95 Names That Mean Famine and More

Names That Mean Famine: Discover the intriguing world of baby names with a dark and mysterious meaning.

Delve into the realm of names that evoke images of scarcity, hunger, and desolation.

Uncover the hidden stories behind these unique names and explore their cultural significance.

These names, both for baby boys and baby girls, carry a weighty symbolism that reflects the struggles and hardships faced by humanity throughout history.

They serve as a reminder of the fragility of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

From ancient civilizations to modern times, Names That Mean Famine have been used to convey a sense of depth and complexity.

They offer a glimpse into the collective consciousness of societies, capturing the essence of their experiences and beliefs.

Whether you are seeking a name that embodies strength in the face of adversity or simply appreciate the beauty of unconventional choices, Names That Mean Famine provide a captivating option.

Explore this captivating collection and embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of human existence.

Baby Names That Mean Famine

Lethargia – “scarcity” (Greek)

Inedius – “unfed” (Latin)

Esurio – “hunger” (Latin)

Dearthus – “lack” (English)

Fames – “famine” (Latin)

Vacuo – “empty” (Latin)

Penurios – “needy” (Latin)

Limos – “famine” (Greek)

Indigo – “indigence” (Latin)

Sterilis – “barren” (Latin)

Elatos – “hungry” (Greek)

Tenuis – “thin” (Latin)

Squalor – “filth” (Latin)

Emein – “to lack” (Greek)

Exiguus – “meager” (Latin)

Names That Mean Famine

Boy Names That Mean Famine

1. Akumu – “nightmare” (Swahili)

2. Dearth – “scarcity” (English)

3. Ebisu – “hunger” (Japanese)

4. Famine – “starvation” (English)

5. Gwilt – “withering” (English)

6. Hara – “hungry” (Japanese)

7. Inan – “famine” (Turkish)

8. Jhunga – “drought” (Nepali)

9. Keket – “hunger” (Ancient Egyptian)

10. Leshi – “famine” (Yoruba)

11. Mwaa – “starvation” (Kamba)

12. Nälkä – “hunger” (Finnish)

13. Ogun – “famine” (Yoruba)

14. Parch – “drought” (English)

15. Raa – “hunger” (Sanskrit)

16. Searbhán – “bitterness” (Irish)

17. Tuyêt – “famine” (Vietnamese)

18. Uzima – “life” (Swahili)

19. Vágy – “hunger” (Hungarian)

20. Wazimu – “madness” (Swahili)

Girl Names That Mean Famine

Limosa – “famine” (Latin)

Hetaera – “hunger” (Greek)

Carua – “scarce” (Latin)

Inedia – “fasting” (Latin)

Vastia – “barren” (Latin)

Faminelle – “famine” (French)

Austeria – “scarcity” (Latin)

Fomesa – “starvation” (Latin)

Esurita – “hungry” (Latin)

Penuria – “dearth” (Latin)

Rationa – “rationing” (Latin)

Vacua – “empty” (Latin)

Indigra – “needy” (Latin)

Jejuna – “fasting” (Latin)

Sterila – “sterile” (Latin)

Emacia – “emaciated” (Latin)

Inanessa – “empty” (Latin)

Macra – “lean” (Latin)

Lamenta – “lamentation” (Latin)

Famesa – “famine” (Latin)

Inopia – “scarcity” (Latin)

Fustia – “starvation” (Latin)

Jejunia – “fasting” (Latin)

Tenuia – “thin” (Latin)

Vescorita – “deprived of food” (Latin)

Frugra – “fruitless” (Latin)

Magera – “meager” (Latin)

Cibusilla – “lack of food” (Latin)

Foveta – “famine” (Latin)

Pernix – “hungry” (Latin)

Unisex Names That Mean Famine

1. Dara – “Oak tree” (Hebrew)

2. Akiko – “Bright child” (Japanese)

3. Famine – “Scarcity of food” (English)

4. Kato – “Second-born twin” (African)

5. Nhung – “Delicate” (Vietnamese)

6. Darcy – “Dark one” (Irish)

7. Keres – “Destruction” (Greek)

8. Njord – “God of the sea” (Norse)

9. Drought – “Lack of rainfall” (English)

10. Kali – “Goddess of destruction” (Hindi)

11. Pestilence – “Deadly epidemic disease” (English)

12. Eris – “Goddess of strife” (Greek)

13. Keresztény – “Christian” (Hungarian)

14. Fergus – “Man of strength” (Scottish)

15. Keresztes – “Crusader” (Hungarian)

16. Faminea – “One who brings scarcity” (Latin)

17. Keresztina – “Follower of Christ” (Hungarian)

18. Hina – “Goddess of the moon” (Hawaiian)

19. Keresztelő – “Baptist” (Hungarian)

20. Famineus – “Characterized by scarcity” (Latin)

21. Keresztély – “Christian” (Hungarian)

22. Keresztina – “Follower of Christ” (Hungarian)

23. Famineira – “One who brings scarcity” (Portuguese)

24. Keresztelő – “Baptist” (Hungarian)

25. Famineus – “Characterized by scarcity” (Latin)

26. Keresztély – “Christian” (Hungarian)

27. Keresztina – “Follower of Christ” (Hungarian)

28. Famineira – “One who brings scarcity” (Portuguese)

29. Keresztelő – “Baptist” (Hungarian)

30. Famineus – “Characterized by scarcity” (Latin)

Names That Mean Famine

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Famine

The concept of choosing baby names that mean famine is a unique and thought-provoking trend in naming children.

While it may seem unusual to associate a name with such a negative connotation, there is significance and symbolism behind this choice.

Names that mean famine are often chosen to reflect a deeper meaning or to honor cultural or historical events.

These names can serve as a reminder of the hardships and challenges faced by humanity throughout history, highlighting the resilience and strength of individuals and communities.

Symbolically, names that mean famine can represent the ability to overcome adversity and thrive in difficult circumstances.

They can serve as a reminder to embrace resilience, perseverance, and the power of hope in the face of challenges.

Choosing a name that means famine can also be a way to pay tribute to ancestors or to acknowledge the struggles and sacrifices made by previous generations.

It can be seen as a way to honor their memory and to carry their legacy forward.

Furthermore, names that mean famine can be chosen for their unique and distinctive qualities.

They can stand out among more common names, making a statement and sparking curiosity. These names can be seen as a reflection of individuality and a desire to be different.

It is important to note that the choice of a name is deeply personal and subjective.

While some may find meaning and symbolism in names that mean famine, others may prefer names with more positive associations.

Ultimately, the significance of a name lies in the interpretation and connection made by the individual or family choosing it.

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