100 Names That Mean Puppet and More

Names That Mean Puppet are a unique and intriguing choice for parents seeking a distinctive moniker for their baby.

These names, whether for a boy or a girl, evoke a sense of playfulness and whimsy.

With their meaning closely tied to the world of puppets, they offer a charming and imaginative option for naming your little one.

Choosing a name that means puppet can add a touch of creativity to your child’s identity.

These names often have a rich history and cultural significance, making them even more captivating.

Whether you are drawn to the idea of a name that symbolizes the art of puppetry or simply appreciate the lightheartedness it brings, Names That Mean Puppet offer a delightful choice for your baby.

Names That Mean Puppet can also serve as a reminder of the joy and innocence of childhood.

They can evoke images of marionettes dancing on strings or hand puppets coming to life.

These names have a whimsical quality that can bring a sense of wonder and enchantment to your child’s life.

So, if you are searching for a name that is both unique and meaningful, consider Names That Mean Puppet.

With their playful nature and cultural significance, these names can add a touch of magic to your baby’s identity, ensuring they stand out in a crowd.

Baby Names That Mean Puppet

Marion-“little warrior”(French)






Manju-“puppet of the heart”(Japanese)






Kashi-“puppeteer’s doll”(Sanskrit)


Kasper-“treasurer of the royal household; puppet”(Dutch)








Karagöz-“black eye; puppet character in Turkish shadow plays”(Turkish)








Names That Mean Puppet

Boy Names That Mean Puppet

1. Pinocchio – “Wooden puppet” (Italian)

2. Marionette – “String-controlled puppet” (French)

3. Guignol – “Traditional French puppet character” (French)

4. Kasper – “Mischievous puppet character” (German)

5. Punch – “Famous puppet character” (English)

6. Polichinelle – “Comical puppet character” (French)

7. Buratino – “Russian puppet character” (Russian)

8. Karagöz – “Shadow puppet character” (Turkish)

9. Wayang – “Traditional Indonesian puppet theater” (Indonesian)

10. Titeres – “Puppets” (Spanish)

11. Pino – “Wooden puppet” (Italian)

12. Guignolino – “Little Guignol” (Italian)

13. Kasperino – “Little Kasper” (Italian)

14. Poli – “Comical puppet character” (Italian)

15. Buratinino – “Little Buratino” (Italian)

Girl Names That Mean Puppet

Amaya-“night rain” (Japanese)

Anouk-“graceful puppet” (Dutch)

Marion-“little puppet” (French)

Liora-“my puppet” (Hebrew)

Mina-“love puppet” (German)

Inara-“ray of light puppet” (Arabic)

Lumi-“snow puppet” (Finnish)

Pippa-“eternal puppet” (Greek)

Zara-“princess puppet” (Arabic)

Yuki-“snow puppet” (Japanese)

Elara-“bright puppet” (Greek)

Nia-“purposeful puppet” (Swahili)

Jia-“beautiful puppet” (Chinese)

Svea-“sweet puppet” (Swedish)

Eira-“snow puppet” (Welsh)

Neve-“snow puppet” (Italian)

Aria-“air puppet” (Italian)

Malia-“calm puppet” (Hawaiian)

Suri-“princess puppet” (Hindi)

Edda-“great grandmother puppet” (Norse)

Thalia-“blooming puppet” (Greek)

Seraphina-“fiery puppet” (Hebrew)

Solene-“dignified puppet” (French)

Calista-“most beautiful puppet” (Greek)

Aya-“color puppet” (Japanese)

Zephyra-“west wind puppet” (Greek)

Amara-“graceful puppet” (Latin)

Eowyn-“horse joy puppet” (Old English)

Elowen-“elm tree puppet” (Cornish)

Kiana-“divine puppet” (Hawaiian)

Unisex Names That Mean Puppet

Harper – “puppeteer” (English)

Marion – “little puppet” (French)

Lior – “my puppet” (Hebrew)

Akio – “bright puppet” (Japanese)

Manju – “puppet of the mind” (Sanskrit)

Taryn – “puppet of the forest” (Irish)

Jian – “puppet with grace” (Chinese)

Karuna – “compassionate puppet” (Hindi)

Nerys – “puppet princess” (Welsh)

Eitan – “strong puppet” (Hebrew)

Maelis – “prized puppet” (Breton)

Rohan – “ascending puppet” (Sanskrit)

Zephyr – “puppet of the west wind” (Greek)

Tanith – “serpent puppet” (Phoenician)

Avel – “breath of the puppet” (Cornish)

Kaida – “little dragon puppet” (Japanese)

Caelum – “heavenly puppet” (Latin)

Yara – “water puppet” (Arabic)

Branwen – “blessed puppet” (Welsh)

Surya – “sun puppet” (Sanskrit)

Idris – “interpreter puppet” (Welsh/Arabic)

Esra – “puppet of the night” (Turkish)

Faelan – “little wolf puppet” (Irish)

Selene – “moon puppet” (Greek)

Rishi – “sage puppet” (Sanskrit)

Zephyrine – “puppet of the west wind” (French)

Kenzo – “strong and healthy puppet” (Japanese)

Thalassa – “sea puppet” (Greek)

Anwar – “luminous puppet” (Arabic)

Eilidh – “sunlit puppet” (Scottish)

Names That Mean Puppet

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Puppet

The concept of baby names that mean puppet refers to the practice of choosing names for babies that have a symbolic connection to the idea of puppets.

These names often carry a deeper meaning and can be chosen for various reasons, such as personal beliefs, cultural significance, or simply because they resonate with the parents.

Names that mean puppet can be seen as a way to celebrate the art of puppetry and its rich history.

Puppets have been used for centuries as a form of entertainment, storytelling, and cultural expression.

By choosing a name that means puppet, parents can pay homage to this art form and its enduring significance.

Furthermore, names that mean puppet can also symbolize the idea of control or manipulation.

Puppets are typically controlled by puppeteers, who use strings or other mechanisms to bring them to life.

In this sense, these names can represent the power of influence and the ability to shape one’s own destiny.

Choosing a name that means puppet can also be a way to express creativity and uniqueness.

These names often stand out and can be a conversation starter, allowing the child to have a distinctive identity from an early age.

It is important to note that the significance and symbolism of names that mean puppet may vary depending on cultural and personal interpretations.

Some may see it as a playful and whimsical choice, while others may find deeper meaning in the symbolism of control and manipulation.

Ultimately, the decision to choose a name that means puppet is a personal one, and it is up to the parents to decide what resonates with them and their child.

Whether it is a nod to the art of puppetry, a symbol of control and influence, or simply a unique and creative choice, these names can add a special touch to a child’s identity.

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