450 Self-Publishing Company Names Ideas to Set You Apart!

Are you an aspiring writer or author looking to self-publish your work? One of the first steps in establishing your personal brand as a self-published author is choosing a unique and memorable company name. Your company name not only represents your identity as a writer but also helps create an impression on potential readers and clients.

However, coming up with the perfect self-publishing company name can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore some creative and catchy self-publishing company name ideas to inspire and guide you in selecting the ideal name that reflects your literary aspirations.

Whether you want something classic and timeless or trendy and contemporary, we have got you covered with an array of suggestions that will make your self-publishing venture stand out from the crowd.

Self Publishing Company Names

  1. WordTwinkle
  2. QuirkyVerse
  3. PageChuckle
  4. NovelDoodles
  5. BoundTutus
  6. BoundGleam
  7. VerseCherries
  8. WriterGigglesnout
  9. PageDreamy
  10. VerseTender
  11. TinyTreasures
  12. WordCherish
  13. PageGlow
  14. WordFairy
  15. QuickQuill

Be unique and memorable by avoiding generic terms or overused words in the industry.

  • FancyInk
  • InkFuzzlewhiff
  • ProseSmile
  • SnuggleVerse
  • ScribbleKisses
  • ScribbleWinks
  • PageGiggles
  • LittleLore
  • ScribbleBreezy
  • QuirkyQuill
  • StoryTwinkles
  • BoundBerry
  • QuillMaster
  • NovelQuest
  • NovelNuggets
  • SparkleWords
  • NovelGarden
  • VerseWhiskers
  • WriterGumdrops
  • ScribbleSunflower
  • NovelWhisper
  • WriterWishes
  • QuillVerse
  • PagePeach
  • VerseWhimsytwist
  • MiniGems
  • ScribbleCup
  • PageDelight
  • NovelHug
  • SprinkleInk
  • StoryBlossom
  • LitFairytales
  • ScribbleWhirl
  • PageCrafters
  • QuillTinker
  • ShortStoryland
  • PunnyPages
  • LitHoneycomb
  • InkVerse
  • InkEmpire
  • IttyBittyBooks
  • LitJunction
  • VerseVoyagers
  • WordPixies
  • NovelTender

Funny Self Publishing Company Names

  • WittyWritings
  • PunnyPublications
  • ChuckleChronicles
  • LaughableLit
  • HilariousHouse
  • QuirkyQuills
  • JollyJottings
  • ComicalChapters
  • GigglyGutenberg
  • AmusingAuthorship
  • WhimsicalWords
  • LightheartedLines
  • WackyWrites
  • HumorousHappenings
  • SillyScriptures

Keep it simple and easy to spell, ensuring potential customers can find and remember your company effortlessly.

  • FunFictionFactory
  • JestfulJournals
  • CheekyChapters
  • MirthfulManuscripts
  • SatiricalScribes
  • JocularJotter
  • PlayfulPlots
  • HystericalHouse
  • WaggishWordsmiths
  • ChuckleCrafters
  • LaughLab
  • WitWizards
  • GrinGenius
  • WhimsyWhispers
  • PunnyProse

Reflect your brand’s identity and values in the name to establish a strong connection with your target audience.

  • GuffawGuild
  • AmusingAuteurs
  • ComicCreationCo.
  • JollyJesters
  • GiggleGrams
  • SillySaga
  • FunFilledFables
  • HahaHive
  • SatireShack
  • LightheartedLegends
  • QuirkTales
  • GigglesomeGazette
  • PlayfulParchment
  • WackyWordplay
  • HumorousHavoc

Research competitors’ names to avoid unintentional similarities and potential legal issues.

  • JestfulJournals
  • CheekyChuckles
  • MirthfulMemos
  • ComicVerse
  • JocularJot
  • FunnyFables
  • WittyWritings
  • PunnyPublications
  • ChuckleChronicles
  • LaughableLit
  • HilariousHouse
  • QuirkyQuills
  • GigglyGutenberg
  • AmusingAuthorship
  • WhimsicalWords
Self Publishing Company Names

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Best Self Publishing Company Names

  • ScribbleSmiles
  • ProseWings
  • NovelSnuggle
  • WordChum
  • CuddleTales
  • TinyTales
  • InkSparkle
  • VerseNibbles
  • ScribbleGleeful
  • HappyChapters
  • BoundPounce
  • LitButtercup
  • NovelGlimpse
  • BoundGlisten
  • WordWhirl

Aim for a name that sparks curiosity and interest, as it can pique the curiosity of potential customers and authors alike.

  • BoundCherub
  • MiniMasterpieces
  • PageWigglywhisk
  • StoryHugs
  • LitTwinkle
  • PageWish
  • LitAmigo
  • ScribbleBlissful
  • WordWeavers
  • PageCuteness
  • PageWhispers
  • ScribbleStar
  • CuteCovers
  • WordDelight
  • MiniMarbles
  • MiniMarvels
  • VerseDreamer
  • WriterWhisk
  • ProseSweetie
  • StorySunbeam
  • ProseGleam
  • QuillChuckle
  • WriterBliss
  • BoundWhiff
  • InkGigglypuff
  • ChapterVerse
  • ProseJolly
  • QuillGlow
  • SweetInk
  • MiniMyths
  • ScribbleChuckle
  • VerseTiddlywinks
  • InkSymphony
  • QuillWhispers
  • PixiePress
  • VerseTwinkle
  • ProseBreezy
  • DreamPress
  • WordTwirl
  • ProseHoneybee
  • NovelPuddlejumper
  • VerseCuddle
  • BlissfulScripts
  • NovelWhirl
  • WordDimples

Unique Self Publishing Company Names

  • NovelSprout
  • MiniAdventures
  • ProseChirp
  • StoryFluffy
  • QuillSnuggles
  • VerseWings
  • PageBuddy
  • BoundTwinklewhisk
  • LitGigglebug
  • PagePanda
  • StoryTinkerbell
  • LittleNovels
  • ScribblePetal
  • ScribbleWhispers
  • WriterGiggles

Consider using alliteration or rhyming to make the name more pleasing to the ear.

  • LushLeaves
  • DoodleVerse
  • BoundPurr
  • WordSprites
  • PagePilots
  • StoryCupcake
  • ProsePetal
  • WordTiddlydoodle
  • LitDarling
  • SweetWhispers
  • PageCherries
  • WordSunnyglimpse
  • NovelCrafters
  • BoundSnooze
  • BoundWhisper

Aim for a name that conveys professionalism and credibility to attract authors and clients.

  • NovelFable
  • QuillWander
  • SunnyScribbles
  • QuillCharm
  • WordGems
  • TeenyTales
  • Writer’s Edge
  • ProseRainbowwhiff
  • BubbleVerse
  • NovelScribblewhiff
  • BoundHeart
  • LitHoney
  • QuillTicklewhisk
  • SweetWhimsy
  • WordChirp

Steer clear of trendy or jargon-heavy terms that may become outdated quickly.

  • StoryTreats
  • NovelCupid
  • LitSquiggles
  • WordChirpy
  • CharmingWords
  • StoryBound
  • WriterGlimpse
  • InkDelight
  • ScribbleDaisy
  • VerseSprout
  • InkDreamer
  • WordAmigo
  • VersePurr
  • WordCharm
  • BoundTails
Unique Self Publishing Company Names

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What are some cool self publishing company name ideas?

  • WhimsyWrites
  • VerseNibbletwist
  • ChapterCrafters
  • LaughingLeaves
  • BoundSerenade
  • MiniLegends
  • WordCuddles
  • PageMerrywhisk
  • ScribbleSunshine
  • VerseGiggly
  • BoundSproutlets
  • PreciousPrints
  • BoundCupid
  • Storyteller’s Reach
  • ScribblePeppermint

Ensure the name is legally available and doesn’t infringe on trademarks or existing business names.

  • StoryPetalwhiff
  • QuillTales
  • WriterWings
  • VerseDarling
  • QuillGiggler
  • InkCuddle
  • InkSnuggles
  • BoundTreats
  • QuillGlitter
  • QuillGaze
  • QuillWhimsy
  • ProseRaindrops
  • BoundBliss
  • LitDelightful
  • WriterWaggles
  • QuillBubbles
  • StorySnugglepaws
  • StorySpark
  • LitTummytickles
  • GleeBooks
  • ProseHaven
  • FuzzyFables
  • NovelHeart
  • SnugPages
  • ProseFlutter
  • MagicQuill
  • VerseGleam
  • QuillDelight
  • StoryBreezes
  • ProseTidbit
  • StoryPetal
  • ScribbleBliss
  • QuillNuzzles
  • LitLoom
  • Hug-A-Book
  • WordBounders
  • ScribbleBuds
  • BoundPaws
  • MiniTomes
  • PageFuzzies
  • ProseWiggles
  • ProseCherub
  • NovelLily
  • QuillWhiff
  • LitVenture

How to Find a Catchy and Good Self Publishing Company Name?

When it comes to self-publishing, there are a lot of important factors to consider in order to ensure your book is successful. One of the most important, and often overlooked, factors is choosing a catchy and appropriate name for your publishing company.

Your company name is how you will be marketed and perceived by potential readers, so it is important to take some time to come up with a name that accurately reflects the type of books you want to publish.

Here are some tips to help you choose a great name for your self-publishing company:

Brainstorm Around Your Niche

You can come up with a self publishing company name that reflects your niche. This will help you attract the attention of your target audience. For example, if you’re a Romance author, you could choose a name like “Romance Writers Self Publishing Company”. If you write non-fiction books, you could go with something like “Self Help Books Self Publishing Company”. Get creative and think about what would appeal to your target reader.

2. – Use Keywords:

Include keywords in your self publishing company name that people are likely to search for when looking for a business like yours. For example, if you publish Christian books, you could include the word “Christian” in your company name. This will help people find you more easily online.

3. – Keep it Simple:

Don’t make your self publishing company name too long or complicated. Try to keep it short and sweet so that people can remember it easily. A catchy and memorable name is more likely to stick in people’s minds than one that’s hard to pronounce or spell.

Research Existing Names and Adapt Them

The first step to finding a catchy name for your self publishing company is to research existing names and adapt them to fit your company. This can be done by looking at other companies in your industry and seeing what names they use. You can also look at names of other businesses that are similar to yours and see if you can adapt them to fit your company. Once you have a few ideas, try playing around with the words and see if you can come up with something that sounds good. If you’re having trouble coming up with anything, you can always ask friends or family for help.

Use Alliteration or Wordplay

If you want your self-publishing company name to be catchy, try using alliteration or wordplay. Alliteration is the repetition of initial sounds in two or more words, while wordplay is the use of words that have double meanings or puns. Both of these techniques can make your company name more memorable and easier to remember.

Keep It Short and Sweet

If you want your self-publishing company name to be catchy and memorable, keep it short and sweet. A shorter name is easier to remember and pronounce, making it more likely that people will remember your company when they need self-publishing services. Plus, a shorter name can be used more effectively on marketing materials such as business cards and website banners. When choosing a name for your self-publishing company, avoid complex wordplay or inside jokes that only a select few will understand – you want your name to be accessible to as many potential customers as possible.

Get Creative With Rhymes and Puns

You want your self-publishing company name to be catchy, so get creative! Try using puns or rhymes to make it more memorable. For example, if your company specializes in publishing books for kids, you could use a name like “Toodle Books” or “PuddleBooks.” If you’re looking to appeal to a more adult audience, try something like “Oasis Press” or “Desert Rose Publishing.” Be creative and have fun with it!

Make It Memorable and Unique:

When choosing a name for your self-publishing company, make sure it’s something memorable and unique. You want potential customers to be able to easily remember your name so they can come back to you again in the future. A catchy, clever name will help you stand out from the rest and make your business more memorable.

2. Keep It Simple:

Don’t make your name too complicated or hard to pronounce. You want people to be able to easily say and spell your name so they can tell others about you. A simple, straightforward name is usually best.

3. Avoid Using Initials:

While using initials in your name can make it shorter and easier to remember, it can also make it harder for people to figure out what your company does just by looking at the name. If you do go with initials, make sure they’re easy to pronounce and that they spell out a word related to your business.

4. Check for Trademarks:

Before settling on a name, do a quick search online to make sure it’s not already being used by someone else. You don’t want to choose a name that’s already trademarked or copyrighted, as this could get you into legal trouble down the road.


There are a few things you should consider when thinking up a name for your self-publishing company. It should be catchy, but also relevant to what you do. You want people to remember it, but not for the wrong reasons. And finally, make sure the domain name is available!

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