Manufacturing Business Ideas: 130 Small Scale Ideas in India

There are many manufacturing businesses that are quite easy to get into. Some, however, are capital intensive, but if you properly define your market and choose highly marketable products, you won’t have to struggle much.

In addition, you can reduce the initial startup cost by hiring machinery or equipment’s and starting your small manufacturing business at home or at a rental premise.

Note: This list of manufacturing business ideas include both low and medium investment manufacturing business ideas from different industries, such as light, engineering, paper, leather, chemical, food, rubber, and agrochemical industry.

Manufacturing Business Ideas

These are the most profitable small scale manufacturing business ideas:

1. Toy Making

Toys have a very large market. No matter the area, language, and color, children easily relate with toys.

Therefore, if you’re thinking to get into manufacturing business, you can consider toys making.

It is so simple business that anyone can initiate it. Moreover, the machinery is easy to understand and raw materials can be found almost everywhere.

2. Paper Making

The paper industry has a large market despite the fact that the campaign for preserving trees is gaining prominence in different parts of the world.

Paper is used in schools, offices, and homes, small businesses, companies, and organizations. Well! It seems like the world can’t do any better without paper.

If you live in a place where you can get permission to cut tree for paper making, then you’re good to get into this profitable venture.

3. Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti making is a profitable manufacturing business. The Agarbatti is used in houses, religious places, and social functions.

The agarbatti is actually an aromatic paste with good fragrance. It also has antiseptic and insecticidal properties.

This business is good for countries where religious and social functions are common. For example, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

4. Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing

The Aluminum door window manufacturing is one of the low-cost manufacturing businesses. This light engineering industry sector is lucrative to get into.

It can be started from the home-based workshop. It appeals to those entrepreneurs who have construction and mechanical aptitude.

However, it requires experienced persons who completely understand the construction of Aluminum door and windows.

5. Bakery

The bakery is a profitable small-scale manufacturing business in the food industry. You’ll need to get a space (can be rented) and select the right product.

The marketing plays a major role in the success of a bakery business. Once a product of yours start selling good, you can add other related products to your list side by side.

6. Electrical Bulbs and Fittings Production

Electric bulbs and fittings are almost found in every building nowadays. This tells that there is a good market for these products.

When it comes to attracting buyers, this manufacturing industry is really good. However, the competition is stiff and is likely to become very hard in the near future.

If you’re creative with your productions and go behind quality always, you do not need to worry about the competition at all. Because you will not have to struggle to get your market shares.

7. Banana Wafer Making

Banana wafer making is a small manufacturing business that can get you money from both local and export markets.

No doubt that banana wafer is popular because of its taste. Banana is consumed in different ways, including making wafer. A major portion of it, however, is used a fresh fruit.

If you’re living in a country where banana is produced in big quantity, for example, India, then you can consider this manufacturing industry.

8. Bindi Making

Bindi has a good market in India. Women traditionally used Kumkum, which is now replaced by Bindi.

Bindi comes in different color, sizes and pictures. Women all over the country, both rural and urban, consume this product.

The Bindi making is an easy process. One can start this business with relatively low startup capital from a home-based facility.

9. Bio-diesel production

Bio-diesel production is a good manufacturing business for places where the raw material is easily available.

It is a renewable source of energy, and that’s the reason why it is getting the attention of people all over the world.

Surely, the natural sources of fuels are being degraded fast, and now there is a search for renewable sources of energy.

10. Kitchen Utensils and Cutleries Production

Utensil and cutleries are essential items in homes, hotels and restaurant, and small cafes or canteens. Food is our need and therefore, kitchen utensils will be required until we live.

This gives an idea about the large market of kitchen utensils and cutleries. So, if you’re want to start a profitable manufacturing business, this won’t be a bad idea.

11. Biscuit Making

How about biscuit making? Although there are many brands now that prepare biscuit in automatic plants, some people still prefer fresh biscuits from local stores and bakeries.

Some people prefer them because of the low prices. If you think of getting into biscuit making industry, make sure you make a variety of biscuits.

12. Blouse Hook Making

Blouse hook is an essential part of the garment and clothing industry, and every wholesaler, retailer, tailor and alteration services providers buy it.

It is a low investment business having handsome money. In the beginning, however, you will have to spend on marketing, and hence, the profit will be less.

Once you stick out your business, you will have increased income day by day.

13. Bread Production

Bread production is a lucrative small-scale industry. Fresh bread always has a demand in cities as well as in small towns.

Bread provides our body with fiber and carbohydrates and hence, it is listed among our daily needs.

The process of making bread is not complex. It, however, requires hard work for sure.

14. Drugs Manufacturing

One of the best manufacturing business ideas is drugs manufacturing. You can start manufacturing generic and non-generic drugs.

This small scale manufacturing business industry is highly regulated. You would need a special business license and permit to get into this business legally.

15. Candle Making

It is one of the easiest small manufacturing business ideas. One can do candle making on a part-time basis.

People use candles for religious and decoration purposes. Birthday party’s cakes essentially have small candles.

In the past, long white candles were used, however, now the demand for the decorative and scented candle is high.

16. Cashew Processing

Cashew processing can be a small export-oriented manufacturing business. The process of cashew processing involves cutting, drying, peeling and packing etc.

The cashew nuts are popular all over the world. They, however, are native to Brazil. Now, they are grown in huge quantities in Africa and India too.

17. Fertilizer Production

Many countries in the world have an underdeveloped agriculture sector. Therefore, people are encouraged to contribute to the progress of this sector.

Hence, fertilizers production industry is what you can consider going into.

The best part of this manufacturing industry is that much of your fertilizers (if not all) is bought by the government.

18. Chalk Making

In a few developing countries, still, chalk is used for writing. If you’re living in such country, you can get into making chalks.

Chalks aren’t only used in schools, but also help the tailors, constructors, furniture maker and many other small industries.

19. Cheesecake Making

Cheesecake making is among good small scale manufacturing business ideas. The main ingredients you’ll require are cheese, sugars, wheat flour, eggs, strawberries, vegetable oil, salt, preservatives, color, starch, essence, and maize.

In order to stick out your cheesecake making business in the market, you’ll have to make a variety of cakes with different flavors, colors, and ingredients.

20. Chemical Production

Chemical production industry is huge, and therefore, you’ll have to choose what sort of chemical you want to specialize in.

It could be related to washing, preserving foods, laboratory chemicals or other market products. Once started in a specific chemical production, you can always start to produce related chemicals to expand your business.

21. Chocolate Making

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Chocolate making is one of the most profitable food manufacturing business ideas.

You can decide on making different types of chocolates. However, the easily available raw materials should be preferred to provide people with low-cost chocolates.

22. Coconut Milk Powder Production

One of the trendy manufacturing business is coconut milk power production. Having many benefits, coconut milk powder has a huge market.

Moreover, it doesn’t require much place to be stored and is less costly while bulk packing.

23. Nails, Nuts and Bolts Manufacturing

Nails, Nuts, and Bolts are important stuff in the construction, carpentry, and engineering industries.

Operating this business on a small scale will earn you decent money. You can, however, explore international markets too, if you want.

24. Coconut Oil Manufacturing

Coconut oil is used in cooking, soaps making, detergents, hair oils, and many cosmetics. Definitely, it has a good market.

You should be careful while choosing your location for a coconut oil manufacturing business. This is important as raw materials may not be available in some areas.

If you start this business in a good location, it could be a very profitable manufacturing business.

25. Concrete Block Manufacturing

Concrete block manufacturing requires simple machinery. It could be started anywhere where raw materials are easily approachable.

Homes, apartments, plazas are being constructed very fast in big cities. Hence, the demand for the concrete block is high.

26. Tyre Manufacturing

Tyre manufacturing business is a high capital requiring business and is highly profitable. The demand of the tyres can be estimated from the fact that there is hardly a place where there are no automobiles.

However, the demand doesn’t mean that it will start thriving as soon as you start. The competition is stiff and hence, you’ll have to make your market first.

27. Condensed Milk Production

This food processing business has good domestic and export sectors. Good quality milk is the only required raw material.

You’ll need relatively high investment to get started in condensed milk production.

28. Conveyor Belt Manufacturing

The conveyor belt is an essential item for production units, and its demand is steadily increasing. It is considered one of the low cost small manufacturing business ideas.

The conveyor’s belts are required in thermal plants, fertilizer plants, railways, and chemical plants. Thus, they are helpful in the industrialization of many sectors in a country.

29. Hand Tools Manufacturing

Hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, scissors, hand saw, and cutters are essential items in our homes. If you’re a creative person, you can get into this profitable venture.

In order to get into hand tools manufacturing, you must do little market research first. This will give you an idea of what hand tools has high demand in your target places.

30. Cotton Buds Making

Cotton buds making require a little cost. These buds are used for cosmetics and cleaning. For example, cleaning the ear.

If you get into this business, you’ll have to make different types of cotton buds. Targeting a small area and covering its needs is always a good option in this business, especially in the beginning.

31. Custard Powder Production

It is one of the best food manufacturing business ideas. Easy availability of raw materials i.e. cornflour, starch, food color, and essence, actually makes it profitable.

You can set up small scale business by buying simple machinery. However, the large scale business would need more investment.

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32. Manufacturing of Balls (Sports)

Sports products are embraced by many. If you’re such type of person, you might want to open sports Balls Company.

Surely you will get tons of individuals to buy your company’s balls. You, however, will need to market your ball by results-oriented techniques.

33. Dalia Production

How about readymade foods? Dalia is something nutritional and has a good market.

Moreover, the process of Dalia production is quite simple. You’ll need to acquire a few things. In countries, like India and Pakistan, it won’t need you to have a license.

34. Dal Milling

There are many profitable milling business ideas. But you should definitely look for the raw material availability.

You can select the types of pulses that are easily available in your area. This would lessen the initial capital and hence, lessens your burden.

35. Designer Lace Making

One of home based manufacturing business is designer lace making. It requires a relatively low investment.

Being an important part of the textile and garment industry, lace attracts almost every women. With the increase in fashion, the demand for lace has increased drastically.

In the past, the lace designing work was done by hand with the help of a needle. Now, however, it is replaced by advanced lace making machines.

36. Manufacturing of Cooking Stoves

Many people use the cooking stove in their homes. If you’re living in a country where cooking stoves are common, you should consider this manufacturing business.

There are many countries especially in continent Africa and Asia, where stove usage is really astonishing. Hence, it could be a chance for you to direct yourself toward wealth.

37. Designer Saree Making

Designer Sarees are very popular in India among women. If you’re an Indian, you could get into this profitable business.

Try to know the current styles and trendy fashion, you surely will thrive your business.

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38. Manufacturing of Trampoline

This is another profitable small scale manufacturing business if you start it in the right location. You should think well before choosing the location of your business.

This is because of its market. People at many places might have alternatives and hence, it might give you harm.

39. Drinking Straw Making

How about the very small investment that you already have? Drinking straw making business is an opportunity that is really less costly.

Almost every small shops, bars, and cafes would need a straw to serve people their drinks. If you provide inexpensive straws, you will make your business known soon.

40. Diary Making

People buy different types of diaries in order to write their life experiences. Some diaries are used by school kids.

You can think of different designs and make unique diaries with beautiful covers. Once you establish this setup well, you can expand your business by starting related manufacturing services such as making registers and notebooks.

41. Manufacturing of Inks and Cartridges

Inks and cartridges are essential for computers and printers. Having a large market, it ensures the entrepreneurs to gulp a good money.

It is indeed an awesome idea if you’re really willing to put hard work into it. While you’re jumping in, make sure you have made both long-term and short terms plans for your business.

42. Energy Drink Production

One of the trending manufacture business ideas is energy drink production. It may not require high investment initially, but it would require a good promotion.

If your energy drink is of standard quality, you may get it into the market. On the other hand, you may fail to do so.

The market is huge, as people nowadays prefer energy drinks to get relief from stress.

43. Envelope Making

The paper envelope is among the daily necessities for many places, including homes, educational organizations, and small offices.

You can initiate a small scale production of envelope making. You can either establish automatic or manual machines for this work.

44. Rugs and Rubber Carpets Manufacturing

Rugs and rubber carpets factory can also earn you good money. It, however, requires good marketing and promotion strategies.

You’ll have to make carpet and rugs dealer that you make good products. This might take enough time.

Rugs and Rubber factory may not be a good business idea for some places. Therefore, before getting into it, you’ll have to conduct a market survey and feasibility study.

45. Eraser Making

There is no place where eraser won’t be needed. Is there? Students, bookkeepers, artists, and clerical staff needs them for correcting the mistakes.

You won’t have to worry about the market because there is high demand. Moreover, it costs little to start.

46. Exercise Book Manufacturing

Like diaries, exercise book is another stationery item that you can make. The demand is mainly because the kids require them to learn to write.

In order to get into a profitable venture, you should network with private schools and provide them with exercise books for their pupils.

47. File and folders manufacturing

This business produces files and folders to help schools, post offices, and other offices. It can be a soon successful business for you if you work hard initially.

The best part is that you won’t have to struggle with the finances as it requires very low investment, unlike other businesses.

48. Manufacturing of Plastic Bottles

Many manufacturing industries require plastic bottles to pack their products, for example, food and drink and the chemical industry.

This means they buy plastic bottles from other manufacturers, right? Well, you can be the one to provide them with these bottles.

Try to locate industries that might need plastic bottles, and let them know about your manufacturing business.

If you keep good relations with the business owners who might need your bottle, you would get contracts easily and hence, you’ll turn your small manufacturing business into a profitable venture.

49. Flour Production

Flour production is another manufacturing business you can consider to start. It, however, is a bit capital intensive.

This is because you’ll need to buy a good machinery to produce different types of flour. Wheat flour, brown flour, and whole wheat flour are the main types of flour that you’ll make.

50. French Fry Making

French fries are now popular almost everywhere in the world. Therefore, one gets the advantage of the room it has for new entrepreneurs.

High-quality French fries will always have high demand. In addition to local markets, French fries can also be exported.

51. Mobile Phones Accessories Manufacturing

With the advancement in technology, the mobile phone accessories demand is on the increase. The main products you can make in this industry are earphones, Bluetooth devices, chargers, power banks, casing, and batteries etc.

This business is a profitable low investment business and has both local and global markets for its products.

52. Fruit Bar Making

One of the most profitable and low cost manufacturing business is fruit bar making. You won’t have to struggle much in marketing as fruit bars are already has a huge market.

However, you must ensure good quality bars. A good thing about this business is that you can initiate it from home also.

53. Fruit Juice Production

Among the food manufacturing businesses, fruit juice is very popular, especially in the summer. However, it may not be a good business in an area where winter remains for longer times.

In addition, you should consider the availability of raw materials while choosing the location for your business.

54. Production of Water Tanks, Buckets and Pails, etc

Production of water tanks, buckets and pails can make you wealthy for sure. A good number of people buys these things daily.

If you’re looking a business for a long run, it is among the best small manufacturing business ideas.

55. Gem Clip Making

Paper clips are small yet important items in schools and offices. Its production is simple. It is a business that can be started as a part-time business.

56. Ginger Garlic Paste Processing

Ginger and Garlic paste is used in food preparations. It mainly acts as a condiment. In addition to this, it is also used in medicine preparation.

Nowadays spices usage is on the increase, especially the ones that provide the instant taste. Ginger garlic is one of them.

57. Production of Padlocks and Keys

Padlocks and keys production can be a great experience and a profitable venture. You might face competition because every second person now is getting into this trade.

The return on investment in this business is great, and hence, you won’t have to worry about the initial investment.

58. Ginger Oil Production

Are you living in a place where ginger production is high? Well! You can start oil extraction from ginger and send it to the local markets as well as abroad.

India leads in the production of Ginger, and hence, it could be a profitable manufacturing idea for the people living in India.

59. Grape Wine Making

Winemaking is a big business. Many people will love to get into it if they look at the profit.

Some, however, believe that their personalities do not suit this business, and hence, they look for other business ideas.

60. Groundnut and Olive Oil Production

If you want to target a smaller market with low competition, then Groundnut and Olive oil production is a good manufacturing business idea for you.

Right place, however, will be a must to get your business going well. You’ll have to check the market and sources for raw materials before getting started.

61. Hair Band Making

With the change in trends and fashions, the hairbands are now more popular than they were in the past.

This business offers good profits with low investment requirement. You’ll have to aware yourself with modern trends and make different and colorful bands.

62. Soaps and Detergent Production

Who doesn’t need soap and detergents? Without soap and detergents, the cleaning work would have been really difficult.

Soaps and detergents production is something you can consider to start. Make sure you are ready to get into it, meaning that you should have everything that it requires.

63. Hand Made Paper Making

Students use handmade papers for project work and craft making in school, colleges, and universities.

Different types of handmade papers you’ll need to make in this business are watermarked papers, filter papers, drawing sheets, and charts etc.

64. Ropes Productions

You know that almost every home needs ropes for some purpose. Right? Now, you have the idea of the market it has.

Once you think of getting into rope production business, be sure to make different types of rope.

65. Honey Processing

The honey processing means the removal of wax and other unwanted particles from honey. For honey processing, you’ll need to establish processing units.

These units can be manual units or electrically driven. The overall process is easy and anyone can start it.

66. Hospital Rubber Goods Consumable

There are many small rubber products that are used as essential items in hospitals and clinics.

Some important of them are small rubber pipes, gloves, bags, and bottles. These products give good profits, however, you’ll need to talk to private hospitals owners if they want to use your products.

67. Manufacturing of Buttons for Clothes

Small buttons can make you a millionaire. There is a huge market for buttons, as the clothes are gonna need them before they are ready to be used.

You must ensure to make unique and cool designs with different sizes and colors. Try to befriend business owners in the industries that might need buttons.

68. Ice Block Manufacturing

Ice blocks are essential for the preservation of food while transporting them. In many underdeveloped countries, ice blocks are mixed with hot water in summers, especially in small towns and villages.

Hence, ice block manufacturing is among well-suited small business ideas for villages.

69. Ice Cream Cone Making

Who doesn’t love ice cream? One of the low-cost manufacturing business is ice cream cone making.

The demand is huge. However, being seasonal you might not like to consider this business.

70. Ice Cream Making

Similar to Ice cream cones making, ice cream making can also be started. With tasty flavors and different colors, you can get people eyes on your brand.

It is highly profitable, especially in summer. You can do some other business in winter seasons too.

71. Air Freshener Production

One of the lowest investment requiring manufacturing business is air freshener production.

You can start your own successful air freshener production company if you can make a unique and pleasant smell fresheners. You will be required to produce them in solid, liquid, and gaseous forms.

72. Invitation Card Making

Sending invitation cards to people you know is a trend in modern marriages. This industry is now booming and still, the demand is on the increase.

No special skills are required to make invitation cards. You can start this business with a small investment and get it booming soon.

73. Iodized Salt Production

Iodized salt is preferable nowadays. People are aware of the Goiter disease that is caused by iodine deficiency.

Hence, they try to avoid its deficiency. Iodized salt production business is great in the areas where there is a good amount of natural salts available.

74. Jam Jelly Making

Many small products give huge profits. Jam jelly making is one of them. It is easy to start.

However, one thing is for sure that you’ll need to win the heart of the consumers if you wanna get into food manufacturing businesses.

75. Jute Bag Making

Jute Bag making business is good in countries where jute is produced in huge quantities.

You must be careful while choosing the location for your business. Try to get a location where natural jute is easily available.

Transporting them from one place to another costs money and obviously, you would want to make inexpensive bags that give profit meanwhile.

76. Jewelry Production

It is one of the best small scale manufacturing business ideas. There is a good room for new entrepreneurs to start small, medium, and large scale businesses in this industry.

Women buy jewelry made from different materials. Therefore, instead of making jewelry from pure gold and silver only, you should use plastic, copper, and plating materials too.

77. Latex Rubber Thread

Latex rubber is a raw material for many important items such as fishing baits, toys, and many small medical consumables.

The latex rubber thread-making business alone can earn you big money. However, you are to think about the business expansion potential too for the future. Therefore, it is among great manufacturing business ideas in the rubber industry.

78. Lathe Machine Unit

It is another small scale manufacturing business ideas that cost little. Lathe machine is used for cutting materials. It can be used for turning and milling also.

79. Roofing Materials Manufacturing

It is construction-related manufacturing business and hence, it is gonna be successful in places where massive construction is ongoing.

Try to build a good relationship with the constructors so that they will want to use your products.

80. Leather Bag Making

There are different types of bags that are designed for different purposes. For example, school bags, handbags, fashions bags, camera bags, traveling bags, and tool bags etc.

It is one of the best manufacturing businesses to start. Here you can also choose to specialize in one type of bag.

81. Lemonade Making

Lemonade is a soft drink. The raw materials are easily available almost everywhere in the world.

However, the management in this business is difficult. Though it won’t cost big money, it still would require raw materials in huge quantity initially and a big place for making and storing lemonade.

82. Textile Production

One of the largest global markets is for textile products. It is among the most profitable manufacturing business ideas. It, however, needs a relatively big investment.

What should you do then? Well, you can try to decrease the initial cost by keeping an eye on your expenses. For example, you choose a less costly place for work, start small and then gradually expand it.

In order to get your business to thrive soon, you must invest what you earn right away.

83. Liquid Soap Making

One of the less capital intensive manufacturing business is liquid soap making. It’s actually the specializing in one part out of soap and detergent industry.

The soaps you’ll need to make once you get into this business are hand wash, body soaps, liquid detergents, and facewash etc.

84. Livestock Feed Production

Different types of livestock feed are being made nowadays. These include cattle feed, poultry feed, and fish feeds.

You can start to make one type of feed depending on the requirement in your target area. Once you’re settled financially, you can start to make other types of feeds too.

85. Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture is an essential item in offices, homes, educational institution, and almost every building facility.

Different types of furniture are required in different places. You can either make all essential furniture items or can specialize in a single one.

Table, chairs, cupboards, beds, wardrobes, cabins, park seats, and shelves etc. is the furniture you can think of manufacturing.

86. Meat Processing

Almost all meat products are treated either physically or chemically, and that requires processing technology.

The overall investment requirement is low, and the business can be made successful in a short period of time.

87. Diapers and Baby Wipes Production

Parents require diapers and baby wipes for their kids. They don’t have any other option to go for rather than buying diapers. This shows how large market these products have.

Make sure you make affordable products because this is gonna help you attract a good market within no time.

88. Microbrewery

How about beer production? The beer industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. It requires huge investment when it comes to large scale production of beer.

However, one can think of starting a microbrewery company. Beer manufacturing business requires license and permits.

89. Milling Business

Milling business is a great manufacturing business opportunity in developing countries. There are many types of mills one can consider to start.

This business industry is great for small manufacturers. However, big business mind people can choose to start a mill that has expansion potential.

90. Water Closet and Ceramic Wares Production

Building facilities necessarily require washing hand basins and water closets. Someone has to provide such products to the buildings that are being made so fast nowadays. It is a thriving business to get into.

91. Mini Paper Mill

The mini paper mill is an excellent manufacture business for the areas where the woods are easily accessible.

Starting a mini paper mill requires permits and license and it requires substantial investment at the start.

92. Naphthalene Ball Making

Naphthalene balls are generally used as preservatives and deodorants. They preserve woolen clothes and also help in cleansing the toilets and bathrooms.

The naphthalene balls requirements are huge in major cities. Everyone likes clean things and awareness is everywhere now. Hence, the scope of this product is growing fast.

93. Mattress and Pillow Manufacturing

Everyone needs mattresses and pillows in their homes, right? This shows that there is a large market for pillow and mattress.

You should not be afraid of the competition here if you believe that you can produce good quality pillow and mattress.

One another factor that makes difference is good marketing which will help you spread your products throughout your target area.

94. Noodles Making

Noodles making is among the booming manufacturing business opportunities. The noodles production is quite simple.

The noodles demand is increasing fast and different types of noodles are now in the market.

95. Eye Glasses and Frames Manufacturing

One can say that brand work well in this industry. In the beginning, you might face difficulties too. However, if you’re determined to make creative and great quality eyeglasses and frames, you will stick out your name.

The market for this stuff is good. It, however, is capital intensive, including the marketing expenditure you’ll need at the start.

96. Packaged Drinking Water Production

In cities, there is a problem finding pure drinking water. Therefore, people instead of drinking tap water prefer to buy packaged drinking water.

There are already many packaged drinking water production business in almost every part of the world. You can start your own brand.

You must be aware of the process of production of packaged water.

97. Packaging Box Manufacturing

Packing boxes are essential items for many manufacturing industries as every product needs to be packed before its send to the market.

It requires low investment and is a lucrative business. Moreover, the process of production of the packaging box isn’t difficult.

98. Picture Frames Manufacturing

It is one of the low-cost manufacturing businesses. You’ll need to produce different sizes and shapes of photo frames.

The competition is not tough, however, you’ll still need to produce great photo frames to compete in this industry.

99. Palm Oil Processing

It is another manufacturing business is the foodservice sector. Palm oil is edible and is extracted from the palm fruits.

It might be relatively expensive to start as processing units and transport services will be required at the least.

100. Papad Making

Papad is a profitable product to be made in countries like India. It is quite easy to start and you require very low investment.

Such products won’t take any time becoming popular if you contact a few good distributors. Starting a small business can later become a brand. But, you’ll definitely need to make the standard quality product.

101. Paper Bag Making

Paper bag making is a profitable manufacturing business opportunity in the paper industry. Like leather bags, there is a good market for paper bags.

Shopping bags, craft paper bags, gift bags, and many other types of small paper bags are now in the market.

102. Paper Cup Making

The restaurant, cafes, and other food services shops in major cities now prefer to serve food in paper made glasses, plates, cups. This is because they are disposable.

Such paper products prevent liquid leakage or soaking through the paper. You can start to make paper cups. Later, while expanding your business, you can start to manufacture paper glasses and plates also.

103. Cement Manufacturing

Cement manufacturing requires relatively high investment. The good thing is that you won’t have to struggle much to sell your cement.

A lot of development projects are ongoing in almost every city. You’ll definitely get a chance to sell your cement at a competitive price.

Cement manufacturing is a profitable manufacturing business idea for places with great ongoing construction work.

104. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are cheap nowadays. Many people choose ceramic tiles as they are affordable and easy to maintain.

If you want to start on a small scale, you’ll need to network with nearby construction companies. While on the other hand, if you want medium or large scale business, you’ll have to export your ceramic titles to other countries.

105. Pasta Making

There is moderate competition in pasta making industry. Quality pasta making and good marketing will help your business known sooner.

The demand for pasta is gradually increasing. Moreover, the process of its production isn’t very complex.

106. Phenyl Floor Cleaner Making

Floor cleaning requires phenyl. It is a chemical product that makes the cleaning easier. With traditional products, the cleaning isn’t as good as with phenyl.

Small scale manufacturing unit of phenyl can be established with low capital. Good marketing and distribution of your product will help you increase its demand.

108. Slipper Manufacturing

Who doesn’t use slipper as casual wear? Well, almost every one of us does. The population is increasing, and hence, the demand for slipper footwear.

It can be a business from home. However, you must work hard in order to get people eyes on your products.

109. Spice Powder Making

There is a good room for new entrepreneurs, and hence, availing the opportunity, they can start small, medium and large scale businesses in this industry.

This business can be a home-based business. However, this business will need you get the relevant information on making and consuming spices.

110. Tomato Processing

Tomato is a vegetable that is available throughout the year. The most popular things you can make from tomato are tomato sauce, juice, ketchup, and puree etc.

Simple machinery is needed to initiate this business. However, you’ll need to look for a place where you could easily get enough tomatoes for processing.

111. Manufacturing of Stationeries

Student and teacher require stationeries like pencil, erasers, sharpener, staplers, compass, rulers and board in schools.

There is a large market for such items, hence, you can consider getting into this manufacturing business.

112. Manufacturing of Wristwatches and Wall Clocks

Though there are people who find well-known brands when it comes to watches and clocks. However, many people choose good and affordable products from the market.

This means that you can get your wristwatches and clocks in the market and earn a good profit. Try to make durable, affordable and variety of watches and clock to make more money.

113. Pickles Making

Pickle making is one of the easiest food manufacturing businesses. Anyone can start it. It doesn’t require a big place, your home is enough to get into pickle making.

It is popular in almost every part of the world and has different types. You must, however, check the availability of raw materials so that you can make different types of pickles by mixing different ingredients.

114. Plastic Product Manufacturing

There are many essential household items that are made of plastic. Some of these are mug, drum, toys, cup, and Balti etc.

You can start this business with simple plastic dye machinery. The cost to start this business is relatively low.

115. Manufacturing of Musical Instrument

Musical instruments are among the essentials of the entertainment programs, shows, and celebrations. Therefore, there is a good market for the musical instrument such as drum sets, piano, guitar, violins, saxophones, and trumpets etc.

If you produce quality instruments, you’ll definitely be able to make a market for them. It is among the most profitable small manufacturing business ideas that cost little.

116. Potato Chips Making

Potato chips are a popular item in the food industry. Potato being easily available almost everywhere, you can start potato chips making near your home.

The process of making potato chips is quite easy as compared with the other manufacturing businesses.

117. Potato Powder Making

Potato is not the only an important ingredient in foods preparation but also it is an important addition that gives extra flavor and taste to soups, snack foods, curries, and many other dishes.

The potato powder making is moderately expensive and the process is also difficult then potato chips making.

118. Rice Bran oil Production

If you’re looking for profit, then rice bran oil production is also a good business to consider. You’ll be able to export this edible oil.

The bulk production of rice bran oil is capital intensive. You can start by preparing small batches, however, if you have enough investment, you can produce the oil in bulk.

119. Rice Mill

Rice mill is among the most profitable small food processing business ideas. Its name suggests that it must require huge investment…not really.

Start a mini rice mill, instead of investing everything at once. Go up gradually step by step. There will be fewer chances of loss.

120. Umbrella, Raincoats and Rainboots Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries offer seasonal businesses also. Making umbrella, raincoats, and rain boots business is one of them.

In addition, to be used in the rainy season, umbrellas are used to avoid sun rays. Raincoats and boots, however, will be sold more on rainy days.

121. Rubber Band Manufacturing

There are many small manufacturing businesses that require rubber bands in order to fold or tie their small items and products. It is required in homes too.

The largest consumer of the rubber band is the USA. Hence, if you live out of USA, you could export your rubber bands too.

122. Marbles Manufacturing

Like ceramic tiles, marble manufacturing is a profitable small scale manufacturing business. Many people choose high-quality marbles to build their homes.

Though marble is expensive, there is still a large number of people who are willing to opt them over ceramic tiles.

123. Rubber Floor Mat Making

There are many types of floor mats that are used for different purposes. Most of such floor mats are made of rubber. Some, however, are also made up of other products.

If you start floor mat making business, you’ll have to make industrial rubber mat, anti-fatigue mat, wrestling mats, anti-static mats, and home mats.

124. Rubber Gaskets Making

A small factory of rubber gasket making cost little to establish. You can start it on your own.

You’ll have to make different types of gaskets. Such gaskets are generally used by large factories and the automobile industry.

125. Rubber Stamp Making

It is a manufacturing business idea that can be initiated from home. You’re aware of the popularity of rubber stamps for office use.

With a small investment, you can get into rubber stamp making. You can also do this business as part-time work.

126. Soya chunks Processing

Soya chunks processing requires two major raw materials. These are Soybean and peanut meal. The overall production is relatively easy.

With a moderate investment, you can start this business right away. Marketing and production of good soya chunks can lead to success soon.

127. Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturing

Almost all parts of automobiles need replacement once they are worn out. This means there is a huge market for automobile spare parts.

It is not necessary to manufacture all parts of automobiles. You can specialize in one or two also. For example, brakes pads, etc.

Try to figure out the automobile parts that may give you a good profit and will require a less initial investment.

128. Staple Pin Making

It is a simple home-based easy manufacturing business. A small budget is enough to get started.

Try to market your staple pins, so that it becomes brand over time. This will ensure huge profits in the future.

129. Tissue Paper Making

There are many types of tissues that we use in our homes such as facial paper, tissue paper, and paper towel etc.

It is among the profitable small manufacturing business ideas and is trending in the paper industry. In addition to this, you can expand your business while producing the related products.

130. Vinegar Manufacturing

Vinegar is a good food preservative that is present in almost every home. It is made from acetic acid.

This business is easy to start, however, it requires a bit technical knowledge. Moreover, it requires you to get license and permits from the concerned departments.

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