280 Cool And Fantasy Troll Army Names

In the vast realm of online gaming and virtual communities, the concept of a “troll” has evolved beyond 

Its traditional meaning to encompass individuals who engage in playful, mischievous, and often humorous behavior.

These modern-day jesters of the digital age are known for their irreverent antics, and now, they’re taking it a step further by uniting under the banner of troll armies. 

If you’re intrigued by the idea of forming your own troll army but find yourself at a loss for monikers that encapsulate your chaotic spirit, fear not.

We’ll delve into the art of creating troll army names that are sure to set you apart and inspire your fellow mischief-makers.

Troll Army Names

Snarkstorm Legion

Prankster Paragons

Jester’s Reckoning

Mirthful Marauders

Giggle Battalion

Whimsy Warriors

Discordant Horde

Mockery Militia

Quipfire Syndicate

Jestful Junta

Witty Warband

Chuckle Conclave

Cackle Corps

Sardonic Vanguard

Wisecrack Legionnaires

Wordplay Delight: Incorporate puns, plays on words, or homophones to create amusing and witty names that catch attention.

Irony Irregulars

Satirical Phalanx

Rambunctious Regime

Banter Brigade

Laughter Legion

Trickster Tribes

Mock Militants

Irony Inquisition

Jokester Juniors

Humorist Hordes

Jest Juggernauts

Wit Walkers

Sarcasm Squad

Jestful Jaegers

Punning Platoon

Mythical Marvels: Draw inspiration from mythology and folklore to conjure names that evoke a sense of grandeur and mystery.

Banter Battalion

Laughter Lancers

Irony Invaders

Guffaw Guild

Wit Watchmen

Jovial Jugglers

Quip Crusaders

Sardonic Sentries

Jestful Jousters

Chuckle Cavalry

Satire Swarm

Mirth Militia

Wisecrack Watch

Irony Inquisitors

Jokester Jamboree

Mocking Minions

Banter Bravado

Gag Gurus

Humorist Horde

Jestful Justiciars

Alliteration Aplenty: Use alliteration to make the name roll off the tongue and stick in the minds of your audience.

Cool Troll Army Names

Shadowy Spectres

Stylish Saboteurs

Chill Champions

Frostbite Phalanx

Suave Stalkers

Midnight Marauders

Iced Inciters

Elegance Enforcers

Frosty Fracas

Subzero Syndicate

Aloof Avengers

Serene Saboteurs

Zen Zephyrs

Arctic Artillery

Icy Instigators

Smooth Sabotage

Dapper Disruptors

Glacier Guerrillas

Chic Crusaders

Effortless Enigma

Irony Injection: Inject irony into your troll army names by giving them unexpected or contradictory titles that provoke laughter.

Chilled Chameleons

Sublime Saboteurs

Cool Calculators

Calm Chaos Crew

Frozen Frontiers

Swanky Sabotage

Tranquil Tacticians

Arctic Assassins

Sophisticated Spooks

Breezy Brigade

Classy Conspirators

Frigid Felons

Refined Raiders

Polished Pranksters

Nonchalant Nomads

Arctic Aces

Urbane Uproar

Suave Sabotage

Frosty Finesse

Chilled Charisma

Iced Intruders

Sleek Saboteurs

Cool Comrades

Zen Zealots

Arctic Agents

Swanky Sentries

Chic Chieftains

Effortless Eccentrics

Suave Specters

Polar Pranksters

Fantasy Fusion: Blend elements from various fantasy genres, such as medieval, steampunk, or futuristic, to create a unique and eclectic name.

Troll Army Names

More Names:

Undead Army Names

Necrotic Legion

Phantom Phalanx

Wraith Warriors

Skeletal Syndicate

Ebon Enforcers

Cursed Crusaders

Graveyard Guardians

Haunting Horde

Lich Lancers

Macabre Marauders

Zombie Zealots

Dreadful Dragoons

Ghostly Guerrillas

Spectral Saboteurs

Revenant Reapers

Rhyming Riot: Experiment with rhyming patterns to craft catchy and rhythmic names that are easy to remember.

Banshee Battalion

Vengeful Vanguards

Bone Brigade

Cryptic Conscripts

Rotting Regime

Undying Outlaws

Dark Diviners

Eerie Elite

Deathly Defenders

Cursed Cavaliers

Wight Wardens

Infernal Infiltrators

Phantom Pharaohs

Haunted Heralds

Demonic Dominion

Meme Magic: Incorporate popular internet memes, phrases, or references for an instant connection with modern pop culture.

Soulless Saboteurs

Unholy Uprising

Lurking Liches

Wraith Walkers

Cadaver Crusaders

Malevolent Marauders

Spectral Sentinels

Ebon Enigma

Tombstone Troop

Necromancer’s Nexus

Sinister Specters

Vengeful Vigilantes

Dread Draconians

Ghostly Garrison

Cursed Coterie

Reanimated Regency

Ephemeral Envoys

Boneclad Brigade

Stygian Syndicate

Phantom Phalanx

Historical Hijinks: Borrow from historical events or figures to give your troll army names a touch of intrigue and familiarity.

Dwarf Army Names

Granite Guardians

Ironclad Infantry

Stoutheart Syndicate

Mountain Marauders

Mithril Militia

Adamant Avengers

Resolute Raiders

Hammered Horde

Forgeborn Fighters

Gritstone Guild

Anvil Acolytes

Solidarity Squad

Stonework Sentinels

Hearthstone Heroes

Orebound Outlaws

Stout Shieldbearers

Ironbeard Battalion

Animal Attraction: Infuse your names with the characteristics of animals, turning your troll army into a whimsical menagerie.

Mountain Masters

Steelclad Conscripts

Valiant Vanguard

Stalwart Saboteurs

Forgefire Fraternity

Resilient Reckoners

Diamond Dwarves

Rocksteady Regime

Anvilborn Army

Unbreakable Uprising

Ironborn Insurgents

Granite Guardians

Stalwart Synergy

Hammered Honor

Oreheart Outlaws

Forgeflame Fraternity

Mithril Marauders

Resolute Renegades

Ancestral Alliance

Colorful Charisma: Use vibrant and colorful adjectives to paint a vivid picture and make your troll army stand out.

Solidarity Saboteurs

Stoneclad Coalition

Stoutstone Squad

Ironbound Invaders

Valiant Vigilance

Stoutheart Sabotage

Gritstone Gang

Forgeforged Fraternity

Resilient Reprisal

Diamond Defenders

Rocksteady Rebellion

Anvil Aegis

Unbreakable Unity

Granite Guard

Techy Twist: Combine technological terms and jargon with fantasy elements to create a juxtaposition that sparks curiosity.

Sci Fi Army Names

Galactic Guardians

Starborne Syndicate

Futuristic Fraternity

Warpzone Warriors

Nebula Nomads

Cyberspace Crusaders

Astro Armada

Android Alliance

Exoplanet Expedition

Quantum Quorum

Solar Saboteurs

Tech Troopers

Cybernetic Command

Nebulon Nomads

Astral Agents

Emotional Echo: Evoke a range of emotions by incorporating words that convey strength, determination, or even hilarity.

Warpward Wardens

Galaxy Gurus

Starlit Sabotage

Futuristic Force

Quantum Quest

Nebula Nomads

Celestial Sentinels

Galactic Grid

Stellar Saboteurs

Astral Assembly

Cybernetic Crew


Quantum Quicksilver

Solar Synergy

Spaceborne Squad

Geographical Glee: Explore different places and locations, real or fictional, to find inspiration for your troll army names.

Warpward Watch

Nebula Nexus

Celestial Cipher

Galactic Guild

Starlit Sabotage

Futuristic Fellowship

Quantum Quakers

Nebula Nomads

Astro Analysts

Celestial Council

Stellar Sabotage

Exo Envoys

Cybernetic Coalition

Warpward Wardens

Nebula Navigators

Galactic Guard

Starlit Saboteurs

Futuristic Frontiers

Quantum Quota

Nebula Nomads

Celestial Symphony: Draw from celestial bodies, constellations, or cosmic terms to add an otherworldly aura to your names.

Ork Army Names

Savage Skullsmashers

Brutal Bloodhunters

Warchief Wreckers

Frenzied Fracas

Ironhide Invaders

Raging Rampage

Bonecrusher Battalion

Warborn Warriors

Berserker Bandits

Savage Syndicate

Carnage Clan

Gorefury Gang

Thundertusk Tribe

Choppa Crew

Warg Wreakers

Skullsplitter Swarm

Ironjaw Invaders

Raging Raiders

Bloodfang Brigade

Savage Slayers

Gorefist Gang

Bonecrusher Battalion

Warborn Warriors

Berserker Bandits

Frenzied Fracas

Ironhide Invaders

Raging Rampage

Choppa Clan

Gorefury Gang

Thundertusk Tribe

Skullsplitter Swarm

Warg Wreckers

Savage Syndicate

Word Mashup Mayhem: Experiment with combining unrelated words to create unexpected and delightful combinations.

Carnage Crew

Ironjaw Invaders

Raging Raiders

Bloodfang Battalion

Savage Slayers

Bonecrusher Bandits

Warborn Warriors

Berserker Brigade

Frenzied Fracas

Ironhide Invaders

Choppa Clan

Gorefury Gang

Thundertusk Tribe

Skullsplitter Swarm

Warg Wreakers

Savage Syndicate

Carnage Clan

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How to Create Your Troll Army Name: Mastering the Art

Creating a troll army name that encapsulates your essence of mischief requires a blend of creativity, clever wordplay, and a dash of irreverence. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect troll army name that stands out in the virtual landscape:

Embrace Your Style:

Before you dive into brainstorming, consider the type of troll army you want to lead. 

Are you aiming for a humorous and lighthearted approach, or do you prefer a darker, more enigmatic persona? 

Align your name with your preferred style.

Wordplay Wonderland:

Puns, alliteration, and clever word combinations are your allies. 

Mix and match words that reflect the essence of your troll army while keeping it fun and memorable.

Thematic Inspiration:

Base your troll army name on a theme that resonates with you. 

Whether it’s fantasy, sci-fi, or something entirely unique, weaving a theme into your name adds depth and intrigue.

Twisted Traditions:

Don’t shy away from subverting traditional military terms. Twist words like “Legion,” “Brigade,” or 

“Syndicate” into something unexpected to infuse your name with a touch of chaos.

Collaborative Creativity:

Brainstorm with fellow mischief-makers. Group brainstorming can lead to unexpected and brilliant name combinations that capture the essence of your troll army.

Test the Waters:

Before settling on a final name, bounce your ideas off a few friends or fellow trolls. Their feedback can provide valuable insights and help you refine your choice.

Virtual Impact:

Ensure your chosen troll army name isn’t already in use. A unique name will make your army stand out and prevent any confusion in the digital realm.

Evolve and Adapt:

As your troll army evolves and grows, don’t be afraid to adapt your name to reflect new dynamics or directions. 

Flexibility can keep your online presence relevant and engaging.

In conclusion, crafting the perfect troll army name is an art that combines creativity, wordplay, and a hint of mischief. 

From Undead to Sci-Fi, Orks to Dwarves, your choice of theme and style will set the tone for your troll army’s virtual escapades. 

Embrace your inner trickster, experiment with word combinations, and let your imagination run wild to create a name that leaves a lasting mark in the digital realm. 

So, gather your fellow trolls, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey of chaos, camaraderie, and endless amusement!

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