, no matter the market. Once you get a reputation in your target area, then you’ll start earning decent money.

These cleaning services may be daily, weekly, monthly based. This actually depends on the clients you find.

Residential cleaning services include the following basic duties:

  • Dusting
  • Mopping floors
  • Vacuuming
  • Fixtures
  • Washing surfaces
  • Polishing mirrors etc.

One good thing about the residential type of cleaning is that you can get cleaning clients easily if you market with tactics. In addition to this, expanding business in this case never becomes a problem. You’ll just need to hire a few cleaning workers. That’s all.

Before starting you’d need to buy basic equipment’s like cleaners, buckets, mops, rags, solvents, and ladder if you do not have already.

This type of cleaning doesn’t require an online presence, and one can start it as a part-time business also.

2. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is another rewarding type of cleaning business, which includes cleaning offices, buildings, apartments, and premises. This is beneficial in big cities.

It more often requires work on weekends, or at the times when there is no one to interrupt the working process. However, it may involve residential cleaning services too. This is because now a day’s many offices and companies have their kitchens and showers.

There are a few things that you’d require before you start a commercial cleaning business:

  • Come up with a good cleaning business name.
  • Print your business cards and distribute them to your target city.
  • Open a small office building for your business.
  • Make a website, so that you may receive clients online. This is much required in this age of technology.
  • Hire a number of employees.
  • Buy the basic equipment that you’d be required while providing cleaning services.
  • Get a license for your business.

Getting commercial cleaning contracts may be a tough job in the beginning, but it will become easier with time. More often, government contracts are sought, as they pay off soon and are usually on an annual basis.

3. Windows cleaning.

Windows cleaning is among the types of cleaning services that require work less often. You’ll have to work on Saturday’s or Sunday’s only.

It doesn’t require huge money. You can start it at less than $600. The average windows cleaner makes $40 to $80 per hour. Best of all, anyone can do it with a regular job.

The rest of the requirement remains the same as in the commercial cleaning business. For example, buying basic equipment, getting a license, printing cards and naming your business, etc.

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4. Washing services.

Power washing business is a million dollar business. People want clean clothes, while do not find time to do so themselves. Therefore, one can say that a busy life has made people pay for their laundry services.

This requires basic equipment, like other types of cleaning business. In addition to washing, many clients need pressed clothes. Hiring a few employees for this purpose can save you good money.

In this type of cleaning, the competition is low. Therefore, it is a good time to add this service to your business or company.

5. Carpet cleaning business.

Carpet cleaning is challenging to start and needs tactics to stand out there in competition. You’ll need quality equipment that can be costly.

However, if other types of cleaning services have started paying off, now it’s the time to add carpet cleaning. It won’t be a great deal for you if people already know you from the other cleaning services you’ve provided them.

6. Swimming pool cleaning.

The swimming pool can be like heaven on hot days. That’s why most homeowners prefer it in their home. And of course, they’ll need their pools cleaned, which makes this business alive.

Unlike other types of cleaning services, it requires experience in some states. Thus, it makes it difficult for small business owners who don’t have a license and experience.

While if you’re expanding your cleaning business, you can hire people who have experience in pool cleaning. Already you have the clients whom you provide other services, you’ll start providing them this service too. It is that easy if you’re already set in some area. While if the case is otherwise, it may take a while to let people know your business in your target area.

Moreover, this business works outside homes, for example in hotels, schools, and health clubs, etc.

7. Car washing

Who doesn’t have a car in this modern age? 90 out of 100 have their own cars. Right? Do they need washing? Of course, they do. But they get their cars washed in stations beside roads.

However, many people still get their cars cleaned in homes. This is either because they do not get enough time to stop on washing stations or they prefer car washing on off days. Therefore, starting a car washing business is a good idea to further expanding your cleaning business.

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Bottom line:

Once you set one type of cleaning business in a specific place, it becomes easy to win in others as well. Now, you have a market. Maybe you’ll provide one service to a client but he’ll become aware of others too, right? This is how your business flourishes.

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