260 Fantasy and Cool Trolls Names Ideas

In the mystical realm of fantasy, where imagination knows no bounds, trolls stand as iconic figures that captivate our minds with their unique charm and quirky personalities.

The enchanting world of trolls has not only been embraced by popular culture but has also inspired us to create our own whimsical and fascinating trolls with names that echo their playful spirit. Dive into the art of crafting trolls names that truly resonate with the fantastical essence they embody.

Trolls Names

  1. Grumblethorn
  2. Glimmerfrost
  3. Bogglewump
  4. Sparklenose
  5. Thornwhisper
  6. Snickerdust
  7. Dazzlestrike
  8. Mossylocks
  9. Frozenglade
  10. Rumblebelly
  11. Flutterflame
  12. Pebblefoot
  13. Wobblegloom
  14. Twinklebloom
  15. Mumblewhisk

Nature-Inspired: Trolls often have a connection to nature, so consider names that evoke elements like “Stonebark,” “Mossjaw,” or “Thornclaw.”

  1. Snickerwhirl
  2. Fuzzlebee
  3. Gobblequill
  4. Flickerfuzz
  5. Whisperbloom
  6. Pebblewhisper
  7. Glimmerwhisk
  8. Wobblebreeze
  9. Snugglethump
  10. Glittergale
  11. Frozenglitter
  12. Quiverwhirl
  13. Bubblegumple
  14. Jinglewhisk
  15. Dazzleflutter

Alliteration: Create catchy names using alliteration, like “Grimmjaw the Grumpy” or “Boulderbelly the Brave.”

  1. Bristlefrost
  2. Tumblewhirl
  3. Gobblefrost
  4. Nibbletwig
  5. Puddlebloom
  6. Whiskerwhistle
  7. Sparklefuzz
  8. Bumblegleam
  9. Snickerthump
  10. Frozennook
  11. Quibbleflame
  12. Wobbleglimpse
  13. Glimmerwhirl
  14. Gobbletwinkle
  15. Flutterbreeze
  16. Dazzleglimmer
  17. Twinklewhisk
  18. Tumblefrost
  19. Gobbleglimpse
  20. Fuzzlewhisper

Size Matters: Play with their massive size by using names like “Hugegrip,” “Giantbane,” or “Towerthud.”

Trolls Names Generator

  • Fluffernook
  • Glimmerquake
  • Bristlebounce
  • Mirthfulgale
  • Twinklequill
  • Snickersnap
  • Dazzlepop
  • Frozencuddle
  • Gobblewiggle
  • Bumbleglimpse
  • Fizzlewhisk
  • Mumbleflutter
  • Quibblewhirl
  • Snickerjig
  • Fuzzlenook

Personality Traits: Base names on personality traits, such as “Snarlgrim,” “Mirthsneer,” or “Broodheart.”

  • Glimmerbubble
  • Sparklebounce
  • Wobblequill
  • Whiskersnap
  • Nibblespark
  • Glitterbounce
  • Tumbletwirl
  • Gobblefluff
  • Fluttergleam
  • Jinglewhirl
  • Quiverpop
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Fuzzlegale
  • Glimmerjig
  • Dazzlewobble

Mystical Elements: Incorporate magical elements into names, like “Shadowgnarl,” “Fireforge,” or “Glowthorn.”

  • Bristlepop
  • Mumblefrost
  • Frozensnap
  • Wobblewiggle
  • Gobblequill
  • Twinklefluff
  • Sparkleglimpse
  • Bumblebounce
  • Fizzlesnap
  • Snickersnap
  • Glimmerquiver
  • Tumblewiggle
  • Quibblefluff
  • Wobbleglitter
  • Whiskerjig
  • Nibblequill
  • Glittersnap
  • Fuzzletwirl
  • Gobblebubble
  • Flutterdoodle

Guttural Sounds: Trolls often have deep, guttural voices, so names like “Grunkar,” “Thrashok,” or “Gorgrak” work well.

Trolls Names

More Names:

Dreamworks Trolls Characters Names

  1. Poppy
  2. Branch
  3. Cooper
  4. DJ Suki
  5. Guy Diamond
  6. Biggie
  7. Smidge
  8. Satin
  9. Chenille
  10. Creek
  11. King Peppy
  12. Fuzzbert
  13. Aspen Heitz
  14. Cloud Guy
  15. Riff

Geographical Features: Think about the troll’s habitat; names like “Marshmuck,” “Frostpeak,” or “Cliffhowl” could work.

  1. Tresillo
  2. Legsly
  3. Master Dinkles
  4. Captain Starfunkle
  5. Holly Darlin’
  6. Mandy Sparkledust
  7. Jewel Sparkles
  8. Pixie Dancer
  9. Prince Gristle
  10. Bridget
  11. Gristle Jr.
  12. King Gristle Sr.
  13. DJ Suki
  14. Zen Zen
  15. Harper
  16. Dante Crescendo
  17. Queen Barb
  18. King Trollex
  19. Hickory
  20. Delta Dawn
  21. Essence
  22. Tiny Diamond
  23. Mr. Dinkles
  24. Mr. Dinkles Jr.
  25. Queen Essence

Historical References: Draw from troll lore or history, using names like “Ancientmaw,” “Clanbreaker,” or “Stonegaze.”

Bridget Trolls Names

  • Bridget
  • Lady Glittersparkles
  • Simpletroll
  • Sweetie Bridget
  • Sparkleheart
  • Bridget Bubbledream
  • Tenderbreeze
  • Gleamingsmile
  • Shyshine
  • Giggly Bridget
  • Enchanting Bridget
  • Kindheart
  • Blushing Bridget
  • Softspark
  • Bridget Moonbeam

Contradictions: Play with name contradictions, such as “Lightheart the Lugubrious” or “Raindance the Dry.”

  • Glimmering Bridget
  • Innocentjoy
  • Dazzlewhisper
  • Bridget Lovelight
  • Twinkling Bridget
  • Gracefulgiggle
  • Radiant Bridget
  • Bridget Cherishheart
  • Starrygaze
  • Bridget Serenestar
  • Angelic Bridget
  • Bridget Glimmergrace
  • Whispering Bridget
  • Bridget Melodyspark
  • Delightful Bridget

Hybrid Creatures: Combine troll characteristics with other creatures, like “Trollwolf,” “Trollbear,” or “Trollraven.”

  • Bridget Dreamydance
  • Pureheart
  • Bridget Glowsong
  • Bridget Sunbeam
  • Bridget Tenderwisp
  • Angelkiss
  • Bridget Gleamgaze
  • Bridget Darlingbeam
  • Bridget Twinklejoy
  • Bridget Frostedwhisper
  • Bridget Starryglimmer
  • Bridget Sweetsong
  • Bridget Enchantwhisper
  • Bridget Moonlitgleam
  • Bridget Loveflutter
  • Bridget Radiance
  • Bridget Charmingtwirl
  • Bridget Gleamdance
  • Bridget Heartfeltgaze
  • Bridget Shimmerwisp

Mythological Names: Use names from real-world mythologies, like “Grendel,” “Jotunn,” or “Oni.”

Trolls Worm Names

  1. Wormy
  2. Wiggles
  3. Slinky
  4. Glimmerworm
  5. Snuggleworm
  6. Tunneltwist
  7. Fuzzworm
  8. Cozycoil
  9. Sparkleworm
  10. Bristleburrow
  11. Glittercrawl
  12. Cuddleworm
  13. Snickercoil
  14. Earthyglimpse
  15. Wobbleworm

Cultural Influences: Infuse names with cultural flavors, like “Grommok” for an orcish troll or “Zhanara” for an elven troll.

  1. Fluffcrawl
  2. Bumbleburrow
  3. Wigglewhisk
  4. Snugglecoil
  5. Glimmercrawl
  6. Cozyglimpse
  7. Fuzzyburrow
  8. Sparklecoil
  9. Quivercrawl
  10. Bristlecoil
  11. Wigglecrawl
  12. Flufftwist
  13. Snickerburrow
  14. Tunnelspark
  15. Earthywhisk

Symbolism: Choose names based on symbolic meanings, such as “Stoneshield,” “Ravenshadow,” or “Ironheart.”

  1. Cuddlecoil
  2. Glimmertwist
  3. Fuzzglimpse
  4. Wobblecrawl
  5. Snugglewhisk
  6. Sparkletwirl
  7. Bristleglimpse
  8. Cozycrawl
  9. Wigglegaze
  10. Snickerwhisk
  11. Glimmerwhirl
  12. Tunnelspark
  13. Fuzzycrawl
  14. Snugglewhirl
  15. Earthycoil
  16. Sparklegaze
  17. Bristlewhisk
  18. Wiggleglance
  19. Snickerwhirl
  20. Glimmercrawl

Ritual Titles: Craft names that reflect their roles in troll society, like “Shamanbone,” “Eldergrasp,” or “Guardiantusk.”

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How to Come Up with a Catchy and Unique Trolls Name?

Creating a captivating trolls name is akin to summoning magic from your creativity. It’s not just about words but crafting a persona that leaps off the page and resonates with the fantastical. Follow these steps to conjure a name that captures the heart of your troll character:

Embrace the Essence

Delve into the characteristics and nature of your troll. Are they mischievous, gentle, courageous, or curious? Align the name with their core attributes.

Play with Sounds

Trolls names often thrive on whimsical phonetics. Experiment with alliterations, rhymes, and unique combinations of syllables to create a name that’s delightful to the ears.

Let Nature Inspire

Nature’s wonders are a treasure trove of inspiration. Draw from elements like flowers, weather, and creatures to infuse your troll’s name with organic charm.


Is your troll adventurous or contemplative? Let their personality traits guide you. A daring troll might sport a name that invokes courage, while a gentle one might carry a name that whispers serenity.

Combine Imagery

Blend evocative images to craft a name that paints a vivid picture. Think about the visuals associated with your troll, and weave those into their name.

Cultural Influence

Incorporate cultural influences that resonate with your troll’s identity. Names rooted in folklore or mythology can add depth to their persona.

Consider Length

Short and snappy names can be catchy, while longer names might carry an air of grandeur. Strike a balance between the two based on your troll’s character.

Test the Waters

Share your name ideas with friends or fellow enthusiasts. Feedback can help you refine and polish your choice.

Be Open to Change

Sometimes, a name might evolve as you develop your troll’s story. Don’t be afraid to adapt if a better-suited name emerges.

Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, let your intuition guide you. If a name feels right and resonates with you, it’s likely to do the same with your audience.

In the realm of trolls, the possibilities are endless, and so are the names that can bring them to life. By embracing your inner storyteller and weaving these steps together, you can create a name that’s as enchanting and captivating as the trolls themselves. So, venture forth with your creative wand and conjure a trolls name that will be cherished in the tapestry of fantasy.

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