8 Ways to Make Money Online with Your Computer and Internet

According to the US Business Formation Statistics, the United States received an impressive 5.07 million new business applications last year.

Along with movement restrictions during the pandemic, interest in making money online has increased.

Often people aspire to escape monotonous, exhausting, or unsatisfying jobs and instead become their own boss, enjoying the convenience of working from home.

Here are some useful tips on how to earn money online.

How to Make Money From a Computer?

#1 Perform micro-tasks

Many of us have experienced moments of browsing the internet aimlessly, feeling bored and repetitive as we refresh our social media accounts.

It’s not uncommon to find ourselves wasting time in this way.

However, during those instances of internet exploration, why not take advantage of the opportunity to perform micro-tasks and earn some quick and effortless money?

Micro-tasks are essentially small jobs or tasks that can be completed within seconds, each offering a small monetary reward.

These tasks encompass a wide range of activities such as using search engines, playing games, and discovering new content, among others.

By engaging in these micro-tasks, individuals can earn a few cents for each one they complete.

#2 Take Online Surveys

Participating in market research and sharing your opinion can provide an accessible opportunity to earn money online.

Some popular survey sites include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion, Opinion Outpost, and Ipsos iSay.

It should be noted that this form of passive income may not generate substantial earnings, but it can help supplement your finances.

According to Swagbucks, their members typically earn around $1 to $5 per day on average.

#3 Crypto trading

To earn on cryptocurrencies, you can trade crypto assets or participate in giveaways.

Due to the fact that the price of cryptocurrency is constantly changing, you can profit from it. The main thing is to think about security in advance and install a crypto VPN.

If you are interested in the best VPN for crypto trading, try VeePN. The service uses all kinds of data protection technologies and offers access to 2500 servers.

This is the most efficient way to make money from a laptop, but it comes with risks.

#4 Paid Reviews

If you’ve ever come across YouTube videos where bloggers or personalities provide in-depth reviews of products, it’s worth noting that they are typically compensated for their efforts.

Now, it’s unlikely that you possess a substantial social media or online following that would attract such opportunities.

However, fear not, as there are still ways for you to earn money through paid reviews.

For instance, a significant number of the reviews you encounter for products on Amazon or apps in the App Store are primarily crafted by individuals similar to yourself.

#5 Launch a YouTube channel

Becoming a YouTuber is an exciting venture.

Nowadays, you have the opportunity to film various types of content, such as unboxing videos, product tutorials, and funny skits, using just your smartphone.

The best part is, setting up your own YouTube channel is completely free.

By signing into YouTube with your Google account, you can create a new channel using your name or a custom name.

#6 Start A Podcast

Podcasts are essentially digital radio shows that can be enjoyed on your phone or computer.

What’s intriguing is that podcasting is open to everyone, offering a potential source of income.

All that’s required is niche expertise or experience that can be shared with an audience. If you have valuable insights to offer, people will eagerly tune in.

True, you, as an influencer, can be targeted by hackers. To protect yourself, use the VPN extension for Edge or whatever browser you are using.

It’s a simple and effective way to contribute to the world of audio entertainment.

#7 Play Pretend Jury

Have you ever found yourself captivated by a crime drama on television, yearning for the opportunity to serve on a jury? If your answer is “yes,” then we have an exciting opportunity for you.

Believe it or not, everyday individuals like you and me have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars by participating in online mock juries.

While these trials are not real, they serve as valuable tools for attorneys to sharpen their skills.

#8 Become an online travel agent 

Are you aware of where one can find the finest flight deals and vacation packages? Consider the idea of working remotely as a virtual travel agent.

Travel agents are compensated for assisting individuals in planning their vacations and personal travels.

Given the complexities involved in arranging connecting flights, accommodations, sightseeing tours, and more, many people rely on travel agents to simplify their trips.

Becoming an online travel agent does not require any particular certification.

What you do need, however, are strong research and organizational abilities to plan seamless trips for your clients within their designated budget.


Finding the right side gig that suits your interests and skills is key. If your initial attempt doesn’t pan out, don’t be discouraged – branching out is worth considering.

Building a reliable source of passive income takes time and effort upfront, like any other type of earnings.

Meanwhile, you can start small and make money by taking surveys during your free time. Surveys offer a quick and effortless way to earn extra cash.

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