Top 15 Low-Cost Printing Business Ideas & Opportunities

The printing industry is booming. Many new printing businesses started in the past two years and there is still room for more of them.

The revolution that came in this industry is due to the evolution in the printing model, which not only increased the business opportunities in the printing industry but also made the setting up of businesses simpler and easier in the digital marketplace.

Are you dreaming to start a low-cost printing business on your own? If yes, check out the below list of profitable printing business ideas.

List of Printing Business Ideas & Opportunities

These are the most popular printing business ideas you can ever find:

1. T-shirt Printing

T-shirts are popular around the globe among men, women, seniors, and kids also. Hence, it is an awesome printing business opportunity online.

If you’re a creative individual, you would really love t-shirt printing. Even if you’re not creative, you can try out yourself using the advanced machines that are in the market today.

2. Promotional Sticker Printing

There are different types of stickers. Some are used for advertising purpose and others are printed on products as labels.  Almost all types of products need such stickers and labels. They are also used extensively in the automobile industry.

Promotional sticker printing is among profitable printing business ideas you can engage yourself in. You’ll need to put in good work while focusing on different, unique, and customized designs.

3. Mug Printing

The mug is one of the cool gift ideas. People buy designs with wishes, greeting and more. Some prefer to buy customized designs with their favorite quotes on them.

It is among the low-cost printing businesses. In order to get started, you’ll need to buy plain mugs, printing tool and equipment.

4. Cell Phone Cover Printing

One of the high demand printing business ideas is cell phones cover printing. Almost every one of us likes to own a unique mobile cover. Don’t we?

The good news is that startup capital isn’t high. Moreover, you don’t need training or expertise in this field. All you need is the basic knowledge and equipment to print cell phone covers.

5. Business/Visiting Cards

Every businessmen market or at least try to market their business with their cards. That’s why the demand is huge. It will remain high as the businesses will continue to grow in the future.

It is an awesome digital printing business idea that new entrepreneurs can also try. However, you must learn to design customized business cards first.

6. Signs & Banners and Wallpaper

Signs, banners, flyers, and posters are among the inexpensive ways to promote a business. In this digital age, they haven’t lost their importance.

Similarly, wallpaper printing is a good idea as people need to decorate hospitals, restaurants, and homes. Leaflets and brochure printing can also turn out to be profitable in printing startups.

7. Pouch Making

Pouch and sachet are the essential items in the packaging industry. You might have seen such pouches and sachets on which company name and product details are printed.

If you want to start a small niche printing business, pouch printing business service is an opportunity that you can consider.

8. Cardboard Box Printing

Cardboard boxes are popular in outer packing of items, both food, and non-food items. Many advanced machines are now available for cardboard box printing. Anyone who can learn to use such machines can start this business.

Once you’re in the business, you’ll have to network with manufacturing businesses and provide them with their favorite designed printed cardboard boxes.

9. Digital Printing Service

Digital printing is popular for its quality. It is also easy than offset printing. You don’t need to take the mechanical steps that are essential in offset printing.

It is among easy printing business ideas that one can start with low investment in the form of a retail store.

10. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are helpful in conveying wishes to our loved ones. It is a lucrative business. Though it makes good money through the year, it is highly profitable during the wedding and festive seasons.

Nowadays, people are choosing personalized greeting cards and therefore, you must be able to create innovative and distinct designs to make your customers happy.

11. Textile Printing

Textile printing is the process of applying patterns, designs, and colors to the fabric. It is done more often to print clothes, curtains, lady’s dress, bedsheets, garments, shirts, bed covers and more.

The proper textile printing process makes the bond between the fiber and color permanent and hence, it does not remove by washing. This type of printing needs you to have some experience before you get into it.

12. Xerox Store

Xerox store with a few related services can be a good printing business for people who have enough free time. Any hardworking individual can start this business, as the initial startup capital isn’t high.

You can also think of getting a secondhand Xerox machine to get started. The problem with this business is that it needs you to be available many hours a day.

13. 3D Printing Business Ideas

3D printing is the latest printing technology and is popular. It is expected to show tremendous growth in the coming years. It is among the new and most profitable printing business opportunities.

3D printing technology has decreased the importance of crafting models of almost all types, especially in the construction and building industry.

14. Calendar printing

Digital Calendars are out there now, but the printed Calendars haven’t lost their usability. They are present in almost every office, educational institutions, and business organizations, etc.

This business can make good profits, however, it would need you to do a lot of work, especially on marketing and networking with other businesses and retails distributors.

15. Shopping Bags Printing

Almost every big business print their name, logo, and address on their shopping bags. One can get a rough idea of the demand that this type of printing can have.

It is one of the most profitable digital printing business ideas, however, it requires a relatively bigger investment than other small printing businesses. This is because you’ll need sufficient cash to buy the required machines and raw materials initially.

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