Nurses Day Slogans: 70+ Creative Home Care Slogans And Sayings

How do you come up with a catchy nurses day slogan? It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Coming up with a slogan that is memorable, and persuasive is quite a difficult task.

There are many things you should consider when writing a slogan or tagline for the nurses day. If you are interested but don’t know where to begin, the guidelines here will help you to write some cool nurses day slogans that are catchy and memorable.

Nurses Day Slogans

Here are the creative slogans for nurses day:

  • Obstetrical nurses deliver
  • Nurses: On Call with Care
  • RN means real nice
  • Nurses give intensive care
  • Shift change is my favorite time of day
  • Safety First! Drink with a Nurse
  • Nurses can really take the pressure
  • Where there is love there is life
  • Nursing is the gentle art of caring
  • Nurses: On Call with Care
  • Caring is the essence of nursing
  • Always with great smile
  • Nurses are Angels
  • The nurses were all angels in my eyes
  • The art of caring
  • Trusted to care
  • Nursing is a work of heart
  • Nurses know how to care
Nurses Day Slogans

Home Care Slogans

The following are cool home care slogans for you:

  • If love can’t cure it, nurses can
  • Nurses are the heart of health care
  • Keep calm & Happy Nurses’ Day
  • We love nurses
  • A nurse is an angel on earth
  • Nursing is a Work of Heart
  • Nurses, a tradition of caring
  • Happy Nurses Day
  • The nurses were all angels in my eyes
  • We Call the Shots
  • Where the future begins today
  • We’d be worse, without a nurse
  • Where nurses connect

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How to Come up With Nurses day Slogans Ideas

1.     Initial Brainstorming

We all know that slogans are important for branding a company, but coming up with one isn’t always easy. A slogan should be short, but memorable should match your brand and should be able to stand the test of time.

Since slogans are so important for branding, and they’re generally used as advertising, they should be catchy and persuasive as well.

That’s a lot to ask for a few words, which is why it’s so hard to come up with a slogan that works. So, you’re to sit and brainstorm as many ideas as possible. Later, you’ll have to shortlist and choose one finally.

However, you’d want to specify your business (all of it, in a sentence or phrase) or at least the best things about your slogans, so to make it work.

Check out these great nurses day slogans we came with:

  • Your Blood, My Sweat, Our Tears
  • Nurses: Trusted to Care
  • Pediatric nurses are kids at heart
  • Nurses Heal with Love and Band-Aids

2.     Use Slogans Generator

Your company’s slogan is one of the first things people notice about it; it’s what sticks in their heads and gets repeated in the break room (and eventually, to your boss).

Most start-up businesses don’t put enough thought into coming up with a slogan that will stick, however.

Their first thought is to simply pick a phrase that sums up their business, like “We Deliver” or “The Place to Be” or “Always there for you”.

However, you must take your time. Brainstorm and enlist your ideas. Use the generator and pick some slogans ideas from there if you find them fascinating.

Try out these two popular slogans generator:

  1. Shopify Slogans Generator
  2. Oberlo Slogans Ideas Generator

Below are the generated slogans that you may like:

  • Style and flair with care
  • Nurses: Trusted to Care
  • I am in love with a Nurse
  • You’re like a band-aid for the soul
  • Nurses Heal with Love and Band-Aids

3.     Be Short

You have probably seen a lot of slogans in your life, but can you listen to each of them carefully? Slogans should be short. If it is too long, people will not listen to it carefully.

Here is the list of cute, short, and simple slogans for nurses day:

  • A great nurse sees the patient, not the illness
  • Nurses, one of the few blessings of being ill
  • Nurses know how to care
  • Nurses can’t fix stupid, but we can sedate it!
  • It is time we care back for the nurses as well

4.     Be Unique

A slogan is something that describes a company’s image. Its how consumers recognize the company. You’ll want to have your own identity.

Would you copy someone’s idea or image? It is neither fair nor good for your business.

The following are the most creative nurses day slogans of all time:

  • Like Angels wear blue scrubs
  • Straight Outta Night Shift
  • Nurses can take the pressure
  • Nurses call the Shots

You can add related words to your nurses day slogan, such as these:

  • Attending
  • Cherishing
  • Fostering
  • Tending
  • Caring for
  • Watching over

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