80 Names That Mean Selfless and More

Names That Mean Selfless are a beautiful choice for parents seeking meaningful names for their baby boys and girls.

These names embody the qualities of selflessness, compassion, and generosity, making them a perfect fit for parents who value these virtues.

Whether you are looking for a name that directly translates to “selfless” or one that carries a related meaning, this article will provide you with a curated list of names that capture the essence of selflessness.

Choosing a name that reflects the virtue of selflessness can be a powerful way to instill these values in your child from an early age.

These names serve as a constant reminder of the importance of putting others before oneself and embodying a spirit of kindness and empathy.

By selecting a name that means selfless, you are not only honoring the virtue but also setting a positive intention for your child’s character.

Names That Mean Selfless can be found in various cultures and languages, offering a diverse range of options for parents.

Whether you prefer traditional names or more unique and uncommon ones, there is a name out there that perfectly captures the essence of selflessness.

From ancient names with deep historical significance to modern names with a contemporary twist, this article will guide you in finding the ideal name for your little one.

So, if you are searching for a name that goes beyond mere aesthetics and carries a profound meaning, Names That Mean Selfless are an excellent choice.

These names will not only give your child a unique identity but also serve as a constant reminder of the importance of selflessness and compassion in their lives.

Let this article be your guide in finding the perfect name that embodies the virtue of selflessness for your baby boy or girl.

Baby Names That Mean Selfless

1. Altru (Latin) – “selfless, unselfish”

2. Amara (Sanskrit) – “immortal, eternal”

3. Anaya (Hebrew) – “caring, compassionate”

4. Arwen (Welsh) – “noble, selfless”

5. Aveline (French) – “selfless, generous”

6. Carwyn (Welsh) – “blessed love, selfless”

7. Dara (Irish) – “compassionate, charitable”

8. Eamon (Irish) – “selfless protector, guardian”

9. Elara (Greek) – “compassionate, merciful”

10. Farah (Arabic) – “selfless, generous”

11. Gwyneth (Welsh) – “blessed, selfless”

12. Imara (Swahili) – “strong, selfless”

13. Jivan (Sanskrit) – “selfless, life-giving”

14. Kaira (Greek) – “pure, selfless”

15. Liora (Hebrew) – “light, selfless”

16. Nara (Japanese) – “selfless, giving”

17. Orlaith (Irish) – “golden princess, selfless”

18. Raine (English) – “selfless, noble”

19. Sachi (Japanese) – “blessed, selfless”

20. Tegan (Welsh) – “fair, selfless”

21. Uma (Sanskrit) – “tranquil, selfless”

22. Vanya (Russian) – “gracious, selfless”

23. Xara (Greek) – “brave, selfless”

24. Yara (Arabic) – “generous, selfless”

25. Zara (Hebrew) – “radiant, selfless”

26. Aiko (Japanese) – “beloved, selfless”

27. Blythe (English) – “carefree, selfless”

28. Cai (Welsh) – “rejoice, selfless”

29. Dagny (Scandinavian) – “new day, selfless”

30. Eira (Welsh) – “snow, selfless”

Names That Mean Selfless

Boy Names That Mean Selfless

Altruus – “selfless” (Latin)

Amitai – “truth and selflessness” (Hebrew)

Devran – “selfless, sacrificing” (Turkish)

Ekanta – “selfless love” (Sanskrit)

Fidelis – “faithful, loyal, selfless” (Latin)

Isao – “merit, selflessness” (Japanese)

Nandu – “selfless soul” (Hindu)

Renatus – “reborn, selfless” (Latin)

Samir – “companion in evening talk, selfless” (Arabic)

Theron – “hunter, selfless” (Greek)

Yohannan – “God is gracious, selfless” (Hebrew)

Ashmit – “selfless, humble” (Sanskrit)

Bao – “selfless, treasure” (Chinese)

Halim – “gentle, patient, selfless” (Arabic)

Keahi – “flames, selfless” (Hawaiian)

Girl Names That Mean Selfless

1. Altruia – “Kindness and compassion” (Latin)

2. Amara – “Eternal giver” (Italian)

3. Ananya – “Unique and selfless” (Sanskrit)

4. Aria – “Noble and self-sacrificing” (Hebrew)

5. Charity – “Generous and selfless love” (English)

6. Dorothea – “Gift of God and selfless” (Greek)

7. Eudora – “Generous gift and selfless” (Greek)

8. Felicity – “Happy and selfless” (Latin)

9. Grace – “Elegance and selflessness” (English)

10. Isabella – “Devoted and selfless” (Italian)

11. Jocelyn – “Joyful and selfless” (French)

12. Karuna – “Compassionate and selfless” (Sanskrit)

13. Lila – “Generous and selfless” (Arabic)

14. Mila – “Gracious and selfless” (Slavic)

15. Nadia – “Hopeful and selfless” (Russian)

16. Olivia – “Olive tree and selfless” (Latin)

17. Sophia – “Wisdom and selflessness” (Greek)

18. Stella – “Star and selfless” (Latin)

19. Valentina – “Strong and selfless” (Latin)

20. Vera – “Faith and selflessness” (Russian)

Unisex Names That Mean Selfless

Altru – “selfless” (Latin)

Amalai – “work of selfless love” (Hawaiian)

Nadira – “unselfish” (Arabic)

Devan – “divine selflessness” (Sanskrit)

Solaire – “selfless sun” (French)

Ananya – “selfless, unique” (Sanskrit)

Faelan – “little selfless one” (Irish)

Aditi – “boundless and selfless” (Sanskrit)

Maita – “selfless love” (Spanish)

Ataui – “selfless, generous” (African)

Amaru – “selfless serpent” (Quechua)

Yara – “selfless friend” (Arabic)

Munir – “radiant, selfless” (Arabic)

Kanti – “radiant selflessness” (Sanskrit)

Samudra – “ocean of selflessness” (Sanskrit)

Names That Mean Selfless

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Selfless

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance.

It not only becomes a part of their identity but also reflects the values and qualities you wish to instill in them.

One such concept that has gained popularity in recent years is selecting baby names that mean selfless.

The significance of names that mean selfless lies in their ability to inspire and encourage a sense of altruism and compassion in individuals.

By giving your child a name that embodies selflessness, you are setting a positive intention for their character development.

These names serve as a constant reminder of the importance of putting others before oneself and the value of acts of kindness and generosity.

They can act as a guiding force throughout their lives, encouraging them to make choices that benefit others and contribute to the greater good.

Furthermore, names that mean selfless hold a symbolic meaning that goes beyond their literal translation.

They represent a desire to raise a child who is empathetic, caring, and considerate towards others.

These names can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for both the child and those around them.

Choosing a name that means selfless can also be a way to honor and pay tribute to individuals who have exemplified selflessness in their lives.

It can be a way to carry forward their legacy and instill their values in the next generation.

When considering names that mean selfless, it is important to reflect on your own values and aspirations for your child.

Think about the qualities you wish to nurture in them and how a name can contribute to their personal growth and character development.

Ultimately, the concept of baby names that mean selfless offers a unique and meaningful way to shape your child’s identity and instill values of compassion, empathy, and generosity.

It serves as a constant reminder of the importance of selflessness in a world that often emphasizes individualism.

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