126 Inspiring Track Slogans, Sayings, and Phrases

Coming up with a compelling slogan demands that you pack a punch with only a few words. It should be simple, memorable, and powerful. Most importantly, it should communicate a message that resonates deeply with audience.

I mention some great track slogans to help you. But before diving in, let’s first look at some best slogan examples.

These are some of the best examples of catchy slogans that will inspire your ideas:

  • Apple – Think Different
  • Nike – Just Do It
  • McDonalds – I’m Lovin’ It
  • Coca-Cola – Happiness is Real
  • Google – Don’t Be Evil
  • Microsoft – Life Is Good
  • Facebook – It’s quick and easy
  • Twitter – What Happens On The Internet Stays On The Internet
  • Virgin Airlines – No Fear
  • Starbucks – You Get What You Give
  • Zappos – Delivering Happiness
  • Whole Foods Market – Eat Food. Drink Better.
  • Southwest Airlines – “The Spirit Of Adventure”
  • American Express – Because We Care
  • Target – Always Low Prices Everyday
  • United States Postal Service – Forever Stampin’ Out Junk Mail
  • Nordstrom – Buy More, Save More
  • Urban Outfitters – Anything Can Be Art

Inspiring, right? Now, let us look at some track slogans:

  • Real Athletes Run, Others Just Play Games.
  • Run the day. Don’t let it run you.
  • Don’t Think. Run.
  • Don’t Just Chase Your Dreams…Run Them Down!
  • My name isn’t Forrest.
  • Run Like Creepy Guy Behind You!
  • A runner’s addiction is never sufficed.
  • Don’t race against others, race against yourself.
  • Be Stronger Than Your Excuses.
  • Pain is weakness leaving the body.
  • Run hard or walk home.
  • The faster you run, the quicker you’re done.
  • Run Hard When It’s Hard to Run.
  • Real athletes run miles, not yards.
  • When Your Legs Can’t Run Anymore, Run with Your Heart.
  • They Can’t Stop What They Can’t Catch.
  • I Run This Town…1 Mile at a Time.
  • All it Takes is All You’ve Got!
  • I Can Handle Any Hurdle.
  • I’m Not an Easy Catch.

Track Slogans

  • This seemed like such a good idea three weeks ago.
  • Strength Does Not Come from Winning.
  • Track: It’s better than playing with balls.
  • Please Ignore the Faces I Make When I Run.
  • You Can’t Flirt with the Track, You Must Marry it.
  • Run fast or be last!
  • 400m is the new 100m.
  • Run like you stole something.
  • Track is 90% mental, and we’re all INSANE!
  • My energy comes straight from the heart.
  • Our Warmup is Your Work Out.
  • Each Step Takes You Closer to Your Goal.
  • Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead.
  • We Don’t Need Wings to Fly!
  • If track was easy…they’d call it football.
  • Training to Run, Not Running to Train.
  • Leave it All on The Track.
  • If you’re willing to say I can’t, you might as well go home.
  • There’s no time outs in track.
  • Tough times don’t last but tough people do.
  • I’m the Runner Your Momma Warned You About!
  • All it takes is all you’ve got.
  • Running won’t kill you, you’ll pass out first.
  • We don’t need wings to fly.
  • We know we’re fast, pretty soon you’ll know it too.
  • Be so good, they can’t ignore you.
  • It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Get Stronger.
  • Lead the Pack…Run Track!
  • If You Blink, I’m Gone!
  • Quitters Don’t Run. Runners Don’t Quit.
Track Slogans

What are some catchy track phrases?

  • I’ve got a track record.
  • We run ours off so we can kick yours.
  • My Form is So Good it Hurts.
  • Comrades in Sweat.
  • Stronger, Faster, Farther.
  • Keep Calm and Run Fast.
  • On Track is the Way to Be.
  • We’ve got the Runs.
  • Survival of the Fastest.
  • Our sport is other sports’ punishment.
  • They Can’t Ignore Me, I’m On Track.
  • If we played tag, you’d be it forever.
  • The Pride You Gain is Worth the Pain.
  • Burn fat on the track.
  • We run this mother.
  • The 400 meters, only the strong survive.
  • My Run. My Speed. My Way.
  • Success demands singleness of purpose.
  • I’m the runner you momma warned you about.
  • Running Only Has One Rule…Don’t Stop!
  • Life is Short. Running Makes It Seem Longer.
  • Run Far, Run Fast, and Run Hard!
  • Our warm up is your work out.
  • Track: everything else is just a game.
  • No Time-outs, No Substitutions, No Excuses.
  • Run to live. Live to run.
  • I Can Go the Distance.
  • They cant stop what they can’t catch.
  • Let’s make a run for it.
  • If You Can Accept Losing, You Can’t Win.

Track Sayings

  • Pain Will Pass. Pride Will Last!
  • You can never catch me on the track.
  • The Clock’s Job is to Tick, Your Job is to Beat it!
  • Make Your Competitive Juices Overcome Your Excuses.
  • The Real Workout Starts When You Want to Stop.
  • If You Want to Come in Second, Follow Me.
  • May the Course Be with You.
  • Miles to Go Before I Sleep.
  • Our Shoes Have More Miles Than Your Car.
  • Pain is temporary, Pride is forever.
  • I Don’t Stop When I’m Tired, I Stop When I’m Done.
  • Eat, Sleep, Run Track, Repeat.
  • Runs End. Running Does Not.
  • Why is everyone chasing me?
  • Shut up! I’m Not Almost There!
  • Nothing but the truth.
  • Run for Fun, Race for Place.
  • Finish line is my love line.
  • Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.
  • I Came. I Ran. I Conquered.
  • We Know We’re Fast, Pretty Soon You’ll Know it Too!
  • The 400 Meters…Only the Strong Survive.
  • If you can read this, we’re just warming up.
  • Run Until You Can Fly.
  • Don’t Pass Me…I’m Not in Your Age Group.
  • 7 Days Without Running Makes One Weak.
  • A Short Run is Better Than No Run.
  • I Run to Burn Off the Crazy.
  • There’s No Time-outs in Track.
  • Death Before DNF.
  • Live, Laugh, Run a Lot.
  • Eat, Sleep, Run Track.
  • Life is Better When You’re Running.
  • Running’s My Favorite.
  • Training to run not running to train.
Track Sayings

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How To Come Up With A Catchy Slogan That Resonates Deeply With Audience

  1. Write down all the ideas that pop into your head.
  2. Once you have exhausted all the ideas, choose the ones that resonate deep within you and start developing them further.
  3. When you are done brainstorming, review the list of picked slogan ideas and pick out the ones that you like the most.
  4. Inspire your ideas from other track related slogans.
  5. Choose 3–4 slogans from the list and develop them further.
  6. Choose the final track slogan.


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