95 Names That Mean Peacock and More

Names That Mean Peacock is an article that explores baby boy and baby girl names with connections to the majestic bird.

These names either directly mean “peacock” or have a closely related meaning.

Discover unique and meaningful names for your little one inspired by the beauty and symbolism of the peacock.

Peacocks have long been admired for their vibrant colors and graceful presence. In many cultures, they are seen as symbols of beauty, immortality, and royalty.

By choosing a name that means peacock, you can honor these qualities and give your child a name that stands out.

Whether you’re looking for a name that directly translates to “peacock” or one that captures the essence of this magnificent bird, Names That Mean Peacock offers a diverse range of options.

From traditional names to more modern and unique choices, there is something for every parent seeking a name that carries the spirit of the peacock.

Names That Mean Peacock provides a curated list of names that are not only visually appealing but also carry deep cultural and symbolic significance.

Give your child a name that reflects their inner beauty and strength, and let them soar through life with the grace and elegance of a peacock.

Baby Names That Mean Peacock

Moriya – “peacock” (Hebrew)

Mayur – “peacock” (Sanskrit)

Tavus – “peacock” (Persian)

Pavo – “peacock” (Latin)

Tokiwa – “evergreen peacock” (Japanese)

Tausi – “peacock” (Swahili)

Merak – “peacock” (Indonesian)

Thansamai – “golden peacock” (Thai)

Pavak – “peacock” (Hindi)

Tavuk – “peacock” (Turkish)

Mor – “peacock” (Russian)

Kujaku – “peacock” (Japanese)

Alim – “knowledgeable peacock” (Arabic)

Kong Que – “peacock” (Chinese)

Tozawa – “peacock marsh” (Japanese)

Pita – “yellow peacock” (Sanskrit)

Togarashi – “peacock feather” (Japanese)

Pavitra – “pure peacock” (Sanskrit)

Qudsiya – “holy peacock” (Arabic)

Yucing – “rainbow-colored peacock” (Chinese)

Tafrin – “peacock” (Persian)

Meleagros – “guinea fowl” (Greek)

Tavukçu – “peacock” (Turkish)

Saras – “peacock” (Bengali)

Tawus – “peacock” (Urdu)

Kikuka – “chrysanthemum peacock” (Japanese)

Pavaki – “peacock” (Sanskrit)

Morpeth – “peacock town” (Old English)

Tavuskusu – “peacock bird” (Turkish)

Thansamai – “golden peacock” (Thai)

Names That Mean Peacock

Boy Names That Mean Peacock

Morvran – “Peacock” (Welsh)

Tavus – “Peacock” (Persian)

Mayur – “Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Tawoos – “Peacock” (Arabic)

Kujur – “Peacock” (Munda)

Toirdealbhach – “Peacock” (Irish)

Toghrol – “Peacock” (Turkish)

Pavo – “Peacock” (Latin)

Tausiq – “Peacock” (Arabic)

Arslan – “Lion, Peacock” (Turkish)

Taufiq – “Peacock” (Arabic)

Mooran – “Peacock” (Scottish)

Tavish – “Courage of a Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Tausiq – “Peacock” (Persian)

Morvaredz – “Peacock” (Armenian)

Girl Names That Mean Peacock

Mayura – “Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Morvareed – “Peacock” (Persian)

Tavus – “Peacock” (Turkish)

Niloufar – “Blue Lotus, Peacock” (Persian)

Pavo – “Peacock” (Latin)

Tooba – “Peacock” (Arabic)

Shanini – “Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Kujata – “Peacock” (Arabic)

Piyali – “Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Tavishi – “Courage of a Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Morena – “Peacock” (Spanish)

Tavleen – “Absorbed in the Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Pavaki – “Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Faun – “Young Deer, Peacock” (Latin)

Tavishi – “Courageous like a Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Poonam – “Full Moon, Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Tejal – “Lustrous, Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Morvoren – “Sea Peacock” (Cornish)

Nilovna – “Daughter of the Blue, Peacock” (Russian)

Tavara – “Strong as a Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Nilakshi – “Blue-Eyed, Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Pavitra – “Pure, Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Moriah – “God is my Teacher, Peacock” (Hebrew)

Taahira – “Pure, Peacock” (Arabic)

Tavasvini – “Courageous, Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Pavi – “Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Tavishi – “Courageous, Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Nila – “Sapphire, Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Tavita – “Brilliant, Peacock” (Hawaiian)

Sarisha – “Sweet as a Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Unisex Names That Mean Peacock

Kujul – “Peacock” (Hindi)

Merak – “Peacock” (Indonesian)

Tavus – “Peacock” (Turkish)

Monish – “Lord of Peacocks” (Sanskrit)

Tokala – “Feathered Peacock” (Native American)

Juno – “Peacock” (Latin)

Quetzal – “Precious Peacock” (Nahuatl)

Mor – “Peacock” (Hebrew)

Shanara – “Graceful Peacock” (English)

Tarun – “Young Peacock” (Sanskrit)

Venila – “Blue Peacock” (Tamil)

Fanix – “Peacock” (Albanian)

Yari – “Elegant Peacock” (Japanese)

Phuong – “Phoenix Peacock” (Vietnamese)

Toiréasa – “Peacock” (Irish)

Tocoro – “Dance of the Peacock” (Japanese)

Thuy – “Water Peacock” (Vietnamese)

Arslan – “Lion Peacock” (Persian)

Inara – “Ray of the Peacock” (Arabic)

Alim – “Wise Peacock” (Arabic)

Names That Mean Peacock

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Peacock

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance.

Many parents seek names that not only sound beautiful but also carry a deeper meaning or symbolism. One such intriguing option is “Names That Mean Peacock.”

The peacock, with its vibrant and mesmerizing feathers, has long been associated with beauty, grace, and elegance.

It is a symbol of immortality, renewal, and pride in various cultures around the world.

By selecting a name that means peacock, parents can imbue their child’s identity with these positive qualities.

Names that mean peacock can be a wonderful choice for parents who wish to celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of their child.

Just like the peacock’s distinctive appearance, these names can reflect the idea of standing out from the crowd and embracing one’s true colors.

Furthermore, the symbolism of the peacock extends beyond its physical attributes. In many cultures, the peacock is associated with spirituality and enlightenment.

It is believed to possess the ability to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune.

By choosing a name that means peacock, parents can hope to bestow their child with these auspicious qualities.

Another aspect to consider is the gender-neutral nature of names that mean peacock.

These names can be used for both boys and girls, providing a versatile option for parents who prefer gender-neutral or unisex names.

This flexibility allows parents to choose a name that resonates with their child’s personality and individuality, regardless of societal expectations.

When it comes to naming your baby, the significance and symbolism behind the chosen name can add depth and meaning to their identity.

Names that mean peacock offer a unique opportunity to embrace the beauty, grace, and symbolism associated with this majestic bird.

Whether you are drawn to the peacock’s vibrant feathers or its spiritual connotations, these names can be a captivating choice for your little one.

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