200 Inspirational Nonprofit Newsletter Names Ideas

Nonprofit newsletters are a great way to stay connected with your donors and volunteers. They can help establish trust and credibility with potential donors, and also help connect potential volunteers with the right organization. It’s important to choose newsletter names that are both catchy and informative. Here are plenty of ideas that might work well for you.

The name of your newsletter should reflect what it does, as well as what you’re trying to achieve. For instance, if you’re planning a volunteer newsletter for a local food bank, consider naming it “Help the Hungry,” or “Food for the Hungry.” Be sure to include your organization’s name after the name of your newsletter. This will make it clear to readers that this is a newsletter for your organization, as well as what kind of help you’re offering.

Your newsletter’s title should be clear, concise and easy to remember. It should have a catchy and attention-getting title, yet not be so long that it is difficult to read. Make sure your subject line is as intriguing as the name of your newsletter. This will also help potential readers see immediately what you’re offering.

Nonprofit Newsletter Names

  • Caring News
  • The Bureau of Kindness
  • Worthy Purpose
  • The Jetsetters
  • The Perspective Lens
  • Save The Children
  • Give For Good
  • Anti-Racism Times
  • The First Forum
  • Thanks For The Tip
  • The Thriving Life
  • Your Daily Mail
  • Technology Times
  • The Heartbeat
  • Nonprofit Dispatch
  • Food Report
  • PeakHourMedia
  • Non-Well Media
  • The Final Word
  • Bulletin Board

Catchy Newsletter Names List

  • Justice News
  • The Daily Do-Gooder
  • Growth Hacks
  • Soothe Matters
  • Making Waves
  • Physics Daily
  • Global Goodness Gazette
  • JointsAndMessages
  • The Glam-o-Gram
  • Monthly Ride
  • Cooking Report
  • Fit To Print
  • Helpers Newsletter
  • Going Places
  • Brighter Future
  • WebbNMail
  • Our Voices
  • Fresh Ideas
  • The Daily Done
  • News You Can Use

Modern Newsletter Names

  • Good News
  • Graceful Aging Club
  • Dotted Line Donations
  • Disruptor Daily
  • Extras from Friday
  • Insider Updates
  • Learners Newsletter
  • The Daily Diva
  • Classic Art
  • Nonprofit Times
  • My Two Cents
  • Save Them
  • Weekly Roundups
  • Modern Funds
  • Under the Microscope
  • Active Love
  • Grateful Giving
  • A Better Future
  • The Gossip Column
  • Love Life Charity

What are some good nonprofit newsletter names?

  • Pequi your Interest
  • Charity Begins at Home
  • People In Need
  • Charity Angel
  • Nonprofit Newsstand
  • Grassroots Gazette
  • First Information
  • Rebels with a Clause
  • Communities Today
  • Doing Good Pages
  • Productivity hacks
  • Are We There Yet?
  • The Writer’s Block
  • Desk Breakers
  • Cancer Charity
  • The Straight Scoop
  • Clan of Workers
  • Protect Our Trees
  • Daily Lifeline
  • Free From Plastic

Charity Newsletter Names

  • Donor Digest
  • Operation Encourage
  • Frugal Financiers
  • The World’s Vision
  • The Advisor
  • Teachers Of America
  • A Greater Purpose
  • Guided Light
  • The Monthly Mission
  • Smile Charities
  • What’s Happening
  • Investors Club
  • Feeding Our Kids
  • Hope In Action
  • The Red Newsletter
  • The Supporter
  • Doctor’s Orders
  • Philanthropically Speaking
  • Donations Monthly
  • Tech Talk
Nonprofit Newsletter Names

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How to Name a Nonprofit Newsletter

Nonprofit newsletters can be a valuable tool for organizations to stay connected with their donors and volunteers. It’s important for nonprofit newsletters to have catchy names that are easy to remember, so that people will keep reading them.

Here are some tips for naming your nonprofit newsletter:

1.     Brainstorming: get creative with your naming process

It’s a good idea to brainstorm different names for your newsletter before you settle on one. Think about the name of your organization, the topic of your newsletter, how you want people to feel when they receive it, and what type of tone you want to convey.

  • Small, Big, and Huge
  • Joyful Lives
  • Noble Nonprofits
  • The Lifeline
  • EveryDayGos
  • The Traders Pulse
  • Weekly Catch Ups
  • 12 Commandments
  • Helping Hand
  • Illuminaire
  • It’s About Time
  • The Monthly Ride
  • Notes To Remember
  • The Volunteer Call
  • Social Cause Doctors

2.     Keep it simple: avoid convoluted names and phrases

Avoid using abbreviations, acronyms or other symbols. Don’t use a hyphenated name, which can make it harder for people to find your newsletter. Try to keep your name as short and easy to remember as possible.

  • Kindred Spirits
  • The Weekly Shart
  • Bet On Better
  • Charity & Tech
  • The Giving Bulletin
  • PostMet Press
  • Donate To Children
  • Failed by Failure
  • Foodies Favorites
  • Glam-o-Gram
  • Wrap you Day
  • Clean Up Beaches
  • The Crucial Cause
  • Community Talks
  • Lifeline Express

3.     Consider using the name of your organization as the newsletter’s name

This will make it easier for people to find the newsletter, and it will also help you promote the newsletter on social media and other online platforms.

  • Helping Monthly
  • Nature’s Orders
  • The Art of Living
  • Free From Cruelty
  • Clever Hacks
  • Green Peace
  • Talk of the Town!
  • Info Warriors
  • Vision Board
  • Poetry For All
  • The Greeny Bunch
  • Nature’s Heartbeat
  • Epic Gamers
  • Where They’re Able
  • Agape Givers

4.     Consider using words and phrases from the organization’s mission statement

For example, if your organization is dedicated to protecting children from violence, use the word “protection” or “violence.”

  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Classic Techies
  • EveryWordDaily
  • Saving Dogs
  • Outpost PressNews
  • The Honorariums
  • Standing Together
  • CalgaryMetro Weekly
  • The Educator
  • The Able Charities
  • The Guided Light
  • Full Account
  • Wisemakers Journal
  • Baking News
  • Colorful Times

5.     Consider using a name that conveys a sense of urgency

For example, if you’re a nonprofit that works to prevent child abuse, name your newsletter “Child Abuse Awareness Month.”

  • Justice For All
  • Green World
  • Kiddos Newsletter
  • Partners In Health
  • Community Pathways
  • Helpers Cliff’s Notes
  • Bottom Line
  • The Giving Report
  • Tech Times
  • Philanthropic Perks
  • Saved Dreams
  • The Coffee Chat Club
  • The Rap Up
  • Pelican-Journal
  • Alley Cat Allies


In conclusion, there are many benefits to using newsletters as a way to communicate with donors and other stakeholders of nonprofit organizations. By using a well-designed and well-executed newsletter, nonprofits can improve their communication, raise awareness of their work, and increase donations.

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