105 Names That Mean Boar and More

Names That Mean Boar are a unique and powerful choice for parents seeking a strong and symbolic name for their baby.

These names, whether for a baby boy or baby girl, carry the essence of the boar, a creature known for its strength, courage, and determination.

With their rich meanings and cultural significance, Names That Mean Boar are sure to make a lasting impression.

Choosing a name that reflects the qualities of a boar can be a meaningful way to honor your child’s heritage or simply celebrate their inner strength.

These names often have roots in various cultures and languages, adding an extra layer of depth and diversity to your baby’s name.

Names That Mean Boar can evoke a sense of power and resilience, qualities that can inspire and motivate your child throughout their life.

Whether you prefer a name that directly translates to “boar” or one that symbolizes the boar’s characteristics, there are plenty of options to choose from.

By selecting a name that embodies the spirit of the boar, you are giving your child a name that is not only unique but also carries a powerful meaning.

Names That Mean Boar are a testament to the strength and determination that you hope your child will possess as they navigate through life.

Baby Names That Mean Boar

Ingvar – “Boar warrior” (Old Norse)

Eberhard – “Strong as a boar” (German)

Svend – “Young boar” (Danish)

Everard – “Brave boar” (English)

Vildan – “Wild boar” (Turkish)

Sanglier – “Boar” (French)

Javelina – “Wild boar” (Spanish)

Susanna – “Lily, grace, and boar” (Hebrew)

Khuyag – “Boar” (Mongolian)

Vepřek – “Boar” (Czech)

Yamaneko – “Mountain boar” (Japanese)

Vepar – “Wild boar” (Albanian)

Frigg – “Beloved of the boar” (Norse)

Cinghiale – “Boar” (Italian)

Tusk – “Boar’s tooth” (English)

Babiru – “Boar” (Sanskrit)

Svidan – “Boar’s gift” (Russian)

Eberwin – “Friend of the boar” (German)

Suina – “Swine, related to boar” (Latin)

Everild – “Wild boar battle” (English)

Varah – “Boar” (Hindi)

Svine – “Boar” (Norwegian)

Tarakhu – “Boar” (Egyptian)

Suggia – “Boar” (Irish)

Hovak – “Wild boar” (Armenian)

Visent – “Wild boar” (Polish)

Uerukamu – “Boar” (Ainu)

Babrak – “Small boar” (Pashto)

Hólfreðr – “Boar of the rock” (Old Norse)

Suskun – “Boar” (Turkish)

Names That Mean Boar

Boy Names That Mean Boar

Eberhard – “Brave boar” (German)

Wulfric – “Wolf boar” (Old English)

Haeli – “Heroic boar” (Old English)

Baran – “Young boar” (Persian)

Eber – “Boar” (German)

Brock – “Badger-like, boar” (Old English)

Berrin – “Little boar” (Gaelic)

Tuar – “Wild boar” (Irish)

Eofor – “Boar” (Old English)

Taranis – “Thunder boar” (Celtic)

Varushka – “Boar-like” (Russian)

Boaris – “Boar-like” (Invented)

Arthgen – “Boar chief” (Welsh)

Hervé – “Boar” (Breton)

Phaco – “Boar” (Ancient Greek)

Girl Names That Mean Boar

Esme – “beloved boar” (French)

Tarin – “wild boar” (Irish)

Maralyn – “boar lake” (English)

Kyra – “boar” (Greek)

Tamsin – “twin boars” (English)

Varinka – “boar-like” (Russian)

Borislava – “glorious boar” (Slavic)

Ursa – “she-bear” (Latin)

Sybilla – “wild boar” (Greek)

Veradis – “true boar” (Latin)

Aneira – “boar warrior” (Welsh)

Suvikha – “beloved boar” (Sanskrit)

Elestria – “noble boar” (Greek)

Varunika – “boar girl” (Sanskrit)

Faralyn – “free boar” (English)

Theodora – “gift of the boar” (Greek)

Matka – “mighty boar” (Polish)

Zdravka – “healthy boar” (Slavic)

Meritza – “strong-willed boar” (Slavic)

Babekka – “boar child” (Hebrew)

Selwyn – “friend of the wild boar” (English)

Urzula – “little female boar” (Polish)

Khanda – “boar” (Sanskrit)

Lyudmyla – “beloved people and boar” (Slavic)

Shevaun – “God is gracious boar” (Irish)

Faradis – “paradise boar” (English)

Marjukka – “bitter boar” (Finnish)

Verunica – “boar victor” (Latin)

Tamryn – “wild boar” (English)

Elspeth – “pledged to the boar” (Scottish)

Unisex Names That Mean Boar

Alden – “Old boar” (English)

Boreas – “Boar” (Greek)

Cerdic – “Warrior” or “boar” (English)

Dagfinn – “Daylight boar” (Norwegian)

Eberhard – “Strong as a boar” (German)

Finnian – “Fair boar” (Irish)

Garnock – “Rough boar” (Scottish)

Hamlet – “Little home” or “village of boar” (English)

Ingvar – “Ing’s boar” (Swedish)

Kuno – “Bold boar” (German)

Liod – “Boar” (Old Norse)

Maelis – “Prince of boars” (Breton)

Njal – “Champion boar” (Icelandic)

Ossian – “Little deer” or “young boar” (Irish)

Pellegrin – “Pilgrim” or “far-traveling boar” (French)

Roshan – “Bright, light, shining boar” (Persian)

Selby – “Village by the hall” or “dweller by the boar’s farm” (English)

Tarben – “Thunder boar” (Scottish)

Ulfred – “Wolf of peace” or “peaceful boar” (German)

Varinn – “Defender boar” (Icelandic)

Walthari – “Ruler of the army” or “powerful boar” (German)

Xander – “Defender of the people” or “protector boar” (Greek)

Yngvarr – “Ing’s warrior” or “Ing’s boar” (Norse)

Zephyr – “West wind” or “gentle boar” (Greek)

Ailbe – “White boar” (Irish)

Branwen – “Fair raven” or “raven boar” (Welsh)

Eadbald – “Wealthy lord” or “wealthy boar” (English)

Fearn – “Alder tree” or “alder boar” (Scottish)

Gisli – “Arrow” or “pledge boar” (Icelandic)

Ishaan – “Sun” or “sunlit boar” (Sanskrit)

Names That Mean Boar

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Concept of Baby Names That Mean Boar

Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that holds great significance.

Many parents seek names that not only sound pleasant but also carry a deeper meaning or symbolism.

One such category of names that has gained popularity is “Names That Mean Boar.”

The boar, known for its strength, courage, and resilience, has been a symbol of various qualities across different cultures and mythologies.

By choosing a name that means boar, parents hope to imbue their child with these admirable traits right from the start.

The significance of names that mean boar lies in the association with power and protection.

The boar is often seen as a symbol of strength and ferocity, representing the ability to overcome challenges and protect oneself and loved ones.

By giving their child a name that embodies these qualities, parents express their desire for their child to grow up strong and capable.

Furthermore, names that mean boar can also be seen as a tribute to the boar’s intelligence and resourcefulness.

Boars are known for their cleverness and adaptability, traits that are highly valued in many cultures.

By choosing a name associated with these qualities, parents hope to inspire their child to be quick-witted and adaptable in the face of life’s obstacles.

Symbolically, the boar is often associated with abundance and prosperity. In some cultures, the boar is seen as a symbol of fertility and good fortune.

By selecting a name that means boar, parents may hope to bring blessings of abundance and prosperity into their child’s life.

Names that mean boar can also be a way to honor cultural heritage or personal connections.

In certain cultures, the boar holds a special place in mythology or folklore, representing bravery or even divine qualities.

By choosing a name associated with the boar, parents may pay homage to their cultural roots or honor a personal connection to a particular story or tradition.

In conclusion, the concept of baby names that mean boar encompasses the desire to bestow upon a child the qualities of strength, protection, intelligence, and resourcefulness associated with this powerful animal.

These names hold significance and symbolism, representing the hopes and aspirations parents have for their child’s future.

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